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To join us for our Common-Unity Humanity’s Awakening
Q&A / Discussion series:


Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers § Dragon Family ~

For years, I have noted that the most popular page here on this website is the Ascension Symptoms page. And I most often receive questions from all over the world about what is happening – to our Planet, to Humanity, to your body, mind, emotional and vibrational states.

I used to address these issues – and more – on the Radio Show / PodCast. However, I have been wanting to connect more directly with all of you – as the sense of isolation and confusion can be very intense right now as the path of our Awakening continues to accelerate and the Earth- and Soul-Quakes are coming faster and more furiously.

So I am working on launching a series of Q&A / Discussion Gatherings that may occur monthly or maybe even weekly or bi-weekly, to answer your questions and engage in conversation about all things regarding our Awakening Journey – both from the Collective and Individual perspectives. This might will include Vibrational Attunements, Intuitive Readings and even Messages from The Dragons depending upon how the conversation goes and where the energy flows! This is an extremely powerful way to cultivate Common-Unity among us – as so many are craving in these extreme ‘isolating/social distancing’ times.

If this is something you would value and like to participate in – as well as receive some comfort and Wholeness from – then please come to my ASCENSION 360º Facebook page:


And join me with other like-minded, like-hearted Souls!

I will be posting the details – date and time – for the first of the Gatherings there soon. I am working on best days and times to accommodate as many worldwide as possible.

The Q&As / Discussions will be recorded, so available after a gathering if you aren’t able to be present. However, it is so much more fun to have you there with the Common-Unity LIVE!

And, if you are interested, as a mechanism of additional support, I am also creating an ASCENSION 360º Facebook Common-Unity Group. This is designed to be a sacred space to connect, commune and further learn about how to more gracefully and effortlessly navigate our New World Energies with those both consciously and/or newly on the Awakening path, those already Connected to and/or newly desiring to Connect with their Dragon/s!

To indicate your interest, simply go to https://www.facebook.com/hillary.harris.ascension360/ – follow the page and, in this same post at the top, type Yes! with your Facebook name or e-mail in the comments of this post.

Any questions?, contact me, put them in the comments on the post at the top of the ASCENSION 360º FB page post or send me a direct message on Facebook.


~ I look forward to Making the Connection and Tuning IN with you to Tune UP Your Vibration! 🙏💗




– For support during these challenging evolutionary times or to receive a Frequency Attunement for Wholeness (healing) for you or your animal companion (wild or otherwise), click here.

– If you feel the sacred call to Connect, Commune § Create with YOUR Dragon, click here.

– To uncover your SOUL PURPOSE and how to create ‘Soul’utions for Success for Powerful, Prosperous and Passionate Living… Effortlessly!, visit SOUL PURPOSE.



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