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Ascension Symptoms

Source: Radio Broadcast:
The New YOU: Your “Soul-quake” and Body Remake!

Been noticing an overwhelming (and perhaps now all too familiar) sense of loss lately – loss of purpose, place, identity, passion or overall mojo for the important things in life? Been feeling kind of strange, ungrounded, unusually exhausted, fuzzy or depressed? Has the shift into the new vibration made your chi look like Swiss chi? No surprise – as you have now crossed over the dimensional border and ascended into the New World energies, you are acclimating, your body must adjust. You are indeed experiencing a “Soul-quake” at an unprecedented magnitude!

What to do? Call two friends and join Hillary for a 911 discussion of what the heck is happening to your body! Hillary will provide insight into and a context for all the aches and pains your doctor can’t explain – the symptoms, emotional highs and lows, physical, mental, spiritual and cellular shifts of the Ascension and why you are undergoing them. Hillary also shares the positive changes – oh, yes, there are positive ones!

So tune in for the latest on our extraordinary Evolutionary Makeover! And read below for a running list of those pesky Ascension symptoms you may be experiencing. You are welcome to e-mail or post a comment with suggested additional symptoms that do not appear here.


1. Physical:

  • - High degree of stress, anxiety – but no apparent reason for this – New energy coming in and pushing old – patterns, beliefs, behaviors to the surface for release.
  • - Extreme exhaustion/fatigue – due to our bodies transforming into a crystalline structure to reside in higher dimension – becoming less dense – this takes an incredible amount of energy
  • - Adrenal stress, blow-out or fatigue – may be occuring at varying degrees depending upon where you are on your journey, how you run and process energy and stress, sleep you are getting and foods you are eating.
  • - Sleeplessness
  • - Inability to wake up or periods of deep sleeping – rest period after a lot of energy has come in, preparing for another period of intense inflow of energy, processing another leap in expansion or vibratioin
  • - Waking up at odd hours – or waking up at the same time on the clock each night
  • - Neck pain/stiffness
  • - Foot pain, lower leg pain, stiffness and aching – ‘old man syndrome’ – i.e., feeling the need to shuffle along while you walk or barely able to walk or move – all due to grounding onto the new earth and taking in the new energies into the body via the feet and legs
  • - Low and mid-back pain and discomfort – sometimes severe – often between the shoulder blades – also known as ‘sprouting the angel wings’
  • - Night sweats/hot flashes – mock menopause, burning off the lower and denser aspects of ourselves and dark energies
  • - Feeling cold with inability to get warm
  • - Sinus pressure/headaches/migraines and lots of congestion – opening of crown chakra to allow intake of more energy and greater connection to higher realms, activation of pineal and pituitary glands to increase intuitive and psychic abilities
  • - Joint and muscle aches, pain and stiffness
  • - Loss of memory – short term – what did I just do, say, eat, read, can’t remember appointments, commitments, etc. – longer term – can’t remember what you did, said, wore last week or last month.
  • - Lack of ability to concentrate/lack of focus
  • - Loss of appetite
  • - OR Feeling ravenous/hungry all the time or at certain times – craving for sweets
  • - Need to eat often – craving for protein
  • - Weight gain – abdominal area – need to expand our being to carry more weight as we are becoming so light we need to ground ourselves on the earth and not float away – also a way to create a layer of “protection” so to speak around our power charkas – from the lower vibrating energies when we interact with them
  • - OR weight loss – no longer need to “hold on” to extra weight or our bodies have adapted to the expansion and so do not need to be literally bigger to hold more light – can do it energetically.
  • - Digestive/digestive tract issues – constipation, loose stool, stomach upset/discomfort/pain, bloating and indigestion, inability to properly digest food – due to your vibration and the vibration of the food you are consuming no longer aligning, the cleansing and clearing out of your system of all lower vibrating ‘poop’ you have been carrying around – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as preparation of you ‘Gut’ to begin to take on the role of the ‘Golden Stove’ or area of purification where you can literally cleanse yourself from any dark, toxic or negative energies that may be experienced either externally in your environements or created internally by you
  • - Tastes in food change – for example you may notice you lose a taste for and stop eating meat
  • - Eating certain kinds of foods – particularly processed and foods with high amounts of sugar (even natural sugar), salt and fat – causes you to shake – inside and out
  • - Allergies – new ones develop or acting up of current or old ones
  • - Strange rashes
  • - Itchy skin – sometimes feels like something crawling on your skin
  • - Intermittent muscle twitching – in limbs, fingers, etc.
  • - Heart pain and palpitations – feels like your heart is racing – acclimating to higher and more intense energies, opening and activating of heart chakra
  • - Difficulty breathing – difficult to take a deep breath or like you can’t catch your breath
  • - Blurred vision – seeing with new eyes in the new vibration, inability to see what is next or see your truth or true self as it emerges
  • - Dizziness/Vertigo/Loss of Balance
  • - Feeling out of body, not grounded, not present, untethered, spacey , not ‘here’ anymore – walking between two worlds or dimensions or in new dimension and not fully present to it
  • - Ringing in the ears
  • - Loss of ability to (remember how to) write/write certain words/spell/speak and even comprehend – due to jumping back and forth between dimensions, disconnect – not aligned with time – part of you is here and part of you has jumped to the other dimension
  • - Heightened sensitivity to sound, light and smell, energies around you – tuning up your frequency/vibration
  • - Things no longer sounding normal – have a ‘tinny’, hollow or strange sound to them
  • - “Ascension Flu”
  • - Buzzing, Vibrating sensation or feeling of electricity moving through your body – new and higher energies being taken in to the body, process of expansion, activation of chakras, solar discs, your solar light body and shifting of your DNA
  • - Hair turning gray or white in a localized spot on your head – for example a dollar-sized spot appearing at the crown

