3-13-13 Heralds an Historical New Pope!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and New World Walkers,

Worthy of note on this synchronistic date of March 13th, 2013 – 3-13-13: a new Pope is elected hailing from Latin America – a key energy center of the Ascension and 5D world. This choice is unprecedented on many levels. First, in its historic occurrence as Pope Benedict XVI decides to resign and step down, something that has not happened in 600 years, yet opening the way for this new leadership to come forth. Second, the new Pope, Pope Francis, is from Argentina and Pope’s are not typically from one of the America’s – in fact it was announced that he is the first in 2,000 years to come from “the new world” – interesting choice of words – rather than old world Europe, and now he will lead the Catholic Church into our very New World indeed! And, finally and perhaps most interestingly, this new Pope is of the Jesuit order – a group usually thought of and even feared as being dissenters, outsiders and known for not being afraid of change.

Pope Francis I is said to represent and embody: the common man and not the elite – reflecting the breaking down of separation and duality as we move into true Oneness; a commitment to service – a new theme of the new era and new world; reform – carving out the new path required for our human and spiritual REvolution and sustaining of our new vibration; inclusion, simplicity and humility – necessary seeds of Unity Consciousness; and Love.

As this momentous event, bringing ever more exciting and accelerated change to our planet plays out, the New World continues to bloom and expand in fascinating and unexpected ways. However there is still work to do as old and outmoded attitudes and dogmas that remain at the core of the Church’s fundamental belief system – and that infringe upon and impact the rights and lifestyle choices of all beings (men, women and children alike) – are unfortunately still held by even this more progressive Pope. And thus, if we are to truly sustain our Ascension into these new energies and higher state of consciousness, we will need to see such traditional establishments move not only into the modern age, but into the Fifth Dimension – and that ought to be one heck of show. So stay tuned!

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