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To live in this new Love-centric vibrational space, it is essential to lose what feels like ‘the World’ to receive your Sun, Moon and Stars!

Ultimate, Unshakable Gratitude: Thanks-Giving 5D Style!

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Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for celebrating the real abundance in our lives. This is not a day about giving gifts, but giving thanks. It is not a holiday for spending on things, but for spending time – time with the ones we love. Yet, as you look inward and see how so much has been removed, released, relinquished from your life and your very being so that you may evolve, and as you look outward and see the apparent darkness, chaos, strife and division as the old world structures breakdown and give way to the new, it may sometimes be quite challenging to feel like celebrating anything, much less giving thanks. However, this is the perfect time. This is THE time. It is the time and the season to take stock of what is truly important – and be grateful – for ALL of it.

So put another log on the fire, grab a second slice of pie and join Hillary for a little after-Turkey turkey talk! She will discuss the absolute necessity of practicing undaunted Gratitude, finding and holding a new and higher perspective and the power to recognize all the wonderful, deeply transformative and truly sacred gifts you have received along your path – not only as a means to lifting your spirit for the enjoyment of this season, but as a critical method of expanding your consciousness and increasing your frequency – and thus your connection to the ever abundant Flow – as you inhabit, embrace and more fully embody the New Vibration!

So tune in to kick off this holiday season with a new attitude to perceive and receive!

Note: This show was a special holiday encore presentation (though still quite timely and deliciously relevant!) and was not broadcast live.

September Equinox – Lauren Gorgo

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers,

On the upcoming and pivotal Equinox – I can’t say it any better than Lauren Gorgo, Inter-dimensional Telepath & Spiritual Channel, so I thought I’d let her say it:

“Tho September is always a month of major review, contemplation, and ultimately the integration of all we have been growing into during the 9-month gestation journey that we embark upon every calendar year, I am also hearing that this month we begin to solidify (birth) our 5D experience and that before us are some openings that will precipitate both a major ending and simultaneous new beginning.

This ending that we are referring to is one of great magnitude. It is not only the end of a major phase in your earthly life, it is the end of an accumulation of many lifetimes, for many souls here, in what we would call…the lower world of form.

Once you release yourself from the lower world, you will be able to maintain the unified, LOVE-filled consciousness, in every delightful cell of your radiant being.”

In her private correspondence Lauren says that the council that guides her is referring to 9/22/13 as “the separation of worlds within'” for on this day, “a doorway opens to anchor the new world (reality system) into form and co-creatorship begins.”

‘Break Up’ with and Away from the 3D World

12 Keys to a High Vibration State of Being

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Our most crucial Ascension mission to date: Release the old vibration. Like a bad relationship, our connection to the third dimensional world has become toxic and dysfunctional and we have hung on for far too long. It is time to let go and to do so we must clear out every last speck of all the dense and dark “stuff” that has built up, collected and stored in our bodies, minds, spirits and the planet itself over time.

Difficult – Yes. Challenging – Sure. Daunting – No doubt. However, once the tough job of the fundamental ‘vibrational house cleaning’ has been done, the process of learning to maintain it and then moving beyond so our new world can thrive must be tackled.

Not to worry – Hillary knows just what to do! Join her as she shares 12 powerful Keys that, when put into practice, will bring your being into profound alignment, immediately raise your vibration and powerfully expand your consciousness allowing you to more easily elevate and sustain your presence into the 5D Heart Wisdom Energies of the New World.

So tune in for the Keys that are “THE” key to both making and mastering this dimensional shift!

Note: This show was an encore presentation (though the information is still timely and very relevant) and was not broadcast live.

Springtime in 5D with Hillary!

Unhooking from the Old (and the Old 3D World): Cleaning Your “Vibrational House”

As we continue to root our beings in the higher vibrating energies and move more firmly into our new home in this very unfamiliar, yet spectacularly pristine Fifth Dimensional space, it appears we must first dust off our boots from the rough road we have been traveling, the rocky trail we have been blazing. To gain our foothold, we must purify and cleanse ourselves of all the old, dense and negative energies, noise and distractions that have been keeping us from “seeing with the eyes of our hearts” or “hearing with new ears” the wisdom from our souls. Our focus now must rest on the absolute purity of our frequency. Yet, how can we continue to lighten in being, clarify our purpose, simplify our lives or deepen our connection to our higher selves with such intentionality when we can barely hear ourselves think over the roar of our egos, our fear … and our television sets?!

Letting go of what is familiar is never easy. It seems the closer we get to our Truth, to our deepest desires, and to solidifying our existence on higher ground, the harder we tend to hold on and the darker things seem to appear around us. However, in order to sustain our New World existence, this letting go is necessary – and not negotiable.

So, as spring has just sprung, this is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and let Hillary guide you through some serious “Vibrational House Cleaning!” Discard the old and discover the new concepts you must now embrace and put into practice that will keep your frequency fresh, your energy tuned up and your vibration clean, clear and in alignment, allowing you to access the powerfully intense Love-Light and abundance energies and a higher state of consciousness that come with dwelling in the new dimension.

So tune in for this early spring, “spring cleaning” you can’t avoid … or afford to miss!

Note: As Hillary is still on hiatus, this show was an encore presentation and (though extremely timely and the information so relevant and necessary at this critical juncture!) was not broadcast live.