2. Emotional:

  • - Depression – clearing out negative lower vibrating energies
  • - Panic
  • - Anxiety
  • - Confusion
  • - Lack of Clarity
  • - Fear, terror
  • - Feelings of hysteria
  • - Suicidal
  • - Weeping
  • - Apathy – feeling blah
  • - Sometimes feeling nothing at all – in a place of no feeling – can be disconcerting but this is a clear space and often comes just before or after a major transition point and before we put our human/ego labels on or in to what we are feeling or should be feeling – this is not the same as numb or disassociated/disconnected
  • - Feeling of emptiness – another form of this no feeling or nothingness – feeling nothing – no thing and often comes with desire to immediately fill oneself up – usually with food – sugar – or with tasks – “doingness”
  • - Restlessness
  • - Strong emotional ups and downs
  • - Wild, sometimes violent and vivid dreams
  • - Lack of motivation or ambition – just don’t feel like doing anything at all – we are in a period of rest – we are realigning – this is part of being in the New Vibration or higher dimensions as needing to make things happen or in the ‘doing’ state is no longer necessary – we are squarely in the state of ‘BE’ing

3. Mental/Psychological:

  • - Loss of identity – releasing of the ego self/facets and human form – connecting more to soul or higher self and God-source
  • - Lack of purpose
  • - Loss of motivation, drive, ambition
  • - Not knowing what you like anymore – with respect to things, jobs, people, even your taste in food, style of clothing, etc.
  • - Loss of self
  • - Lots of losses or disappearance of – job, money, relationships, health, family members/friends, – moving beyond what no longer aligns with our vibration – needing to clear out or clear away what no longer vibrates at the same frequency in order to move on or up to next level
  • - Feeling of loss of entire support structure
  • - Feeling the absolute ‘End’ of things is here or that things are ‘over’ or the energy is just dead and you don’t have the ability to or interest in reinvigorating them – for example, relationships/friendships, unsatisfying jobs, where you live, how you have typically have done things or operated in your life, what you think, feel believe, etc.
  • - Inability to find or remember words for things, forget what you were saying in the middle of your sentence,
  • - Basically feeling like you are going crazy

4. Spiritual/Vibrational/Energetic:

  • - Feeling of emptying out or being emptied out or clearing out
  • - Religious beliefs may change or break down or fall away
  • - Morals and values may be thrown into question
  • - Ego bucks, pushes back as it releases and makes way for the soul wisdom to step forward
  • - Disconnection from any structured sense of Time – don’t know what time it is – no relationship to it, forget/miss appointments, can’t keep track of time and no desire to or to be constrained by it, sense of being in timeless space or stuck in time, sense of time racing by – due to now being in the time of no time or timelessness
  • - Letting go of being Ego-centric and living from the head governed by logical/practical thinking and ‘doingness’
  • - ‘Disconnects’ and breakdowns begin to occur everywhere in your life: with relationships and people – old friends fall away or move out of your life suddenly or you may end a marriage or partnership; with circumstances and situations – you may leave or lose a job that is no longer a vibrational match or in alignment with your current frequency or you may move from your current location; and with technology – you may experience technical issues with your computer or cell phone – you may find they go off line, can’t find a signal or simply melt down; your landline may have static when you speak with people who do not hold the same energetic space; you may experience computers going down or operating very slowly when you are in the vicinty – like in a store or when you call a customer support line; batteries drain more quickly – e.g., fire or CO2 detectors, flashlights, cellphones, etc.; other electronic devices or electrical machinery begin breaking down or burning out – all of this due to both your own increasing vibration and the inability of the frequency of who and what is around you to align and/or keep up.

