Ascension Symptoms

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The New YOU: Your “Soul-quake” and Body Remake!

Been noticing an overwhelming (and perhaps now all too familiar) sense of loss lately – loss of purpose, place, identity, passion or overall mojo for the important things in life? Been feeling kind of strange, ungrounded, unusually exhausted, fuzzy or depressed? Has the shift into the new vibration made your chi look like Swiss chi? No surprise – as you have now crossed over the dimensional border and ascended into the New World energies, you are acclimating, your body must adjust. You are indeed experiencing a “Soul-quake” at an unprecedented magnitude!

What to do? Call two friends and join Hillary for a 911 discussion of what the heck is happening to your body! Hillary will provide insight into and a context for all the aches and pains your doctor can’t explain – the symptoms, emotional highs and lows, physical, mental, spiritual and cellular shifts of the Ascension and why you are undergoing them. Hillary also shares the positive changes – oh, yes, there are positive ones!

So tune in for the latest on our extraordinary Evolutionary Makeover! And read below for a running list of those pesky Ascension symptoms you may be experiencing. You are welcome to e-mail or post a comment with suggested additional symptoms that do not appear here.

The New YOU: Your “Soul-quake” and Body Remake!


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My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~
So many of you are eager to learn more about current Ascension Symptoms (or experiences) and all the New that is so rapidly unfolding on the planet now. I have been thinking about relaunching my show for some time now, however in a bit of a new format – one that serves you and best honors me and the way the energies are flowing at this time.

So I invite you to join me as I launch ASCENSION 360º’s new Monthly Podcast Series.  Each month I will cover a provocative topic on ‘What’s New’ in our unfolding New Dimensional world as well as offer context and comfort for what you have been both witnessing and experiencing.

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This relaunch has been long awaited and truly is your opportunity to receive some very truly edge cutting insights and information as well as learn to navigate these New World and Higher Dimensional Energies as you continue along your path on our unprecedented Upshift journey.

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1. Physical:

  • High degree of stress, anxiety – but no apparent reason for this – New energy coming in and pushing old – patterns,beliefs, behaviors to the surface for release.
  • Extreme exhaustion/fatigue – due to our bodies transforming into a crystalline structure to reside in higher dimension – becoming less dense – this takes an incredible amount of energy
  • Adrenal stress, blow-out or fatigue – may be occurring at varying degrees depending upon where you are on your journey, how you run and process energy and stress, sleep you are getting and foods you are eating.
  • Sleeplessness
  • Inability to wake up or periods of deep sleeping – rest period after a lot of energy has come in, preparing for another period of intense inflow of energy, processing another leap in expansion or vibration
  • Waking up at odd hours – or waking up at the same time on the clock each night
  • Neck pain/stiffness
  • Foot pain, lower leg pain, stiffness and aching – ‘old man syndrome’ – i.e., feeling the need to shuffle along while you walk or barely able to walk or move – all due to grounding onto the new earth and taking in the new energies into the body via the feet and legs
  • Low and mid-back pain and discomfort – sometimes severe – often between the shoulder blades – also known as ‘sprouting the angel wings’
  • Night sweats/hot flashes – mock menopause, burning off the lower and denser aspects of ourselves and dark energies
  • Feeling cold with inability to get warm
  • Sinus pressure/headaches/migraines and lots of congestion – opening of crown chakra to allow intake of more energy and greater connection to higher realms, activation of pineal and pituitary glands to increase intuitive and psychic abilities
  • Joint and muscle aches, pain and stiffness
  • Loss of memory – short term – what did I just do, say, eat, read, can’t remember appointments, commitments, etc. – longer term – can’t remember what you did, said, wore last week or last month.
  • Lack of ability to concentrate/lack of focus
  • Loss of appetite
  • OR Feeling ravenous/hungry all the time or at certain times – craving for sweets
  • Need to eat often – craving for protein
  • Weight gain – abdominal area – need to expand our being to carry more weight as we are becoming so light we need to ground ourselves on the earth and not float away – also a way to create a layer of “protection” so to speak around our power charkas – from the lower vibrating energies when we interact with them
  • OR weight loss – no longer need to “hold on” to extra weight or our bodies have adapted to the expansion and so do not need to be literally bigger to hold more light – can do it energetically.
  • Digestive/digestive tract issues – constipation, loose stool, stomach upset/discomfort/pain, bloating and indigestion, inability to properly digest food – due to your vibration and the vibration of the food you are consuming no longer aligning, the cleansing and clearing out of your system of all lower vibrating ‘poop’ you have been carrying around – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as preparation of you ‘Gut’ to begin to take on the role of the ‘Golden Stove’ or area of purification where you can literally cleanse yourself from any dark, toxic or negative energies that may be experienced either externally in your environments or created internally by you
  • Tastes in food change – for example you may notice you lose a taste for and stop eating meat
  • Eating certain kinds of foods – particularly processed and foods with high amounts of sugar (even natural sugar), salt and fat – causes you to shake – inside and out
  • Allergies – new ones develop or acting up of current or old ones
  • Strange rashes
  • Itchy skin – sometimes feels like something crawling on your skin
  • Intermittent muscle twitching – in limbs, fingers, etc.
  • Heart pain and palpitations – feels like your heart is racing – acclimating to higher and more intense energies, opening and activating of heart chakra
  • Difficulty breathing – difficult to take a deep breath or like you can’t catch your breath
  • Blurred vision – seeing with new eyes in the new vibration, inability to see what is next or see your truth or true self as it emerges
  • Dizziness/Vertigo/Loss of Balance
  • Feeling out of body, not grounded, not present, untethered, spacey , not ‘here’ anymore – walking between two worlds or dimensions or in new dimension and not fully present to it
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of ability to (remember how to) write/write certain words/spell/speak and even comprehend – due to jumping back and forth between dimensions, disconnect – not aligned with time – part of you is here and part of you has jumped to the other dimension
  • Heightened sensitivity to sound, light and smell, energies around you – tuning up your frequency/vibration
  • Things no longer sounding normal – have a ‘tinny’, hollow or strange sound to them
  • “Ascension Flu”
  • Buzzing, Vibrating sensation or feeling of electricity moving through your body – new and higher energies being taken in to the body, process of expansion, activation of chakras, solar discs, your solar light body and shifting of your DNA
  • Hair turning gray or white in a localized spot on your head – for example a dollar-sized spot appearing at the crown
  • Sensitivity to heat and sun
  • Sensitivity to your environment/surroundings/the energies in those surroundings
  • Headaches/ migraines / pain behind the eyes and in Third Eye Chakra and a sensation of electricity moving in the brain or head – can be connected to energy downloads/new light encodings, brain rewiring and most often the activation of the pineal and pituitary glands
  • Pain on the right side of the body – most often located in the right shoulder, right arm, right hip or knee and sometimes in the right hand or fingers and wrist – this is due to the resistance of inflow and receiving of the New Divine Masculine Energies into the body. We have been receiving the Divine Feminine for several years. It is now time to receive and integrate the Divine Masculine. However, most do not truly understand Divine Masculine energy and mistake it for the ‘old’ power mongering, controlling and dominating Masculine energy of the 3D world. Thus, the instinct reaction to receiving this energy is resistance and repulsion. As we come to learn and understand the true nature of Divine Masculine, this pain will release and we will fully integrate the energy and Divine Masculine and Feminine energies can marry in harmonious balance within the body

2. Emotional:

  • Depression – clearing out negative lower vibrating energies
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Fear, terror
  • Feelings of hysteria
  • Suicidal
  • Weeping
  • Apathy – feeling blah
  • Sometimes feeling nothing at all – in a place of no feeling – can be disconcerting but this is a clear space and often comes just before or after a major transition point and before we put our human/ego labels on or in to what we are feeling or should be feeling – this is not the same as numb or disassociated/disconnected
  • Feeling of emptiness – another form of this no feeling or nothingness – feeling nothing – no thing and often comes with desire to immediately fill oneself up – usually with food – sugar – or with tasks – “doingness”
  • Restlessness
  • Strong emotional ups and downs
  • Wild, sometimes violent and vivid dreams
  • Lack of motivation or ambition – just don’t feel like doing anything at all – we are in a period of rest – we are realigning – this is part of being in the New Vibration or higher dimensions as needing to make things happen or in the ‘doing’ state is no longer necessary – we are squarely in the state of ‘BE’ing

3. Mental/Psychological:

  • Loss of identity – releasing of the ego self/facets and human form – connecting more to soul or higher self and God-source
  • Lack of purpose
  • Loss of motivation, drive, ambition
  • Not knowing what you like anymore – with respect to things, jobs, people, even your taste in food, style of clothing, etc.
  • Loss of self
  • Lots of losses or disappearance of – job, money, relationships, health, family members/friends, – moving beyond what no longer aligns with our vibration – needing to clear out or clear away what no longer vibrates at the same frequency in order to move on or up to next level
  • Feeling of loss of entire support structure
  • Feeling the absolute ‘End’ of things is here or that things are ‘over’ or the energy is just dead and you don’t have the ability to or interest in reinvigorating them – for example, relationships/friendships, unsatisfying jobs, where you live, how you have typically have done things or operated in your life, what you think, feel believe, etc.
  • Inability to find or remember words for things, forget what you were saying in the middle of your sentence,
  • Basically feeling like you are going crazy

4. Spiritual/Vibrational/Energetic:

  • Feeling of emptying out or being emptied out or clearing out
  • Religious beliefs may change or break down or fall away
  • Morals and values may be thrown into question
  • Ego bucks, pushes back as it releases and makes way for the soul wisdom to step forward
  • Disconnection from any structured sense of Time – don’t know what time it is – no relationship to it, forget / miss appointments, can’t keep track of time and no desire to or to be constrained by it, sense of being in timeless space or stuck in time, sense of time racing by – due to now being in the time of no time or timelessness
  • ‘InterDimensional Sliding’ – either doing something in one dimensional space and then it showing up in another as not having done that particular task (e.g., making an appointment, paying a bill, etc.) OR operating in one dimension and being abruptly pulled back (or slammed back as it may occur) into another – usually the lower space – by someone or something that draws you into an emotional or dramatic situation, circumstance or thought pattern.  This can take a heavy toll on the physical being in the form of a reaction, pain, dizziness, queasine
  • Letting go of being Ego-centric and living from the head governed by logical/practical thinking and ‘doingness’
  • ‘Disconnects’ and breakdowns begin to occur everywhere in your life: with relationships and people – old friends fall away or move out of your life suddenly or you may end a marriage or partnership; with circumstances and situations – you may leave or lose a job that is no longer a vibrational match or in alignment with your current frequency or you may move from your current location; and with technology – you may experience technical issues with your computer or cell phone – you may find they go off line, can’t find a signal or simply melt down; your landline may have static when you speak with people who do not hold the same energetic space; you may experience computers going down or operating very slowly when you are in the vicinity – like in a store or when you call a customer support line; batteries drain more quickly – e.g., fire or CO2 detectors, flashlights, cellphones, etc.; other electronic devices or electrical machinery begin breaking down or burning out – all of this due to both your own increasing vibration and the inability of the frequency of who and what is around you to align and/or keep up
  • New connections being made – the Head now connecting directly with the Heart via the Chakras and glands – i.e., the pituitary and pineal/Third Eye now directly connecting to and communicating with the Heart Chakra

5. Other:

  • Sudden change/s occurring – big and small – that can cause major upheaval if we are not grounded – e.g., change/s in plans in general – or specifically everywhere in life – at work, with projects, in relationship status/marriage/friendships, with clients, where we live, our health, etc.
  • No desire to wear jewelry – or a feeling of constriction when wearing it
  • Tastes change – taste in food, clothes, furniture, style, etc., or disappear altogether – ‘I don’t know’ becomes a common response or feeling about wants, likes, desires, preferences, choices and even needs.  We become a blank slate or a being of all possible creative potential.

6. Positive Symptoms!
(Yes, there are positive ‘symptoms’ – or experiences – in this process though they are ALL for your highest and best.)

  • Heightened awareness
  • Intuition opens and deepens – more in touch with heart – can hear own truth, can read situations with increased perception, clarity and knowing
  • Psychic abilities also open or enhance
  • At a certain point – more willing to listen to and trust Self – no matter what!
  • Start to feel younger – and look younger
  • Experience spontaneous healings – of both new and longstanding ailments
  • Loss of fear of death/dying
  • Releasing/Loss of ego – healing of past wounds
  • Getting off wheel of karma – completing our past
  • Being unattached to outcomes or results
  • Less focus on ego’s concerns – money, worries, “what ifs” – the deeper soul knowing takes over and trusts all is well –you’re your higher voice tells you these concerns aren’t really important anyway as you will have evolved beyond them in the New vibration
  • More focused on what is REALLY important in life
  • Start to follow path of Soul Purpose and calling
  • Willing to take more risks regardless of external circumstances and fear
  • Take on or seek a slower pace of life
  • More internally focused and inspired than externally driven
  • Move away from isolated individual and competitiveness to unity and collaboration with others
  • Living in the Now moment and being Present based
  • Now living fully from the Heart governed by Heart Wisdom, intuitive/energetic sensing and ‘BE’ingness
  • Able to manifest immediately what is most desired and aligns with highest and best good and is in the interests of highest and best good of all
  • Easing of these symptoms as you move through this process and a renewed energy emerging
  • More attunement, comfort with and trust of the Intuition and ‘gut’/Heart-based decision making and processing
  • The ‘New Prosperity, Abundance and Flow’ are available to us if we can remain in the Now Moment, be unattached, be clear in our vibration and fully expressed with and from Integrity, Love and Respect.

(NOTE : This list is always being updated and expanded based on our experience. If you have a symptom you don’t see on the list and would like to suggest it be included, please contact me and include Ascension Symptom in the subject line or leave a comment below.)



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224 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms

  1. Jan

    I have been on this journey for years now. Lately I am on week three of what seems to be some vibratory flu…some achiness, lots of intermittent nose blowing, fatigue…feel as though I’m getting better & then it starts again. Any suggestions to work with this expansion or if others have had this would be helpful.
    Many blessings,

  2. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    NAMASTE! I am a retired university Professor, and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Gemstone Therapist, an Aroma Therapist, and Meditation Teacher. Sometimes people think that those of us who are metaphysical healers or “Lightbringers” (my choice of a word rather than “Lightworkers” because often the word “work” implies “chore”) are immune to ascension symptoms. However, EVERYONE on this planet is moving through transformation experiences as we change from being carbon-based to being crystalline and as our DNA is becoming multi-stranded. Some are changing at varying rates, so the symptoms will not be always the same for everyone, but we will all have lots of similar symptoms. Often, even with my knowledge of what is occurring, I must remind myself that the symptoms I experience are Divinely-ordained. I recommend that folks study the Bach Flowers. They are enormous helps during these times of transformation. Also, I recommend wearing calming fragrances like Rose, Sandalwood, or Frankincense. Further, wearing calming gemstones such as Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Larimar, Green Jade, or Turquoise calm the nervous system. When we feel calm, we can more easily connect with our Higher Selves-our Souls. I wish everyone PEACE and LOVE.

  3. Sophie

    Hi Denise,

    I have had a white coated tongue which tastes really bad….tried salt water and apple cider vinegar, eat very healthy….have you heard of this as a symptom? Its horrid! Also painful esophagus and upper stomach, constant painful digestion issues as well….and well pretty much everything else in your list above!! thanks, kind regards

  4. Katie

    I have just found your website and it has brought me a lot of comfort. I have been experiencing terrible heart palpitations and SVT for a few months now but have had all the medical tests done and docs say I am ok. They have tried to assure me that my heart is healthy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to feel safe and have suffered intense anxiety and fear as a result. It has turned my life upside down and brought me to my knees. I truly hope it is my heart chakra opening, it has been a pretty rough ride. Thank you :)

  5. Jacky

    Wow. Just found this site and am thrilled. Was going through phases recently where I felt like a “little old lady” and was getting concerned because I was in pain everywhere, sharp, electrical, etc….but now experiencing pressure at the base of my skull. Many times my mind wanders if I should so for a good checkup since my mind will sometimes think the worst. But I see now that what I am experiencing is “normal”. I wondered if anyone has experienced pressure at the base of the skull? Would love to hear your feedback on what that is. Thanks for letting me share. Jacky

  6. CK

    Hi Hillary,
    I’m not sure where I am in this process of ascension. Can you help me? I have been an empath since I was about 13, didn’t realize it till within the last few years. But since 2010 I kept feeling like my whole body was kind of buzzing. I kept asking everyone around me if they felt like this, no one did. I took Reiki classes a couple years ago(didn’t finish the 3rd class) and when everyone else was seeing colors and shapes, (kundalini) I saw a planet with a white sparkly fog across it and water below it and I was rocking in place, like I was on a boat. Now I can just talk about Reiki and my hands get warm and red. (That’s a good thing). Since then I have gained a lot of weight (on a diet plan now) and more symptoms have begun. I have feelings of disconnection, being taller than I am, feeling like I a magnet stuck to earth, hard to walk, tired, sometimes falling asleep at work, allergies, I have some visions of things that have happened, if there are extreme weather conditions I am physically sick like nausea, dizziness, etc., seeing a lot of things on the corner of my eyes, I went to the emergency room with bad heart palpations woke me up 2ce that night, (had before but maybe once every couple of years) they took tests, including a stress test, (which I failed, no surprise there..LOL) But they said they didn’t see any blockages, very happy about that. (taking meds now) I do hear ringing but it sounds far away. I get tingling in the heart area, almost tickles, and tingles on top of my head and my 3rd eye, and noise is like an ice pick in the ear. I feel like I have to disconnect from people sometimes, all the chaos that’s felt its overwhelming. I don’t watch tv much. I like music and reading mostly. And since I was young, I can feel vibrations on metal objects that are personal to whomever lets me hold them. Lately, I feel kinda sad and sometimes I cry for no reason. I have some body aches and pains but don’t know if that’s related? Oh Wow, I have a life story here, sorry, went overboard. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, CK ~

      I do understand all that you write about here, your experiences and symptoms. I hope that this site, the podcasts, Symptoms page and all the resources listed are helpful to you. This is an ever increasingly intense time as the vibration heightens and we with it. If you would like some individual support and assistance in this process, please do take a look at the information for an Ascension Symptom Intuitive Reading [click here: ] as that would be an opportunity for us to connect and for me to facilitate some ease and comfort, as well as provide some deeper context and purpose for you and your particular path.

      Let me know if you are interested. And there will be opportunities for group connection coming soon.

      Be well and many blessings to you!

  7. Sophie

    *Oh and racing heartbeat or new heartbeat?!

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear ‘Soul’Journer, Sophie ~

      Yes, these are all common symptoms and being newly felt. Be sure to visit this page and listen to the podcast: It will be helpful.

    • Retired Physician Asst.

      Sophie said, “Started with digestion issues, loss of appetite, vomiting daily. Burning tongue (been over two years), burning throat – metallic taste, intense dry mouth/throat, like I cant make sound properly, sound deep! Sore eyes, headaches, blurry vision, intense itching like I’m being bitten all over. Tone sound in ears like a buzzing or high pitched sound. Weak nails and hair. Biting nails – old habit resurfacing. Sore rash on arm, sore spots and boils. Stomach pang pains that go quickly. Sore gums and teeth.”

      Sophie, your above description can be symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Please consider having a complete blood panel drawn that includes titers for heavy metals. Not everything we experience physically can be put off to ‘ascension symptoms’, and as Hillary advocates, see a qualified practitioner when necessary.

      As a multi-dimensional energy healer, retired physician assistant and integrative medicine specialist, reading your symptoms triggered a strong response in me, hence this sharing. If you were a client of mine, a referral to your medical provider or licensed naturopath would be my response and professional recommendation.

      I wish you well on this amazing journey!

      • Hillary Harris

        And, I don’t know if this has been your experience, Retired Physician Asst., but I have found so many sensitives and people on this journey have had some sort of heavy metal toxicity – at least manifesting itself now and strongly during the course of their Ascension/descension process – so in this manner, we might see it as a symptom of the Upshift but, yes, yes, please see your doctor or alternative health practitioner – or even your dentist – if you are not improving. Thank you for your feedback!

  8. Sophie

    *Oh and coldness episodes inside chest and coldness generally like I cant warm up. Freezing cold hands and feet often. Feeling like an intense pressure is inside my head. Crawling skin.

  9. Sophie


    Anyone had intense (what feels like heartburn – used all heartburn meds/alternatives to no avail!) but like a gripping, burning pain and it goes to shoulders, down arms, sides of stomach and back? belly burning as well. Like I cant move properly or walk – like I’m an old woman! Lower arms so sore you cant touch them! So bad I’ve been to the doctors 4 times but they seem bemused and throw medication to me I don’t want. Diarrhea but mostly painful constipation. Indigestion so bad I feel like I cant find a comfortable position. Shortness of breath, difficulty catching breath. Its been so so intense and gone on now for over a year. Started with digestion issues, loss of appetite, vomiting daily. Burning tongue (been over two years), burning throat – metallic taste, intense dry mouth/throat, like I cant make sound properly, sound deep! Sore eyes, headaches, blurry vision, intense itching like I’m being bitten all over. Tone sound in ears like a buzzing or high pitched sound. Weak nails and hair. Biting nails – old habit resurfacing. Sore rash on arm, sore spots and boils. Stomach pang pains that go quickly. Sore gums and teeth.

    Burn, burn, burn at the moment! hot flashes, shakes, dizziness, feeling like I’m on a boat. Absolutely no relation to family and all friends falling away. Fed up of living in a town – want out to nature and peace! Anger, sadness, irritability phases. Panic attacks on any transport or busy places with intense fear and anxiety and sweating palms like I’m going to die or pass out. Dark, intense dreams. Lack of interest in everything at times. Absolute intolerance to the majority of 3rd dimension world. Desire to ‘go home’?! Intense tiredness, staying awake later and later until 5 or 6am and sleeping until 1, 2 or 3pm. Looking at clock and it says 1:11 or 3:33 etc. Crying episodes, even more sensitive to anything fake – lighting, shopping centers, fake people etc. Even more sensitive (and I am very sensitive) to animal or human cruelty. Episodes of realizing we are all connected. Also like Im battling with the ego, to finally let it go so I can hear my heart/spirit. Racing head, racing thoughts that wont shut up. Night sweats. Hot, hot flashes like I want to jump into water or ‘get out’. Stopped eating meat, fish, cut down on diary and processed foods. Mostly eating lighter foods. More desire to be healthier. More need for water. But then craving for crisps and chocolate at random times and cake!! Craving for nature. Don’t want to travel on a plane – like I want to be grounded?! Cant stand groups of people, spent much more time alone or just with my partner – enjoying this! Big sensitivity to noise – like I’m going to crumble if it doesn’t quieten down!! Brain fog – cant concentrate, cant read as much (use to all the time), craving to feed spiritual knowledge and truth and want to find inner guide more.

    Also had people break up what I thought were deep connections, only realizing they were there to disrupt my path of ascension – as if the test was too see if I would keep going and not let it overwhelm me.

    Big changes in spiritual practice and connection. Change in how I help others – protect my own energy more. Desire to be more and more true to myself (very protective of my energy fields).

    Disrupting electrical equipment – bulbs blowing, sockets blowing, radio disruption etc.

    I could go on……

  10. Thank you, Hillary Harris, for this magnificent and very useful webpage, with your podcast!
    First of all, what you mentioned about curry cutting methane emissions by 40% was interesting; I did some extremely boring Ph.D. research on methane emissions when I was at Portland State University, it’s nice to know that this work had some use .
    Now on to the really important stuff.
    While I only have a few of the Ascension symptoms, you have helped convince me that Ascension is real, although clearly it is only starting! I feel we should not have to age. I am 40 now and don’t wish to see my body slowly start to decay. Yet, training and exercising the way I like, with the same routine, on and on indefinitely seems spiritually absurd. The right way forward must be to watch one’s body begin to transmute, perhaps with activation of some paranormal powers, leading eventually to its transformation into a body of light-energy. If all goes well, it is going to be quite a show! I kind of disagree with your statement that a mass Ascension like (hopefully) this has never happened in the history of the universe(s), but it sure is quite unprecedented in this parcel of reality we live in, and I suppose many ETs have already “bought their tickets” to watch the show “from the first rows”.
    All best,

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Conrado ~

      Thank you for your comments. Know that your instinct about not having to age is indeed one purpose of our moving into Higher Human Divine Essence as aging is part of our old belief system and thus the upshift of our bodies and DNA to a crystalline structure will allow us to attain a state of existence that is light body indeed. However we will also have a choice about our physical selves – more on this another time.

      Also, regarding the term Ascension itself – know that as our bodies change in their very make-up, the most important shift – and the one proving to be the trickiest – is the shift from being in and acting from our Heads to our Hearts. While our bodies are being activated on their own, this particular shift – which is proving to the keystone of the process of Ascension – holds the most challenge for our human part as we have choice here and can keep pulling from what ‘we know’ versus simply allowing what our intuition or Heart guides us toward. It is truly a new way of being and the key is Trust. Most do not trust or have great difficulty with this – either trusting others or their own Heart or Knowing.

      The Ascension process consists of the move from our ego-minds into a full acting and being in our High Hearts and Divine Essence – or Soul Selves. We no longer are leaving our bodies to express this state – we are doing so while still in physical form as that form also lightens in nature. So exciting! It may not appear that all are on the path – but we are – just not all conscious or choosing from the place of Love versus Fear – and that is not good or bad, better or worse. It is just what it looks like when massive evolution is taking place at an accelerated rate and we have the privilege of both participation and observation!

