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Holi-Day Spending

We have now moved into that time of year where spending money can often become a focal point and distraction from feeling what may be stirring in your inner Self. Instead, first put your intention and attention on spending something else – time and energy on who and what feeds your spirit, nourishes your Soul and truly brings you Joy. And if you don’t know what that is, spend time in stillness with yourself to learn. That is one of the greatest investments you will ever make!

Happy Holi-Day Season to All!

The Matrix Dissolves – The Breakdown of Belief

The End of What We THINK We ‘Know’ is the Gateway to Life… 2.0!

Harris-show-description[1] (1)
We have come to the end of all we thought we knew. Like the outdated and old 3D world systems that are no longer working, we are continuing to experience a particularly poignant and challenging breaking down of another more personal kind – the breakdown of the very matrix of our long-held beliefs – about who we are, about how things work, about what is, about the very nature of Life, even Existence itself. Though our Egos may fret and fuss, and the confused and misused masculine and fear-based energies are indeed fighting this, we must let go of these misperceptions and mis-creations to grow into what our deeper and higher selves already understand and truly ‘Know’ – that we have been living in limited and limiting illusion and it is time to awaken. It is time to see, embrace and embody the magnificent gifts, oh so powerful frequencies and incredible wisdom that come with the expanded, illuminated, updated version of our new life – Life 2.0!

So will this upgrade be plagued with errors and bugs as you continue to struggle and strain against it – resisting the inevitable and beautiful Truth that is unfolding? OR will you finally surrender to and even assist in the creation of our new operating system – allowing yourself to make the transition with grace and ease, to welcome the pristine and magical Love energy of the Golden Age of Light and to take your place as a Divine Magnificent Master Creator, enjoying the all-new features and unfathomable added benefits of Fifth Dimensional Being?

Hillary invites you to leave your Third Dimensional baggage at the door and join her for a reality bending conversation about this next phase of our transition. She will discuss how our process of Ascension, and then building and growing into our New World, now greatly depends upon not only our letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that confine and bind us to the limitations of the mind, but also our ability to master and transcend that mental space so that we can then move squarely into the realm of the Heart where, in this higher dimension and New Era, the light frequencies and deep emotional vibrational qualities of Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity reign.

So tune in for a New Reality check beyond belief!

Note: As Hillary is currently bringing in new insights and information to share with all of you, this show is an encore presentation, (though she knows you will find the material very timely and relevant) and will not be broadcast live.

How To Train Your [Inner] Dragon!

Tame the Beast to Find Your Peace (and Foster Passion and Play in Turbulent Times – Inside and Out)

Harris-show-description[1] (1)
Haven’t been feeling quite like yourself lately? Are you noticing, though we are now living in the Fifth Dimensional Heart Wisdom energies and are supposed to be blossoming into a wonderful place of Unity Consciousness seeded from our own “Buddha within,” that you are actually feeling anything but peaceful and loving? Are you still wondering why, as we take the very challenging steps to finally purge the past and step into our true and powerful God-selves, the louder and more insistent your fear, anxiety, reactivity and negative chatter has become? And is it confusing that the more your awareness expands to show you the truth of Who you really are, the less you actually recognize yourself or your unexplainable and sometimes over-the-top emotions and behavior!? It may feel like you have been overtaken by something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers as, instead of your being filled with all the much talked about glorious New World Love Light energies, it seems the “doubting demons” of the dark have moved in and are now running the show!

So, how do you get a grip on your inner being? How do you return it to the light … or just plain lighten up? How do you come to know and master this whirling dervish within to calm the internal waters, reawaken a spark of play and reconnect to your higher, more peace-filled and centered self?

Join Hillary for a life-altering conversation that may provide the most important key to your successful Fifth Dimensional transition yet. Hillary will share how to connect with what she calls your “Inner Dragon,” a part of you that must be understood, embraced and engaged with in order to complete your karmic patterns and experience your true Divinity and full Humanity as a being on the planet. Hillary believes that only when we are able to create harmony with this often overlooked and neglected part of ourselves can we finally transcend our past, turn our self-loathing to self-love and freely open our hearts to discover or rediscover joy and the Lightness that is what truly defines our purpose, our process, our very being.

So tune in to shine the light on the “monster” in the shadows and befriend the beautiful stranger within!