5. Other:

  • - Sudden change/s occurring – big and small – that can cause major upheaval if we are not grounded – e.g., change/s in plans in general – or specifically everywhere in life – at work, with projects, in relationship status/marriage/friendships, with clients, where we live, our health, etc.
  • - No desire to wear jewelry – or a feeling of constriction when wearing it
  • - Tastes change – taste in food, clothes, furniture, style etc.

6. Positive Symptoms!

  • - Heightened awareness
  • - Intuition opens and deepens – more in touch with heart – can hear own truth, can read situations with increased perception, clarity and knowing, psychic abilities also open or enhance
  • - At a certain point – more willing to listen to self and trust self
  • - Start to look younger – and feel younger
  • - Experience spontaneous healings – of both new and longstanding ailments
  • - Loss of fear of death/dying
  • - Releasing/Loss of ego – healing of past wounds
  • - Getting off wheel of karma – completing our past
  • - Being unattached to outcomes or results
  • - Less focus on ego’s concerns – money, worries, “what ifs” – the deeper soul knowing takes over and trusts all is well –you’re your higher voice tells you these concerns aren’t really important anyway as you will have evolved beyond them in the New vibration
  • - More focused on what is REALLY important in life
  • - Start to follow path of Soul Purpose and calling
  • - Willing to take more risks regardless of external circumstances and fear
  • - Take on or seek a slower pace of life
  • - More internally focused and inspired than externally driven
  • - Move away from isolated individual and competitiveness to unity and collaboration with others
  • - Living in the Now moment and being Present based
  • - Now living fully from the Heart governed by Heart Wisdom, intuitive/energetic sensing and ‘BE’ingness
  • - Able to manifest immediately what is most desired and aligns with highest and best good and is in the interests of highest and best good of all
  • - Easing of these symptoms as you move through this process and a renewed energy emerging
  • - More attunement, comfort with and trust of the Intuition and ‘gut’/Heart-based decision making and processing
  • - Prosperity,  Abundance and Flow are effortlessly available if we can remain in the Now Moment and keep our vibration pure.

For more information, visit:

(Note: This list is always being updated and expanded based on our experience.  If you have a symptom you don’t see on the list and would like to suggest it be included, please e-mail me at or leave a comment in the box below.)

21 Responses to “Ascension Symptoms”

  • Dolores Arnold:

    Was lying down..sudden implosion..loud noise inside me.
    Everything disappeared. I mean ‘everything’. Then total
    blackness, total nothingness. Remember thinking (mind never
    stopped functioning) “This must be what it’s like to die.”
    Stayed there for a minute or so or longer in that nothingness.
    I felt so good! Just as sudden as it came, it was gone. I
    have been trying to go back to that space/time. No luck.
    Fell twice. Now make sure I’m grounded before moving
    about. Sticky mucus from every body opening. ‘Insides’
    vibrating almost constantly. Hanging in there!

    • Hillary Harris:

      Hello Dolores,

      Like the caterpillar to the butterfly, it sounds as if you experienced the process of metamorphoses – dissolving self into nothingness (goo) before entering
      your chrysalis and transmuting and transforming into crystalline beingness. You won’t be able to get back into that state as all there is now is to go forward into your becoming. Very exciting! And yes, do be sure to remain in the purest vibration possible and ground yourself, protect and clean off – these new energies are very pure, high and intense indeed and acclimation takes time – so go gently.

      Prosperous Blessings,


    • Sarah:

      I too recently heard a loud explosion in my head. Even though I knew it was only in my head, I’m not gonna lie, it scared the crap out of me. I called my husband right away to make sure he was ok. He was, so I Googled it. It’s called Exploding Head Syndrome and they have no idea what causes it. Well, western doctors have no idea what causes it. I am deep into a spiritual awakening myself and wondered if it had something to do with my symptoms of that. I am experiencing so many of the symptoms listed above. When it first started I was terrified but now that I know what it is I just embrace the ride. It’s something new and different almost every day. Just can’t beat it. Good luck to you all.

  • Richard Luka:

    I’ve been following your pod casts for a few months now, and they’ve really helped with my recent, monumental transition.
    I’ll add this… recently I’ve experienced highs and lows. I had lost my support structure a few months back and relocated across the country, and am building an entirely new system of support. It has felt terrifying at times, but it is much more in alignment with who I am. Recently, in the last week, things changed and I felt better, more grounded, and confident. Yesterday, some news came in that dampened all of that. But, I noticed all my hidden inner voices came out in bas relief to chasten me about this news. This morning, about 3AM PST, I woke up with intense pressure in my forehead and at the base of my skull. I’m guessing that these things are related, and it’s another step in clearing out old “Software” as I seem to be slowly creating a new life, but based on a new identity. (Also, I didn’t personalize the the news or the situation like I have in the past)
    Thanks for your time, and I hope this helps others who may also be having situations similar to mine.