      Blessings in Heart Fire and Flow and do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

      • Denise Gibbs

        I have or am enduring about 80% of the listed symptoms, am I actively dying? I don’t fully understand ascension. Could you please suggest a few good reads either online or books that could enhance my knowledge base. I am extremely confused.


        • Hillary Harris

          Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Denise ~

          Have you listened to the podcasts here – all will be helpful in explaining both what this process is and what you are experiencing. And if you like, I invite you to attend the Webinar Events and Live Q&As I will now be doing monthly on a topic and ‘symptom’s’ people are experiencing. The first event will be Thursday, April 27th. See the Events tab and subsequent detail page for information and registration instructions.

          And trust that you are exactly where you need to be – all is well.

  11. fahad

    Hello Hillary,

    Thank you for this website an what your offering cause it really helps.

    For me my whole life I was going on ups in downs but now I reached a point where there is no going back to the older vibration frequencies.

    For the last 7 months of been going through lots of symptoms after 3 therapy shock sessions. Now I do feel the energy going through my body and also high tense of vibration in all of my shakras specially the crown an Pinal gland ones.
    My main issues that am really suffering from physical pain in my knees an elbows that has no explanation what so ever from 6 months or more an it’s been really increasing so intensive lately that am unable to sleep. Also skin issues started 3 months ago an it’s intensevally increasing in my chest an neck areas. Eyes pain like it’s on fire.

    Am living far away from home different country now an haven’t seen my family for over 16 months now also I quit working for the same period of time an got divorced.
    I have no friends or contacts since 7 moths also haven’t interacted with anyone since that time as I don’t really feel comfortable anymore talking to people or even be around them. Weird crazy things is happening to me that I cant explain epically my dreams an out of body experiences. An as u said lots of things has changed. Am still having a hard time to know which inside voice is the ego an which is the intuition. An what the hell is my purpose in this life.

    I would appreciate if you could share some advices that my help.

    Thank you again

  12. Hi Hillary

    I read, with great interest, your wonderful website. I have been through much of the transformations that you have defined here, and I recently gave up a long career in non profit management to open a new business ‘FLOWER ESSENCES WORK!’ – – Flower Essences offer so many wonderful attributes that can help those struggling with the impacts of the 5D change reach higher ground more gracefully. I would love to be in touch with you and to offer you and others who view your site an intuitively guided complimentary* session (*until the end of November, 2015), complete with a custom Flower Essence Blend. Please let me know ho I might be able to communicate this offer to your constituents – – we are on this amazing journey together.

    Thank you for your wisdom!

    In gratitude and peace,


    see my website for contact information or email me.

    • Dear Diana, what a beautiful message you left here !

      I would love to know more about the flower essences, I have used these – albeit sporadically – over the past 10 years but just now, I feel this urge and guidance to step further into this understanding and I really think it could help me hugely.

      I too am drawn to the wonderful work Hillary is doing here and I have shared many of the experiences, transformations and shifts alongside yourself and others.

      I send Hillary and yourself and ALL connecting ** much love & l i g h t always .. Cathy ~

  13. Elizabeth Henderson

    Hi Hillary,

    I have been feeling nauseated (with a borderline migraine) every day now for the past week or so. Sometimes I get dizzy too. It is allergy season but I can still breathe through my nose without the help of medicine :) I want to exercise but I can’t because the pounding of my head (and the nausea) increases when I do that. Is this related to ascension symptoms? Thanks!

  14. Luckie

    Hello Hillary,
    I just came across your site today and first I would like to asay I appreciate all of the information and the space that has been provided here. I have been seeking alot of info lately concernimg ascension. I have experinced quite few of these symptoms and I actually notice alot of the in others. I would like to know if there is a more effective way of meditation. I find when i meditate i am unable to clear mh mind or slow the thoughts down. My dreams are very odd and I have the most annoying headaches. They are not a severe pain but more of an actual ache. And at the same time thru all of these symptoms I find that my level of joy and happieness even for the smallest things like jumping in the bed is almost overwhelming. I feel like I’m on the right track and mot sure what to do next.
    Love and Light

  15. NB

    I ended up quitting my job few days ago.

  16. NB

    Hi Hillary,
    great website. very helpful. I found it this year, and has helped me a lot with my awakening symptoms. I have a question for you and will appreciate any inputs from you Hillary. Do I have to quit my job in order for me to enter the 5th dimension or not? I am under the impression that one should lose everything, in order to enter the 5D reality. So the last few days I have felt that I don’t resonate anymore with my job, the people that I work with and the work environment as a whole. it feels like something has expired . so I don’t know what should I do, I gave my boss my 2 weeks notice few days ago and the same day I changed my mind again and took it back and told him hold off, but still I have not decided what do to. stay or quit. any thoughts or advise.. thank you so much. :)

    • Beatriz

      You don’t have to quit your job to enter 5d. You are already in 5d. Don’t force change. Hesitation means that some part of you is not ready and you still have something to learn or do. When you are ready there will be no doubt. It will be as natural as breathing. Painless.

      I felt that way when I first got activated. I felt so over it, then I felt out of place. I looked within and found that I am to use my job to train for the next step in my life and and to anchor and shine the light. It’s not easy but has my job so much easier.

      Relax, be loving to yourself. :)

  17. Jaana

    And also, it started getting worse when I started letting go, just practising accepting/allowing. Is this actually good thing or just making me worse?

  18. Jaana

    Hi everybody,
    could someone see/feel are these symptoms ascension symptoms or somekind serious illness?I have numb spots on my face (around lips mostly) and my sinuses feels irritated, i feel cold and hot sensations on them. This started, strangely, when I started pray and meditate more. And loving myself/not escaping or resisting my life. I think I had ascension thing happening 4 years ago, when my whole body `burned` from inside. Hard to explain, but I felt like my every cell was in great burning pain and there was also pressure in my head. It continued for 3 months and everyday I had these seizures of burning pain, I literally thought I will die. After that was some episode of backproblems and shoulderpains but maybe its just because of hypermobile joints.
    After that there have been strange symptoms now and then, but what they mean? Are they sign of serious illness like Ms, Lyme or is this just my Mcs (I have some chem sensitivity and emf sensitivity too)?
    It would be so good to know if this is ascension transition, because I would then have more strenght to handle this. And also, how can I help myself/feel better in this process? I thought praying and meditating would help, but it just getting worse and its depressing me. Help needed.

  19. JOSI

    I had my first out of body experience at age 20. When I reconnected with my body, I went to my aunts room where I had “been” several minutes before, and told her what book she was reading because I had seen it when I visited her room minutes before. She was shocked because she had just started that book 30 minutes before I entered. Lately I see things with such clarity. I often feel like I don’t even speak the same language as others. People often tell me, “you are on a totally different level than me”, I find small talk irritating, and have started seeking out people who go on a deeper level. I work 2 jobs, both helping people , one at a drop in center for people with severe mental illness and the other working on our State Wide Crisis Line. I have to make my self take days off to subdue the extreme desire to help others find skills that can center themselves. I have experienced a deep pressure on my spine and neck, sometimes it feels like my body is caving in on its self. I have no desire to eat, my sleep patterns are all over. I recently have had times where I feel such a strong connection with animals, I swear I can hear what they are thinking. I have also recently experienced a super natural force that propells me into a strangers life, like a quick visual image of what trials they are experiencing, sometimes it is accompanied by hearing them sobbing before hand, even though they are just walking by. One time I was going up a escalator and as a woman coming down the other side, I heard her crying and screaming, when I looked at her, our eyes met, and a science of her crouched my a fridgerator covering her body as a man hit her flashed before my eyes. I was so frightened, I got off and got back on to go down. I chased her down and asked her if she was okay and who was hurting her. After she denied that anyone was hurting her, I told her of my vision. Her face went pale she said “who told you?” She took off so fast, I lost her in the crowd. It freaked me out as well. As far as heightened senses, hearing ringing and clear and loud voices out of no where are common occurrences for me. I can’t be in heavily populated places to long because I pick up every sound, that I hear like they each have their own speaker. These are just some of my experiences, there are many more, and many more to come, I suspect. Thank you for creating this site. I thought I was going mad, I even went on 6 different medications to “control” these symptoms. Over the last 2 years I have weaned my self off of 5/6 of them, and have learned to embrace this experience.

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Josi ~

      You are indeed expanding and awakening to your highest abilities. Embracing the experience and being kind and gentle with yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself – as well as reaching out and connecting with others who can understand and who are on a similar journey – as you have done here. This is indeed exactly why I created this site – as well as to share information to ease the way. Thank you for sharing your story. You are not going mad nor are you alone. Welcome. Trust yourself and what your body, mind, spirit and Heart need in the moment. Your evolving Higher Human and Divine Essence will guide you well.


      ~ Hillary

  20. Elly

    Well, I thought I could do this Great Shift on my own, being the stubborn independent person that I am… or was… what a ride we’re on! But I am happily comforted when I read all this input from others sharing similar experiences. I guess that empty/ all-alone feeling is one of my bigger challenges, even though my support group has shifted greatly to help.

    One of my symptoms is to be relentlessly repetitive. I will watch the same movies or listen to the same songs over and over. And over. And over. I’m not really interested in new input at this time, I suppose. The repetition is easily engaging and comforting. Resting is not something that previously came naturally to me and I suppose this is one way of cutting myself a break so new things can in the background.

  21. Scotia

    Delighted to have found this site. I have been on the ascension path for many years now since 1987. There have been times of great intensity of symptoms, most of which have been mentioned on this site and times of ease. in 2004 I had what seems to be a blow out of the heart chakra when my normal heart beat of 64 beats a minute increased to 160 beats a minute. I thought I was having a heart attack and was put in hospital. The doctors tried to give me beta blockers to slow down my heart but they made me feel very ill. I took a lot of magnesium over the coming months and my heart slowed down. I did feel as though at night time I was leaving my body and would wake up in a panic. I don’t know if it was the magnesium that raised my kundalini to such an extent but I had a profound spiritual experience that year. I was walking my dogs on the beach and suddenly I felt myself dissolve into pure spirit and I felt as though everything was a part of me- the rocks, the sand , the people passing by. The connection to everything was immense. After this experience I felt profound bliss for over 6 months. I felt I was capable of giving so much love. Roll on a few years to 2011 I sense there has been a huge shift and with it has come greater intensity for both my daughter and I. She is more affected than me which is just as well as otherwise nothing would get done. We are very effected by the new moons, full moons, solar flares, equinoxes and solstices. Being outside helps, swimming in the sea ( weather permitting) , eating far more dense foods, having a sauna and keeping still. Have any of you found that your diet has changed? We used to eat so much fruit and vegetables. Since 2011 we are unable to eat much light food as if we do the nausea and the ability to function on any level is severely compromised. There is a need to eat protein along with fats to stay grounded. If we juice like we did in the past we both feel terribly ungrounded and drunk like. I would like to add I am trained in nutritional healing and yet if I follow a detox diet like I used to I can hardly stand up.Just this past week I feel as though the hearing in my right ear is changing. I am so glad I have discovered this site. It is a gem to be able to connect with others. Thank you Hilary.

    • Elly

      I gave my juicer away completely! it’s all about denser foods like bacon cheeseburgers now :)

  22. Afton

    Dear Hillary,
    I found this site when i typed in “Ascension symptoms”. I read many of your responses and found them to be very supportive. I have experienced many of the symptoms that are mentioned here and it’s reassuring to know what is really going on. This past week I have been experiencing new symptoms that are baffling me. I’m used to feeling energy moving in and around my head but lately this has been accompanied by itchy bumps appearing all over my head. I initially thought they were bug bites but as soon as one set disappears, new ones reappear elsewhere on my head. When I breathe through the sensations of burning and itching and feel all the feelings that arise I sometimes hear tones in my ear and my head feels as if it’s on fire and being squeezed in a vice. Do you have any input about any of this? Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Afton

  23. Ann

    I just found your site when I looked for ‘ascension symptoms’ on-line. I am having many of the same symptoms of those that wrote in and all your comments have been a huge help. I did not read anything about lower back pain which is my biggest (and most recent) physical problem. The debilitating pain and lack of mobility are leading to great sadness and lack of motivation for a historically active, positive and productive woman. I can’t even connect with the right type of doctor (or they are not available for a month) to consult about my physical problem!

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Ann ~

      Lower back pain is indeed on the list and a common symptom. I talk about it many times on my radio show as well. The spine is a huge part of this
      process and the activation of the Kundalini energy. That symptom will come and go. There are other aspects that can be contributing to that kind
      of pain as well. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in an individual reading about what this may be about for your particular

      Be well!

    • Elly

      Hi Ann, I have done the lower back pain thing, too. It is sporadic and presents itself quite glaringly when I wake up some mornings, even before I move to get out of bed. Maybe a Kundalini thing?? I went to the doc for a full workup, and all I got was that I was a little low on Vitamin D. Some quiet, gently, instinctively guided yoga/ dancing around/ stretching at home seems to help for me. Cheers :)

  24. Max

    Dear Hillary

    You are the first person I’ve explained what I”m going through who fully understands the process. My siblings are understanding but when I used the word ascension they where cynical as they associate it with going up to heaven; so I had to simply say my energy system was changing to stop them from’ rolling they eyes in their heads’. So a large heart felt thank you for your words of reassurance.

    Bless you

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Max ~ This process of Ascension is referred to as ‘dying while we are alive’ – or as I like to say – we are taking everything with us – body, mind, spirit and our ‘stuff’ – including the kitchen sink if that is meant to be! However, for many, we must let go of that in order to lighten the load and be freed up to move on. :)

  25. Max

    Dear Hillary
    I’ve experienced many of the symptoms mentioned but have bellowed out strange sounds like a jet engine, my earring has been muffled on my right side for 2 years and the pressure is changing in it and sometimes I can hear better out of it. I have been praying, meditating and saying affirmations to help me through these changes but began seeing shapes over the last 3 months when I close my eyes. They were 3 D Shapes ( I researched and realised I was seeing platonic solids). For about 6 weeks it was a pyramid filled with blue light, then dodechadron filled with white light with me sitting in it, then icosahedron for a couple of weeks and over the last week a merkerba shape with me sitting in a blue upright triangle and white downward pointing one. During this time I suddenly left a secure job to work part time and to refocus on writing again on spiritual things that pop into my mind from Sept once my head feels more normal; i have not written anything for 4 years the full time job got in the way and just conforming. Plus a 4 year relationship ended abruptly. He just abandoned the relationship and moved to a different part of the country! I really did not see that coming. Why all these shapes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Either way bless you! This spiritual journey can be so lonely and its nice to know there are others out there being challenged to just go with the flow.
    Thanks again

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Maxine ~

      Our bodies are being upshifted and expanded just as our spirituals selves are. You and all of your different aspects – etheric, auric, pain, etc. bodies are being attuned and merging into your Light Body. You are becoming your Solar Essence and moving out of your density and head-based understanding of the old 3D world into a new language of Light and Frequency of the Heart-centric kind beyond a thinking space or need for the Egoic comprehension. The higher dimensions work in this light, color and spatial reality that is beyond just 3 or 4D ‘understanding’. This is the time to go with your feelings and they can be along the entire spectrum – fully Human as we also embrace this new experience of our Divine Selves. This is the ‘Both And’ of the Ascension process.

      The sudden and continuous losses are also part and parcel of this journey. I have had many significant ones myself just in the past few months – my home of 10 years (I am on my way to a new home in a new state), my father has just transitioned, everything about my world has shifted as I continue in my void space and travel the path to what is now unfolding as the new. It can be difficult and overwhelming – until we learn to uproot from the holding on we have done to what no longer serves us and what has weighed us down. I now literally am and feel free to go anywhere and do anything – and what I am called to be doing next when that space opens up. But first we must all learn to let go with grace and ease of all that we have been grasping believing that this is what has made us ‘Who’ we are or what has defined us in our lives, what has given us our identities or sense of self.

      I said in a recent post that To live in this new Love-centric vibrational space, it is essential to lose what feels like ‘the World’ to receive your Sun, Moon and Stars! This is Truth. We must let go and often of more than we might want to or feel is ‘fair’ or even okay with our ego-selves so that we can truly step purely, freshly onto our pristine higher ground leaving behind any trace of what has held us back from the ‘matrix’ perspective. That no longer serves our new world and higher consciousness. We cannot build, create or manifest a truly new world on a foundation that carries even the tiniest hint of a past that is tainted with limitation.

      So here we are – sometimes blind-sided. And the hits may feel like they keep on coming right now. The energies are only intensifying with each new Full and New Moon and each retrograde, Solstice, Solar Flare or other planetary event. This is the way at this time. So we must just keep stepping, keep breathing, keep reaching out and keep trusting that we are held in Divine Sacredness each day and we are indeed being guided and watched over – whether it be by our Guides, Angels, Spirit or other Guardians, our Dragons or our own Higher Selves or Over Souls. We are not alone. You are not alone. We are here for each other – even when it may feel like the opposite.

      Blessings in Heart Fire and Flow to you ~


  26. Kelley

    Hi Hillary-

    I’m really not used to this new territory. Where I am in my ascension is the feeling of nothingness or emptiness. I don’t really feel much at all. I try to fill up my day by going to the coffee shop and reading things on the internet, but it doesn’t fill the hole. All that seems to make me feel better is to do nothing, to relax, to not think, and to not want anything other than the moment. But it’s scary. I don’t understand this territory. The thinking mind has basically taken a back seat and it’s not running my life anymore, but at the same time, neither is my soul. It’s like an in-between place and it’s very uncomfortable. I guess I prefer it to the panic attacks, the crying and the suicidal thoughts, but it still feels off.

    Thank you.

  27. Susie

    Hello fellow travelers,

    I’m in two different worlds. Waking up to who I really am, loving every bit of myself, forgiving the past and realizing that life is easy and supportive. Shifting consciousness feels so “natural”. This has come about in the past three – four weeks. Nothing short of a miracle. I’ve learned so much about myself.

    My physical health continues to decline. I send love to my body and tell it how much I love and appreciate it. I realize thru my shifting consciousness how my emotions have battered my body. So, anybody truly physically ill and not feeling better nor noticing improvement?

    I have neuropathy and circulation symptoms in my legs/feet. I always thought this was ascension related and would improve with my higher vibration.

    Alittle bit of hope would be nice!

  28. Bonnie

    A symptom I’ve been experiencing for 1 and a half years is chills. I have not noticed anyone else reporting them. I went to all kinds of testing with no answer for over a year for many of the symptoms given. “they” finally decided I probably had chronic fatigue syndrom. Maybe so, but my experience tells me that the process you speak of has been and is happening to me. THANK YOU so much for all the info. It doesn’t make the pain less but it takes the fear out of it all. Onward and upward. Joy, Bonnie

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Bonnie ~

      Yes, chills is another common symptom – right up there with an inability to get warm which is listed and those darn the hot flashes. Your body may feel like it has an inability to get warm or cool for periods of time as new energies come in or as you experience inner changes to your own chemistry, frequencies and biology. The fatigue is also common. These symptoms come and go and I have found do ease as your calibrate to the higher dimensional space. However since everything – ‘out there’, our space and our own inner beings are constantly being upshift and changing in both significant ways and at an accelerated pace, we continue to feel the pressure and the symptoms and the moments of ease or shorter.

      Keep breathing, remain in the Now Moment, find some good Flower Essences and do your best to remain in your Heart. Simple but not easy.

      In Heart Fire and Flow as always,


  29. Joy

    Hi, I am thankful to finally understand what’s going on. I have been going thru a lot of things since a child, never accepting the rules of this world and not feeling connected to anything really. The last 2 years it has gotten much worse, with the emotional part. The last year has been unbearable physically. The only people I talk to are my children… they get what’s going on. Recently, I have found that I can see thru my hands at times, and my vision in general is different. Most of the time it’s blurry, like static. I also lose hearing. My intuition has become the catalyst of my thoughts, and I feel like I’ve finally let go of my personal pain, fear. I can access an understanding. Physically, I seem to feel better when I exchange energy with my partner, which has been shown to me to be my “twin”. Had never heard of it before, but I have to trust what is shown. I feel like it’s getting better, and I am excited by the gut feeling that everything is ok. Love to all, and thank you for being a part of this too!

  30. Gill

    I just want to say a huge thank you..

  31. Kelley

    Hi Hillary,

    I don’t expect a reply, I just felt like telling someone how hard this is becoming.

    I don’t feel the same connection with any of my environment anymore. It feels like I’m breaking away and disconnecting from everyone and everything, which is terrifying because I don’t have any money, resources, or support system. I don’t know what I would do if I lost this apartment or the little money I have. I’m very worried about myself and am having trouble relaxing and letting go.

    I know this is the new energy coming in, shaking everything up, but it’s little comfort when I see everything falling apart.

    Thank you for your website. I wonder how you’re doing. You don’t seem to respond here anymore, but I totally understand if you’re going through a transition yourself. You’ve done so much for me already, so you owe me nothing. I just hope things aren’t too hard for you as they are for me.

  32. Debby

    Hi, I would like to know how you know the difference between ascension and something you should be concerned about? I have been having terrible migraines the past few months and it does run in the family. Saw the neurologist who put me on a preventative med. I am still feeling so many of the above symptoms and still having the headaches. I meditate and exercise. I do not like the way I feel on the meds either. Do the meds interfere with ascension?

  33. KDC

    So I have pretty much every symptom/sign up there. My financial, family and home environment seems pretty stable, although a lot of stuff around eldest washing out of freshman year. I am not, I lose my balance fequently, I put my hand out to lean or grasp something and just miss it, mostly managing not to fall, because of a strong feeling that another head injury will be catastrophic.

    I’ve had depression, anxiety, blood clots in my lungs, PTSD, PMDD, asthma, pneumonia twice, thyroid issues, paranoia, and a ton of other stuff. Those are the big ones, and they feel very much about survival. My doctors say I’ve had 3 lifetimes of catastrophic health issues in 4 years.

    I have not got the energy to do things, and it’s been like that for years now. Always around taking care of sick family, being ill and not really getting over one thing before another hits.

    Last year, I had a concussion, and ever since, I am clumsy, noise sensitve and have all the memory, sense of place, word-finding issues. It took 6 months to recover my exercise program, only to get pneumonia. the same refrain every time. Get some rest. I am so tired of resting, and if all I do for years at a time is rest, then what’s the point?

    A guide has told me ‘be not do’, but I can’t process that into something I can manage.

    I am soooo tired, bone weary, life weary that I don’t want to be here anymore….

    SO WTF. Going through all of this for what? some mysterious thing at the end that seems more like the old Skyfather who art in Heaven stuff than anything rewarding.

    And honestly, I am the only income for my family… can I see to them if I can’t operate in the world?

    So tell me, what’s at the end of this, because honestly, I feel like my health has gone to shit, and that’s the way it is. I was always active and made things happen, and now, I can’t accomplish even a quarter of what I could. The desire is there, the motivation and energy is not.

    Some of the people upthread are talking about this happening for their entire lifetime. (although seriously, 3 lifetimes worth in 4 years, that’s like the Thunderbolt Path of Ascension, isn’t it) If that’s what I have to look forward to, then stop the bus and let me off.

    So tell me what’s at the end? Because people don’t talk about that…..I am still young with a lifetime to go… inability to function in an intolerable world is so not worth doing.

  34. Sarah

    Hi Hillary

    I have been suffering with ascension symptoms for quite a few years and never realized what it was until now. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and I find it very insightful. During my spiritual awakening, my psychic abilities have re-emerged, I have always had the ability but has been dormant for a long time due to life and circumstances. However, I moved countries 6 years ago as I felt I was only existing in the place I grew up I wanted to discover myself and see the world. Prior to this I had been in a long term relationship and have gone through so much pain and suffering..I have been through some very tough times with releasing all the anger, pain, fear and hurt etc.. Over the last 12 months I have had lots of energy clearings in regards to past lives, etheric cord/attachments and I was so amazed how everything has tied in with all the things that have happened in my past and present life..Now, I have come to a point in my life where everything has happened for a reason..the good and the bad I am now becoming the person I am meant to be..I thought I was losing the plot and wondered what on earth was happening to me…And having read all about the ascension process on various websites.. I am not crazy I am me and I am not alone..So I would like to say Thank You! and I am so glad I found your website..

  35. Belle

    Hi Stephanie, just to put your mind at ease nobody gets left behind. You don’t have to try and clear out anything, you don’t have to do anything. Your highest self has chosen the perfect time for you to wake up. All you have to do is love whatever arises and enjoy the ride. If you can’t love what arises love the part of you that says this sucks. I woke up suddenly 2 years ago and at times the experience was very frightening however it got easier as I learnt to surrender to change and to love what arises.

  36. Hi Hillary,

    first of all thank you for this incrdible information and help, I really appreciate it. I wanted to ask you about some insights. I am going literally through hell (majority of these symptoms every day), I can’t do anything for 1,5 year and I kind of gave up on understanding it. Trying to trust the process but it is very hard because of the every day pain. I wanted to ask about one specific pain/symptom. It feels like my body is tortured with electricity (like nerve pain?) and something is squashing me inside out. It really makes me go crazy. It persists almost 24/7 and orthodox medicine have found nothing.

    Thank you,

    Much love,


  37. Hi all. Just recently “woke up”,
    But in a pickle of sorts. Im feeling like I woke up too late. It’s been right at a week since I discovered all this. I’m afraid I won’t ascend because I won’t have enough time to get my vibration high enough from what I’ve read, and tried to learn in a short amount of time. Many of the symptoms I’ve had like others and the fear / emotions are overwhelming. It has me afraid that I won’t be able to connect with my lower self and clear out all the old stuff so to speak. I’m not going to stop trying but still concerned that I’ve missed the boat somehow.
    Thank you all for posting and making me feel a little less alone.

