A Gift for You: Embrace and Unleash Your Creation Power! – Take 2

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and New World Walkers ~


A little post holiday, pre-New Year’s gift from me to you to assist and support you in harnessing, developing, cultivating your Creation Power.  In these highly transcendent, deeply Soul-quaking and Consciousness-shaking times, it is most important to remember this precious power and Know how to use it with great Wisdom, from ‘Ruthless Presence’ and pristine Integrity.


From the Harness Your Creative Power TeleSummit Series:


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  • How to spot on your ‘intuitive hit’
  • Understanding the Ascension process everyone is undergoing right now
  • Who are The Dragons and what are they here to teach us
  • Connecting with your Inner Creative Essence through the ‘Breath of JoyLight’ Exchange
  • What to do with negative thoughts and stay in Trust with your prosperity and creativity
  • The ‘Nobel Intent’ of your Heart


HILLARY HARRIS Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘The’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life, Passion § Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades assisting clients and audiences alike in awakening and expanding their minds, hearts and spirits in creating and executing profound and permanent ‘ ‘Soul’utions for Success.’

As a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension (the Upshift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence) and through her widely popular radio podcast ASCENSION 360°Navigating the New World Energies – Hillary has become known as a New Reality Architect, Higher Dimensional Navigator and steady voice of INsight and calm during the extraordinary transition our Planet is now undergoing. Her latest unfolding and most surprising ‘work’, however, has been a most unexpected and extraordinary partnering with… Dragons!

As Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons, Sacred Curator of Dragon Wisdom § Wizardry and 16D Frequency Channel, Hillary’s purpose is to both facilitate the special Connection of a Dragon with their person and be a clarion voice for these incredible beings in bringing to the Planet their messages, Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom, Magic and extremely pure and pristine new Frequencies of Light to assist in our ultimate metamorphosis into High Human, Divine God-Source Essence.

Through this unique gift, Hillary has the privilege to share The Dragon perspective on how to deeply embrace our inner ‘Dragon Nature’ and unleash our ‘Dragon Creation Power’ by learning to courageously open our hearts, intentionally breathe, nobly express, BE, conjure and create from what she and The Dragons call ‘Ruthless Presence’ and ‘The Sacred Heart Fire’. Hillary and the Dragons eagerly await the opportunity to Make a Creation connection with you!


To work with Hillary and/or for more information about her special offerings, visit: 

ASCENSION 360º – Navigating The New World Energies


SOUL PURPOSE:‘Soul’utions for Success – Prosperity Coaching § Intuitive Guidance 


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