  • Daphne' Blue Yod:

    Thank you kindly for your site, tremendous challenges of the last few months include
    an almost continual feeling of “implosion” and gravity/weight upon my head/chest/neck/back, as if the totality of 3d is collapsing in the fields. Vertigo and feeling that the floor has turned into a sailboat, eyesight going in and out, tremendous tiredness, kundalini activation and extremes of hot and cold.
    All in all, an almost impossible time in the body physical. Yesterday found a black woolly bear caterpillar, this seemed important.

    in Blessing, daphne’

    • OCEAN:




      • facebook-profile-picture Hillary Harris:

        Thank you, Ocean, for adding your experience here and for your words of encouragement to Daphne and to all the brave and perhaps weary ‘Soul’Journers who will read this and who are feeling the strange and sometimes mysterious and confusing symptoms of our metamorphosis from carbon-based to crystalline-based beings. This is indeed not an easy journey! I too relate to your description here and your symptoms and I so appreciate your contribution to this community of like-hearted souls. We need to be here for one another as we walk the path, smoothing the way each for the other as we go!



      • Daphne' Karan Danis:

        dear Ocean,
        God Bless you for your comment, I find only now 2 months later!
        the symptoms are continuing and accelerating, does it ever get easier?
        sorry to complain, but I’m sick of being sick and tired, the fibro and fatigue started
        in 1993 with a fiercely intense shamanic experience of “grounding the
        Trinitarian Christ consciousness to the San Francisco Bay Area grids” (so I was told) and has been more or less with me ever since.

        I began to bring in the messages of the Elohim/RA in 2002, and still do so (work with Wynn Free and Carla Rueckert and now Council of Light)

        this is all “well and good” but my functionality is down at the bottom of the well most days. I used to be a performing and recording jazz and world music/celtic musician with a highly stable and happy and good creative life, now that “high 3d platform” has been COMPLETELY deconstructed : : husband, home, health, finances, ability to generate an on-going “anything” out there in 3d land feels
        completely inoperable.

        I am not “depressed” per se, but sad, and frustrated as all get-go that this just seems to drag and drag and no matter what I do or do not do my life feels not in my hands at all.

        The implosions continue, feeling that I am “dragging” around huge fields with me wherever I go, like an anvil is on my head, 20 extra lbs of “sludge” that just last summer was not with me, despite little eating and walk/hike routine as much as possible (several days a week)

        I just look now it’s 1:44, maybe something is in alignment, but not feeling like
        a fun experience at all in the moment, to be fair, am in touch with a few others also having a very very hard time of this in the physical. I do know/feel that we are the “Ground Crew” here in the proverbial trenches, was doing some work with Lisa Gawlas, and she saw me as not even being on the earth, but working to fasten the new Creational Field to the Emerging Terra Nova (I’m sure others here are part of this team)

        Pls let me know how things are at your end, just to communicate with other StarSeeds doing this Cosmic Dance is so uplifting, as you know, this is an intensely alienating and isolating experience, God bless you and all here for the love and work and support during this arduous time,

      • Daphne' Karan Danis:

        dear Ocean,

        just checking in here with you, now the beginning of Aug, have your physical
        symptoms abated somewhat? I wish I could say things are easier physically, but it’s still extremely challenging, esp. the heart palpitations and gravitational implosions,
        thank you again for taking the time and concern to answer my comment, and thank you Hillary for your wonderful work here.
        many blessings, in Sacred : : Light, daphne’

  • Kelley Davies:

    I’ve been on this ascension journey for quite a number of years now and feel as if I’m reaching a pivotal point. I have to leave my apartment in less than a month and I have no new place to live. I don’t feel like staying here but I don’t know where else to go and I don’t necessarily want to be homeless or live at home with my parents. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m getting very hysterical. What do you suggest? I’ve read how I should surrender, let go of expectations, but what if that means I don’t have a place to live at the end of the month?

    • facebook-profile-picture Hillary Harris:

      Hello Kelley,

      I know this can certainly feel disconcerting and confusing – particularly as the energies only intensify. This is indeed the pivotal moment for all where everything old and that no longer works must go – and this includes living spaces. And like in this still emerging new world, a new place to live for you may not yet be clear or in focus – there is a time of void – and perhaps some building to do, and some releasing still perhaps required. I might look here first at what needs to still be released – we are all doing this at a deep core level, and what is needing to be built or strengthened within.

