A360º Webinar Series Launches!

Hillary and ASCENSION 360º Invite you to the launch of:

The LIVE Comm-Unity Monthly Webinar Series:
A ‘New’ Dimensional Topic and Q & A

Topic for the month of April:

What is ‘Ascension’, Where are We on
The Path and What The Heck is Happening
to My Body (Now)?!

Date: Tuesday, April 27th, 2017
Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)


Join Hillary Harris as she launches ASCENSION 360ºs FIRST monthly LIVE Webinar and Q&A Event.  Each month Hillary will cover a provocative topic on What’s New in our unfolding New Dimensional world and then open the space to answer your questions on that topic or your own Ascension ‘symptoms’ and/or experiences.

Whether you are new to this Upshift of Humanity or a veteran of the well-worn path, this is a not-to-miss opportunity.

This event and new A360º format has been long awaited and is your opportunity to engage with Hillary LIVE, learn to navigate these New World and Higher Dimensional Energies and connect with others sharing this unprecedented journey.

Click here for event details and registration information and instructions on how to submit your question prior to the Event date. 


Hillary looks forward to Tuning In with you to Tune UP your Vibration!





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