  38. Kelley

    Thank you so much for this website. Lately I feel like I’m going insane. I’m always wanting to talk to my mom. My emotions feel so out of control. I really feel like I’m losing my mind and I have no one to talk to.

    I do so little during the day. I feel like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I think this is my programming telling me this. There’s still so much emotional and mental garbage to unpack and let go. All I do is go to the coffee shop down the street a few times a day. Otherwise I’m at home trying my best to stay calm and at peace, but it’s incredibly hard. I don’t know what the hell is happening to me even though I’ve read the ascension symptoms hundreds of times. Sometimes even they don’t make me feel better.

    I feel like I’m letting go of so much. I miss my family. I don’t want them to die, but I barely talk to them anymore, except my mother. I don’t talk to my brother or sister or father anymore. They just don’t make me feel well at all. And I feel ill in public places sometimes or walking to the coffee shop with the cars running all over the place. It all seems so pointless and meaningless.

    I’ve been told I have depression and I’m currently on anti-psychotic meds and antidepressants, but I don’t feel like they really help, but it’s the only option I have at the moment.

    I’m so tired. I’ve been on this ascension path for at least 10 years now, probably longer. It’s gone up and down. I never used to cry but for the past month or so I’ve been crying almost every day. It feels good sometimes, but other times it feels like I’m going insane, like tonight. I’m sick of these emotions being so out of control. I just want to be normal again and be able to communicate openly with people.

    I’m still so afraid. Some days I’m absolutely terrified.

    Thank you Hillary for all you do and for this website. It’s beautiful.

    I’ll take any advice I can get.

  39. Ez

    Hi everyone, YOU WILL GET A LAUGH AT WHAT IM ABOUT TO SHARE! I did! I have struggling with Ascention symptoms, so I perused this site forgetting I had been on it before. I came across someone with the same name and started reading the post and suddenly realized i posted it! lol lol. I make myself laugh I do! sharp as a tack I am!
    I have a poem I’d like to share (from the depths of all this buiso we are all going through)I hope it brings encouragment to those that need it. And Thankyou Hillary for this site mwah!
    step by step through the mist,
    the desert of many sands,
    stretches to the horizon,
    the silent scream
    echoes from within,
    a thousand stings
    of broken wings
    a sea of gray surrounds me
    far as the eye sees,
    deep as its valleys
    is grief,emptiness and loss
    respite elusive
    like a hunted deer,
    yearning for relief as one thirsts for water,
    to remain in the moment,
    allowing feelings,
    healing flows,
    restoring balance
    stillness returns.
    EJL 27.1.15
    lots of love to you all,
    Ez : ) I’ll prob peruse the site again in awhile and read this poem forgetting I posted it! lol! lol!

  40. Skinner

    I just had to reply to Silas who wrote on January 23, 2015 even though she was probably hoping for a reply from Hillary. Reading your post felt like I was reading about myself. I had been happily married for 17 years when all the emotional symptoms of ascension had gotten out of control, the sadness, losing interest in things I used to love to do, wanting to quit my job and this intense feeling that I just had to leave my husband. I too could “see” that we had accomplished what we were supposed to. He grew up in a close loving family while mine was very dysfunctional. He was and has been so supportive through all of my experiences and I tortured myself everyday thinking that I was this horrible person for just wanting to walk out on him. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling that way. I started meditating and communicating with my guide. I tried to spend as much time with nature as possible, which I’ve always loved anyway, and it really did help immensely. I couldn’t see the way out of that whole I felt like I was in. The first thing I realized I had to do, was to stop trying to understand my feelings because it literally drove me insane. I observed my feelings instead, in my everyday life, whether it was anger, fear, resentment or all of the above and just let it be. My guide kept telling me to have patience, which I’ve never done well with, and then I’d be ok for a week maybe a few days at a time. To cut an already long story, my guide suggested adopting a kitten. Well 2 days later my boss had found a dying kitten and was looking for a rescuer. I remembered my guides’ suggestion and I can honestly say that my little kitten which I’ve now had for 5 months and is in perfect health, saved my marriage, as silly as that may sound. I know now that everything eventually falls into place. I hope this has helped you or maybe others.
    Light & peace to all.

  41. Salif

    I am feeling so many of these symptoms and could not get to the bottom of it. I thought i was under attack, but no matter what I did I felt the same…a constant hum in my body like my heart is beating fast (but rate is completely normal), anxious off and on all the time for no reason, freesing cold and weak when everyone else is hot, burning sensation in the center of my chest and back. Been practicing with my psychic ability for a while, but out of nowhere everything kicked into overdrive and became much easier and more hieghtened, but overwhelming. I wish no harm anymore even to those who harm me, old problems coming to mind all at once with a new understanding of them, no care for time or money (though I need both), even school is meaningless, though I want to continue to expand my psychic awareness inspight of the turmoil its causing and irrational fears and sleeplessness.

  42. matthew

    i have read a lot about ego death and that sounds like what happened to me with this strong release of energy after a homeopathic remedy (a remedy that has an affinity with the base chakra), but i have also been reading about soul loss from the shamanic perspective, and this also sounds like what i am going through.

  43. matthew

    by the way, i also feel affected now by the moon a lot of time. things always seem worse about a week prior to and after the new moon (and sometime the full also). i have read this is common too and that we are closest to our demons, negative feeling etc at this time of month. are others experiencing this with their kundalini awakening also?

  44. matthew

    hi. i am going through kundalini ascension symptoms and it is a relief to read some of the things people have written here.
    am finding it very difficult at the mental/emotional level. feel like i am disappearing.
    initial experiences were blissful, but then i was using homeopathy for a health issue and did not realise energy medicine can exacerbate kundalini energy until things got difficult for me.
    it has been ten months now and i still feel like i am on a different planet. like nothing that is happening is really happening. and feel dead inside a lot of time, or fearful or as if my soul has left my body. also feel homesick for what i can only imagine is the source, (does not feel like a homesickness that relates to any time in my own personal life).
    pressure in head a lot of time too, though it is the emotional stuff that feels most difficult. very ungrounded.
    i’m glad this site is here anyway. and any advice on things people do to help themselves would be appreciated.

  45. Chloe

    The hardest part for me has been the feeling, at times, that I no longer belong here, and that nothing here interests me. I don’t feel motivated to achieve much of anything besides working my part time job, taking care of my kids, some exercise, and attending to the needs of daily life. Things I need seem to now manifest easily when I just remain in the NOW and accept what is happening calmly. I get dreams 1-2 years in advance that sort of foretell the next piece of the path that is coming up. I haven’t had a lot of painful symptoms over the last 7 years, but have had to clear a lot of fear, anxiety, and anger which is mostly gone now and has been for a few years. For a year, I had an intense fear of choking on my food and had trouble swallowing. I think I was clearing some heavy fifth chakra fears surrounding expression. Years ago, and for a few years, I cleared this incredibly dysfunctional lower chakra stuff that was extremely laden with fear and anxiety and imbalanced masculine/feminine. I’ve had to live through and accept a few uncomfortable and frightening life scenarios to get to the other side of it and realize that I was taken care of all along. Finances have drastically improved now. Things seem easier. We manifested a dream job for my husband and it was effortless. My marriage has lightened up and become more joyful. There is a lot of peace and harmony in our household. I look much younger and haven’t aged as fast as others. I have a lot of tingling and euphoric feelings in my head, legs, and, at times, VERY active feet chakras. For a time, it seemed like there was some kind of energetic surgery going on in my brain. These parts of my brain would feel lit up with this tingly energetic activity. There are times when I feel completely immersed in the energy of HOME and can feel heaven on Earth. This does not last though and I can also feel lost, directionless, and abandoned by Spirit at times. That never lasts either. My intuitive ability has significantly increased and I can read others and sense what they are going through or what may be coming down the pike for them. I’ve felt incredibly heavy and exhausted these last couple of days with an intense feeling of being in some barren deserted place that has nothing here for me. My heart chakra has been having this strange feeling of expanding and clearing when I breathe air in.

    What a long, strange trip it’s all been…..hang in there everyone. The key is to accept and not resist what is happening and over the long haul you will look back and see a gorgeous tapestry that is your life.

  46. Holly

    I have been experiencing light headed and dizzy spells quite a lot and my skin has been vibrating! So strange! A number of people have touched me and were shocked at the vibration my skin was giving off, my mom said it feels like a magnet. My boyfriend, not knowing what my mom had experienced the exact same thing when touching me a week before!

  47. Silas

    Just remembered: I think the most scary bit of this process was right at the beginning, when I was trying to sleep at night, and suddenly was hit HARD by the fear of dying… or rather: I had the thought: “OK, this is it – i´m dying now!”, Heart racing, tears running. Scary stuff!!

  48. Silas

    Greetings to all!
    I have been in this process for years, but only recently did I understand how testing it can become. The physical hardships is one thing – that I can help myself through with loving kindness and a lot of patience.
    But now it seems that I have reached a point, where the foundation of my everyday life is sort of cracking up and collapsing. I have been with the same man for almost 20 years now. We have managed to build a Family together, despite problems relating to my rough childhood as the daughter of an alcoholabusing mother. He is the most loving and patient persom I have ever met, and I have a lot of love for him still. Now it feels as if I simply HAVE to leave. It feels “over” – I have “seen”, that we have accomplished what we were meant to do, and now it´s time for me to move on. Not that anything has changed in the outside World or in him – it´s me who is changing.
    I am afraid to trust these feelings, because I have the suspicion that they might surface because I am not well grounded. What else could make me want to leave husband and son for no peticular reason, other than the (very strong) urge to do it – just to move on?? I don´t want to hurt anyone!
    I am feeling stuck. Any advice on this?
    Namaste, light on your paths

  49. Dr. Schavi M. Ali, Ph.D.


    I am a retired university Professor, a Reiki Master, a Gemstone Therapist, an Herbalist, and a Raja Yoga Teacher. I mention all of this because people sometimes think that those of us who are in the metaphysical or energy healing arts are immune to physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Not true! I and my colleagues are experiencing Ascension symptoms too. We have all experienced fatigue, lethargy, nausea,dizziness,palpitations,etc. The difference is that we have spiritual and natural tools that our clients are just learning about now. There are days when I and my colleagues feel extreme tiredness, upset stomachs, headaches, and other symptoms. During these times of profound cosmic occurrences such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, the intensified frequency shift of the planet Earth, and numerous other planetary transformations, we must have faith and draw upon our particular spiritual paths. We are being upgraded in our DNA, and literally experiencing the “labor” of “‘re-birth”. Each of us moves into the “birthing room” at different times, but we will all celebrate our crystalline beings of LIGHT. I wish everyone going through “labor” a calm, joyful, process. We are all greatly loved and supported by the Infinite Presence. It DOES get better.

    NAMASTE, Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    • Hillary Harris

      Thank you, Dr. Ali, for your wisdom shared here. And I would add that it is very helpful to cease from asking when it will be over. Re-birth and this process takes as long as it takes and no one can answer this question for an individual or for the collective as we upshift. We have changed course, stopped and stalled and restarted so many times as we awaken one by one and together and the field adjusts accordingly. Simply allow, embrace, be curious and do your best to be gentle with yourself – and find whatever form of support feels best.

      • Bella

        I too have had most of, or if not all of the mentioned acsention symptoms. I have read so much about enlightenment and spirituality in the last two years, I must say it’s overwhelming at times. I agree with all of it, and i take in what rings true to me. I understand from within that we all are becoming aware of the truth, and have known since a child that I was evolving, but was alone in my awareness. There is much to learn, and I am very grateful to find this site. My struggle now is that I am grieving heavily, my spouse and my mom passed away almost 2 years ago. Many of the symptoms mentioned I feel are also a part of my severe depression and sorrow. I am not trying to complain more than anyone else, life is difficult and we all have our own struggles and pain. I see it now in others more than I ever have before. I empathize and see people differently, it’s in their eyes and I feel their energy. I know now that their passing is what lead me to search for a deeper meaning, and in some ways search to connect with them again. I guess my question is, how…can I possibly climb out of the darkness and get through this whole process? I struggle daily for answers, I pray, meditate, Reiki, pray some more, take walks, read the bible, journal, counsellors, hypnosis therapy etc..and no one truly understands.
        I am exhausted all the time, my friends are not on the same path and find it difficult to stay focused when all of this is going on. I guess I’m struggling with how to stay on track, and maybe you could enlighten me :)
        God bless

  50. Steve

    Hi to All and I am so glad a friend guided me to this website because I have been feeling these things over the last year.Now I can understand whats going on great to be able to relate with others who are being enlightened also, Yahweh bless us all.

  51. worm

    Uhm, was there something up with that planetary alignment thing we just had on jan 4th? Because me and my sister went outside during it and stood barefoot on the dirt with our two cats, and ever since we’ve both been extremely exhausted and depressed, and I’m sick with head cold. Also I’m now feeling this huge pull towards somebody that wasn’t as strong as before, and I mean a whole lot stronger.

    • Hillary Harris

      Yes, indeed, Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Worm, what you felt was another new wave of energy and activations as the New Year roared in – and the reverberations are still being felt! When the planets align or shift in configuration, a New Moon occurs, we move through another ‘portal’ opening, the sun gives off a CME and we experience another upshift, you are going to feel it. With the beginning of 2015, a whole new group of souls began their awakening process – and this sends a ripple into the Collective field. The veils between us are all gone now, so as more and new beings awaken, you will feel new connections being made.

      • worm

        Thank you Hillary, this is excellent news! :)

  52. I’ve felt many of the same symptoms as the others such as dizziness, loss of a sense of time, time going too fast and I can’t keep up with all of my activities, and short term memory losses, and fatigue. But the one symptom which bothers me the most and which I don’t know how to handle is digestive disturbances. No matter what I eat — protein, carbs, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc., I get an upset stomach. If I quit eating, would I die? Sometimes I feel like not eating at all!

  53. I haven’t had the energy to read all you have presented here, but I’ve been reading about these crazy symptoms I’m experiencing for a long time and have let go the fear (most of the time) that I have really lost it and get ready for departure. And through my long, in-depth spiritual plunge, to appreciate that I have the courage to be on the front line of the New Wayfarers and Light Bringers as we help point the way to the New Land. Thank you.

  54. Marita


    I have to say I’ve been searching and doing a lot of research to try and figure out what might be going on with my body lately and I literally have a LOT of these symptoms of what seems like “ascension”. I don’t really understand or get what ascension is? I’m fairly new and young to all of this. I am 24 years old and all of this just started happening to me within the last year and a half. I feel like I was woken up out of the Matrix! haha. I want to mention that I am Christian and my belief lies with God my creator and Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I felt a pull to Christ and he is someone I want and need in my life. What helps me stay strong is knowing Jesus is always with me and helping me but I find myself getting attacked a lot. I understand this is what happens as a Christian especially while I advance or do his Will in my life and I am constantly relying on God’s strength inside of me and focusing on the light but I am attacked by darkness a lot. I get mental attacks a lot and anxiety comes at me. I get bombarded with dark thoughts that are not my thoughts and I know that. I command those thoughts away from me in Jesus’s name. When this happens I pray and turn to Jesus and his army of angels but I guess my question is what exactly is this process all about? I know I’m talking about a couple things but in terms of the ascension what is it and why is it happening? This is all so new to me and I don’t understand why my body is shifting and changing so rapidly? I seem to have these gifts or abilities of light that I experience but I don’t really know what to make of all this…I am a Christian and love God but feel like other Christians might not know the type of experience I am having since I believe I have these other gifts or God given abilities and I’m going through a change or process…I’ve done reiki and am trained in Reiki 1 and try to do self reiki on myself when I can so I know about chakras and so forth. During this process now I get very overheated sometimes like I’m on fire especially in my chakra areas (in general not during reiki treatments). It’s just intense not like a fear thing or bad thing just uncomfortable. I get very irritable for no reason what so ever and I don’t get it. I get bouts of restlessness and then pockets of anxiety. I feel like my energy is trapped at times and get twitchy. I have a lack of focus and an sometimes lathargetic and literally feel so out of it. In crowded places it seems too much for me and that everyone’s energy is overwhelming. I get blurred vision when I’m around too many people like I’m getting dizzy and then I get confused. I feel very tired and exhausted easily like I want to sleep all the time. Then I have other symptoms mentions above. I want to know if all these things are related to the ascension process and what should I do about it to make it easier for me? Is this normal? Am I being worked on spiritually? I know it’s probably different for everyone. I’m trying to figure out my true purpose with these gifts and abilities…I’m not sure what my next step is…I’m trusting God to really guide me. Any advice I’d really appreciate it. God Bless!

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Marita ~

      I can recommend you peruse this site as there are all sorts of resources about this process we are in that will provide information and explanation
      for you. I can say that all that you describe does indeed sound like you are fully in the Ascension process. I always recommend seeking out a doctor or alternative practitioner if you have any concerns or issues that need attention – as sometimes we all need a little help. Just know that what you are experiencing is common to this upshifting – as your body is literally changing in its makeup – and you are not alone! If you listen to the podcasts I have provided on the site, you will find plenty of guidance and information there as well.

      Blessings in Heart Fire and Flow!

      • Marita

        Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it! God Bless!

  55. Alia

    I’ve been doing much better than before, and I’ve been doing some past life releasing lately. I go through periods of intense high and then a lot of anxiety. Especially since I started chakra clearing.
    I lost my father last year, which means now both parents are gone. I’m 36 and at first I was in a void, now I think of my parents as companion souls who had to leave. It’s very unnerving at times. But music helps me tremendously, as does exercise, working with crystals. Grounding is really important. I’m grateful for the good souls in my life. While the rest of my earthly family is falling apart. Thank you all you lightworkers here. x

  56. Caren

    I don’t feel apart of earth anymore or like anyone understands me because trivial ways do not appeal to me. I feel a strong need to protect my family as well as share what I can but I don’t know how to go about doing so. What is the real purpose of ascension and what is it’s history. I believe there is a reason but need to know my connection…

  57. Shari

    Hi Hillary, I recently came across your website and podcasts. Your insight and information you are providing has been very appreciated. Presently, I am experiencing many of the ascension symptoms listed above. They have been very intense since this past September 2014. Almost umbarable. Fortunately, they subside for a while. Meditation, grounding and staying connected to my spirituality brings calmness and peace for short periods of time. I am doing my best to stay positive that these symptoms will eventually subside for longer periods of time, leading to a permanent state of peace and good health.

  58. Kelley

    I’m sorry to write again so soon and thank you so much for your reply. I’m very confused. I feel better lately emotionally and have been resting in a space of not doing, just being, but it’s very confusing for me. I feel like my whole reality as it is is just drying up. Like I’ve reached the full capacity of this level of vibration and it’s time to move on. But at this time I don’t have the means to. I’m feeling very afraid of this new transition and my ego is mightily resisting letting in the light. I don’t know what could possibly come next for me, but I know this reality isn’t going to last much longer and I’m very panicky. I just want to know where I’m going but I have no idea. Thank you as always and many blessings. Kelley

  59. Ivonne

    For months I have been experiencing visions as I am falling asleep seeing spiders black ink like mist then it suddenly disappears. I even opened my eyes and saw a geometric pattern on thw wall and another time words being scrambled but when I teied to focus ot just vanished. I am not fearful because i dont sense evil but questioning why me. Will eveyone experience this at one point in life. I see every aspect of natire as beautiful npw where I rarely noticed before. Like see blue sky as amazing thanking God for creation. Wanting to listen and help others where before I would seclude.

  60. Kelley

    Hi Hillary. I needed to reach out because I’ve been so panicky and suicidal lately. I never thought that I would ever be suicidal again. I’ve been on this ascension journey for a long time, but the feelings have never been this intense. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know how to relax. My mind is going insane. I feel like I’m losing it all.

    • Raru

      Hello there. I have been feeling suicidal recently too… Not a single time, but several times… It is weird for me, because I have always considered myself cheerful and joyful guy. And those dismal thoughts… But this is the way it is. I became much more introverted, reserved, sort of grumpy (grumpy, heh, because I became so hypersensitive, it is now painful for me just to answer the question “how are you?”. I don’t want to explain to people how i feel, because i suppose that in most of the cases I will hear something like: “come on, Raru. You are cool guy, you’ve got everything you want, just take it easy and don’t be sad, do not think about this stuff…. Be strong”… (and they may be right, in general, but they don’t know me, right?) If they cannot understand me empathically, their advice and words will be nothing ….empty void… But even if the person does not say it and just listens, it will hurt me that the person just DOES NOT GET it, the person does not quite get what is wrong with me, which will be a pain for me…. Hahah, one of guys, who gave me advice, said to me “Raru, you are expressing yourself so abstractedly that I cannot get it. I am more down to earth, lowest creature…” …

      In addition, it became so painful for me just to be near people…. Physically… Generally, I thought I am talkative and open person, but now I am changing)…. This may seem sad, but it will be better in the future, I think… I have mood changes and when it is positive state, I feel elation and happiness, but when the another mood comes, I feel like it is either just bad or indefinite (neither good, nor bad, just so-so with some anxiety)…

  61. Vijay

    Hi it’s me again. Just need to mention that even my services as a volunteer was not successful. It seems like the universe wanted me to be away from all people but stuck with my husband 24/7. Throughout the course of this year I have been experiencing fatigue often wanting to sleep during the day. I have also put on weight , lots around my stomach area, sometimes I look like I am 6 myths pregnant. I hardly eat….went of food…only enjoy tea. I do exercise…but I notice the more I do….more weight I put on.
    Also have been experiencing severe pain on my solar plexus area at night…..last for about ah hour and then subsides. Lots of electric shock in my body and spine…..which I actually enjoy…..knowing that something is happening….what I am worried about is that there is no movement……not knowing what is happening…..I can’t go another year like this……please… anyone else going through this…..
    I also don’t feel like dressing up and going out… a result have been stuck at home for a long time.

    • david

      wow vijay, you sound just like me, i’ve tried everything i can think of to have a life, a career, hope… nothing seems to work anymore. I am at the point of believing my time on this planet is over and its time to move on. I am coming into a little money here soon and am going to buy a boat and sail around the world, i told my ex and my kids i need to do something drastic in this way or do myself, I’ve applied to about 40 jobs in the last 2 months and nothing…i was on my way to an interview the other day when a car ran a light and trashed my the universe screwing with me i guess. I feel your pain

      • Hillary Harris

        Hello Dear David and Vijay ~

        Please know that the Universe is not ‘screwing’ with you at all nor is there anything wrong. You are experiencing a chrysalis phase of this upshift – some have many – and as we go deeper, higher and shed another layer, we all must deal with whatever our ‘demons’ are, so to speak that have been holding us in 3D as we face them to integrate them into our beings.

        Whatever you are resisting, embrace. Whatever is not coming to you, it is because you are needing to be still and just ‘be’ for now. It is a time to go inward rather than keep looking outward for results, for assurance, for signs. Feeling all feelings is key. Letting go is too. It may feel as if your time ‘is up’ or you are ‘done’ or you want to leave the planet. These are all common experiences and symptoms of this upshift to Higher Human Divine Essence. Your Ego may be struggling but your Soul knows what it is doing. However, both are an integral part of the process and cherished aspects of you. Moving into this new being means embracing BOTH parts and allowing for this discomfort. Know that you are on the right path and also know you are not alone. I have experienced all of this and more and you will move through it to another place. However, each layer is a new adventure. Sometimes it is more challenging than we’d like – but if you can relax into it as much as possible, you will find a place of peace inside what occurs as chaos. I assure you, it is creation and it has an intentional purpose. Keep soul’journing on! :)

        • david

          Is there a stopping point for all of the physical symptoms or can we expect a lifetime of fun?… or do we based on our ability to give in and let go determine our exit from the physical symptoms?….

        • Vijay

          Thank you so much for your reply. At least now I know the drama and chaos is part of the process.
          I guess I just have to be patient and I will see the light at the end of the tunnel. David , hang in there , we will get through this. I am hoping the worst is over and that next year will be an amazing year.

  62. Vijay

    Hi my angel
    I hope you can shed some light on my situation. Your website is amazing and comforting knowing that others are going through the same symptoms. I have experienced almost every symptom on your site. I have been going through this for many years now but it seemed to have intensified this year. This year has been the worst where I have lost all my contracts . I did not work only any projects at all. There seems to be some block. I have done every ritual as an Indian as mentioned by my priest but still no luck. My finances are lowest at the present moment. I do not know where to turn now. My husband at the moment is my biggest challenge. He is unemployed and demands and expects the best. He is an alcoholic and really pushes all the buttons, to a point where I feel I am better of dead. He will not leave and makes my life a living hell. Having financial problems and having a nagging husband is a real nightmare, I am excited about the ascension and look forward to the new……but it is taking too long. I am afraid I will end up loosing my house etc if I do not find something quickly. I know spirit takes care of your finances, your life etc when you surrender. Which I have done……but what now….when will this end. I am a professional person with a Phd as well but I find it strange I cannot get the simplest of jobs. I also do healing but that as well seemed to be at a standstill… clients . Please enlight me what is happening. Is this also part of the ascension process. Sorry for the long email.

  63. david

    I have read the symptoms here and have way too many of them… the worst is the complete apathy and loss of flavor for anything i have done before, complete not knowing what i want and when i feel i am supposed to do something, its like eating ash, no flavor, no savoring anything. I have had one thing happen to me i have never read about though, about every two weeks i get a burning at the base of my skull in the back, like one little place there is on fire, nothing able to put it out for about 10 minutes… the first time it happened, it actually woke me up and the after it started, i must have passed out because i woke up about two hours later on the floor. Granted, this only happens every 2 weeks or so now and no where near the intensity of the first time but i would take this over the apathy for life. Any ideas on what this may be?… anyone?

