Welcome to Our New World!

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The world has shifted!

We have now rapidly moved into a new dimension and higher frequency of energies governed by very different rules. So… are you ready to dwell in this new way of living and being, in an expanded state of consciousness where we must now see with new eyes and where Heart Wisdom reigns?

Join Hillary and her guests in heart-provoking, mind- and frequency-expanding, provocative conversation about everything “new” – from the new world economy, governance and commerce to the new YOU – inside and out; to our new relationship with money and prosperity and the new Unity Consciousness; to a new way of dealing with and relating to fear, ego, karma and negativity; even a new look at how we “look” at everything – right down to the new air we breathe!

Hillary will help us navigate these New World energies, assisting us in making and integrating this extraordinary transition with calm and ease, without fear and struggle while learning to speak the new language of the Heart to create, build and sustain a very new reality. So, fasten your seat-belts and prepare for life over the dimensional border in a new space and new reality that is not only out of THIS world but of the new Multi-Dimensional kind, indeed – with and on purpose, new eyes and hearts open!


What’s NEW?


COMING SOON: The Good News News! with Hillary Harris


In a world where negative news is the norm… and if it bleeds it leads, 

It’s time to change your channel, tune UP your vibration and tune IN to something good … and good for you!

It’s time for The Good News News with Hillary Harris –  a bit of the offbeat to leave you feeling upbeat… 

With stories to UPlift, E x p a n d, invigorate and inspire you! 

THIS is News you can USE!  News to INFUSE!  

So for something different – tune IN for Hillary Harris with some GOOD News!  



ASCENSION 360º Returns to the Internet Airwaves!

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VideoCast 20: 2024 – The Year of: Reckoning, The Dragon, The Light!



VideoCast 19: EVERYTHING … ALL At Once! Symptoms, Shocks & Shake-UPs + A Message from The Dragons


VideoCast 18: 2023 – The Year of Standing IN The Reign/Rain of FIRE!


VideoCast 17: UPSHIFT or UPSH*T? More Symptoms and ‘Soul’utions for that Achin’ Ascending Body! 


VideoCast 16: How Revisiting Your Past Can Recode Your DNA


VideoCast 15: Feeling NAKED and AFRAID? Symptoms and ‘Soul’utions for Our Ascension


VideoCast 14: Our Epic Excavation: Diggin IN for Peace Amidst War


VideoCast 13: The Gifts of the Pandemic

VideoCast 12:
What’s UP with the UPtick in Our UPShift?


VideoCast 11: Prepare for ‘The NEW’ in 2022!


VideoCast 10: Is COVID-19 Our Unique Chance For Personal & Global Activation?


VideoCast 9: Why Do You Have Ascension Symptoms, But Not Me? 


VideoCast 8: Emergence – The ‘Dragon Art’ of How To Create in Our New World


VideoCast 7: Can You STOMACH The Ascension Process?


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She Talks To The Animals – Hillary’s role as Wildlife Whisperer!



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Dragons Among Us!



From ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’ Radio Podcast
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Embrace and Unleash Your Creation Power!



From ‘The Harness Your Creative Power’ Telesummit Series
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Radio Appearance / Interview:

Want to talk MORE Ascension Symptoms? Listen in with Hillary as she joins Bob Charles as his
guest to discusses this topic and MUCH more on:

Bob Charles Show


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