      Then, I would look for the message and gift the Universe or your Higher Self is giving you through this experience. It is interesting that this situation for you is about where you live. I don’t know if this is a pattern for you as I do not know you but just notice. You know the saying, “Home is where your heart is.” So, where is you heart these days? Are you fully at Home in there or are you somewhere else most of the time? As we are now living in a dimension that is heart-centered – your knowing must now be drawn from the heart-space and not the head. This can be challenging when we are facing situations we typically will want try to ‘figure out’ with our minds. Now we must feel into the situation and let it.

      You say you’ve read that you ‘should surrender, let go of expectations’ – but have you truly? Living in a heart rather than head-space means we can no longer just intellectualize what we read or the information we get, we actually have to practice it and embody it – ‘walk the talk’ so to speak and become it from within. And it may be the hardest thing you ever do.

      What IF you don’t have a place to live? Have you allowed yourself to play that scenario out and just feel through it? Does that feel like a Truth? Does it feel as if your Soul would choose that experience for you or do you Know you are powerful enough to attract exactly what you need to perfect Divine time? Are you flowing more Fear toward this situation or Faith? What does your Knowing tell you from deep within?

      Know, Decide, Trust. Know – that YOU are the Source of all that you need – meaning it all starts from within you, you are your own Source of what it is you seek. Decide – that, no matter what, because you Know who you are as Source and Divine Being of the Universe, you are going to be okay – as such, how could you not be. Trust – that all is well, you will be provided for and you will have what you need. And whatever happens, however it plays out, is exactly what is needed, necessary, right and perfect for you and your Soul’s journey!

      Find your Home within YOU first and the rest will fall into place!

      Prosperous Blessings to you and do stay in touch and let me know how you are,


      • Kelley:

        Bless you and thank you! Yes, intellectualizing has been a bi part of my struggle. I have found a place and I think it will work fine. I’ve developed my brain too much and I think now it’s time for my body to catch up. I’m trying to simplify, stay grounded, and get back to my roots, what serves me, which are my heart, feelings, and emotions. If I can return to where I was before I started intellectualizing everything, including the pain and bodily emotions, I think I would be much better off and more capable of managing stress. The heart is much stronger than the brain and as strange as it seems to me, it actually knows quite a lot more. It’s time for me to start living in that truth instead of conceptualizing everything, even simple things like feelings which have no place being understood conceptually.

      • Daphne' Karan Danis:

        dearest Hillary,

        thank you so much for your response here to the lady re: her home is where her heart is, (and to her, for her reply about the over-intellectualization process)
        this is indeed, very much what I have been experiencing, having to physically re-locate several times over the last few years. my sense of safety and security was very much based on externals, my ability to be “functional” out in the 3d world (now having to deal with family and others’ judgments about my challenges here)
        on a physical level I am still dealing with extremes of fatigue, gravity/implosion, feelings that the ground is rocking like a sailboat at times, vertigo, pressure on my chest, heart, temperature extremes, etc.
        your encouragement and insights are deeply appreciated, I am hoping that the symptoms, my energetics shift soon, this has been a very very long haul!
        bless, in Sacred : : Light, daphne’

  • AriesGirl:

    Omg, I’ve been experiencing the head heaviness lately and I had no idea where it was coming from. It’s a comfort to hear others experiencing the same. The other night I was in the bathtub and I heard the loudest ringing in my head and just alot of static noise. It scared me. I also feel heavy, off balance, and out of my body most of the time. Like i’m strattling 2 dimensions.Does anyone know the best way to deal with the fear and anxiety that comes with all of this? Xoxo

    • facebook-profile-picture Hillary Harris:

      Hello AriesGirl,

      Thank you for your post! What you are experiencing is not uncommon to the Ascension process. You are indeed most likely straddling the old and new dimension and that too is part of the process. Fear and anxiety are also quite natural – however emotions that most are extremely uncomfortable allowing and generally want to get rid of as fast as possible. The bad news is it is not possible, but also not a good idea – for a few reasons – experiencing our feelings, ALL of them, is part of being a whole being and living purely from a heart-centered place. If we only allow the ‘good’ or comfortable feelings to be felt, we are cutting ourselves off from and denying a entire part of who we are.

      Fear and anxiety in this instance is experienced as the ego is letting go and this can cause one to feel very vulnerable – thus afraid. The other reason you feel these feelings is because of the accelerated pace you are expanding and taking in the higher, pure frequencies. It is too much for the mind to wrap itself around and so the natural response will be these intense rushes of what you are calling fear and anxiety. If we define it differently, these are just massive surges of release, of letting go that leave spaces inside of emptiness where the new energy can come in. That is not something we are or have been familiar with and so, again, the human feeling we might naturally feel in response – fear and anxiety. See if you can embrace these feelings as part of your process, as indicators of release and expansion and learn from them. This can help ease your experience and allow them to move through you instead of getting stuck in any resistance you might be putting up when they arise. I hope this is helpful! I can also suggest, if you have not already tuned in to, the shows on “Your Soul-Quake and Body Re-make” and “How to Tame Your Inner Dragon” – as they both cover so much of this information – symptoms and specifically fear and anxiety.

