The State of You, The State of Our “Union”: A Vibrational Pep Talk and Candid Review of Our Personal, Global and Cosmic Ascension Progress

We are now in the midst of the last “Night period” of the Mayan Calendar before we reach the end of the Ninth Wave and the “end of time” as we have come to know it. However, this is hardly the end of anything. More accurately, this is a beginning, a commencement of the most […]

Unhooking from the Old 3D World – Part 2: 12 Keys to High Vibration Living and Being – Encore Presentation

Last episode’s mission: Release the old vibration. Clear out all the dense and dark “stuff” that has built up, collected and stored in our beings over time. Difficult – Yes. Challenging – Sure. Daunting – No doubt. However, once the tough job of vibrational house cleaning has been done, the process of maintaining it and […]