A Message from The Dragons

On the process of Coming to Wholeness (referred to, but not the same as, healing in 3D):


During a recent Dragon Frequency Attunement for Wholeness session with an animal companion who has been experiencing a physical illness, I was looking for that label, some specific recognizable ‘thing’ that was ‘the cause’ or issue. It turned out the label I got was incorrect and I asked The Dragons about this since the session seemed to go well and be very powerful for the animal. And what did I need to understand at a deeper level?

Their answer emerged as a kind of exchange with me, but reads as a response. Here is what came through:

The human need for a label of what is going on in the physical form is inconsequential. The label – or knowing ‘what it is’ or ‘what to call it’, what you call ’cause,’ is not necessary and slows the process.

In human terms, it limits you and has you imprint thought, emotion, words, concepts, a shower of history – a flood of vibrational information onto your DNA that stagnates and/or blocks the Wholeness process [in other words, your mind grabs the label and signals the body to now ‘wear’ it.]. Human being has great trouble believing you can remove that label or shift or even reverse any dis-ease or illness. And the search for answers becomes a mental exercise. Move to the Heart and its Wisdom and let the body be the guide and draw The Frequency. That is all you need to do.

We see you in Fractals. The Fractal we worked with (referring to our session with the animal) was what was needed. Do not concern yourself with labels.

Simply keep visualizing and feeling into the physical form as Pristine Wholeness – seeing and experiencing each part and the Whole as clean and clear. This is key. Anytime you do otherwise, you imprint on that.

~ Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons with The Dragons and Wizard of Dragons



For more information or to schedule a Dragon Frequency Attunement for Wholeness session for you or your precious animal companion, click here.



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