The New YOUnity Consciousness

Understanding Our New Reality, Your Intense Emotions and the Critical Link to ‘Divine’ SELF Love The time is now for us to pull together as One, in peace and in service of our highest purpose to birth a new Humanity. However, we face a fundamental challenge – as individual beings we are still struggling to […]

How To Train Your [Inner] Dragon!

Tame the Beast to Find Your Peace (and Foster Passion and Play in Turbulent Times – Inside and Out) Haven’t been feeling quite like yourself lately? Are you noticing, though we are now living in the Fifth Dimensional Heart Wisdom energies and are supposed to be blossoming into a wonderful place of Unity Consciousness seeded […]

Little Things Make A World of Difference and Can Make YOUR World Different!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, A spiritual mentor of mine, Jo Dunning, shared this beautiful video short today and I want to pass it along to all of you: Small Shifts Change the World! This little video is wonderful. It is a great example of the difference a slight change can make in your life. Even […]