A Shift in Seeing – An Explosion… of Light

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers,

Thank you to all of you who inquired about my well-being and safety after today’s unfortunate Boston Marathon event.

I am fine, safe and sound. I was fortunately not in the city or near the Marathon event – Divine intervention had me be further south and then at home just beyond all the goings on. The friends I know who were volunteering at the finish line are also, blessedly, fine.

I am, however, quite shocked and saddened by this occurrence and the unthinkable shaking up of such a positive, global appreciation of athleticism as well as historic celebration of patriotism on our Patriot’s Day holiday here in Boston.

But let us not negatively absorb this into our energy fields. Let us not allow fear to overcome or overwhelm us. Let us not allow uncertainty and darker energies to uproot or unground us. And let us absolutely not allow our own individual or our collective “Marathon” through life, through the ups and downs of this evolving world, be interrupted, thwarted, thrown off course or stopped cold.

So please join me in taking a moment to reconnect to and reaffirm the presence of The Light. Let us come together to send our thoughts, positive energy, love, light and prayers to all involved – to the runners, their coaches, supporters and families, to the volunteers, street-side cheerleaders and enthusiasts, to the event coordinators and committee members and all participating in whatever form. to the City of Boston, to the historic Marathon event and to the World, to Mother Earth, for healing and wholeness, peace and empowerment, perspective and a return to joy.

I know it looks like more darkness than light is present on the planet at this time. It is actually the opposite, however it requires all of us to keep The Light in our hearts and The Truth in our spirits and not give permission to such events as today to tear us down, torch our inner fire or take away the spark that makes us Who we truly are – Divine Children of the Universe, Master Co-Creators and God Source Beings of pure Divinity and Love – no matter how else it appears.

Prosperous Blessings, Hugs and Healing for Peace and Unity for All,



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