    • kani

      Hi David,

      I’m with you concerning the apathy. I’ve been on this path since 2002, so you could say I’m one of the forerunners, and as the symptoms are by far not as severe as they were a couple of years ago, it is not over yet. It is very hard to come to terms with the fact that nothing seems to interest me anymore. Ok, I love good food and I like to watch certain programmes on TV, but other than that…nothing.
      I have several university degrees and am very creative, yet I haven’t found a job in years now. It feels kinda jinxed. Like the universe does not want me to find work, or maybe it’s the fact I lost passion in the stuff I used to be interested in and that I wanted to work with and that’s why I can’t get anything, despite applying for jobs? I don’t know, but I know for sure that it gets boring now. On the other hand I have noticed a difference in perception again. The colours look sharper now, with more edge and everyting seems more real. I had this in the past, too and it’s nice that it has come back.
      Maybe you are not feeling apathy anymore, considering your comment is 2 years old, but anyway, would be nice to hear from you

  64. Kelley

    Dear Hillary, I’ve been having severe panic attacks and have trouble leaving my house. I don’t feel well emotionally. I reach out to my support network and doctors but they’re getting tired of hearing from me. When I get these panic attacks I can’t breathe. I’ve been on this ascension journey for 10+ years, but it’s never been this severe. I feel like I’m dying. Any help is appreciated. I also don’t feel like I really exist in the world anymore. No one sees me. I’m so frustrated and confused.

  65. Courtney

    Thank you so much Hillary for creating this for all of us. I am an only child, 27 yrs old, and I have always felt extremely lonely and isolated from everyone my entire life. So this long journey has been rough on me especially with no one to talk to.

    It all can deffinately make a person feel all alone in this universe, being so different from the people around you. I don’t even know how many times I have almost allowed myself to crumble under the heavy weight of it all. From having experienced all on the list above and then some, to the over sensitivity from everything and everyone, I have been waiting for a reprieve for a long time. I realize that my own emotional rollercoaster of chaos may never stop. Even the pain and hurt from all directions may keep at me like a battering ram. However, I keep holding on and fighting through it with hope that someday my pain will be made worth it all, by helping others. I am very thankful and grateful that I’ve had enough love and support from my spirit guides and Angel friends to help me stay sane so far. They are so truly amazing, loving, and helpful to me and others.

    I also have experienced the seeing into other dimensions and through the veils for a long time. But I have always known there were beings that were aware of me too and could communicate through to me. But lately since this July I guess, I have most deffinately noticed a huge change in the viel seperating us, so I see more activity and hear more too.
    What will happen though? Will those beings that I have seen suddenly be in with us? I just don’t know if I’m the only one with that concern or not. Does anyone else see stuff through into the other dimensions all the time too.? It is a weird and deffinate distraction sometimes, especially when you’re paying attention to it and starring at other dimensional stuff, but no one around you can see it.

    I have always wanted to reach out and help others like myself so that they didn’t feel all alone like I did growing up. So I have a lot of deep respect for your actions in doing this page Hillary, and caring so deeply about others to respond and help like you have.
    So thank you for myself and everyone else, you are a beautiful beacon of divine light.

  66. Debbie

    I am SO grateful to have found this site. I thought I was going mad! Now I think I will be able to accept the journey. Thank you to Hillary and to all the people who have contributed by writing about their experiences. I’ve realised I’m not alone in what I’m going through, and that is very comforting.

  67. Lesley

    So thankful to find this site, words can’t express my appreciation. It helps so much reading all the things others are experiencing as I have over the past 3 years. My experience keeps ramping up it seems and I often struggle to keep up with it all. Doing my best to stay grounded, meditate, go within and have done alot of work in the past several months to heal old emotional wounds, feel the unpleasant emotions rise and lift away but they do keep arising and many I didn’t know I held keep showing their ugly faces lol! It’s all good though as I’m so thrilled to be on this amazing journey and truly feel like a new person, one who has found truth and love, my heart has expanded even more for myself and others. My journey has been very wild particularly over the past 4 months since I began work to open my pineal gland. Bottom line, it worked and it opened with a bang! Many encounters with spirit entities, most have been good experiences but it all blew my mind for a time and it’s taken awhile to get used to all of this new existence. The biggest difficulty I’ve had has been the feeling of isolation and the fact that my husband is completely freaked out by anything of this nature, he just is not at a point he can comprehend such things and it scares him. I cannot share the most exciting thing in my life with my soul mate. We have both grown so much through our experiences together but this is what aspect I have to keep to myself and that feels so wrong as we share everything else. The isolation and the feeling that I am a different person no longer interested in things I once was, bears hard on me every day and so I find tremendous comfort here, thanks to all and much love to everyone who is on a similar journey, we are indeed bringing heaven to earth step by step, keep the faith always!!

  68. Lunapoet

    I have been on a journey that I had been calling an “awakening”. While doing research I came across this site and began reading the ascension symptoms. I experience most of them and some not listed. I continued to read the comments that followed. A couple of years ago something happened to me that I still can’t explain. Perhaps you can help. I was watching a movie in bed, rolled onto my side and found “my self” in complete darkness and ” out of body”. I could hear the word DEAD being repeated over and over and over again. I don’t think it lasted long but when I came out (eyes open, sitting up) of it I heard my self saying ” that’s a wall, that’s a window, those are your feet, those are your hands” I thought I had died. I was with a friend at the time, and once I told her what I happened I felt like I was having a heart attack. An ambulance was called and I went to the hospital. The whole way there I still felt “disconnected” . And my heart was racing but fine. I’ve had a sense of “death” near by ever since. Ever since this experience I’ve had other very intense things happen.

  69. cj

    I had a terrifying experience in June, 2014.
    After two months of sleeping sporadically, I had what doctors called psychosis.
    My psychosis had delusions and hallucinations, alongside paranoia. It lasted a couple of days until I was relieved through medication. During my psychosis I was stuck in viewing everything in dualities- good or bad, right or wrong etc. But I was aware of what was going on and the thoughts that I was having. The two months of insomnia prior to the psychosis came with physical symptoms. This I tried to relieve through meditation, yoga and acrupuncture. I had intense headaches and ear aches, buzzing in the ears, vivid and lucid dreaming, tremors and burning sensations, sexual feelings, chest pains and towards developing psychosis- overwhelming anxiety. Prior to the psychosis I had 6 hours sleep in 5 days. I’d experienced kundalini two years prior. And prior to this experience I’d been on a silent retreat where I’d slipped into paranoia. I believe my experience was spiritual, especially given my history with mysticism. Any thoughts on whether this was ascension symptoms gone wrong/ too overwhelming for me?

  70. I just found this site and like almost everyone else here, I too have been very confused by this transformation process but was able to come to the place of a deep trust that everything is in divine order. I am “healthy” as a horse and yet all symptoms listed are or were part of my journey. Last year, January 2013 the symptoms got very severe. Especially dizziness, anxiety and heart palpitations, with feeling that I can’t get enough air in were daily present. My Chinese NP is very skilled in pulse reading and supported me in clearing some of the blockages. Most of the symptoms are very mild now as energy is able to flow a little easier. It’s morphing into different things such as the feeling of loss of time, time warps or acceleration in my perception of time as well as thou I gained some knowledge and overall insight into the world around me. I can’t put my finger on it but I can read people often and seem to know the outcome of events (very hard to describe it’s just some kind of insight now). Letting go of the old is sure not always easy and I as well notice that I am moving away from some old relationship and patterns that are not beneficial anymore. Sadly but then also liberating to me my marriage is falling apart, I have been changing so much but it feels so much more honest now, that I can’t bare the dissonance anymore). Overall I feel that I am gaining heightened realization and that some form of process has begun. Often I can’t help but feel empathy for everything and everyone that is suffering, especially Mother Earth. I often have to cry when I hear or see suffering and injustice and the way we treat others and our beautiful planet. It is just now that I begin to understand and that puzzle pieces are finally coming together. I am starting to feel more whole again but I know I still have a long road ahead of me. synchronicity has appeared more often and I do run into seeing double digits often, looking up when my clock is exactly 1:11 or 2:22 or other combinations. Some of the old physical symptoms are starting to disappear but new ones are emerging and lately its twitching on my left cheek and headaches as well as some blurred vision. Qi Gong helps me to ease my headaches but I am getting overheated as well often and at times I wake up feeling freezing cold from insight (I live in Hawaii :) go figure). There are moments of doubts if this is really part of the ascension process and so I go through the motion with continuing to learn and to morph as so to speak. It’s funny ever since I was little the Butterfly had a very special place in my heart, a very early symbol for me. I could go on and on and I apologize for the lengthy writing but it felt so good to be able to get this out in the open and to share with people that are a similar stage in the process.
    Love and light to everyone and a peaceful journey.

  71. Celeste

    Hello everyone!
    I’m new to this.. Most of the symptoms that I have been having are.. Tired, sometimes can’t speak clearly, unable to sleep, the feeling I’m being watched, lightheaded, dizzy, nausea, and a few others…. Can someone please explain to me what is happening to me? What’s going to happen? I’m a bit scared.. But yet peaceful at times… I’m not understanding what the transition is… Please help me.. I feel lost.

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Celeste ~

      Welcome to the site. If you read the postings here and listen to the show at the top of this page and listen to all of my podcasts, your questions will be answered. :)

      Blessings to you and keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration.

  72. Hi Hillary,
    Wow, Goddess Girl, you are doing a great service for many going thru their ascension process. May you be blessed one-thousand fold for your light that you so freely share.
    Since some of us ‘first wavers’ may be approaching the home stretch (finally!!!)
    here’s a symptom I’ve just recently started to experience, and I suspect that others may be also. Yes, it’s congestion as you mention in the physical symptoms, but this comes with HUGE amounts of mucus and a cough. Judging by the boxes of tissues
    I’m going through, it feels like many, many lifetimes of clearing congestion.
    Otherwise I feel great so I don’t think it’s walking pneumonia :o)
    Also, as a pioneer of the new paradigm I am always on the look out
    for information I can share with my awakening community (you are now officially
    on my list!) and I recently discovered Matt Kahn. His information on emotional
    healing is truly ground-breaking. All his talks are available on YouTube.

    Divine blessings and infinite abundance to all!!!!

  73. Hi Hillary.

    The sharing and the work you are doing is truly beautiful so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Among all the emotional, physical, cognitive, social and spiritual symptoms and challenges and demands lies an inner urging in all of us to connect in a heart opening and honest way. To me this is what connects us and makes us whole and authentic. I believe that your web site allows us all to make a deep connection without others and to share our stories without the need to meet at the physical level and this is truly a great example of expanded consciousness.

    I was wondering is it possible to have an encounter with a twin soul at the physical level who will open up the closed heart chakra ?. I had an encounter with a gentleman and the euphoria that was experienced was indescribable, the best way to try and describe it is to say that the joy and bliss was so overwhelming that it was as if my heart was the shinning sun and the connection to all creation was made. This euphoria lasted for days in which I could not function except to feel this love. This gentleman felt it as well and he asked me what I had done to him but I had not done anything that I am aware of!. To me this experience was very real and I feel blessed for having it however the gentleman has denied it and says he can’t remember and it was a thing of nothing. This was hard to hear and really hurt me but now I see that I had identified the feelings of absolute love and joy with him rather than coming from within me.

    After this euphoric state my world fell apart and all that could go wrong did and I struggled to cope and to draw out the strength I needed to keep me balanced and functioning. I look upon this now as being the heart opening that released all the turmoil and pain and grief and loss that lay trapped behind it and it was this that caused the chaos that ensured in my life, a bit like the Tower Card.

    Since this experience I tell people that Divine Spiritual love is real and that when all else in the physical seems to be taken from you the love within remains because this is what is real. This love is our love, our souls and touching it changes everything to the point that we learn to go within to feel it rather than looking for it outside of ourselves. This love can not be taught rather it has to be felt as you have said so many times in your responses to people and for all those searching for their twin flames or twin souls I would say it is firstly within and then it will be presented on the outside.

    Love in abundance to all,


    • Hillary Harris

      Yes, My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Breda ~

      You see the Truth of your experience now. Your heart chakra opening cannot be dependent upon someone or something outside of you – not in the Heart Wisdom Energies. That did indeed through you off balance as that experience took you squarely out of your inner Power. You know this – however there is no need to judge ourselves when we do this – as we are still human and thus we are still learning. The key is awareness so a more empowered choice can be made in the future as you grow.

      When you stop seeking what you desire – true LOVE from someone or something outside of you – and come to KNOW absolutely that all that you need and want lies within you now – as you are the Source of this deep and profound love and must first learn to extend it unconditionally to yourself – you will have no need to have it all ‘fall apart’ or lose it any longer to learn this lesson. You will come to see, feel and know that it already all resides inside of you – when it does not come from outside there is no lack, therefore it can never be lost.

      We are gaining wisdom in accelerated and strong ways in this new dimension. So your ‘partner’ could not see or remember what you did, or feel what you felt, as this was not for him but for you to feel and experience for yourself. He was your teacher in this process – and a huge blessing and gift.

      Thank you for your sharing. So many will benefit.

  74. Stephanie

    Hi, what a strange few months it has been…. Has anyone else been feeling extremely exhausted, dizzy, difficulty sleeping, shoulder/neck pain, and really all over the place, no desire to do anything? Not sure what to eat, I have lost interest in my work, find it very difficult to go out, and feeling like I’m going out of my mind. I feel love and connectedness to the world and want to contribute but feel like I’ve become a recluse! Help! Love xxx

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Stephanie ~

      These are all very common symptoms of this process. Come into your body and do not resist. No need to contribute if you feel the need to rest and be still right now. You are contributing by simply partaking in upshifting your very being to Higher Human Divine Being. All is well. Listening to the podcasts and reading the other comments here can be very helpful.

      Blessings to you!

    • JANICE

      hi Stephanie I too had felt most of the same signs I was shattered , waking up at 3-4 in morning, feeling lost empty , anger one minute then happiness . weird pains that started in stomach area , involuntary movement of muscles pain in my chest back . but as time went on they became less intense. my journey started nov 2015 and to this date Jan 2017

  75. Barbara

    Last night I sat here and asked the Universe to help me figure out what’s going on with me. The past year has been hell. Actually the past 10 yrs. have been very difficult. I don’t feel like I belong here, on this planet. How strange does that sound? I look up at the stars and see HOME.
    For about 6 month out of the past year I could hardly get up of the sofa. I was supposed to be job hunting and I did and even went to some interviews but I know now the Universe was giving me what I needed…or in this case what I did not need…a job. I had terrible pain in my shoulders and could not even lift my arms above my head without pain. I had stabbing pain in my joints and muscles and feet. They said I had fibromyalgia and ostearthritis. I felt extremely depressed and asked the universe to please just let me go home. (wherever that was). I just knew it wasn’t here. I felt so tired! My soul was tired. My body was tired. I did not sleep in months. I felt disconnected from everything. My mind felt foggy and I could not remember what somebody told me a few minutes before. I had stomach issues and severe acid reflux to the point I could not eat without vomiting. Slowly I started to change my diet. I cut out meat, dairy and processed foods. The acid reflux went away after cutting those things out. I still get a tightness in the chest when eating wheat….but that is so much harder to cut out. I’m working on it though. I had many other symptoms. I can’t stand certain smells. They give me a migraine. Both the heat and the cold bother me. If I eat any processed foods now, I pay for it the next day and I regret eating it. It’s like my body is teaching me what to eat.
    I can’t watch violence on tv. My mind just won’t allow it. I don’t enjoy doing the things I used to love. I used to be an avid crafter….knitting, crochet, cross stitch etc. Now I can’t even seem to finish a project. Even my taste in music has changed greatly. I used to like Oldies and some of the older rock since i’m in my 50’s. Now I like new age, punk, and bands like the Lumineers, Green Day, Cold Play and Ed Sheeran. What on Earth is happening to me? Another thing….since changing my eating habits, my grey hair disappeared! I only have a few grey hairs at the sides now. I look like I’m in my early 40’s or younger when I’m actually 54.
    Anyhow….back to the beginning. The Universe led me here to read this website. And I’m thankful it did. I also listened to this woman called Eva Marquez. She has videos on Youtube. I listened to one where she does this mediation that is supposed to tell you where you came from. I did it and my guides said the word Terra. I thought to myself….wow I have a name. I know where I came from! Yaayy! Well I googled it and first I found nothing. Then I googled it by putting Terra/Planet and what did I find out? It was an ancient name for our Earth! I’d never heard of it before. So now I don’t understand why I feel like such a foreigner here if I’m from here. Who knows?
    One more thing. I got rid of all the pain by doing oil pulling with coconut oil and also consuming coconut oil several times a day. It’s a miracle cure. For me anyhow.
    Now all I can think about is how can I live my life with compassion and kindness? That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Be kind to others. Help people. Don’t judge. Love the mean people even more because they need it the most. LOVE….a very powerful word. Love everyone.

    • Linda

      Hi Barabara. I have recently started eating coconut oit throughout the day, only a few days so far. I have never heard of oil pulling, but have a mouthful of it now since reading your post. How many days did you do oil pulling and eating the oil? I have also struggled alot with my health especially the past 6 months. My symptoms are many. Many of the ones you describe, plus I have EBV/mono.. I’m praying the oil helps me.

      • Hillary Harris

        My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Linda, Barbara, et all ~

        Oil pulling has been around for centuries. Keep in mind that each of us have different needs during this process as our bodies upshift. So if this works
        for you, wonderful. However a huge key to expanding our awareness and gaining true Self Sovereignty is learning to listen to what is right specifically for our own beings. So tune in to your body and find out what it needs. For example, is your ‘mono’ a sign that your body is begging for stillness, rest and an inner focus unlike any you have given it? Listening to our bodies is a new concept given that many have spent years on their ‘spiritual’ development. And this isn’t about physical fitness – not a goal to reach on the scale or a pace to beat, in other words – but about communing deeply with the vessel that is carrying us on our journey and understanding how to partner with it and accepting it fully as who we are.

        Blessings as you travel.

  76. rid

    hi hillary,
    i have been experiencing these ascension symptoms since childhood . now the symptoms are getting so intense that i am unable to cope with it in my daily life and now it is affecting my career. everyday is a new challenge for me. every morning , i am unable to get up from bed because of body aches, back pain etc. i am fearing that if i get a job, i may not be able to do it . i am unable to take any decision in this matter. there is enough family and social pressure on me to do a job. i am dying for your guidance in this regard.
    thank you very much.

  77. RICH


  78. skinner

    Please let me know if this is also part of my ascension symptoms. I have been able to find ways of accepting and living with the physical symptoms, but I am experiencing so much emotionally and am having a hard time with it. I have started feeling so disconnected from certain people in my life. I have days when I just want to be alone, I don’t hate anyone, but am easily annoyed by their presence or even their voices. Will it get better?

  79. Carol

    Was wondering if anyone has had an experience similar to mine….in Jan. 2010 I had an incredibly lucid dream of myself as a small child, then felt my body lift off the bed and go through a kind of vortex – while this was happening I reached down to touch the bed and realized I was not really floating however the vortex sensation was very real, to the point that, when it stopped, I was certain I was “someone else” and even got up to look in the mirror to make sure. Now I am having progressively worse vertigo – this is how I found this site. I’m having it checked out today by a doctor, but I’m pretty sure it’s ascension related.

    • kirin

      yes i just had this same dream watching me at 8 years old all the way back to a new baby..very cool dream ..i was experiencing alot of vertigo last summer which lessened to imbalance ..terrible feeling

  80. Jacqueline

    Thank you for your response Hilliary, it seems I’m having a mixture of symptoms all at the same time at the moment. I seem to be having one good day and the next not so good, like Kelley I’m also experiencing the feeling of nothingness, I simply don’t want to do anything, can’t motivate myself to do anything at all, it feels as if I’m depressed although I know I’m not. This feeling is always followed by a bout of crying which seems to release something. Yesterday I noticed I had small itchy spots all over my body which just appeared suddenly and I had two bouts of hot flushes, where my whole inner body became hot causing me to sweat quite a lot. The difficulty is I can’t explain what I’m going through to my family who don’t really understand. I didn’t have the will to leave the house all day yesterday, lounging on the couch instead then going to bed at 9 as that seemed like the only sensible thing I could do. Thank you for this website. It’s helping so many of us to share our process with others who understand. Blessings to you Hilliary.

  81. Kelley

    Hi Hillary. I’ve been in this space of emptiness, nothingness for a couple of weeks now and it’s very disconcerting. I can’t figure out what to do! I keep trying to fill myself up by doing things, but it usually leads to nothing, sometimes making things much worse. I can’t seem to relax and let go. I can’t seem to breathe and stop hoping for something to change. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much.

    • Hillary Harris

      Dearest Kelley ~

      It appears there is so much doing in your space of nothingness – and a need to know or figure it out. That is your mind at work. In these Heart Frequences, just allow, embrace, accept and be in the space of nothingness. Feel what you are feeling and do not resist or avoid it. Filling it, or the desire to fill it, is resisting. Needing to ‘do’ something is the ego’s desire and that is the old way. The old way is no longer and that is what you are experiencing – the death and void of what no longer works and the birth of a new way of being. It is the Heart that is now in charge – and it is telling you exactly what you need – to just be still and in this moment – however you feel. You won’t be able to fix it or change it – that is the desire to control and that is the old way. Now we must just let it all happen and feel what we feel authentically.

      Yes, it is disconcerting. This is new and of the new way of being. That is a good sign. Perhaps stop ‘trying to relax and let go’ or ‘hoping for something to change’ and instead just feel how you feel – even if it is annoyed or afraid – all of that is okay. (See my latest blog post re: the hues of our new HUE-manity.) Change is occurring though it may not appear so in your space of emptiness. Be in the Now Moment instead of needing to be in the future of this experience or feeling different or you somehow being fixed or changed. This is the new way. Completely opening to ‘what is’ and totally surrendering to it – because this is all there is. This is not easy – not in these intense times, indeed. But it is what is required. And you must be gentle with yourself and not push anything. When it is time for something to truly shift for you, it will – but there is no need to force or make it happen. All is well.

  82. Jacqueline

    Namaste Hillary,
    The detail you share on this site is reassuring, I’m experiencing many of these symptoms, but about two days ago I experienced a strange thing. In the morning I started feeling pains in my heart, I wasn’t worried as I’ve experienced this before and linked it to my heart opening process. This pain continued throughout the day and I thought nothing of it, just accepting the pain. By the evening however I noticed that my left breast was swollen and quite painful and sore, it felt hot and and very tender to the touch. I had a difficult night sleep as a result of the discomfort and pain I felt. The heart pain was still there along with the pain in my breast. By the next day the breast was still swollen but much less than before and the pain had lessened. Now two days later the pain in my heart has gone and so has the pain in my breast. Is it possible that the heart opening could have a physical effect on the breast?

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Jacqueline,

      I will respond to this, to you and to all whom are experiencing vibrational symptoms in the physical now. As spirit is fused with matter, there
      is no distinction or separation here. So, yes, a Heart opening, a Chakra balancing, a pineal or pituitary activation or any other Ascension symptom that has come in on an energetic or frequency level is now clearly being felt, manifest and experienced in the physical. It is one way that our Soul is getting our attention so that we pay attention to whatever the issue/s is/are that need attending to and it is also that we are literally changing in form – on all levels. Just as the caterpillar dissolves into goo in the chrysalis, we are indeed undergoing this transformation or metamorphosis process. It is and never was a ‘figurative’ example or symbolic way to describe what is or would be happening to us. This evolution is occurring spiritually as well as vibrationally, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

      Enjoy the process, oh all ye fellow butterflies to be!

  83. Susan

    Hi Hillary and Friends,

    In the past year, I read this site at least twice per day. I have had quite a scary ride!
    The severe physical symptoms began last spring. Mine are mostly nerve related….pain, twitching, buzzing, tingling, heat/ burning,numbness, etc. mainly in my legs and feet, but sometimes through out my body. Jerking at nite and cramping in my calves is a daily event. Every minute I have nerve-related symptoms in my legs.
    I’ve been thru more than a dozen doctors and tests. The best I’ve heard was ” I think you have neuropathy” but yet I leave doctors grasping for answers or scratching their heads. Nothing prescribed like PT, rx, treatments, acupuncture, has made a difference.

    I’ve been seeing a medical intuitive/healer and cranial sacral who both tell me it’s all energy and not physical. I’m changing at my conscious level. I get it!

    When I think back to years previous, I most certainly have been on the ascension process. I wanted to “let go” of who I was but didn’t know how. In fact, I’d think that I’d have to scrub myself clean right down to my soul. And here I am.

    In the past week or so, my physical “nerve” symptoms have ramped up. All other signs are dead on, too. But I’m fearful…..and know that I am transmuting huge fears. How can I be physically well while have these scary physical symptoms?

    Does anyone else have primarily nerve as their physical symptoms? How can I believe it’s not physical disease/illness when I feel like I’m getting worse?

    I miss my life and at times this feels so cruel. I was fine one day, and the next day…wham.

    • Linda

      Susan this is exactly what is happening to me, plus extreme fatigue as well. Can barely walk some days, especially the last couple weeks. Mine started last spring for a few months then went away until the beginning of this year.I read this site often also and believed ( and still do) that mine are ascension symptoms or clearing symptoms, as I have frequent energy work done. A few weeks ago though after many months of tests, a doctor did a different test on me and found I have Epsteins Barr Virus and have Mono probably for several months now (that’s when I noticed symptoms come on more). I am glad I found out what it is, but still believe it is all connected (ascension/ virus). Keep getting checked ask for different tests just to be sure, but no matter what it is, hope you find relief soon. :)

    • Wendy H

      You are describing exactly what is going on, but my chiropractor says it is spinal steno sis..Wow…He freely gives it a name or Dx…wonderful for him. Mine was also called Neuropathy and the conventional docs or neurologists want to dole out Neuronton or other drugs…I try to deal with the pain and soaking in sea salt bath or Epson salts w baking soda brings a tad brief relief. Try increasing magnesium or a liquid magnesium called CALM, but do not start with more than 1/4 teaspoon because it loosen the stools if you take too much.