      Blessings to you and keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!


  • Trisha Schelble:

    My two physical things have been 1. my lower legs and feet ache a lot. Sometimes when I stand up my feet hurt so bad I feel like I can barely walk. This started over a year ago and comes and goes. 2. Spiritual flu where I can sleep anywhere from 24-48 hours easy peasy. The first time I had the spiritual flu I had never heard of that term but I just knew that was what it was. My confirmation was about a month after that my friend came over and he, too, said the same thing, he had the spiritual flu and he never used that term before either. I get the flu every few months and I just know that’s down time, nothing can be done about that. I just know that these symptoms are the ascension process and that I don’t have any medical issue. I know this because I can see in the past when I did have a medical issue all the signs that were telling me to get my butt to the doctor. I don’t have any of those signs, just the knowing of.

    My biggest issue is I am barely earning any cash however, my bills are getting paid, thank you God/Source. The problem lies in my sister lives with me and I hear/feel the pressure I am to get a full time job, career etc but I know I don’t have that kind of energy at this point to commute two hours a day to the big city, among other things. I’m not sure how to balance how my body is changing and to nurture myself mixed with having someone living with me who is overly worried about things that I am not so worried about. Things just keep working out for me.

    Its an interesting balance point of changing physical and spiritually while still being of this world.

    I guess the only advice I would ask for is how to lighten the symptoms on my feet. I do go barefoot, I do connect with Gaia daily, I do epsom salt foot baths, essential oils. . .is this something to just allow or?

    • facebook-profile-picture Hillary Harris:

      Hello Trisha!

      Thank you for sharing and I so can relate – I have shared a few times about my ’80 year old man’ syndrome where I shuffled around on extremely sore feet for a few months. It finally passed. Just this past weekend my lower legs where aching terribly. There are a couple of insights I can share with you about your experience. First, yes, all of the symptoms, physical, financial and otherwise and are something we just must allow for. It is part of our evolution and expansion and there is no skipping steps and no amount of aspirin, medicine or working harder will fix whatever ails us – except maybe being still and grateful, remaining in the ‘Now’ Moment as much as possible and seeing from our Heart Wisdom bringing Love as the salve.

      The Universe is indeed taking care of you in all ways – always. Trust this. Your prosperity will take care of itself if you continue to do so – Trust and Have Faith. The message I am getting for you is two-fold – your foot pain is due to grounding yourself in and on new ground, so to speak, but it is also about the challenges in taking new steps. You are stuck living in and with the perception of pressure and what it is you ‘think’ you have to do to bring in money as opposed to what is needed as you Ascend and how the Universe is supporting you when you surrender to the process.

      So, perhaps it is time to ‘step beyond’ all the old perceptions now. Perhaps it is time to move forward. Your body needs to rest as you adjust to the new frequencies – but perhaps you need to clear your space of anything and anyone who does not align with your higher and clearer perspective. The moving may need to be that of your sister out – out of her worry or perhaps out your space. Taking your own space is part of learning to take your power, liberate yourself as well as create the balance you seek. It may also allow your sister to grow in ways she is needing as well. If you are both stuck – that amplified stuckness blocks your flow – and the Flow is where Prosperity resides. So unblock the stuckness and you will see the Flow return. Take a step and you will move the energy forward and out of your feet – and the pain and discomfort will subside.

  • Veruschka Star:

    I have always felt out of place on this planet in this 3D “reality”. I have been between two worlds, seeming as if my dreams are more “Real”. I have struggled from a young age to find answers, direction and support feeling a higher purpose to life but difficulty finding that connection. I have pursued the spiritual aspect from a young age, a long and lonely journey.
    My life has been very challenging as I now realize that i have been experiencing the ascension process for a lifetime of 56 years. The sensitivity to human, earth, cosmic and planetary energies has increased dramatically over the last maybe 7-10 years, but most intensely for about 3 yrs.
    SO hoping it eases soon!
    The incapacitating pain, heaviness, disorientation and myriad of other disturbing symptoms causing devastating dysfunction is so unbearable now!!
    I am so affected by all the weather that I feel heavy rain on my skin as pain while inside! the wind totally scrambles my signals, and I feel pain as if I’m pounded inside a spin dryer. Earth changes, air pressure, and storms cause migraines. I have body pain on a daily basis and have as long as I can remember. Taking pain relief pills which often aren’t very effective but can’t endure without it anymore. Winter is total shutdown in a cocoon of indescribable suffering. So over it all! Everything is such a huge effort. I am hardly able to stand and walk, at times it’s difficult to talk, eat, even breathe! Unable to drive sometimes and going out has to fit around waiting till I’m mobile enough and the need to eat! Hope there is an end to all this soon!!! weakness, pain, dizziness, nausea etc…. Not even been able to do chi gong, yoga or meditation. Use crystals daily and find them helpful & chakra balance.

