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The world has shifted!

We have now rapidly moved into a new dimension and higher frequency of energies governed by very different rules. So… are you ready to dwell in this new way of living and being, in an expanded state of consciousness where we must now see with new eyes and where Heart Wisdom reigns?

Join Hillary and her guests in heart-provoking, mind- and frequency-expanding, provocative conversation about everything “new” – from the new world economy, governance and commerce to the new YOU – inside and out; to our new relationship with money and prosperity and the new Unity Consciousness; to a new way of dealing with and relating to fear, ego, karma and negativity; even a new look at how we “look” at everything – right down to the new air we breathe!

Hillary will help us navigate these New World energies, assisting us in making and integrating this extraordinary transition with calm and ease, without fear and struggle while learning to speak the new language of the Heart to create, build and sustain a very new reality. So, fasten your seat-belts and prepare for life over the dimensional border in a new space and new reality that is not only out of THIS world but of the new Multi-Dimensional kind, indeed – with and on purpose, new eyes and hearts open!

New World Weather Report:

updated: July 30, 2014

SUN: With a profusion of new sunspots peppering the solar disk, the sun is starting to look as it should during a year of Solar Maximum. The question is, when will it begin to act as it should? Solar activity remains low for the third week in a row! In fact, just last week the face of the Sun was devoid of any spots whatsoever – an odd sight for sure. Two of the new sunspots, AR2126 (S10W11) and AR2127 (S08E62), have magnetic fields that harbor energy for significant solar flares. So far, however, they seem dis-inclined to erupt, and so more quiet is in the offing as this week continues to unfold. Solar activity resource:

MOON: We have just moved through yet another intense and powerful period as we welcomed the New Moon with the July 26th Leo’s moon. This moon brought with it the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal and with it came another extraordinary cleansing and influx of new LOVE frequencies. This period brings great creativity and more upheaval and, of course, change.

During this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are joined in a way that can plant a new seed of self-awareness. The Sun is the light and life force. As the Moon cycles around the Earth, it reflects the Sun. Like the Moon, the ego reflects something about the true Self, but is not the Self. The Moon carries many impressions from early life that form into attitudes, patterns of behavior, mental images about ourselves and life. Most of us identify with this formulated ego sense of self, which is a reflections of the true self. Moon resource: Kelley Hunter – Astrologer

OUTER WORLD: PERSEID METEORS: The Perseid meteor rate is increasing as Earth moves deeper into the debris stream of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Last night, NASA’s network of all-sky cameras recorded 6 Perseid fireballs, equal to the sum of the previous five nights combined. Although the shower does not peak until the 2nd week of August, now is a good time to look for these meteors because the night sky is relatively free of lunar glare. Resource:

ODD WEATHER ON EARTH: Weather and Climate challenges continue: In the Northern Hemisphere we are experiencing wildfires and drought on the West Coast of the United States, tornadoes and severe thunder storms with flash flodding in New England and unusual cold temperatures in the Central states.

VIBRATION/FREQUENCIES: Jupiter has just joined the Sun changing signs from introspective Cancer to outgoing Leo – making way for us to be moving from a time of deep introspection to now “Letting Our Light Shine” for the month of August. Profound self-care, strong boundaries and critical discernment, however, will remain a necessity and requirement to maintain balance and inner calm.

Be in Wholeness!


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