New VideoCast on A360º – 2024 – The Year of: …


 … Reckoning, The Dragon, The Light!


This New Year of 2024 is and will continue to unfold as the most pivotal and significant yet on our Awakening journey. It is our individual and Collective time of Reckoning.

No stone will be left unturned. No Collective structure of existence left not only unexamined but unaltered. No individual challenge, issue or karmic remnant left unprocessed and untransmuted.  

Tune IN with Hillary as she explores how we must newly define and relate to the concept of ‘Reckoning’. She will also discuss how you personally and The Collective planetary ‘We’ will be impacted by this next wave of UpShift, how you are now physically transcending density, and the importance of leaping forward into and through The Year of The Dragon with specific conscious choice, action and intent.


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