ASCENSION 360º Re-Birthed!

NEW! LIVE Comm-Unity Webinar for Topic Sharing and Q & A:


 My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~
So many of you are eager to learn more about current Ascension Symptoms (or experiences) and all the New that is so rapidly unfolding on the planet now. I have been thinking about relaunching my show for some time now, however I was looking for a new platform and format to better serve you and the intensity of the journey. So after tracking your visits to the site pages, I had a flash of INspiration!
Instead of a podcast, would you be interested in joining me live – once per month – for a brief sharing of information and insights about a topic in our new dimensional space? For example: ‘The New Prosperity – our new relationship to Money’; ‘Learning to Create and Command Your Vibrational Space’; ‘Ascension – Descension: The Head/Heart Transition of ‘Power’ or ‘Navigating the Multi-Dimensional Super-Duper Highway’ and many more new and powerful topics of our Upshift. Then after we would engage in a Q & A – an opportunity to ask me the questions you have about whatever is on your mind or in your heart.
Yes there will be a reasonable fee for each event so it is accessible to all and honors the integrity of our journey together and the offering.
If this is of interest, simply go to the comments section at the bottom of the Ascension Symptoms page and type “Yes I am interested in a monthly LIVE Q & A!” or go to our Comm-Unity Facebook page: and type ‘yes to a LIVE Q & A’ in a comment there.
I do hope this new offering will be just the ticket as it will give you a more interactive and Comm-Unity experience to journey together upward and onward in a supportive manner.

I am planning on launching our first LIVE webinar Event in April – so look for details and registration information coming SOON!


I look forward to you Tuning IN to Tune UP Your Vibration!


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