Note: Due to an influx of listener questions relating to this topic, Hillary decided to replay this show and, thus, it was not broadcast live. Though it is an encore presentation, Hillary is confident that listeners, new and loyal, will find the information to be quite timely and still relevant!

Our Dueling ‘Real’ities and the Demise of ‘Dual’ity

The New Energies are HERE! … But Are You?

Harris-show-description[1] (1)
Does it seem like life, the energies, the weather and your emotions just got kicked up yet another notch… or TEN? Well, they did! Welcome to Fifth Dimensional frequencies and Heart-centered living! The New Vibration, the Higher Light has indeed arrived AND is incredibly, uncomfortably and simultaneously still co-existing with the old. We are now straddling two dimensions, walking in and out of and between two worlds. It is as if we are wearing two coats, and, like layers of snakeskin, we are wriggling and writhing to shed ourselves from the one we have now outgrown. However, many are not willing to let go so easily, desperately hanging on to their well-worn and comfortable layers, their safe and familiar realities, while others attempt to boldly march forward into the new. So what skin are you in? What world are you walking?

Join Hillary for another exciting look at the massive new ground we have gained on our Ascension journey and the strange, often tense, even sometimes scary and confusing experience – as we work to finally shake ourselves loose from the lower vibration – of bouncing between dimensions. She will discuss how these dueling ‘real’ities are kicking up our now failing relationship with ‘dual’ity, forcing us all to choose – division or Unity, entrenchment or expansion, agendas or progress, darkness or light – and ultimately how what appears to be chaos actually emerges as creation, or re-creation, when we simply shift our focus and cherish our ‘Being.’

So tune in for a catch-your-breath catch up on our catapulting forward of energies, consciousness and life as we know it!

Note: This show was an encore presentation (though the information is still very timely and you will find quite relevant) and was not broadcast live.

Finding the Good in the ‘Bad’ that Happens: Quantum Leap Catalysts and Fifth Dimensional Fire-Starters

How Destructive People and Shocking Events Are Actually Healing Humanity and Accelerating Our Ascension Process

Harris-show-description[1] (1)
Our shift into the Fifth Dimension has certainly not been a smooth one. As we attempt to steadily ground ourselves in this new world and navigate its unfamiliar territory, we seem to be leaping in and out of what is proving to be very tricky foreign energy. And as we seek stability, we are instead undergoing this transition in sometimes exhilarating and often uncomfortable surges and leaps of understanding and experiences, sudden and dramatic shocks, surprising turns of events and quantum accelerations as our bodies, our planet, the very Universe itself all continue the spiral upward on the evolutionary plane – two steps forward, one step back. And these days, in this 2013 year, even this very month, it may appear that it is more two steps back as a proverbial unending buffet of challenges continues to confront us – not just in our backyards, but right at our own front doors. And the catalysts for these catapulting occurrences are often high profile and/or controversial individuals and events that we then tend to immediately judge, blame, condemn or label in some negative or low vibrational way. Yet, this is supposed to be the time of the birthing of our heaven on earth. So what is going on? Are we perhaps missing something here; are we overlooking important Truths in the midst of illusion and confusion?

If everything is truly part of the Divine Plan, a plan we co-created, has a deeper and higher purpose and is perfection expressed, how could the “what” that appears to be a tragedy or, even more poignantly, the “who” that appears to be bad, wrong or even evil incarnate be that or be anything close to that at all? Could there instead be a more profound message lurking that awaits our understanding, a message upon which our Soul’s remembrance, our expansion into higher consciousness, our existence in this new dimension and the very essence and evolution of Humanity depends?

Join Hillary for another perspective challenging conversation about how and why we are indeed arriving in our new world in rather rough, abrupt and intense fits and starts by what she calls the “Power of One.” She will introduce the notion of “Sacrificing Souls” and what they are here to teach us, as well as discuss the role of shocking and traumatic events as a gateway and kind of rite of passage to the New World Vibration and as a powerful tool of transformation and transcendence, facilitating heart opening and higher awareness.

So tune in as Hillary turns up the heat on some hot topics!

Note: As Hillary remains on hiatus, this show was an encore presentation (though the information is still timely and very relevant) and was not broadcast live. Recent current events and the people involved – both in the US and globally – can be applied to the examples referenced in the show.

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