    Wondering if I will make it through it’s getting so intense. Having time space warps and other strange things. Seeing the deconstruction of this dimension.
    Feel in limbo or a waiting room with the pause button on? Struggling to make sense of this all consuming experience that is happening in my life.
    Just want to feel good and full of Love, Light and Vitality. Long for freedom in
    a higher dimension of beauty and purity which I’ve had visions of.
    Feel in limbo, or a waiting room with the pause button on?
    Does anyone relate to all this? feel so isolated and disconnected. First time i’ve posted on one of these sites, as I’ve searched for understanding and some confirmation I’m not crazy and alone. Glad of the opportunity to connect with others experiencing this process!

    • facebook-profile-picture Hillary Harris:

      Hello Beautiful Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Veruschka!

      Thank you for our courage in posting to this site. Yes, I do relate to many of your experiences and feelings and I want you know that you are not alone on your journey. First, you are part of the crew of beings who are assisting all of Humanity in making this unprecedented Upshift – and I thank you for this. It is not an easy process, however we can honor and praise your Soul for your willingness to participate in such a powerful birthing and for the Love and Light that you brought as you agreed to do so.

      I can offer you a few suggestions that may ease the way. First, if you can allow for your experiences – albeit intense and uncomfortable, and be willing to embrace them as a sacred expression of your Divine will, that will move you through in flow, grace and ease. I know you are weary. However we all must keep moving forward, together. So, if you can begin to truly Know and See who you are as Divine Love manifesting through your being, like the caterpillar’s own unbelievable journey from body to dissolution to butterfly, you will see from a broader perspective the purpose of your aches and pains. Second, I know you eagerly await the Heaven on Earth you came to co-create – as that you hope will take away the symptoms. A powerful key is to presence that Heaven in the Now moment. Be here now. Embrace the limbo and know this is part of learning to live a new way of being in a space of the Eternal, timelessness, that is so very new. Release the struggle. Enjoy your time wraps. You are embodying the Fifth Dimension and, it may be that others have yet to arrive in your space, however the more you dwell there from the Heart energy, the more you will build that vibrational frequency up to a place of welcoming presence into which others will soon join you.

      Feeling isolated and alone is so common. However, I will share with you something a mentor of mine reminded me of that was so helpful. Alone is
      simply All One. Thus, you are never alone. And I take it one step further and say this- Alone is All one. If you are feeling alone, you are missing the extra L – which stands for Love – Love of Self. Love yourself – which is part of All that Is – and you will truly never be alone! We have entered the Dimensional space of Unity – therefore isolation and separation no longer will be sustainable. So even if you can simply know in your heart that you are part of All that Is, part of the beautiful magnificent whole of creation unfolding anew, part of me and me part of you, then this begins to move your frequency out of isolation and expand you into connection.

      As your vibration continues to raise and your awareness expand, you will feel the symptoms less and less. However, my invitation to you returns to this one notion – there is nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, everything is in perfect Divine order as you are the essence of glory, light, love and purity rebirthing itself to express fully on the planet now. This is your purpose. Use the Yellow Joy Light Frequency to wrap yourself in this Truth and Knowing and take that deep into your heart. Breathe it in. Take it deep into your gut. Internalize that you are
      the grand unfolding of the higher human in Divine form and you are deeply valued, loved and adored by the very cells that you are made of! :) How’s that for embracing your being and loving you – right down to the tips of your newly upgrading DNA strands!

      Prosperous Blessings – and do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

  • Phoebe:

    Thank you so much for this page I wS led here by searching terms such as “vegan vibrational shifts” and “eating to increase vibrational energy” :)

    I wanted to share my story on how I truly connected with this golden glowing gem of a page which speaks directly of where I am at right now.

    Normally I am an unstoppable person, always creating, talking, designing and emailing and pushing ahead on a creative group project.

    Early September I got a horrible flu and my boss asked me to lie in my sales job (for a natural health magazine) which I replied no and quit.

    I was very proud of the strength in this moment of not needing money from lying. I knew I had proven value to myself. Up until this point also I was achieving the best fitness goals of my life. Weightless, physique, integrity to my diet. Great creative success. Then…the flu.

