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To live in this new Love-centric vibrational space, it is essential to lose what feels like ‘the World’ to receive your Sun, Moon and Stars!

‘Break Up’ with and Away from the 3D World

12 Keys to a High Vibration State of Being

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Our most crucial Ascension mission to date: Release the old vibration. Like a bad relationship, our connection to the third dimensional world has become toxic and dysfunctional and we have hung on for far too long. It is time to let go and to do so we must clear out every last speck of all the dense and dark “stuff” that has built up, collected and stored in our bodies, minds, spirits and the planet itself over time.

Difficult – Yes. Challenging – Sure. Daunting – No doubt. However, once the tough job of the fundamental ‘vibrational house cleaning’ has been done, the process of learning to maintain it and then moving beyond so our new world can thrive must be tackled.

Not to worry – Hillary knows just what to do! Join her as she shares 12 powerful Keys that, when put into practice, will bring your being into profound alignment, immediately raise your vibration and powerfully expand your consciousness allowing you to more easily elevate and sustain your presence into the 5D Heart Wisdom Energies of the New World.

So tune in for the Keys that are “THE” key to both making and mastering this dimensional shift!

Note: This show was an encore presentation (though the information is still timely and very relevant) and was not broadcast live.

The Art of Sacred Living

Stepping Into and Sustaining the Light, Energy and Magic of Our New World

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The world and this pristine and pure New Dimension is truly of our own making – now more than ever before. And yet as we are called, even required, to step firmly into our roles as Master Creators, things “out there” may still appear to be tumultuous, chaotic and far from anything we would ever dream into being or put there on purpose. Or would we? Are we Master Creators or Master mis-Creators?

Look around at your life. Have you been creating in fear or from Faith? Have you been living in doubt and denial or from your deep inner Knowing? And how might your life be different if you were to choose a new approach, one that raises your game, your energy, your awareness and our world to a more conscious level?

Join Hillary for an artful look at what it means to live from a heightened place of Commitment and Intention. She will explore how we define and relate to what is “Sacred” and how choosing a new definition and way of being has the power to not only change your world, but create and sustain our New one.

So tune in for a game-changing, mindful and heart-full topic!

Note: This show was an encore presentation (though the information is still timely and very relevant) and was not broadcast live.

Celebrating The New World Independence of YOU!

The Gift of Fear to Freedom and the Power of Vulnerability

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Are fear, anxiety and an unexpected sense of vulnerability getting the better of you? And have you been feeling an insistent, persistent push toward making some kind of transformative, major, even drastic, imminent Change? Are you wondering where it all came from and, please oh please, how to fix it, avoid it or make it go away all together? Well, what if you can’t, and more importantly, what if you aren’t supposed to? What if you knew that this incredibly intense and challenging time – and your subsequent experiences and feelings – are all critically necessary and deeply significant to your soul’s growth and expansion, both on your Ascension journey and to our collective successful rebirthing of our New Earth? In fact, what if the entire process depended upon it?

Join Hillary LIVE for a frequency-shifting look at how your unresolved and unmitigated fear is actually liberating you from the shackles, myths and misperceptions of not only your own thinking, but that of others and the greater world around you. She will discuss the struggle you may be feeling toward what she calls an ‘Individual New World Declaration of Independence’ – the call to step into your Divinity, no longer giving away your power to your own ego-mind or the mass-mindset – and how allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feel, rather than figure your way through life in these new heart-centered energies, will give you profound access to and powerfully align you with the unlimited abundance, peace and flow of the Fifth Dimensional frequencies. Hillary will also reveal a bold secret she
has discovered that just may hold the key to this entire Ascension process!

So tune in for a breaking free – from your mind and the matrix!

How To Train Your [Inner] Dragon!

Tame the Beast to Find Your Peace (and Foster Passion and Play in Turbulent Times – Inside and Out)

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Haven’t been feeling quite like yourself lately? Are you noticing, though we are now living in the Fifth Dimensional Heart Wisdom energies and are supposed to be blossoming into a wonderful place of Unity Consciousness seeded from our own “Buddha within,” that you are actually feeling anything but peaceful and loving? Are you still wondering why, as we take the very challenging steps to finally purge the past and step into our true and powerful God-selves, the louder and more insistent your fear, anxiety, reactivity and negative chatter has become? And is it confusing that the more your awareness expands to show you the truth of Who you really are, the less you actually recognize yourself or your unexplainable and sometimes over-the-top emotions and behavior!? It may feel like you have been overtaken by something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers as, instead of your being filled with all the much talked about glorious New World Love Light energies, it seems the “doubting demons” of the dark have moved in and are now running the show!

So, how do you get a grip on your inner being? How do you return it to the light … or just plain lighten up? How do you come to know and master this whirling dervish within to calm the internal waters, reawaken a spark of play and reconnect to your higher, more peace-filled and centered self?

Join Hillary for a life-altering conversation that may provide the most important key to your successful Fifth Dimensional transition yet. Hillary will share how to connect with what she calls your “Inner Dragon,” a part of you that must be understood, embraced and engaged with in order to complete your karmic patterns and experience your true Divinity and full Humanity as a being on the planet. Hillary believes that only when we are able to create harmony with this often overlooked and neglected part of ourselves can we finally transcend our past, turn our self-loathing to self-love and freely open our hearts to discover or rediscover joy and the Lightness that is what truly defines our purpose, our process, our very being.

So tune in to shine the light on the “monster” in the shadows and befriend the beautiful stranger within!

Note: Due to an influx of listener questions relating to this topic, Hillary decided to replay this show and, thus, it was not broadcast live. Though it is an encore presentation, Hillary is confident that listeners, new and loyal, will find the information to be quite timely and still relevant!

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