The rest is History …

as Herstory begins! My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~ No matter how you see it – whether you embrace it or resist it, this day we have crossed yet another threshold. Change is happening and is unstoppable. It is occurring in so many amazing and expansive ways. Just take a moment to note it, notice and […]

The Good News News!

COMING SOON! Get ready, Fellow ‘Soul’Journers! I am working on my first installment of an expanded segment of The ASCENSION 360º show – a youtube version of The Good News News! It is about time we had a news show that reports the GOOD that is indeed happening on this planet to uplift and inspire […]

Moving through the 7/7/1+6=7 Gateway

Take Heart and keep holding the Light! We have entered into yet another portal of higher Light – as we have just moved through the 7/7/1+6=7 Gateway. It may not occur this way with what is going on ‘out there’ – meaning in the world around us. It appears there is more violence and hate […]