  84. Auralite

    Hello – Thank you for this interesting site! As I was getting into bed with my Angel book, I felt my heart beating out of control. I was recently cleared by a cardiologist for palpitations, yet this was like nothing I’d ever experienced. My heart was ‘rocking my body’ and there was nothing I could do to calm it. After spending the night being monitored in hospital out of sheer desperation, I was again cleared, sent home and the “heart beating out of my body” feeling continued for another 24 hours, then it stopped – it just stopped-re-appearing ever so slightly at random times. I have also been experiencing frequent headaches, hearing the ultrasonic pitch, depression, anxiety, catching glimpses in my peripheral vision, no tolerance for negativity (and noticing how prevalent it is), restructuring many relationships and finding that I had to walk away from many (leaving not many people around) along with many other symptoms of ascension. I use energy stones but these symptoms seem stronger than the usual healing that the crystals can offer. I can’t say for sure if my body is transforming, but I suspect it is. I do believe that all souls will eventually go through this, in this life or another, so in that respect – all souls are chosen, at different rates of evolution of course, but we are all equal. Question: how long will these symptoms persist before reaching the next level of evolution?

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Auralite ~

      There is no telling ‘how long’ – each being is different and moves at a different pace on their path. It can depend on their level of resistance to their process, level of ability to surrender and let go, level of awakeness and willingness to just embrace the process and allow it unfold in Divine time. You see, measuring ‘how long’ is a question from 3D and is driven by the ego/mind’s need to KNOW. And yet we are in Heart Wisdom now, in the Now Moment is all there is. We are in the process of the mind upshifting and expanding into a new structure in and of itself, so that question doesn’t serve to support your journey and can make things more uncomfortable. The key is to just relax into it – as uncomfortable as it may be at times – and it is indeed intense right now for sure! Your body and Soul know what to do. In fact, the more we come into our bodies and just trust that all is unfolding as it needs to and that there is ‘nothing wrong’, the more ease we may feel. Not all may feel more ease- in fact some, including me at times, can feel even MORE sensitive and uncomfortable with a new influx of frequencies. But just remaining IN the body and not needing it to end or needing to know ‘when’ it will end or needing to be in the head about it can truly help release any resistance and ease the way a bit.

      You are indeed opening your Heart and accelerating your vibration to be here now. All that you are undergoing is on target.

      Blessings to you!

    • Carol

      Dear Auralite, I too experience scary heart palpitations and when that happens I rub essential oil of Ylang Ylang on the soles of my feet, plus put a drop on a tiny piece of tissue and place in one nostril to inhale. Takes a few minutes to work. Worth a try !

  85. Kathryn

    I just stumbled on this website, looking for an answer to my symptoms – they are all listed above. The last couple of weeks I have suddenly experienced uncontrollable crying, depression, ringing in my ears, loss of appetite, bizarre sleep patterns….I am having numerous vivid dreams where I am receiving specific messages from deceased relatives, all positive thankfully. Sometimes, they just show me a vision, and I understand the meaning behind it. During the day, I sense some energies that are with me, but are benevolent, as though they just wish to observe me, or watch over me. But I am left with complete exhaustion most days, and this is all new to me – can anyone advise on how I should handle the energy drain? I am 46 by the way, female, and just started to experience all this in the last few weeks. I am ready to embrace it, but need to learn how to deal with it in a healthy way. Thank you!

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘SoulJourner’, Kathryn ~

      All that you are experiencing is what so many have experienced or are now experience or will undergo at some point in our upshift journey. You are
      undergoing a scared and beautiful Chrysalis experience indeed. Energy drain, fatigue and exhaustion are a very common symptom. I can suggest you listen to the radio podcast on this page and my other podcasts on this site, and read the comments and guidance posted here as well as it will provide good information for you. However, also note there is no one answer or fix – and certainly no quick fixes for anyone or any symptom. That is not how this works. Each person must walk this path and find their way by going within and learning to listen and speak to their own heart. This has been a tough journey for most as most humans have become cut off from their feelings and their own inner voice and look to others and the outside world to give them answers. Now is the time to go within. Be in your body instead of trying to leave it or numb to it. Also know that there is nothing wrong and nothing you do to ‘deal with this’ is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy. A major key now is learning to let go of judgment and embrace all aspects of our human experience as PART OF our Divine Beingness. One cannot exist without the other and in trying to ‘get rid’ of parts of ourselves – including symptoms or behaviors – we are actually creating separation – and that is from the old reality. In this new reality, there is no separation or duality. We must now come into Wholeness and Unity – first and foremost with all parts of ourselves.

      Feel what you feel – even if it is confusion or fear. Feel it all – with Love and Acceptance for your brave self that is now awakening at a very accelerated rate and at a very INTENSE time in our planets history. Most importantly – REST. Honor your energy drain and simply be still and rest. That is your body telling you that it is in the process of massive transformation and metamorphosis and that is a very draining process for a physical body indeed! So just give it what it is requiring – plenty of rest, more than you ‘think’ it needs or your mind may want you to believe is ‘normal’. This is a new normal and so take what you need. Nourish yourself with an abundance of what you are craving. That is the highest form of loving the Self!

      And remember – you chose this at your Soul level. You are not alone. We are here with you to walk the path!

  86. Namaste!

    When I retired from university teaching, I became a Gemstone Therapist and an Herbalist. I was already a Reiki Master. I would like to let people know that gemstones help with the ascension symptoms tremendously, especially those that have lots of magnesium. Gemstones have been used for thousands of years as healing tools due to their vibrational frequencies. They are actually hardened minerals. Some magnesium-rich gemstones are: IOLITE, PINK TOURMALINE, BROWN TOURMALINE, VISUVIANITE, and RHODONITE. People can wear them or carry them in a pouch. ROSE QUARTZ helps with dizziness and anxiety as well even though it is not a magnesium crystal. Hope this helps.

    Peace and Love to Everyone!

    • Linda

      Thank you for the information . I will try these stones. I also have been using Labradorite with great success for me during this last year..

      • Hillary Harris

        Yes, and also keep in mind that for many, the tools they have used successfully in the past no longer work as the frequencies have shifted too greatly. Do not panic. You may find a new tool or instead, and more profoundly, now learn to come into your body and just feel everything fully
        and allow it to be there without a tool to fix it or heal it or take it away. That is 5D in full force. Now learning to embrace it all without
        needing to push anything outside of us because it feels bad or uncomfortable. I know this is new but it is the only way into very new territory where we resist nothing and accept everything – even that which we have judged or disliked or rejected or could not allow or be with – to be included in our experience. You will find that as you do this, it resolves and comes to peace organically – without your having to ‘do’ anything about it.

        Blessings to you!

  87. Lisa

    I have been following Ascension on and off for the last 3 years. I didn’t realize that what’s suddenly happening to me is linked to Ascension! Other than normally feeling exhausted but been given a clean bill of health by many doctors and the fact that I do exercise which caused me to wonder why I suddenly got digestion issues, blurred vision, the pressure on the top of my head WOW! Headaches, vertigo, palpitations (even had a heart holter put on and there’s ‘nothing’ wrong)…Shaky, and feeling like something IS crawling on my skin. Electrical vibrations usually in my legs but go to my torso. It’s not painful but it’s definitely there. I’m very, very emotional and I believe I can feel other people’s energy. Especially negative energy. I cannot be around chaos or family gatherings where people start to argue. I’ve completely stopped drinking coffee and alcohol (not that I drank a lot to begin with) but I just feel that I shouldn’t drink those things any longer. I really only drink purified water and green tea or mint tea with lemon or lime juice. I find that I feel ill if I eat processed food so I wake up and have a banana, cucumbers for snack, blueberries and for supper I’ll have stir fried vegetables with tofu in coconut oil! ..back to symptoms: Definitely anxiety and panic attacks. 3 days straigt, tightness in chest, chest pain (again nothing is wrong)…light-headed, can’t take deep breaths. It comes and goes. It’s like my body entered some vibrational tidal wave and it’s knocked me over. Yet, along with the symptoms comes a sense of peace and optimisim; that there is something wonderful about to happen.

  88. Indigodragonheart

    Greetings, all.

    I stumbled on this site after googling “Metaphysical reasons behind inability to catch my breath”. Just in the past two weeks I have been having moments of feeling like I need to yawn deeply or take a deep breath in for a heavy sigh, and not being able to complete the process. Coupled with that, is a heart palpitation sometimes. I’ve learned to just relax a bit though, and then I can finally yawn/sigh/catch my breath, and then I feel drowsy but better.

    I was curious about this symptom, because I’ve only experienced this twice in my life so far; the first experiences being when I was around 8 years old, and I had no clue or point of reference for what was happening and went into panic mode. At that time, I was also having anxiety attacks and very troubling and strong irrational thoughts about dying in my sleep. Yes, at age 8… perhaps I was experiencing a shadow of past life memory that I had incomplete information on, OR, as I feel may actually be closer to the truth, I was re-writing my current life’s script to stay here when I planned on leaving MUCH earlier… Anyway…

    It didn’t help at the time that my parents are pretty unconscious and deeply into their religion, so asking for help in easing my fears was usually either laughed at, because to them, I was a child and therefore did not have a mind and/or valid feelings and fears, OR the solution was to get me to pray it out. I’m pretty sure the latter was because they had no clue how to help and just needed to tell me something.

    Fast forward to now, I am 37 years old, and experiencing the breath issue again. Now, however, I have a much broader knowledge base than I did as a kid, so I’m not scared about it, I just try to relax my body and mind, and then I can complete my deep breath and all is well. It still kinda gets a little uncomfortable because it’s like I’m not getting the oxygen I need, but calming myself helps very much. I should note that my health has always been strong, I have never had asthma or any associated breathing issues, so I don’t feel like it’s strictly a physical symptom.

    I’m just curious if anyone on this message board has felt the same thing, and what they think about it. Thanks for taking the time to read this unintentionally long post :-)


    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Indigodragonheart,

      Your symptoms are oh so natural to this Ascension process! Do listen to the show via the link at the top of this page and you will hear about heart palpitations as well as breathing challenges. You will also see these symptoms appear on the posts here many times.

      You are breathing very new air indeed – the air of a new and higher dimensional space – and your body and lungs must acclimate. This entire process is similar to climbing a very tall mountain. However we are no longer given the luxury of going from base camp to a point on the mountain and then back down to base camp – that stage ended when we crossed into 2013 and all doors really closed at the beginning of 2014. So here we are continuing to adjust to higher and higher altitudes, needing to expand our bodies, minds, spirits, consciousness, etheric field, all aspects of our beingness at a quick pace to keep up with all the changes we are experiencing around us. Yawning means you need more oxygen and we are needing to take in more and more of most things, including oxygen and energy, as we burn a lot of it as we continue to release the old (old and dark density) and anchor into the very new.

      The frequencies we are now inhabiting vibrate much faster than we have been accustomed to. In fact, everything moves much more quickly – in some ways – than we may be accustomed to – and in some ways things may feel like they are dragging on – like these symptoms! You are simply adjusting your own vibration to align with all that is meant for you and letting go of what no longer serves you – this burns energy and causes your heart to race. Our hearts also race when we take in higher frequencies from off the planet or absorb them from Mother Earth. Hearts also race as the Chakra is being activated and expanded. We are living in the Heart Wisdom Energies and now needing to use our Hearts and intuition over our ego/minds to navigate or, rather, feel our way through our new world, building and creating from what feels right rather than strategizing for future success. The old ways don’t work anymore, so our Hearts are buzzing as we take on new sensing mechanisms, new DNA, new cells, more awareness, greater awakened states and a higher capacity for LOVE and Unity. The Heart is having its own growing pains, if you will, and thus it races as it attunes to the new and grows into its new or remembered role of leader – we must be Heart led now.

      So though you may feel this is just a physical symptom, know it has deep vibrational, emotional and spiritual implications as we Ascend into our Higher Human God-Selves!

      So glad you found this site and do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

    • tonyskou


      As you can see my post before yours, I said that before one year I had the same feelings and more of them. I had the problem with the breath and my heart pulse. I went to the doctors and all the exams was perfect. So I do not know if this is really happens or what happens because I didn’t find any proof that is measurable. The only symptom that exist from 2013 is the ringing in my ears, like an ultrasonic sound. I search a lot in internet and there are several sources about this with different point of view but in the same conclusion, that the earth will be ascended. They said about these symptoms that it’s no bad to go to a doctor and check your health, probably you will be fine but it’s better go to clear your mind from the thoughts of illness.
      If you have any other question write here. Bye.

      • Hillary Harris

        Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, tonyskou ~

        You are indeed experiencing the symptoms of Ascension and I know it can be confusing and frustrating to feel the symptoms and have the doctor find nothing at all. So many of us – in fact most, have had this same experience over the years. I always recommend going to the doctor if you feel at all uncertain or concerned. Not every symptom is Ascension related but even if it is, the body can become very stressed and may need additional support from traditional or alternative means and methods that you may find yourself unable to provide in an exhausted state.

        Ringing in the ears is a common symptom. There can be a few reasons for this. Activating of the pituitary and pineal glands in the head can cause vibrational ‘noise’. You may be now tuning into the higher frequencies of off planet bodies, like the Sun or planetary bodies or simply frequencies you were not able to hear before – like a radio becoming more refined in its abilities to pick up fainter signals. However, we are also now attuning more with Mother Earth, so we will be able to hear the vibrations of her shifting and growing pains as well.

        There are all sorts of sounds that as 3D humans we were not able to hear or chose not to due to the chatter of the ego mind. As we quite that mind, new sounds will emerge. So too as we adjust to living in a higher dimensional realm. Again, we are becoming more highly attuned and so can sense more. Some are seeing more – flashing lights, colors, shadows and beings. Some are feeling more – higher intuition and knowing, etc. This is the process of becoming higher Human God-Self.

        I can recommend for you and all who visit this site to listen to the podcasts. They explain what is happening and why. I will be doing new shows soon however the material in the available podcasts are still relevant and timely. I was speaking about what is happening now in advance, but you will note that it is unfolding as I have spoken about it and the current need to take good care of ourselves at a deep and Divine level is extremely helpful and necessary to move through the intensity of all the symptoms – physical, mental, emotional, vibrational, that we are now experiencing.

        Regarding the date of Ascension, again, I spoke about this in 2011 when I believe we ascended. There was a lot of moving back and forth between 3D and 5D between then and 2013. However, we are now firmly in the Fifth Dimension – it is just that most are still operating from a third dimensional playbook and understanding of ‘how things work’ – and that isn’t working anymore – hence a lot of struggle! September 2014 marks a Solstice and yet another big surge of frequencies and portal opening moving us further into our new world. However, the process of our Ascension continues. It is not one moment, one day, one crystalized slice of ‘time’ and then it is done. This is a process of evolution we are undergoing – albeit accelerated – but this process will continue for years to come and the greatest intensity for perhaps the next 5 or so as we continue to let go of all the broken systems and ways of operating that simply cannot sustain us in a world of Unity and Divine Love, Peace and Prosperity for all. So, as you can see, there is some work to do – and that work is from the inside out!

        Thank you for writing and so glad you found the site. Do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

  89. tonyskou


    Before one year June 2013, I had about 80% of these symptoms. In the beginning I don’t know about this and went to the doctors about my heart. My heart pulse was very intense in the night and I was very tired and slept more hours. All the exams was fine. Then I read about the ascension symptoms. The last months I am fine. Some times I have to sleep more. The only symptom that remains from June of 2013 is the ringing in my ears. Some times it was annoying me I ask to stop and be quiet. The last day I let it without to ask to calm. Could you explain with more details about this density in my ears? Also I read in that the ascension will happen in September of 2014. Which is your opinion about this?

  90. Linda

    I have been reading the posts and can relate to alot of these symptoms. I am currently very incapacitated with intense pain and can barely move. It has been steadily building since April/May. I have had two frozen shoulders since 2012, but never have I had this much pain in my entire body. Truly frightening. I haven’t seen much written about people who have totally recovered from debilitating symptoms. I do alot of energy work, praying etc. Glad to have found this site.

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Linda,

      No one has written about totally recovering from these symptoms because we are all collectively still moving through the process of Ascension
      and our bodies, minds and spirits are still transforming, transmuting, transcending and upshifting, morphing, changing on every level. There is
      no pattern for the process since this is an unprecedented path we have taken – and the journey has stalled and changed MANY times along the way
      over the years!

      So, hang in there and know you are not alone. Some are more sensitive than others, however as you read here, the symptoms can be most intense, even bizarre and unexplainable but we will move through to a more glorious and higher Human state – in time, on time in Perfect time for each Soul knows its pace and purpose as we travel. With this latest Leo’s Gate portal opening and change of signs of Jupiter and New Moon over the weekend, I myself have experienced a headache with backaches that just won’t let go, along with strange dreams and frequency highs and lows. So this continues but the more we rest, take care of ourselves at the deepest levels, focus on the Now Moment and allow the process to move through, the more we can also touch the Wholeness within which our beings already exist. 5D is here and we are indeed living inside of it – even if we can only find it for a split second some days!

      Continued blessings to you!

      • Linda

        Yes, I feel like I am going mad with the pain this past weekend. I knew something was happening with the planets. I see so many people feeling really good and wonder why they aren’t affected. I guess I am not the only one though after reading your post.
        Thank you Hillary for the response

  91. Kiki

    I only came across this site yesterday and I am so glad I did. 3 years ago I experienced the beginning of my Saturn’s return and the consequences of the life changes that would follow. I experienced the dramatic opening of my Sacral/Base Chakra (I think my heart chakra is following suit) and had much spiritual activity going on such as seeing blue orbs and shadowy figures in my room. For the last few weeks I have been experiencing many of those ascension symptoms listed and I did not have a clue what was happening to me. The most prominent symptoms were that of the palpitations and the feeling of fear. Sometimes I would feel it to the extent of a panic attack. I also have the fatique, hunger, cravings, broken sleep, nausea, migraines, dizziness, body ache and extreme agitated restlessness as if my nerves were exposed that sometimes has me climbing the walls. There are times when I feel like I am seeing the world in high definition and I can see and feel the every fibres of the people around me. Other times the world around me is a blur and I feel like I am moving through glue.

    I have lost a lot of the joy in my life and I feel very alone in my anxiety and confusion. I have a fantasy that there is a place I can go to be with the other “Ascending” and I can discuss with them what is happening and feel understood and not so alone. I feel like I need some guidance and I don’t know who to turn to. I need to know how to manage these symptoms but more than I want to understand what it all means?? What is at the end of it all? I welcome any kind of response and I am so relieved to know that other people are feeling this too.

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Kiki ~

      I am so delighted you found this site. Allow me to provide some guidance. First, I can suggest that you listen to the podcasts. Maybe begin with “Your Soul-Quake and Body Re-Make.” These shows will explain all that you are asking about and give you valuable insight into what is going on ‘out there’ and within you. Hopefully it will give you some comfort as well. Second, what you are experiencing is an upshift of your being from human to Divine Human. You/We are changing right down to our very DNA. Your body, mind and spirit are all in an accelerated process of expansion and awakening and because each system works at its own pace, you will often feel off-balance, disjointed and in two-worlds. This is why stillness and remained ‘earthed’ or connected to the earth is so key – however this too can be tricky as our beautiful earth is emanating some very powerful new energies of her own right now – so if we aren’t centered in our own beings via profound self love and care, we may get blown off course or our center fairly easily when we receive a new wave of planetary frequencies.

      I would particularly point your attention to the Chrysalis Experience I have described for many on this page. We all go through it, some more than once and, if we don’t have a context for it, it can be very disconcerting.

      And just this past week, most Sensitives will have felt the intensity of the Full Super Moon, the incoming CME from the Sun and another low pressure wave coming in the next few days from weather oddity here in the central part of the United States.

      Hang in there. The journey is indeed intense and though this may be ‘bad’ news, there is no ‘end’ per say but rather the point is to move into a higher vibrating space of more expanded awareness and consciousness – we have been a part of the greatest time in our evolutionary history – to leap to a higher dimension and return to, remember and embrace our Divine Nature, undo our mis-creations and misunderstandings and bring our planet into Unity Consciousness for the highest good of all beings.

      It is an honor to be walking this path with you.

  92. GlobalGodess

    Dear Sister And Brothers of Light,

    I thank everyone who has written a post and Hilary for creating the space.

    “I am not going mad” Phew…….

    Recently my motivation to do anything just went. I had no desire to do the things I used to enjoy. All I want to do is stay at home, read spiritual books, meditate and watch Tv.

    I feel so tired all the time, ringing in the ears, light bulbs going, psychic abilities enhancing.

    Any suggestions would be REALLY APPRECIATED xx

    • skinner

      Hey Globalgodess,

      It is comforting to know we are not alone. I just wanted to share with you and others what I found helped me stay focused on positive & spiritual thoughts. If you have a flower garden or backyard or maybe a public one nearby that you can visit often, it is soothing to just stare at nature. Watch the birds, ladybugs, trees or just the squirrels at the city park. You already meditate and read, but try to get back to nature even though I know the lack of energy makes it awfully difficult to get going. I sure do hope this helps out.
      Wish you and all much light and love.

  93. skinner

    Bless you Hillary for this site and to all that share their stories. I just recently came to the realization that I have been experiencing all the symptoms of ascension. The surges of energy are quite exhausting afterwards, the waking up @ 3am, the weight loss, not being able to focus or concentrate. I have had just about every light bulb at home and at the office burn out in a short amount of time. The bulb in the garage door opener flickers only when I am anywhere near it. I too have always felt that I am some what from another world always trying to fit in but even though some of the symptoms are difficult to deal with, I feel blessed to be joining all of you here and sharing all our experiences. We are therapeutic to each other just letting each other know that we are not alone and we are not crazy.

  94. Liz

    Hi Hillary,

    First of all, I would like to say that this website is absolutely wonderful. I send you my gratefulness and my thanks.

    I go to bed every evening with a headache. I wake up every morning with my upper back and neck so sore, that I have to stretch it out before my feet even touch the ground beneath my bed.

    My ascension journey began about 2 months ago (before the commence of The Grand Cross). Feeling lost and alone, I would cry in bed each morning before starting the day. I would walk around like a zombie with no ambition to do anything (quite contrary to my personality). Everything in my life seemed to be falling apart right before my eyes. Nothing made sense. I would get angry out of nowhere. I would have anxiety attacks out of nowhere (including my dreams that would wake me right up due to the intensity of the anxiety). Vivid dreams. Joint pain like you wouldn’t believe. Digestive issues. Acne! Oh the acne! I have had it all.

    However, I can safely say, I have made it through the most difficult part, and for those of you reading this, you will too. I now sit on the other side, the new side of purity, love, acceptance and EXCITEMENT of my new BE-ing. Not to say that I no longer have any ascension symptoms, because I definitely do, as I am always working towards a higher vibrational place, but all of the sudden, everything just feels OK! No matter what situation I am in, I am okay. I smile at the situation. I understand that I am not happy with a situation because the vibrational energies do not match up. This is where my trust in my true self is really starting to shine through. I just understand. Without words. I just know.

    With this new understanding I have attained, I realize how connected and aligned I am with my universal energy.
    These are my symptoms, my BEAUTIFUL symptoms:

    Lying down in thought, my thought-words got jumbled. My thoughts were not in sentences. If they were, each word was jumbled to the point where I didn’t even know what I was thinking. I actually got so scared that I had to speak out loud to make sure I wasn’t loosing my ability to speak, think or use my brain. It took me a few tries to get back to thinking in formalized words. When I did, one world, stuck in my mind. It was 7 letters. Again, jumbled. I am still trying to decode.

    I lay down one day to just rest and focus on my breathing. Not too long in, tears began to roll down my face. Poured. Still focusing on my breathing, I began to feel my jaw tighten… tighter and tighter until I felt like my face was being sucked inwards. My neck began to cramp as I tried to force my jaw to move. No letting up. I continued to breathe heavily, wanting to exhale all of the negative energy from my body. In doing so, my nose began to vibrate. Then my lips. Then my cheeks. I opened my eyes. My eyes were vibrating too! I couldn’t believe what was happening so I stood up and looked in the mirror. As shocked as I was with what I saw, I was feeling connected. Just as I was. Watching my face vibrate, I could physically feel the energy and vibrations of my connection to my BE-ing. I lay back down to let it take its course. Soon to find myself lethargic and in need of sleep. Connected, I napped.

    Lightbulbs. Constantly flickering when I am engaging in internal dialogue.

    Gusts of cold wind by my feet… when it’s blistering hot.

    These are some of the experiences I am having. If I wrote them all, we’d be here until tomorrow.

    What I do want to say though, is to those that are experiencing ascension symptoms, to not look at it as a “bad thing.” In fact, we are blessed. We are the ones who have come to realize our purpose and our place on this Earth in our physical being, while our spiritual being endures on this mission, as an extension of our universal vibrational path.

    Do not fret. It is only up from here, literally!

    Love | Peace | Happiness,

    • Jaclyn

      Hi Liz,

      Thank you so much for sharing. There are some posts that just feel so good to read. I resonate with all who write; but, it may be because what I have read within your post will be of benefit to me in the near future. :)

      Love, Light & Peace

  95. Tom

    I’ve been going through Ascension and experiencing severe Ascension symptoms for about 20 years. My health has been crashing periodically during this time due to severe adrenal fatigue and major detoxification. It crashed in late November, 2013 and not recovered since then. This has been extremely challenging, frustrating, discouraging and demoralizing for me. I feel like I’m sleepwalking though my life all the time now. Being able to read your list of Ascension symptoms and the shares from others on this forum has been helping me today. It’s been validating, and it’s good to know I’m not the only one going through this process.

