Special Holiday Presentation: Thanks-Giving New Vibration Style – How to Have Your Cup and Your Heart Runneth Over!

Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for celebrating the real abundance in our lives. This is not a day about giving gifts, but giving thanks. It is not a holiday for spending on things, but for spending time with loved ones. Yet, as so much has been removed, released, relinquished from your world, your life, your […]

Make a Quantum Shift In Your Vibration, Your Growth, Your Life… Effortlessly!

Hillary Welcomes Elizabeth Tobin, Pioneer in the Field of Resonance Repatterning®, for a Profound Dialogue about the Power of Group Healing by Proxy As we approach the 11:11:11 Portal to Divine Love and continue along the path into the New Vibration, many are still finding themselves feeling completely overwhelmed by even the tiniest of things […]