PART 2: The New Laws of Manifesting: The REAL “Secret” To It All!

This topic is so rich and Hillary didn’t want to skimp on any details – so join her for the continuation of this mind-shifting conversation! Discover some familiar “old laws” that actually carry over into the New Vibration – but now on steroids! Learn four special types and the New Laws of Manifesting and how […]

The New Laws of Manifesting: Why “The Secret” Should Have Stayed One!

Have you become disillusioned by the notion that if you simply think of something you want and put focus on it, it will come to you? Has this method and all the other manifesting techniques of visioning, affirming, positive believing, dream boards and destiny maps suddenly run out of gas, in fact stopped working? And […]

The New YOU: Your “Soul-quake” and Body Remake!

Been noticing a sense of loss lately – loss of purpose, identity, passion or overall mojo for the important things in life? Been feeling kind of strange, unusually exhausted, fuzzy or depressed? Has the shift into the new vibration made your chi look like Swiss chi? No surprise – as you cross over the dimensional […]

The New Perspective: Heart Seeing

Did you know that the way to enter the new vibration is with your Eyes? But not just any eyes. A new perspective requires a new lens – understanding how the new world works and letting the old world fall away by seeing with the Eyes of Your Heart not with the eyes in your […]