  96. Spencer

    Hey, i am new to the ascension process and idea. I have been trying to astral project for over a year with no success. Recently I thought it might be easier to astral project if my chakras are fully cleared and balanced so I got down on the ground and one by one I opened all of my chakras. The feeling was amazing and I was happier then ever. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling cause I felt so good. In the past month since then I have gone through a whole bunch of weird things. My body heated up very quickly even though I live in a cold basement and I couldn’t sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning which is very unnatural. I usually go to bed at 9 or a little later. Also many of the ascension symptoms I realized I’ve already gone through even questioning my beliefs and morals. What can I expect after I ascend, and can I become psychic?

  97. Michelle

    These messages are a great comfort and just to know that there are many of us out there with the same things going on is relief in itself. I have been able to come to terms with and accept most of the changes so far. Even the extremely strange, surreal and rather heated conversations i’ve had with what i can only surmise as demonic entities at the bottom of my bed one night of which i sent away but strangely felt empathy for them as negative energy is just one end of the polarity and will one day need to traverse and become a positive they also have a journey to make.

    My only recent concern with all this weirdness is this last week i’ve started to experience the most horrific excruciating pains up the back of my neck and explosions in the back of my head with really horrible migraines afterwards for hours that drugs don’t have any effect on (when i try to go to the toilet for BM) – I’m really scared i know that im supposed to accept these things but it terrified by young son as i was screaming in pain and thought i was going to die of a brain hemorrhage, i wanted to call an ambulance i was so afraid – not of dying but the pain and in front of my son he was mortified – i cried out for the powers that be to take away my pain it was that bad, eventually it subsided but i really don’t know if i can cope with this happening again. I wont go to the doctors as i have been before with all the other ascension & Kundalini symptoms before i knew what they were and had MRI’s, CT scans etc and the neurologist could find nothing wrong, please can you acknowledge if anyone else is having this kind of pain and suffering and advise on anything that may help, i even tried to meditate but the pain was so intense i just vomited and couldn’t focus on anything. Love to all in these tumultuous times please can anyone suggest anything to help xx

    • Liz


      I am no guru of the ascension symptoms you are experiencing. But one thing I can say when I read your post, is to just relax. Surrender. Allow this pain to release from your body. It is surfacing for a reason. Let it be. Let it go. Release. Relax. And just know. If you say you are going through an ascension journey, then you will KNOW that what you feel is that of your opening to the universe and to you universal vibrational path.

      Of course, if this keeps happening, definitely persist with a doctor. We must be able to understand that some pains our body experience do require the attention of a medical doctor…So keep that in mind.

      BUT, you know, deep inside of you, if something is right or wrong. Keep track of these pains. Make note. When they happen, what just occurred? What were you just feeling? Thinking? As you learn to read and understand your emotions / bodily reactions, you will be able to understand and decode your vibrations and where they intend for you to be.

      I hope that makes sense. Just my opinion :)

      Bless you and be strong!


  98. I wish I had known this earlier… I really thought I was dying. Almost a full year of not being focused. Not being able to get anything done. Then came the “being drunk” and not in a good way – all day. Sleeping didn’t help, healthy food didn’t help and I even TRIED drinking and it didn’t help… Then came the nauseaus, and inability to remember pretty much anything. Then came throwing up all the time. Then came blood in my stool. And the last week, my knees just gave out… and I could barely get to the couch where I could watch mindless TV so I wouldn’t concentrate on how terrible I was feeling.

    The good part was that near the end a student of mine (I teach EFT/tapping) asked to visit because she writes a travel blog. I told her I was very sick but she could still stay, just don’t expect me to be a tour guide… she came. The second day she says – “You’re going through an upgrade.” I thought she was crazy… she kept at it. Telling me to stop fighting it. She sees auras and she would tell me what was going on. She kept saying “For me to get what you’re getting, I had to go to India and Egypt and John of God. The mountain has come to you… be grateful.” She was my cheerleader – You can do this, stop fighting it. I would just cry… finally finally, one day, I could think again – still throwing up, but I could FINALLY THINK! And now when I see it in my clients, I can warn them. Let them know they are not dying… and send them to listen to this recording… THANK YOU.

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Karin ~

      Thank you for your post. Thank you for hanging in there. And I would suggest something so important – remember to open to this experience as resistance or wanting to make it go away or end or move through faster separates us from ‘What Is’ and the wholeness of the Divine Perfection of this evolutionary upshift – in other words there is nothing wrong – it is all supposed to be happening as it is. And it isn’t happening TO us. This is a sacred process that is occuring within us – invited and welcomed by our Souls at the deepest level. So the key is to embrace it, allow it, surrender to it and even celebrate it – yes, even when we feel like we are dying – as we are :) – to give ALL of it space to be to bring the process into our world and our bodies so it can integrate and come into harmony with the highest frequency of Divine LOVE. You see, this is the point and where we are headed – acceptance of it ALL as Divine LOVE – aka ONE – aka Unity Consciousness. If we can flow with this and be in ease with our bodies with this as well, each upshift and influx of intense frequency will be a bit more grace-filled.

      And remember too, though I know it was so confusing and frustrating – as it would be to the ego/mind facet of that part of ourselves -thinking is often over-rated! It keeps us stuck in needing to know and figuring out when 5D is all about ‘what is right now’ and ‘what is needed will show up as it is needed’ and that is all – nothing else needed. :) You were clearing out your old mental processing so you could touch that experience and just be present and NOW focused and so very connected and rooted into your heart – because without the head, there is nothing else but! That was invaluable practice for where we are now and where we need to be – less thinking, more heart-centered ‘BE’ing.

      Much LOVE and blessings to you. So honored to be walking this path with you.

  99. Belle

    My ascension started suddenly on august the 7th 2013, I went to bed thinking and feeling one way my entire life and when I awoke the next day I would never be the same. I went through a very intense period of many of the symptoms listed above, the major symptoms were 4 months of vertigo, energy vibrations in my entire body, spacial moments, time speeding up, time slowing down, body, heaviness, extreme Chronic Fatigue type symptoms, ringing in the ears, vibrations in all of the chakras, pulsating tail bone, bed rolling at night while Im trying to sleep, depression, anxiety etc etc, the list goes on and on. In the beginning I was very afraid, I am no longer afraid. I have accepted the process and it has gotten easier. There are still days where the energy is intense and the symptoms are wide and varied but I am beginning to enjoy the process, its like a wild ride and I have front row seats to the event. As I embrace the process many doors and experiences are opening wide to me. I don’t know why no one else in my immediate circle or anyone that I know personally for that fact has any reference to what I am experiencing. I am just a normal everyday person who is having an extraordinary experience and even though I feel alone in my circle and community It is really nice to know that there is a community of souls who do understand.

  100. Erika

    Hi Hillary,

    I have been doing a lot of reading about ascension and really liked your article so thanks for posting. I am experiencing a lot of the symptoms of ascension you have listed and they have gotten much more intense from Feb – June 2014, I have never felt so alone in my life, is this normal? I feel disconnected from most people and struggle to spend time with people but at the same time I am also struggling to spend time alone, which I have never experienced. Lately I have felt a new version of myself emerging slowly, a much more authentic and truthful version of myself, but it comes and goes. Will that version of me eventually be permanent once my ascension has reached a certain point? I am trying to appreciate this process as I know it will definitely help me with my purpose and with living the life I have always imagined – but at times it can be tough! Any advice? Many thanks :)

  101. Sara p

    I don’t even know where to begin with.
    But i have found truth and light, therefore I Thank You.
    I have been feeling a lot of anxiety, inner stress that’s been “pushing” my emotional state. And sometimes i start crying out of no apparent reason. Also, i oftenly feel completly detached from my body and everything around seems plain/unrealistic/plastic.
    Also, telepathy is now like a second voice in my head, meaning i sometimes hear sort of different thoughts(that i am counsciously aware of, BUT also know/sense they are not mine or directly controlled by me). Uhgh this feels weird on paper haha.
    Hope i’m just not crazy.
    I always felt(actually knew) i was a bit different. Lately i feel this thing i cannot exactly explain, as if i am not doing the right thing. Yet again, almost every evening all i’m doing is reading about spirit(and its terestrrial expression forms-myths, symbols) or, anyway, you got it, self-enlighting.
    I see sparlky dots sometimes, and i feel nature owns a beauty that is beyond our human perception. I’ve been into crystals and lots of signs (11 11 333 23 34 etc) show up.
    I think i can somehow sense when other entities are around, but what to do next?

    I realised that i’m more spiritually “activated” since my dad passed away 2.5yrs. I think he wants to point me out some things, yet i cannot sense exactly what.

    What should i do? I would love to share all this knwoledge of light to all people around me, but am still aware most of them will find me, “slightly dellusional” or just not believe a word i’m saying. And this realisation is making me sad. But then again, i reconnect to my higher inner self and find some balance.

    Oh my, speaking of “balance” what should i when i feel a burning sensation in my solar plexus area or heart chakra? Should i just embrace that inner energy? I would just like to pass it on and on and on.

    Thank you once again for your posts. It’s been great reading them!

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Sara,

      You are not crazy, nor are you alone! We are all here with you and I understand your symptoms and your experiences perfectly. You are moving through the process of transforming into your higher Human and Divine self and all is well – truly. Keep trusting in yourself and in the Divine. Keep listening to your heart and those inner voices. Keep asking for support and guidance. Keep your heart open.

      When you feel that burning sensation in your gut and heart, relax, breathe, receive. No need to do anything. Just allow and be with it. Be still and absorb. Let it move through you. Drink plenty of alkalized and pure water. Rest. Be gentle with yourself. Do your best to be a clear channel through which the frequencies can flow or a pure vessel into which they can be received.

      It is a pleasure to be walking the path with you and thank you for sharing your experience.

  102. Susan

    I am concerned about my weight loss.. my body has changed so much and I do not like it. I use to be curvy now im just thin. i don’t eat much and I am more conscious about what I eat I just don’t like my appearance. what do I do and what is happening? Do you have any tips? ANYONE.. help!

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Susan,

      I have a few intuitive hits on your comments. First, please know there is nothing wrong. Your change in body form (some have gained weight, particularly in the gut area as they take on or expand for more light) is due to our collective shift in our DNA as we take on a crystalline solar light structure moving out of our former carbon-based form. This is inevitable as we become higher Human. I know it is hard to adjust to and can bring up all kinds of emotions as we, from our ego/mind selves, tend to mostly identify with ourselves from the physical.

      The message I get for you around this is two-fold. First, you may need more protein right now. Everyone goes through this at a different pace but the process can cause us to burn a great deal of energy and thus we must feed ourselves more efficiently. Find a form that is high vibrating and feels good – can be plant based for example – but something that allows your body to burn fuel instead of potentially anything else – like muscle.

      The second message is around your feelings about your appearance. This is not the case for everyone as we go through this transition. As I said, some have had to get used to carrying more weight for a time and adjust to being curvier in figure. You said you don’t like your appearance. Your job is to now go within and learn to love who you are at the Soul level and let your outer container just be what it is at this time. It may or may not ever return to what it was. I am now carrying far less ‘weight’ than before and I have had to adjust. It was disconcerting at first. But we are lightening up in all ways. This will continue as we shed our past, our beliefs that no longer serve us, old ways and patterns, the old world structures and, yes, even the heavier denser aspect of both our beings and our physical selves.

      What is happening? You/We are Ascending or have Ascended into a higher dimensional space. So your physical being must acclimate to this new altitude, if you will. If you climb a very high mountain – like Everest – your body goes through a transition as oxygen is less available, your cells die off and your lungs work harder and can compress under the altitude pressure. Unless we adjust and acclimate, our bodies would shut down and we would die. This is similar to what we are experiencing in the higher vibrating place that we are now inhabiting. As it requires that we vibrate at a higher frequency, we must lighten our load in every aspect. This is why so many are experiencing some very intense physical symptoms – one of them being weight fluctuations. In your case, you have shed what is unnecessary. Now it your job to put the focus on the Spirit aspect and allow that to grow and expand – in other words let your curvy Soul out from the inside out :) – and learn to love your physical body as it is – lean and lovely! As you do this, I sense strongly you will come to peace with yourself and come into balance with your body and soul. And ultimately this will bring you into harmony with your new body shape – whatever it ends up shaking out to be.

      I hope this is helpful and I do wish you well on your journey. Many blessings to you!

  103. Dear Hillary Harris,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for helping others like myself. I wanted to find answers…AND I did NOT find it…Ascension Symptoms found ME! I have almost all of the symptoms with a few of my own. I just found out that suddenly my teeth have deteriorated to the point that I need to have extensive work!!! I have had insomnia symptoms for close to 20 years, gained 50+ pounds in a short period, eye issues etc..I always felt compassion for others…As a child, I was always willing to help as I still DO!! I recall, when asked….What do you want to be when you grow up? Without hesitation, I answered a “Chinese Nun”…I am now 57 and I would say, when I DO grow up…I want to be HAPPY, LOVED surrounded by PEACE and LIGHT! People tell me that I look younger than my years…YEEEEAAAY! I do experience pain throughout my body, tingling all over but mainly on my hands, I get lost easily, dates I forget them also…YOU know the rest….It can be scary!!! As I am ready to relax, I feel from my neck down to my belly a lot of energy AND my body actually vibrates. I no longer feel the need for food…I drink a lot of water mainly! Some friends, my birth parents and my birth children have nothing in common with…As it saddens ME, I feel disconnected from some people in my life…I like my alone time, helping others and always have enjoyed GOD’S creations…I realize that money is only paper with a value that it was given…I no longer watch TV… I work with Special Ed children and I feel that I understand them and that they are also going through ascension. What do you think?? Many Blessings to everyone…MUCH LOVE, PEACE AND LIGHT! SEE YOU ALL SOON!

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Mary Lou,

      I understand your experiences – particularly about your disconnection from your circle of family and friends. It is not uncommon as we may incarnated with those souls to learn and experience certain things but now need to move beyond that circle to become or return to who we truly and fully came here to be.

      The message I receive for you – as you such have such a great and large heart – is that now is the time for you to be decisive about what YOU want and need, who YOU are and how YOU want your life to be. It is time to share all that love and giving with YOURSELF. Love – Divinely Love – YOU. Time to ‘sink your teeth’ into your own life and fill your tank up with Light. You see, in 5D, there is no authentically caring for others unless we can do this for ourselves.

      Take care and be in Wholeness!

  104. Thank you so much Hilary for this page and all the other work you are doing. I’ve been experiencing ascension symptoms for years and was made aware of the cause back in 1993 when I was working as a healer in London. For about two months I experienced flu like symptoms and couldn’t do much at all. I went to a psychic who told be it was like a cosmic pipeline was sitting in readiness waiting to connect and I was being made to look back down through the solar system of my life. Well I knew there was a clearing going on. During that time and for a while after I was having trouble getting to sleep, which has continued off and on over the years. Over this last year or more in particular I have experienced most of the other symptoms on your list. The ringing in my ears are constant, cramps with the heaviness in my legs pulling me down into the earth have added to my problem of not bing able to get to sleep. Last night it got the better of me and I began searching the net for ascension symptoms with the thought, “when is this ging to stop? Well that is when I found yourself. Over the years when I have experienced flu like symptoms I have taken 1 tspn of vit C powder and selenium, so haven’t had real flu or colds. About 6 months ago I was having awful heartburn, another symptom keeping me awake, so when a friend suggested taking baking soda in water the problem stopped, but lately the symptoms are stonger than the vit C and baking soda. Of course lower back pain and strange pains in my neck right shoulder and shoulder blades began recently, so its a relief to see that other people are having this too, plus the itchy skin which was confusing as I have never been alergic before. All my life I’ve had the sense that I’m from another planet and don’t belong here. The thing that is on my mind as I write is that beginning in 2012 I started an art course and was told that I am a natural painter by 2 tutors. I had never painted before and had believed that my purpose in life was to help people, so was a nurse first and a healer. Then I realised that by changing my focus to art I could at last reach my own potential, find my true self. For the last 2 or so weeks I can’t seem to get it together, my ideas go nowhere and the days slip by. I feel there is something that wants to emerge from deep inside, but time seems to be standing still and I seem to be withdrawing from the world. Gardening is the only thing that makes sense. I hope this wasn’t too long and I’m sorry if it is. I enjoyed listening to your talk with Bob Charles Hilary and thank you for your email today. Love & Blessings.

    • Hillary Harris

      Dearest ‘Soul’Journer Jillyan,

      Thank you for your sharing. Yes, it has been a long road with lots of strange symptoms for sure and I am delighted that you found this site and that it has been helpful to you.

      Any ‘fixes’ we try for symptoms can work and may work for a time, but as things intensify or we move higher in the vibration, they may either not work or we will not feel the symptoms as strongly. It just depends on where we are on our path.

      The back pain – back of the heart chakra – and neck pain are often associated with heart expansion and activation as well as with the sprouting of our ‘angel wings.’ This process for me was quite painful and really unpleasant. I remember bursting into tears in the grocery store once simply because I could not stop the ache. Then, I just had a flash to envision the weight being held up so the discomfort would stop – and it all disappeared. This is to say that we each find our way through as we learn to follow our intuition, tune in to our inner knowing and listen to wisdom of our higher selves and deepest Heart Speak.

      Your heart may indeed be speaking of a new interest – and then it may just as quickly fade away. This can be for a few reasons. It could have to do with the planetary alignments or your own alignment – in other words the time is just not quite right. So much is shifting – or was in the early part of the year – that building in earnest on anything new was impossible as the foundation was not quite solid yet. It is still in progress, but manifesting and creating is a bit more productive as we move into the later part of this year. However, stops and starts are not uncommon and may continue for some time. This is not the ‘flow’ of the old world. We must learn to navigate these new energies and understand a few things.

      First, that unless we are coming from our hearts fully and authentically, nothing will stick or fly. Second, as I have come to discover, feelings and emotions are what I know to be the new 5D currency – so unless we are fully in touch with and allowing our feelings to be expressed – ALL of them – in a healthy way – we will get stuck and stalled. Finally, self care, self love, self care. This is a core critical need. Do what you need to do right now and if that is withdraw, trust that. You will know when to emerge and how. And know too that how won’t be the old way. You may not emerge and go gangbusters full force into art and painting. It may be a stop and start, explore as you go process where you need to – like with painting – just surrender and go with the flow and see what comes off the end of your brush. And then you may take another long pause while you choose your next color or stroke.

      This is a new world with new ways of being and operating. So letting go of how it will go is key. Gardening is a great practice during such a time – and analogy – as you plant a seed and then leave it alone to take root. You also leave the ground fallow so nutrients can replenish in the soil. It is a process of patience and tending – no pushing or forcing. And, of course, a lot of LOVE!

      I wish you a vibrant, joyous and colorful journey as you discover your Truth!

  105. Raven

    Dear Hillary, I just found your website tonight and feel very comforted. Since Sunday evening I have been experiencing dizziness every day… but just in the evenings. It lasts for a couple of hours, sometimes developing flu-like fogginess in my head. When I wake up in the morning, all the symptoms are gone, and I feel fine and forget it ever happened… until the evening… when I get dizzy again. I see you have vertigo listed as a symptom. I was very scared to experience these symptoms until I saw your website. I am a light worker and have done a LOT of energy work on myself, but I’ve never had physical symptoms like this before – only fatigue. The evening-only vertigo alarms me. Does it make sense to you that the vertigo would only be in the evenings versus continuously? Is there anything I can do to move through this transition faster?

    I also find that I have been eating a lot more recently and experiencing a lot of cravings like you have shared here. Does that go away with time? What can I do to shift in a manner where I don’t have to become physically bigger to hold more light?

    Thank you so much for your site. You have been such a comfort. Many blessings to you!

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Raven,

      Allow me to answer some of your concerns. The ‘evening-only’ vertigo is not uncommon. Not that it happens in the evening, per say, but that you experience it at a particular time each day. Your Soul knows what it is doing and knows what is best for you. Perhaps this is the best space or ‘time’ if you will, for your being to receive new frequencies or open up to what you are needing to open up to. If you happen to be more relaxed and your mind quieter and this time – and often we are tired in the evenings and so less likely to be in a mind chatter state or a state of resistance, so more receptive to allowing in these higher activating frequencies. Kind of like many do their most profound work during their sleep and ‘dream’ time as that is when they are most open, less resistant and more available to receive. Keep in mind that your pineal gland and pituitary are being activated and expanded – and you wouldn’t want this to happen while driving. I have a few clients to whom this happens during the day or at odd times – so be thankful it is more consistent! :)

      Is there anything you can do to move through this faster? That is a question I get a lot. The answer…nope. Your pace is determined by your Soul and your own internal readiness – as well as what is going on around you. Besides, as I have been saying for years, there is no pushing in 5D! So, that would apply to this process of transition as well. I feel this is also by Divine design as it is teaching us patience, that discomfort is not to be experienced as something to resist or as a ‘bad’ thing and that this process is just as blessed and sacred as what awaits us on the other side.

      Regarding the cravings, this too, as you have read, is common. It will come and go as you move through. Sometimes I crave more protein, sometimes I only want water or very light fare. This is an opportunity to learn to listen to your body and its needs – as our typical way is to eat out of boredom, loneliness, distraction – in other words, to eat for any other reason purpose than nature intended – true nourishment.

      Again, what may be bad news – but really is not – is that there is nothing you can do to shift in a way where you don’t have to become physically bigger to hold more light – IF (here may be the good news) IF that is what your journey requires. I had to carry a few more pounds for awhile – but saw it as a good sign that I was indeed holding more light. Then, it just feel off. You can work with your breathing in the gut area to expand that space. You can be sure to eat high vibrating organic foods. You can fill yourself full by treating yourself purely with Divine Love – not as easy as it sounds – and this MAY allow you to expand yourself in a way where your body doesn’t need to expand. However, if your body needs to do this so that you learn to love your body bigger – another form of Divine Love – loving yourself as you are – heavier or holding more weight right now – then that is your journey and part of your process of embracing your Ego instead of resisting it and its vanity – if this makes sense.

      You see, we will step over nothing in 5D. We may think we can do a technique or work around something to ‘avoid’ an experience we don’t want or want to get rid of, but trust that the Divine, the Universe, your Higher Self, Your Soul – knows what is going on and what you need to move through on your way to the purest form of YOU. So perhaps the best way to not have to become physically bigger is to be completely okay with becoming physically bigger! :) Surrender and allow.

      Blessings to you on the path!

      • Raven

        Thank you so much for your thorough and compassionate response, Hillary. It was very comforting and reassuring! Love and blessings!

  106. Michael

    Dear Hilary,
    Thank you for the information on this site. I am 23 and this process has been very traumatic for me. I had quit life because i was in so much pain physically and emotionally. Somehow my alone time led me to learn about indigos and the 5th dimension and so on. I’m just relieved to know that i’m not alone because the past year has been literally hell for me. Thank you again for sharing the information you know with the world, because there is who need to know they are not alone.

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Michael,

      You are welcome. You are not alone. Thank you for sharing your experience and for being with us on this path. Hang in there – I know it is challenging – and it WILL ease and Flow again for you. The darker the journery, the brighter the light to come and we need you and your powerful presence to assist in this tremendous Shift.

  107. Patty

    Dear Hillary
    I stumbled upon your website accidentally.
    First of all, I would like to thank you: thank you very much.
    Then, I don’t know how to start what I’m going to write here and I try to focus right now on what I’m doing here now with the flow of my heart, not letting the mind interfere with the words.
    There is a lot going on. I feel everything is accelerating and I feel my whole inner body vibrating from within, my legs, my feet, my hands, my mouth. sometimes my head, or part of the head is like dormant and I feel it crippling inside. I actually enjoy feeling my inner bod so vibrantly alive, it doesn’t scare me at all. My heart or I shall say the middle of my chest is palpitating a lot lately and I even had to go to the doc because my legs were really swollen and nothing could be found. somehow I knew they wouldn’t find anything. There has been also a pressure within my head, but this is now gone along with the ear sounds. I felt the urgent need from within to stop eating meat at all, so I’m now vegetarian and one step away to becoming vegan, except for the bit milk I drink daily. But I’m aware that I should not identify with any rule such as being a vegan or whatsoever, Im aware of the ego tricky-traps.
    I actually enjoy eating meat, but it’s a like an awareness, something like, I feel like the way animals are being treated is really insane, I can no longer eat them as long as collective consciousness on the planet keeps going on like this, there is no reverence to living beings which are being sacrificed to feed us, there is so much suffering involved on it, so I decided to step out and it was a decision like a flash, it just happened from one day to the other.
    I observe some fear and I’m aware this must be the ego in action. To deal with fear thoughts is far easier as I observe the thoughts and they just vanish like clouds in the sky. To deal with emotional fear is a little bit more difficult though. I know surrender is necessary to transform this energy and sometimes it goes away in the light of the present awareness and sometimes it remains a little longer. I sometimes experience a feeling of deep connection to everything and everyone, like an invisible net of love expanding underneath the layers of surface.
    Then, there have been these dreams. lots of dreams and voices from outside or from somewhere I don’t know in the middle of the dreams with no connection to the dreams, wonderful beautiful deep sentences and somehow I’m aware I’m listening to these insights in the dreams and then I want to wake up and take note but I can’t and when I wake up they are gone, sometimes just fragments of these sentences remain. It is not from this world or I’m completely crazy! Maybe I’m crazy.
    Then there are moments when I feel a silence within. the other day during the sunrise – very early in the morning – I could not sleep as I chose not to sleep that night and I was really a bit anxious and I was aware of it. Then when the whole world was asleep in the early morning hours of the sunrise the first sun ray of lights I went to terrace, the birds were singing and the whole nature was just sacredly untouched and beyond words, I looked at the threes, the sky and heard the birds and the mind was completely shut down, there was a timeless space within, a silence within, such a joy, a pure joy, I can not describe, I had to cry because I never felt that way before, it was not an emotion, it was something I can’t find words to describe it. it passed after some timeless seconds and I wish to be in that state for the rest of this life. I have had some glimpses like this before, of no mind and it is very intense and very brief and very I don’t know how to say, this one however was just recently – two days ago – and it still very vivid in my heart.
    I feel like that: somehow beyond my mind knows that something is going on and it’s being very intense and the mind wants to grasp it and judge it but it cant. there is pure joy moments interfered with fearful moments. Sometimes I feel like I’m suffering for others or I’m feeling their pains I don’t know how to say. this leads me to get a little bit isolated in my own place. and these heart palpitations is really very strange and is becoming more and more. There has been also a lot of weight gain and I’ve been dieting my life long and struggled to stay beautiful according to the society norms of beauty and I was always successful with this part of the ego being very attached to the physical image of what it is thought to be myself. But I let go of it: I’m not on a diet to loose weight, although I wish I could loose some weight because I really got very fat, but its more like deep within I know: there is more than this to that subject. I have to accept what it is and let go of that. But somehow there must be some resistance about this because I catch myself unconscious thinking about that.
    Well, I don’t know if I’m on it. I don’t know if I’m shifting or if I’m now totally Crazy and trapped in.
    whatever it is : it is as it is. this too shall pass. and I’m not unhappy at all.I dunno how to explain. Thanks and lots of love to all of you.
    ps.: I have been trying to post this comment on your ascension symptoms site, but I’m always getting an error message.

