A Meditation for Stillness in Heart Wisdom

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers,

A meditation for you to focus and still the mind and bring you into Heart Wisdom:

Close your eyes. Take long, deep, slow cleansing breaths – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Now, breathe in the Yellow Joy Light Frequency. With your first inhale, bring in the Yellow Light through your nose and down into your heart. Let the Light expand into and merge with your heart.

With the next inhale, bring the Joy Light energy further down into your lungs. Let it full and expand your lungs.

Next inhale, breathe the Yellow Light deeply down into your stomach and lower abdomen, filling and expanding your entire torso.

With the next inhale, draw the Light upward into your throat and neck and then into your head. Let it fill your mind and then spill up and out of the top of your head, showering down over your body.

Now, begin breathing gently and easily and repeat each statement below slowly three times before moving to the next:

“I am The Light, I am Love
I am Infinite Abundance and Unlimited Possibility unfolding
I am the Divine expression of Exquisite Perfection
I am Pristine Wholeness and Newness ever expanding
I am Playful Innocence and Sparkling Joy
I am a Self Sovereign, Masterful, Magnificent Co-Creator
I am the Harmonious Convergence of Oneness
I am me, I am We
I am the Awakened state of Eternal Grace
I am The Light, I am Love, I am Loved
I am the Wondrous Butterfly emerging

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