    Since then I’ve had no energy. I don’t know where I went. I’m so ridiculously in tune with the planets and weather as mentioned above. When neptune retrogrades I become alcohol free effortlessly. It went direct the other day and I’m
    Drinking again. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I became vegan. I put on weight! I quit caffiene and detoxed hoping an internal shift would give me back my vitality but no jazz! Still totally wtf…where am I? I do take over the counter codeine 1-2 a day very small but I need it to cope. It’s so silly and strange! My hearing is tinny, I can’t remember people’s names, lists of things to do are out if the question (I’m an over achiever) this is not me. I am off my face of planetary interactions and numerology. I’m in my 1 personal year and I’m so worried that I’m sitting on my ass and missing planting the seeds. So many of the symptoms you described above are exactly where I’m at, I have been trying to explain this “odd” phase to my friends and u summed it up – with an inviting idea that it may be ascension. This does make me feel positive thank you – but I don’t want to fool myself. I can’t make friends with peor who can’t listen to my fascination with planets and their effects. Lucky I have lovely friends. I have a large social media following and so any new things to post or share about my creative endeavour, but the ego has gone, I can’t bring myself to post anything. That is not at all like me. This is very strange and how I know something is wrong haha

    The oct 18 eclipse spelt sudden move of house. We’ve rented 7 years in this house and you guessed it were moving. I chose to move before I was notified. Incredible synchronicity. Only problem is finding a house number that satisfies me as the 13 vibration I have lived in has worn me out.

    So much anxiety from gut knowings, apathy, an out of control on little things like the dishes or cooking. I can’t control my outer environment so I try to control my inner. Honestly the thing I’m most excited about is how many times I lay cable! Really cool!

    Haha (sorry but were talking here)

    I love that you wrote this, it gives me hope, although I feel a tremendous cloud on what comes next. Where do I go from here. I have so much love for this shared experience with you all. Thank you.

    • facebook-profile-picture Hillary Harris:

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Phoebe,

      You are in the chrysalis phase of your Ascension. The caterpillar relinquishes everything to make the incredible journey toward becoming a butterfly. This is the stage where it all falls apart – and it must. This is not a bad thing. This is a blessing and a glorious, miraculous phase. Not matter how much work we have done on ourselves, this is the point we come to – where we step off and into the space where we fully let go and surrender. What was is no longer – so we must do this to embrace and embody the new. That is the only way forward.

      I can feel you getting pulled all over the place internally and externally. It is time to be still and go within. All must dissolve and your only ‘job’ or ‘work’ is to be still, release – let go and let go of control. I know this is difficult. Therefore it is key to be gentle with yourself. I too was an over-acheiver, however Fifth Dimension is Heart-based and there is no more pushing or seeking or forcing of anything. We must allow and surrender in Trust that all is unfolding in Divine time and perfection. This may be difficult to embrace as well, but all of the modalities and technologies and tools are also falling away. This can be confusing as they won’t work for us anymore as they once did. There is a reason for this and it is a gift when it all runs out of gas. You see, we need new tools – one that align with and embody the higher frequencies we are now dwelling in. And new ones are coming in. I can suggest listening to my shows – I just posted a new one that may be helpful: They Only Way In is WithIN. And you have tremendous power and knowing. It is time to awaken and remember. Be still. Love yourself. Go inward. Keep it very simple. Be in this moment and put your focus on what feels good and on what you feel grateful for – even the smallest thing.

      This time for you is about trusting and loving yourself so you can come into Wholeness and gaining Self-Sovereignty (find your inner power) from the inside out. All of the charts and planets may be impacting you – they have a strong pull on us indeed). However, your inner alchemy can override this as you strengthen and heal, come into Wholeness and shed the illusion of the old. You won’t get pulled off center so much with each planetary retrograde, for example. It will be more subtle.

      All that we were and thought we knew is no longer. This IS a new world and we must be willing to step into the Unknown, the grand new adventure we are on. When we don’t or cannot, we do feel a struggle that is not pleasant for sure. As you surrender in trust, the anxiety will ease. As you allow, the need for control subsides. It takes practice. After all, this is a new dimension we are inhabiting so give yourself a break! But you have come to see there is no controlling the outer environment – and there never was. There is also no controlling the inner one. Managing emotions is not living in flow or fluidity with your Divine essence. That just causes resistance and resistance creates density and that causes stuckness and you know the rest. :) So embrace it all. Embrace what is coming up and what you are feeling. This is part of your Ascension process and the clearing out for the remembrance of the magnificence of extraordinary YOU. Instead of covering up or coping, numbing or distracting from allowing in the full experience of life, we are now being asked and invited to step in and open to embrace it all so that we can release the misperceptions and finally own our God-nature. Take it one step at a time, do what feels right at the heart-wisdom level and know that you are being guided along the way. You are deeply loved. You are fully supported. But this knowing that the Divine is there must be seeded and nurtured from within first or else the roots cannot take hold.

      It is a privilege to be walking this path on this unprecedented journey with you!

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