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Patricia ~

      Thank you for your e-mail. I understand all that you write and are experiencing. So much is occurring and the dance between Love and Fear in our feelings is quite natural and common at this time. I checked on why you were not able to post and have fixed the issue for now. If you like, I can post this e-mail to the page. Just let me know and I will take care of it.

      Do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

      Prosperous Blessings

  108. Susan

    Dear Hillary:

    I feel a little like I’m writing to Agony Aunt, and where to begin. Here goes…

    I have been going through different stages of the ascension process for many years. It has been at it’s peak (worst) since November 2013.

    I’ve been through extreme loss of both emotional and material. I also feel a loss of my ‘self’. I am like a shell/vessel waiting to be filled. My heart feels heavy; I sense some of this is part of the transformation process and some is definitely grief.

    I’ve had old man syndrome on and off since 2005; it has been worse these last two years. My hip hurt and it made me hobble; at times I could not walk. That is subsiding now and walking is becoming easier. My lower back hurts. I read on another web site that we have Chakras on the right and left approx. where our ovaries would be and this is where the pain is emanating from…I wonder if this pain is associated with the opening of those Chakras. I expect the shoulder blades will ache next.

    I am yawning A LOT. Especially when I begin meditation. It makes me smile/giggle a little.

    In meditation, I’m travelling to a very empty, silent but white light place but can’t seem to stay there for more than 5 maybe ten minutes. It’s just silent…no messages. Yet. Sometimes it’s as if I’m part of the energy that surrounds the earth…I know it sounds strange but somehow it feels like I’m trying to boost the energy surrounding the globe from it’s core. Is this too weird for words?

    Letting go of the pro-active self has been a challenge. I have to try to get the feeling of satisfaction for small accomplishments…like doing the dishes; difficult for someone who was a creative “do-er” with a very full social, business and fitness diary. I used to love to write, draw, conjure up ideas; this part of me is not gone entirely but feels dormant and without inspiration (energy).

    I’m not unhappy but I don’t laugh as much as I would like. I want to help myself help it’s self progress and I am digging deep to find patience with this part of the journey.

    Being in the Now is easier and I am able to stay there without worry most of the time. In the Now I am not afraid and I am learning a new kind of content. Love and appreciation are my constant friends. I’ve renamed water: Joy.

    People are staring at me; I smile back and send them love and light. Never-the-less it feels a little unnerving.

    I feel the polarity of life more strongly. I’ve heard women screaming. People look so very sad and seemingly unfulfilled. Truth is more important. The grey areas of life are finding clarity.

    If I’m confused or troubled I seek Source and ask for what I should do about… In a place with no occupational direction, no wealth, and generally feeling ‘all at sea’ the knowledge that all I need for any problem can be solved at Source has become my security.

    Visually, the outside world is taking on a new reality or can I say it’s like I have new eyes. Nature is more beautiful, colours are more intense.

    My new challenge of the week is to learn to love ‘me’ more.

    I’m tired. I can’t decide if I need a holiday or an occupation…right now, all there is, is the Now and the unexpected.

    It’s a very contained experience in the present and a very free, liberating experience in meditation.

    There’s more but I forgot it…(ha ha)

    Kindest regards and many thanks for listening to a snapshot of my journey,

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Susan,

      Thank you for your sharing and I understand it all. I too have experienced the same lower back pain – and most recently the lower abdominal/ovary pain that you are describing. So you are right on track. It is indeed uncomfortable and there is no way through but through. :) We must embrace it all as we open to the next level of ourselves. I sense that the pains you are asking about have to do with opening and releasing in the chakras that have to do with our ‘right to be here’ – root chakra – and our creativity – the sacral chakra where the ovaries and reproductive organs reside. This creativity is important for two reasons – first we are creating the new world quite literally and this is being done from the inside out – it is not something we are doing externally but is happening through our ‘BEingess’ now – so how we carry ourselves and ‘be’ is what will then emanate from us and how our world will then look like or manifest to be. I hope this makes sense – feels like this information is coming in from a high place.

      Also, this pain has to with the awakening of our Divine Feminine power – so what better area of the body for this to be occurring, but also we are experiencing a kundalini awakening along our entire chakra system – so this base area being at the root of that is being stirred and expanded as well.

      Again, all that you are experiencing is natural for this metamorphosis – as it truly is as the caterpillar dissolving inside the chrysalis – letting go of everything it was but for some imaginal cells – and then reforming into another kind of magnificent creature – one that will be ready to fly away once it is strong enough to navigate the wind.

      It is also understandable that you are observing a strong polarity ‘out there’ as duality falls away. It will get louder first before we come into Unity and for some time we are going to experience the appearance of more darkness and chaos and insanity. The Truth is that there is more Light present and the darkness is in a tither about it. Your sensitivity to it is drawing your focus there. If it feels good to act, then do so. It it does not, come back to the present and know that all is unfolding for our highest and best good.

      The grief you are feeling is also very prevalent now in the collective. As ‘what was’ fights for its life, so to speak, but continues its demise, and what no longer fits us falls away from us personally as well, we will grieve the old and the process of letting go. We are letting go of 26,000 years of our history now, our legacy, our ancestors legacy – and yet this is the choice we have made to evolve and embrace our Divine nature – to release the tradition of suffering, lack and fear and fully come into the sparkling pure Essence of Who we truly are – not who we came to believe we were. No small feat.

      Keep up the beautiful journey you are walking. You are helping us all to follow that path with more ease and less confusion!

  109. Eugene

    Hilary Harris. I have been doing research on this ascension process and its symptoms. I must admit that this blog has put my mind at peace as far as symptoms go. I can relate to most of these symptomsand my soul is literally rejoicing at the fact that after months of research, I can rest a little bit better knowing that I’m not going insane I .Thank you so much . I’m only 22 years old and I thrive on keeping myself healthy. I don’t sleep at all during the night anymore it’s been that way for a couple of weeks now.And back when I used to I found myself waking up every hour. I’m also having this feeling of extra pressure on my back it doesn’t hurt at all but it does get to be annoying. Icould go on and on but I’llkeep it brief. May God’s unconditional love and grace be upon you and everyone else involved in this process.

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Eugene ~

      My Soul is rejoicing that you found this site and that it is helpful to you – it is why I created it! I can assure you, though you may feel it, you are not going insane. :) I too had always considered myself to be and feel healthy. Then the Ascension symptoms began – and that was over 10 years ago now – so I am one weary ‘Soul’Journer!

      Sleep patterns are commonly interrupted – for various reasons – and often when we have New and Full Moons or Solar happenings we are more thrown off than usual. It may improve with time and sometimes meditative music, deep breathing or guided visualization for sleep can help.

      The extra pressure on your back can be from a few things. The first may be – and this happened to me many years ago and was quite painful though most extraordinary – that your Angel Wings are sprouting. As we become our High Human selves and integrate with our Divine aspects, this occurs. It can be quite uncomfortable. The other may be that your Heart Chakra is expanding and receiving more energy. The Chakras as you may know are the vibrational centers in our bodies and they are like two traffic cones put together at the point – the flared out ends sending energy out the front and the back too of our bodies. So your Heart Chakra is not only in the center of your chest but also between your shoulder blades on your back. As such, when we take in new frequencies or expand, you may be feeling it in the back – as we often will receive through our backs.

      Hot baths with magnesium salt may help. Also, deep breathing – in the bath – expanding your lungs as much as you can may also help. You might also try envisioning your wings stretching out far beyond your shoulders and see what happens. I sometimes envisioned a brace holding them up – and that seemed to alleviate any discomfort.

      Blessing to you on your journey!

  110. sam

    My heart felt Gratitude to all
    Thank You :)

  111. sam

    Im so happy to read ur blog . It really ease my pain to know that i am not alone. I thought im crazy .There are so many people who are undergoing what im undergoing now .
    Initially it started out as a profound depression for many years and wanting to go home for about 8 years then . I cried through it and then it gradually subsided now im feeling peaceful after i started practising gratitude and meditation . . Without any medications :)
    My intense pain in my centre of of my forehead started one year back when I started meditation . It felt as though a hammer is being slammed over my center of my head . I started practising relaxing meditation feeling all other parts of my body without pain imaging a huge ball energy generated from my body being rolled towards my center of my head then all of a sudden im not experiencing the headache anymore only pulsating sensation . I am now having body aches and spiritual flu intensly I am an freshly graduated doctor no medicines are helpful I am not able to move even my arms due to intense neck pain some time . Since I have got through the major transformation I sure that I will get through it . I m sending my love and positive vibration to all . Let the world shine bright by reflecting our heart inner joy and peaceful light . Lets all embrace this transformation and merge as an Holy Oness in our heart . Namaste

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Sam ~

      Kudos to you for intuitively understanding that as you allow yourself to go inward and feel what there is to be felt, that you will come to Peace and Wholeness in your body’s and Soul’s due time. Bravo!

      I understand your recent symptoms. I have had them myself – most intense after many years. This is due to all the planetary alignments and moon and solar activity of April and the reverberations of these waves of energy that we will be feeling for a few months to come. And then, of course, we will experience June’s summer solstice which will begin yet another wave of shifts and movement of vibrational energy!

      Congratulations on your recent graduation. The world needs more doctors who understand the full spectrum of what is happening on not just the physical level but also the spiritual and emotional as well. I have no doubt you will be a tremendous asset to the medical field and make a huge difference in the New World!

      Blessings to you and be well!

  112. cherie

    Also I hope that every person going through these trying times has the love and support from their family and friends. It can be lonely going through this if you think you are alone, but you only have to look online or websites such as this one :-) to see there are so many people now wishing for change and praying for peace! So I send out as much live and light that I have to all who read this and all who don’t! Maybe one day we will all be able to communicate as one and usher in a loving peaceful wonderful future! :-) xx

    • cherie

      ** Love and Light xx

    • Eugene

      Thank you Cherie!!! I have felt alone in this process after returning home and I totally understand your comment. Thank you so much!!!

  113. cherie

    I have been feeling a lot of these symptoms for awhile now. At the moment I have been experiencing a lot of vibrations, restless nights with a lot of hallucinations. I see a lot of things and sometimes if I try to surround myself with white light and protection I feel as if I get drowned from all directions with negative energy. Its frightening. And it makes me feel as if I shine too much goodness and get noticed or something. Although last night I woke up feeling strong vibrations and my room looked as though it was, its hard to explain, kind of like bright light was shining through cracks or the light was shining through. / in everything, the walls etc. It was strange. And I felt like oh its just the escension process and went back to sleep, haha but then I would like to know what it was. I have a lot of unfortunate things happen one after the other too, my house that I own was trashed and I’ve had my company shut down the place where I work as a supervisor, then only a month later we have lost the contract fir the place I’m at now. I’m a little concerned but trying to stay positive and happy. I have also started 3 courses in hypnotherapy, past life regression, meditation teacher/holistic counselor in the last month which is a big step for me. My back and neck is very bad also even though I am only 31 and I have an extra vertabrae and rare blood. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping safe while sending love and light out there to the world!?

    • Hillary Harris

      Dearest Cherie ~

      It sounds as if you are truly experiencing the new world frequencies and higher dimensional realm. I know this can be confusing and disconcerting from a 3D perspective – you – as are we all – unaccustomed to what this looks and feels like and it is often hard to accept or take in from the head space.

      I understand your concern about ‘protection’ – however my sense of this is this – it isn’t about surrounding yourself with light to keep the darkness out anymore – because that also creates a barrier between you and the higher love light frequencies as well as anything you might not want to connect with. It is about you igniting and expanding your own light from within and then understanding that whatever touches that light – dark or light – will simply be returned to Source or Love Light essence. This is to say that you have perhaps been creating a resistance with your barrier instead of an allowing by just receiving.

      It is true that as we raise our own vibration, we may be pushed out by old and dark forces who cannot ‘be with’ our light. This also may explain the crashing down of your world – it is no longer a fit and therefore it must go as you no longer reside in the world of those things – your home, your company, the next work via the contract. Remember, as I have said so often, the Chrysalis Experience of the Caterpillar is like the liquidation sale – ‘everything must go’ – as we cannot truly inhabit and create in a completely new world and new reality if we are bringing the old with us.

      My suggestion for keeping safe – in addition to what I mentioned above – is to shift your perspective. What if you knew and trust that you were not unsafe? Begin to take on not only the idea but the feeling that All is Well, you are safe and surrounded in LOVE at all times. Fill yourself with this feeling as often as you can. And instead of sending love and light out to the world, right now send it to yourself first. Once you do this and you are truly filled and filled with that feeling of safe and secure as well, it can’t help but overflow to the rest of the collective. You won’t have to ‘send’ it anywhere – as the veils are no more – so as you do and feel, so it is too for the Whole!

      Be well and Blessings and LOVE to you!

  114. I wish I could place a pink blanket of love around everyone who is undergoing such heart breaking transition/ascension times and symptoms. To me, it makes little sense that the Earth and those closely attuned to her have to endure so much in this passage from one state to another. The symptoms and experiences that have been mentioned are what I have experienced from birth but recently they have become even more intense and the distress is heightened. Close friends have shared and listened and for this I shall be eternally grateful because without them this level of existence or consciousness would be very bleak indeed. May peace and ease flood everyone and may this transition process be wiped from our cellular memory so that we can live a life that is filled with joy and ever present bliss. Blessings to all. B x

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Breda ~

      I receive your pink blanket with deepest appreciation. However, do remember that each and every Soul who has incarnated at this time and is present for this, indeed, very challenging experience, has chosen to be here – difficulties and all. It is true that the process has changed course more than expected and has been prolonged and much more intense than ever anticipated. And yet, it is looked upon as one of the most sacred journeys and blessed opportunities of all Universes and beyond. Humans are rather stubborn beings. As such, the releasing of density and return to a remembrance of our Divinity has proven to be quite tricky. However, I believe that too is part of the process and is what makes the ultimate arrival and return Home all the sweeter and more sacred. Perhaps like the pain of childbirth, this transition will be wiped from our cellular memory – but I hope it is not – for the ‘struggle’ to get here is what will remind us to cherish the Peace, Prosperity, LOVE and Unity FOR ALL we will have finally attained.

      So, hang in there! We are here as a Family at to support you – and those who do not feel they have others to support them. This is the purpose of this space and the new space I am creating – to gather up all who seek Community – Common-Unity – now as we create our New World together.

      Blessings to you!

    • Ez

      Hi Breda, I was feeling so overwhelmed today and I came across your comment. It so encouraged me, Thankyou!
      What a beautiful soul you are. May you be blessed and happy.
      Cheers from down under,
      Ez : )

  115. Phoebe

    Thank you so much for this page I wS led here by searching terms such as “vegan vibrational shifts” and “eating to increase vibrational energy” :)

    I wanted to share my story on how I truly connected with this golden glowing gem of a page which speaks directly of where I am at right now.

    Normally I am an unstoppable person, always creating, talking, designing and emailing and pushing ahead on a creative group project.

    Early September I got a horrible flu and my boss asked me to lie in my sales job (for a natural health magazine) which I replied no and quit.

    I was very proud of the strength in this moment of not needing money from lying. I knew I had proven value to myself. Up until this point also I was achieving the best fitness goals of my life. Weightless, physique, integrity to my diet. Great creative success. Then…the flu.

    Since then I’ve had no energy. I don’t know where I went. I’m so ridiculously in tune with the planets and weather as mentioned above. When neptune retrogrades I become alcohol free effortlessly. It went direct the other day and I’m
    Drinking again. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I became vegan. I put on weight! I quit caffiene and detoxed hoping an internal shift would give me back my vitality but no jazz! Still totally wtf…where am I? I do take over the counter codeine 1-2 a day very small but I need it to cope. It’s so silly and strange! My hearing is tinny, I can’t remember people’s names, lists of things to do are out if the question (I’m an over achiever) this is not me. I am off my face of planetary interactions and numerology. I’m in my 1 personal year and I’m so worried that I’m sitting on my ass and missing planting the seeds. So many of the symptoms you described above are exactly where I’m at, I have been trying to explain this “odd” phase to my friends and u summed it up – with an inviting idea that it may be ascension. This does make me feel positive thank you – but I don’t want to fool myself. I can’t make friends with peor who can’t listen to my fascination with planets and their effects. Lucky I have lovely friends. I have a large social media following and so any new things to post or share about my creative endeavour, but the ego has gone, I can’t bring myself to post anything. That is not at all like me. This is very strange and how I know something is wrong haha

    The oct 18 eclipse spelt sudden move of house. We’ve rented 7 years in this house and you guessed it were moving. I chose to move before I was notified. Incredible synchronicity. Only problem is finding a house number that satisfies me as the 13 vibration I have lived in has worn me out.

    So much anxiety from gut knowings, apathy, an out of control on little things like the dishes or cooking. I can’t control my outer environment so I try to control my inner. Honestly the thing I’m most excited about is how many times I lay cable! Really cool!

    Haha (sorry but were talking here)

    I love that you wrote this, it gives me hope, although I feel a tremendous cloud on what comes next. Where do I go from here. I have so much love for this shared experience with you all. Thank you.

    • Hillary Harris

      My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Phoebe,

      You are in the chrysalis phase of your Ascension. The caterpillar relinquishes everything to make the incredible journey toward becoming a butterfly. This is the stage where it all falls apart – and it must. This is not a bad thing. This is a blessing and a glorious, miraculous phase. Not matter how much work we have done on ourselves, this is the point we come to – where we step off and into the space where we fully let go and surrender. What was is no longer – so we must do this to embrace and embody the new. That is the only way forward.

      I can feel you getting pulled all over the place internally and externally. It is time to be still and go within. All must dissolve and your only ‘job’ or ‘work’ is to be still, release – let go and let go of control. I know this is difficult. Therefore it is key to be gentle with yourself. I too was an over-acheiver, however Fifth Dimension is Heart-based and there is no more pushing or seeking or forcing of anything. We must allow and surrender in Trust that all is unfolding in Divine time and perfection. This may be difficult to embrace as well, but all of the modalities and technologies and tools are also falling away. This can be confusing as they won’t work for us anymore as they once did. There is a reason for this and it is a gift when it all runs out of gas. You see, we need new tools – one that align with and embody the higher frequencies we are now dwelling in. And new ones are coming in. I can suggest listening to my shows – I just posted a new one that may be helpful: They Only Way In is WithIN. And you have tremendous power and knowing. It is time to awaken and remember. Be still. Love yourself. Go inward. Keep it very simple. Be in this moment and put your focus on what feels good and on what you feel grateful for – even the smallest thing.

      This time for you is about trusting and loving yourself so you can come into Wholeness and gaining Self-Sovereignty (find your inner power) from the inside out. All of the charts and planets may be impacting you – they have a strong pull on us indeed). However, your inner alchemy can override this as you strengthen and heal, come into Wholeness and shed the illusion of the old. You won’t get pulled off center so much with each planetary retrograde, for example. It will be more subtle.

      All that we were and thought we knew is no longer. This IS a new world and we must be willing to step into the Unknown, the grand new adventure we are on. When we don’t or cannot, we do feel a struggle that is not pleasant for sure. As you surrender in trust, the anxiety will ease. As you allow, the need for control subsides. It takes practice. After all, this is a new dimension we are inhabiting so give yourself a break! But you have come to see there is no controlling the outer environment – and there never was. There is also no controlling the inner one. Managing emotions is not living in flow or fluidity with your Divine essence. That just causes resistance and resistance creates density and that causes stuckness and you know the rest. :) So embrace it all. Embrace what is coming up and what you are feeling. This is part of your Ascension process and the clearing out for the remembrance of the magnificence of extraordinary YOU. Instead of covering up or coping, numbing or distracting from allowing in the full experience of life, we are now being asked and invited to step in and open to embrace it all so that we can release the misperceptions and finally own our God-nature. Take it one step at a time, do what feels right at the heart-wisdom level and know that you are being guided along the way. You are deeply loved. You are fully supported. But this knowing that the Divine is there must be seeded and nurtured from within first or else the roots cannot take hold.

      It is a privilege to be walking this path on this unprecedented journey with you!

      • Deb

        Wondering why I am so fatigued, and have terrible tinnitus since November 2013. I feel wobbly/dizzy sometimes and thick in my head as if it’s a ton in weight. Having trouble grounding myself and my previous passion for bodywork has dissipated but I am hoping that is temporary. Have experienced a inner head explosion which woke me up late at night…thought I was having a stroke but it went as quickly as it came with no ill effects…very strange experience. Glad I am not the only one going through all this…looking forward to feeling better but am generally feeling lighter and happier within myself

        • Hillary Harris

          My Dearest Deb ~

          What you are experiencing is indeed part of this latest energetic upshifting intensified by April’s wallops of planetary aligments and moon happenings. April 15th we had a Full Moon, then around the very time you wrote to me, we were undergoing the Grand Cross Alignment, the alignment of four planets that created both chaos and creation into our world and the new grid or vibrational field that is being laid down. Near the end of April, another big event with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse – yet another extremely intense push of energies. April brought us fully into the New World and solidified – at last! – our place here. No more bouncing back into 3D or out of the new space. This was no small feat and no tiny occurrence. I myself took a big hit physically and energetically and had the Ascension Flu like I had not experienced it in maybe 5 years. I was hobbling around like an 80 year-old and so uncomfortable.

          As your lack or loss of passion for your work – this too is a common experience that so many are having and, unfortunately, I cannot say if it is temporary for your Soul’s journey and choosing or not. Some are coming to the end of the road with their work and needing to now take a long hiatus or find a new path. Some will just take a break and re-establish their work, but in a new way and from a new frequency and perspective. I can tell you this, whether you continue or your work morphs or completely changes, it will never be just the same as it was – and it isn’t supposed to be.

          Remember that we are all undergoing that Chrysalis Experience – so the caterpillar doesn’t emerge from the cocoon and nothing that was prior to it entering does either. If anything does emerge that was any part of the caterpillar – it will be transformed in most ways and what is left will be at the core – even DNA level only. So just allow for your Soul and Heart to lead you. And know that all IS well. The symptoms will ease with each passing wave. The dizziness that comes from adjusting to yet another uptick in frequency will also calm and disappear. But, as with this entire process, it takes time and depends on your own pace.

          Just know that no matter your pace or where you are on your path, you are safe and deeply loved – and not alone! We are here with you!

          Blessings and much LOVE to you!

      • Mette Therese

        Dear Hillary.

        I can very much relate to what Kelley is writing. And I have never felt like this. I have never had anything close to suicidal feelings – have most of my life been very intuned inwards, much in nature, making music, dancing/singing, painting and good social life. But latest 10 years have been struggling. And lately much anxiety and panic – and then a very, very, deep saaaad feeling of being disconnected from everything good. I have the most beautiful partner in the world – so loving and caring. I have a job that is wonderful – in Waldorf Kindergarden with beautiful colleeges in stunning surroundings. But I have not been able to work for over 1 year now. The strange thing is – I am in between totally in peace and manifasting very quickly – for a short time. Can be half day/almost one day. Then in the next morning I can wake up with panic – feeling of being strangled. I feel I have been working out sooo much emotions and fear and it seems like a neverending story. Over and over again I have my intention on releasing all tention in my body and just let go – walk straight into the fear and releasing. But no matter what it comes again. Feels like going in circle – but I hope its more like pulling off an onion – layer for leyer. I know I am much more conscious and aware then for 1 year ago, but still I can get so freaking panic that I feel I cannot stay. I also have one therapeut – once a week – working together with her for cleansing emotions. But is it possible that You can see where I am in the process? Or if it is still my stuff left or the collective – if that makes any difference? The only this that has been really calming me down is to read the ascention symptoms – and Your website has been the best description. Thank You so much <3 All the best, Mette Therese

  116. skyjackedagain

    Feel so lightheaded and ungrounded again with unbelievable fatigue, pressure headaches on the left side of the head and nausea that nothing seems real anymore. I have had all the above ascension symptoms past/present hopefully not again in the future. Yet again weird fearful feelings and rapid heartbeat for no reason. I feel isolated and alone but have no desire to be social, just want to cocoon. Can’t take noise and people and they probably can’t take me. I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this but I’ve been getting some odd looks from people/strangers I run into on a daily basis doing errands or whatever like they know I’m different. Or perhaps I’m just receiving what I am projecting at the time. Also am having unbelievable tingling in the body. I think the only place I seem to feel natural, relaxed and at home is in nature. I seem to go through periods of light and love and then seem to lose it again, it’s very discouraging. And it’s very discouraging when others don’t seem to even understand that a vibrational evolution is happening not only to us but the planet as well. I think mother earth is going through her own ascension symptoms in order to survive.
    Thank you for this site and others for posting their symptoms, it’s such a relief to read about it and know others are trying to cope with this process too.

  117. Veruschka Star

    Thanks Hilary for your encouragement. I was having one of those ” this is all too much” days when I posted a comment of my feelings! The intensity and the frequencies are increasing as is my sensitivity, so everything feels more overwhelming due to the pain and pressure. I am finding it an all consuming focus and the exhaustion makes it very difficult to handle. The continual symptoms, extreme emotions and deep clearing on all levels needed for renewal is really very challenging over a lifetime! I find I still oscillate between the place of power and vulnerability. Still on the path to mastery and maybe that helps retain an attitude of humility.
    I do also experience the All-ness you speak of very strongly at times and am aware of the other aspects of change and growth in the higher dimensions you mentioned. So many experiences of ascension transformation, revelation, intuition, visions and sensations of awesome power, love and beauty have already occurred. I am yearning for the release of the tension of duality and freedom from limitation, to fully embody the universal source energy in a pure and constant way of transcendence!
    I also feel a strong desire for deep connection with others at the heart/spirit level and always have. The experience of Oneness is not yet fully realized and so, the feeling of disconnection. Also I spend a lot of time quietly alone which I need to some extent for meditation and communication with other realms, but I like to share with others of like mind. I live in a conservative community and have not found anyone else experiencing the ascension process to this degree.
    It’s good to have these sharing sites to connect with.
    Thank you for providing a connection, sharing from the heart to encourage others on the journey. Blessings!

  118. Veruschka Star

    I have always felt out of place on this planet in this 3D “reality”. I have been between two worlds, seeming as if my dreams are more “Real”. I have struggled from a young age to find answers, direction and support feeling a higher purpose to life but difficulty finding that connection. I have pursued the spiritual aspect from a young age, a long and lonely journey.
    My life has been very challenging as I now realize that i have been experiencing the ascension process for a lifetime of 56 years. The sensitivity to human, earth, cosmic and planetary energies has increased dramatically over the last maybe 7-10 years, but most intensely for about 3 yrs.
    SO hoping it eases soon!
    The incapacitating pain, heaviness, disorientation and myriad of other disturbing symptoms causing devastating dysfunction is so unbearable now!!
    I am so affected by all the weather that I feel heavy rain on my skin as pain while inside! the wind totally scrambles my signals, and I feel pain as if I’m pounded inside a spin dryer. Earth changes, air pressure, and storms cause migraines. I have body pain on a daily basis and have as long as I can remember. Taking pain relief pills which often aren’t very effective but can’t endure without it anymore. Winter is total shutdown in a cocoon of indescribable suffering. So over it all! Everything is such a huge effort. I am hardly able to stand and walk, at times it’s difficult to talk, eat, even breathe! Unable to drive sometimes and going out has to fit around waiting till I’m mobile enough and the need to eat! Hope there is an end to all this soon!!! weakness, pain, dizziness, nausea etc…. Not even been able to do chi gong, yoga or meditation. Use crystals daily and find them helpful & chakra balance.

    Wondering if I will make it through it’s getting so intense. Having time space warps and other strange things. Seeing the deconstruction of this dimension.
    Feel in limbo or a waiting room with the pause button on? Struggling to make sense of this all consuming experience that is happening in my life.
    Just want to feel good and full of Love, Light and Vitality. Long for freedom in
    a higher dimension of beauty and purity which I’ve had visions of.
    Feel in limbo, or a waiting room with the pause button on?
    Does anyone relate to all this? feel so isolated and disconnected. First time i’ve posted on one of these sites, as I’ve searched for understanding and some confirmation I’m not crazy and alone. Glad of the opportunity to connect with others experiencing this process!

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Beautiful Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Veruschka!

      Thank you for our courage in posting to this site. Yes, I do relate to many of your experiences and feelings and I want you know that you are not alone on your journey. First, you are part of the crew of beings who are assisting all of Humanity in making this unprecedented Upshift – and I thank you for this. It is not an easy process, however we can honor and praise your Soul for your willingness to participate in such a powerful birthing and for the Love and Light that you brought as you agreed to do so.

      I can offer you a few suggestions that may ease the way. First, if you can allow for your experiences – albeit intense and uncomfortable, and be willing to embrace them as a sacred expression of your Divine will, that will move you through in flow, grace and ease. I know you are weary. However we all must keep moving forward, together. So, if you can begin to truly Know and See who you are as Divine Love manifesting through your being, like the caterpillar’s own unbelievable journey from body to dissolution to butterfly, you will see from a broader perspective the purpose of your aches and pains. Second, I know you eagerly await the Heaven on Earth you came to co-create – as that you hope will take away the symptoms. A powerful key is to presence that Heaven in the Now moment. Be here now. Embrace the limbo and know this is part of learning to live a new way of being in a space of the Eternal, timelessness, that is so very new. Release the struggle. Enjoy your time wraps. You are embodying the Fifth Dimension and, it may be that others have yet to arrive in your space, however the more you dwell there from the Heart energy, the more you will build that vibrational frequency up to a place of welcoming presence into which others will soon join you.

      Feeling isolated and alone is so common. However, I will share with you something a mentor of mine reminded me of that was so helpful. Alone is
      simply All One. Thus, you are never alone. And I take it one step further and say this- Alone is All one. If you are feeling alone, you are missing the extra L – which stands for Love – Love of Self. Love yourself – which is part of All that Is – and you will truly never be alone! We have entered the Dimensional space of Unity – therefore isolation and separation no longer will be sustainable. So even if you can simply know in your heart that you are part of All that Is, part of the beautiful magnificent whole of creation unfolding anew, part of me and me part of you, then this begins to move your frequency out of isolation and expand you into connection.

      As your vibration continues to raise and your awareness expand, you will feel the symptoms less and less. However, my invitation to you returns to this one notion – there is nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, everything is in perfect Divine order as you are the essence of glory, light, love and purity rebirthing itself to express fully on the planet now. This is your purpose. Use the Yellow Joy Light Frequency to wrap yourself in this Truth and Knowing and take that deep into your heart. Breathe it in. Take it deep into your gut. Internalize that you are
      the grand unfolding of the higher human in Divine form and you are deeply valued, loved and adored by the very cells that you are made of! :) How’s that for embracing your being and loving you – right down to the tips of your newly upgrading DNA strands!

      Prosperous Blessings – and do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

    • Ez

      Hey Vstar,
      I can so relate to all that you said. I have been in that same playing field for a very long time also. I have recently had a break through after coming to the point of wanting to exit this place due to feeling so damn tired.
      I have had to feel through quite a few feelings I had squashed and as I have done this I have moved closer to a little relief in the emotional sense. I think I have hit upon some things that definitely help ones vibration, these are as follows:
      Each day or so I write about 6 or 7 things I am grateful for on my whiteboard so i can see it.
      I practice the breathing techniques and 6 heart virtues described on the Wingmakers site.
      Try to get some sunshine daily and sun gaze at the safe times eg early morn and last couple hours near sunset.
      Spending time outdoors enjoying nature. Just chilling.
      Enjoy my animals and let them teach me about being.
      I hug my massive gum tree every so often, helps with grounding and connects me in.
      I do something nice for myself reg. and be gentle on myself.
      Since I have been doing these things I have noticed a shift internally and an ability to cope better with the physical aches and pains.
      Though I’m still quite emotional, joy and creativity are starting to bubble up like a spring. Yay! At long last.

      Maybe it was just the timing or the things I have practiced or both, I can’t say for sure, but I suspect they may have helped.
      Being gratelful is definitely a good thing to have flowing I do know that for sure.
      Before my shift happened, I was truly at the end of my tether. So I wanted to encourage you to hang in there sister and offer the things I’ve tried.

      Warm regards
      Ez : )

  119. Trisha Schelble

    My two physical things have been 1. my lower legs and feet ache a lot. Sometimes when I stand up my feet hurt so bad I feel like I can barely walk. This started over a year ago and comes and goes. 2. Spiritual flu where I can sleep anywhere from 24-48 hours easy peasy. The first time I had the spiritual flu I had never heard of that term but I just knew that was what it was. My confirmation was about a month after that my friend came over and he, too, said the same thing, he had the spiritual flu and he never used that term before either. I get the flu every few months and I just know that’s down time, nothing can be done about that. I just know that these symptoms are the ascension process and that I don’t have any medical issue. I know this because I can see in the past when I did have a medical issue all the signs that were telling me to get my butt to the doctor. I don’t have any of those signs, just the knowing of.

    My biggest issue is I am barely earning any cash however, my bills are getting paid, thank you God/Source. The problem lies in my sister lives with me and I hear/feel the pressure I am to get a full time job, career etc but I know I don’t have that kind of energy at this point to commute two hours a day to the big city, among other things. I’m not sure how to balance how my body is changing and to nurture myself mixed with having someone living with me who is overly worried about things that I am not so worried about. Things just keep working out for me.

    Its an interesting balance point of changing physical and spiritually while still being of this world.

    I guess the only advice I would ask for is how to lighten the symptoms on my feet. I do go barefoot, I do connect with Gaia daily, I do epsom salt foot baths, essential oils. . .is this something to just allow or?

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Trisha!

      Thank you for sharing and I so can relate – I have shared a few times about my ’80 year old man’ syndrome where I shuffled around on extremely sore feet for a few months. It finally passed. Just this past weekend my lower legs where aching terribly. There are a couple of insights I can share with you about your experience. First, yes, all of the symptoms, physical, financial and otherwise and are something we just must allow for. It is part of our evolution and expansion and there is no skipping steps and no amount of aspirin, medicine or working harder will fix whatever ails us – except maybe being still and grateful, remaining in the ‘Now’ Moment as much as possible and seeing from our Heart Wisdom bringing Love as the salve.

      The Universe is indeed taking care of you in all ways – always. Trust this. Your prosperity will take care of itself if you continue to do so – Trust and Have Faith. The message I am getting for you is two-fold – your foot pain is due to grounding yourself in and on new ground, so to speak, but it is also about the challenges in taking new steps. You are stuck living in and with the perception of pressure and what it is you ‘think’ you have to do to bring in money as opposed to what is needed as you Ascend and how the Universe is supporting you when you surrender to the process.

      So, perhaps it is time to ‘step beyond’ all the old perceptions now. Perhaps it is time to move forward. Your body needs to rest as you adjust to the new frequencies – but perhaps you need to clear your space of anything and anyone who does not align with your higher and clearer perspective. The moving may need to be that of your sister out – out of her worry or perhaps out your space. Taking your own space is part of learning to take your power, liberate yourself as well as create the balance you seek. It may also allow your sister to grow in ways she is needing as well. If you are both stuck – that amplified stuckness blocks your flow – and the Flow is where Prosperity resides. So unblock the stuckness and you will see the Flow return. Take a step and you will move the energy forward and out of your feet – and the pain and discomfort will subside.

  120. AriesGirl

    Omg, I’ve been experiencing the head heaviness lately and I had no idea where it was coming from. It’s a comfort to hear others experiencing the same. The other night I was in the bathtub and I heard the loudest ringing in my head and just alot of static noise. It scared me. I also feel heavy, off balance, and out of my body most of the time. Like i’m strattling 2 dimensions.Does anyone know the best way to deal with the fear and anxiety that comes with all of this? Xoxo

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello AriesGirl,

      Thank you for your post! What you are experiencing is not uncommon to the Ascension process. You are indeed most likely straddling the old and new dimension and that too is part of the process. Fear and anxiety are also quite natural – however emotions that most are extremely uncomfortable allowing and generally want to get rid of as fast as possible. The bad news is it is not possible, but also not a good idea – for a few reasons – experiencing our feelings, ALL of them, is part of being a whole being and living purely from a heart-centered place. If we only allow the ‘good’ or comfortable feelings to be felt, we are cutting ourselves off from and denying a entire part of who we are.

      Fear and anxiety in this instance is experienced as the ego is letting go and this can cause one to feel very vulnerable – thus afraid. The other reason you feel these feelings is because of the accelerated pace you are expanding and taking in the higher, pure frequencies. It is too much for the mind to wrap itself around and so the natural response will be these intense rushes of what you are calling fear and anxiety. If we define it differently, these are just massive surges of release, of letting go that leave spaces inside of emptiness where the new energy can come in. That is not something we are or have been familiar with and so, again, the human feeling we might naturally feel in response – fear and anxiety. See if you can embrace these feelings as part of your process, as indicators of release and expansion and learn from them. This can help ease your experience and allow them to move through you instead of getting stuck in any resistance you might be putting up when they arise. I hope this is helpful! I can also suggest, if you have not already tuned in to, the shows on “Your Soul-Quake and Body Re-make” and “How to Tame Your Inner Dragon” – as they both cover so much of this information – symptoms and specifically fear and anxiety.

      Blessings to you and keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!


  121. Kelley Davies

    I’ve been on this ascension journey for quite a number of years now and feel as if I’m reaching a pivotal point. I have to leave my apartment in less than a month and I have no new place to live. I don’t feel like staying here but I don’t know where else to go and I don’t necessarily want to be homeless or live at home with my parents. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m getting very hysterical. What do you suggest? I’ve read how I should surrender, let go of expectations, but what if that means I don’t have a place to live at the end of the month?

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Kelley,

      I know this can certainly feel disconcerting and confusing – particularly as the energies only intensify. This is indeed the pivotal moment for all where everything old and that no longer works must go – and this includes living spaces. And like in this still emerging new world, a new place to live for you may not yet be clear or in focus – there is a time of void – and perhaps some building to do, and some releasing still perhaps required. I might look here first at what needs to still be released – we are all doing this at a deep core level, and what is needing to be built or strengthened within.

      Then, I would look for the message and gift the Universe or your Higher Self is giving you through this experience. It is interesting that this situation for you is about where you live. I don’t know if this is a pattern for you as I do not know you but just notice. You know the saying, “Home is where your heart is.” So, where is you heart these days? Are you fully at Home in there or are you somewhere else most of the time? As we are now living in a dimension that is heart-centered – your knowing must now be drawn from the heart-space and not the head. This can be challenging when we are facing situations we typically will want try to ‘figure out’ with our minds. Now we must feel into the situation and let it.

      You say you’ve read that you ‘should surrender, let go of expectations’ – but have you truly? Living in a heart rather than head-space means we can no longer just intellectualize what we read or the information we get, we actually have to practice it and embody it – ‘walk the talk’ so to speak and become it from within. And it may be the hardest thing you ever do.

      What IF you don’t have a place to live? Have you allowed yourself to play that scenario out and just feel through it? Does that feel like a Truth? Does it feel as if your Soul would choose that experience for you or do you Know you are powerful enough to attract exactly what you need to perfect Divine time? Are you flowing more Fear toward this situation or Faith? What does your Knowing tell you from deep within?

      Know, Decide, Trust. Know – that YOU are the Source of all that you need – meaning it all starts from within you, you are your own Source of what it is you seek. Decide – that, no matter what, because you Know who you are as Source and Divine Being of the Universe, you are going to be okay – as such, how could you not be. Trust – that all is well, you will be provided for and you will have what you need. And whatever happens, however it plays out, is exactly what is needed, necessary, right and perfect for you and your Soul’s journey!

      Find your Home within YOU first and the rest will fall into place!

      Prosperous Blessings to you and do stay in touch and let me know how you are,


      • Kelley

        Bless you and thank you! Yes, intellectualizing has been a bi part of my struggle. I have found a place and I think it will work fine. I’ve developed my brain too much and I think now it’s time for my body to catch up. I’m trying to simplify, stay grounded, and get back to my roots, what serves me, which are my heart, feelings, and emotions. If I can return to where I was before I started intellectualizing everything, including the pain and bodily emotions, I think I would be much better off and more capable of managing stress. The heart is much stronger than the brain and as strange as it seems to me, it actually knows quite a lot more. It’s time for me to start living in that truth instead of conceptualizing everything, even simple things like feelings which have no place being understood conceptually.

      • Daphne' Karan Danis

        dearest Hillary,

        thank you so much for your response here to the lady re: her home is where her heart is, (and to her, for her reply about the over-intellectualization process)
        this is indeed, very much what I have been experiencing, having to physically re-locate several times over the last few years. my sense of safety and security was very much based on externals, my ability to be “functional” out in the 3d world (now having to deal with family and others’ judgments about my challenges here)
        on a physical level I am still dealing with extremes of fatigue, gravity/implosion, feelings that the ground is rocking like a sailboat at times, vertigo, pressure on my chest, heart, temperature extremes, etc.
        your encouragement and insights are deeply appreciated, I am hoping that the symptoms, my energetics shift soon, this has been a very very long haul!
        bless, in Sacred : : Light, daphne’

        • I have also been noticing recently that I am experiencing “pressure” or something going on in the area of my chest.
          I hesitate to go tell my doctor about it as I have been very healthy all of my life and, I am practicing not investing in that fear based mentality that the 3D realm seems to be stuck in right now.

          My concern is how to clear this “fear” from my chest area completely and recover my energetic health.

          Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.


          • Hillary Harris

            My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer Ascending Energy ~

            First, please forgive my delayed response. My computer has been experiencing Ascension symptoms as well and, as such, I have been in the process of upshifting to a new system all together – what is old cannot be sustained in the new indeed! I am back online with new functionality. :)

            Now, I can answer your questions on a few levels. First, the pressure in your chest is common and may be the expansion of your Heart chakra along with the influx of all the incredibly intense LOVE energies we received in recent months. April and May have been particularly intense!

            However, you also mention the “Fear” energy and it sounds as if you are connecting this to that area of your chest. As I sense into this, what I can say is this. If it is indeed Fear – then your best and only means of clearing it is actually not to avoid it but, instead, to go into it and FEEL all of it. What you may be experiencing is the stuckness of density that this Fear has been creating – whether it be yours or that of the Collective. Though you have been intentionally staying out of the 3D fear-based mentality, sometimes we are not really clear on how 5D works and this leads us to avoiding our emotions and feelings and causes the very stuckness we are seeking to remove ourselves from – if this makes sense.

            Here is what I have been discovering as we move deeper into 5D. The new ‘currency’ here, if you will, is Feelings. We are not just a culture but a world very uncomfortable with feeling our emotions and our feelings – labeling them as ‘bad’, negative, wrong or weak. So we either try to numb ourselves or only feel the ‘good’ or positive emotions. This won’t fly in the New Reality. All things flow when we are flowing as a fully functioning being – and this means feeling our feelings. You will find that as you engage and do so, you actually come into balance, move into a space of Peace and now have access to authentic Wholeness – not one born of avoiding what we don’t want to be – or feel.

            So, go into the center of your chest and discover what is there that you haven’t been allowing, that you have been blocking or moving away from – perhaps thinking you were remaining above or beyond the old 3D mentality. Before we can truly be in our high Divine Human state, we must fully and wholly embrace our human being state and thus feel the fear. Once you do, I sense – and feel :) – that the pressure will dissolve.

            Please stay in touch and let me know what happens!

            Prosperous Blessings,


  122. Daphne' Blue Yod

    Thank you kindly for your site, tremendous challenges of the last few months include
    an almost continual feeling of “implosion” and gravity/weight upon my head/chest/neck/back, as if the totality of 3d is collapsing in the fields. Vertigo and feeling that the floor has turned into a sailboat, eyesight going in and out, tremendous tiredness, kundalini activation and extremes of hot and cold.
    All in all, an almost impossible time in the body physical. Yesterday found a black woolly bear caterpillar, this seemed important.

    in Blessing, daphne’

    • OCEAN




      • Hillary Harris

        Thank you, Ocean, for adding your experience here and for your words of encouragement to Daphne and to all the brave and perhaps weary ‘Soul’Journers who will read this and who are feeling the strange and sometimes mysterious and confusing symptoms of our metamorphosis from carbon-based to crystalline-based beings. This is indeed not an easy journey! I too relate to your description here and your symptoms and I so appreciate your contribution to this community of like-hearted souls. We need to be here for one another as we walk the path, smoothing the way each for the other as we go!



      • Daphne' Karan Danis

        dear Ocean,
        God Bless you for your comment, I find only now 2 months later!
        the symptoms are continuing and accelerating, does it ever get easier?
        sorry to complain, but I’m sick of being sick and tired, the fibro and fatigue started
        in 1993 with a fiercely intense shamanic experience of “grounding the
        Trinitarian Christ consciousness to the San Francisco Bay Area grids” (so I was told) and has been more or less with me ever since.

        I began to bring in the messages of the Elohim/RA in 2002, and still do so (work with Wynn Free and Carla Rueckert and now Council of Light)

        this is all “well and good” but my functionality is down at the bottom of the well most days. I used to be a performing and recording jazz and world music/celtic musician with a highly stable and happy and good creative life, now that “high 3d platform” has been COMPLETELY deconstructed : : husband, home, health, finances, ability to generate an on-going “anything” out there in 3d land feels
        completely inoperable.

        I am not “depressed” per se, but sad, and frustrated as all get-go that this just seems to drag and drag and no matter what I do or do not do my life feels not in my hands at all.

        The implosions continue, feeling that I am “dragging” around huge fields with me wherever I go, like an anvil is on my head, 20 extra lbs of “sludge” that just last summer was not with me, despite little eating and walk/hike routine as much as possible (several days a week)

        I just look now it’s 1:44, maybe something is in alignment, but not feeling like
        a fun experience at all in the moment, to be fair, am in touch with a few others also having a very very hard time of this in the physical. I do know/feel that we are the “Ground Crew” here in the proverbial trenches, was doing some work with Lisa Gawlas, and she saw me as not even being on the earth, but working to fasten the new Creational Field to the Emerging Terra Nova (I’m sure others here are part of this team)

        Pls let me know how things are at your end, just to communicate with other StarSeeds doing this Cosmic Dance is so uplifting, as you know, this is an intensely alienating and isolating experience, God bless you and all here for the love and work and support during this arduous time,

        • Katrina

          Hi I have been going through these for 25 yr now. They are definitely becoming more intense even more painful. I have now gone deaf in one ear, sinus feels blocked but can still smell everything with intensity. Head like cotton wool. All the usual but worse. Like you I am only a tiny bit in my body. Out busy creating lol. It is tough. Also coughing a lot. It’s all neck upwards for those first wavers. Feel like not long now though.

          Blessings xx

          • Hillary Harris

            Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Katrina – et all!

            If you allow yourself now to practice fully and deeply feeling your feelings – all the way to the bottom – no spiritual bypass and no avoidance
            any longer (as feelings are the new dimensional ‘currency’) you will find two things will happen – you will come into your body and your symptoms
            will ease. This will not happen for everyone at the same pace in the same way, however this is what we need now – to be IN our bodies rather than
            out as we now fully embrace our evolution into Higher Human Divine Essence. Also, if we stop looking for ‘the end’ of this process and ‘the end’ of
            the symptoms, etc. Just remain in the NOW moment. There is no ‘end’ as all is in the Present. And what is here is the most glorious and grace-filled
            LOVE frequency of this Multi-Dimension.

            Happy New Year and New World to All!

      • Daphne' Karan Danis

        dear Ocean,

        just checking in here with you, now the beginning of Aug, have your physical
        symptoms abated somewhat? I wish I could say things are easier physically, but it’s still extremely challenging, esp. the heart palpitations and gravitational implosions,
        thank you again for taking the time and concern to answer my comment, and thank you Hillary for your wonderful work here.
        many blessings, in Sacred : : Light, daphne’

      • Sharon Elaina

        I would just like to say, DITTO to everyone. This is quite an amazing journey, difficult, sometimes painful and just plain hard but boy am I grateful to be knowing what I know. People are finding me who are totally confused and unfortunately, seeking the right “drug” to “fix” thier experience. I am glad to reassure them with, just relax and go for the ride!!! Beauty follows….Sharon Elaina

      • Jaclyn

        Hello Ocean,

        The fact you wrote that all in caps is great….because it deserves them.

        I am experiencing every last thing on the lists above. However, the way you expressed the symptoms resonated with me.

        This is my largest issue with the physical symptoms (vibrational flu, vertigo/nausea)…how do you explain why you are sick all of the time? I left a job that was not in alignment with who I was. If I were in a position to have to get a job immediately, meaning right now, I would not be able to work with such severe symptoms.

        Family members, partners, friends…how does one explain NEVER feeling well? This explanation, although many in my life are open-minded, would have most second-guessing your sanity. Not all in our lives are spiritually-minded.

        Any comments?

        L & L

        • CJ

          Jaclyn, I second your concerns. I too would like to know what can we do about it. Like you, I am most bothered by the physical and emotional symptoms, and I experience almost every one on the list. Which means I cannot work, cannot support myself or do any kind of 3-D, productive activity — or even playful, unproductive ones. Apart from my partner and my mom, I have gotten rid of everyone else from my life. And even though I have been spiritually trained from early childhood, I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s been around 5-6 years now. When is this going to end?! Each day I feel like “packing my bags” and going “home”. And I would, but I know I still have some work to do.

          Much love,

          • Hillary Harris

            Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journey, CJ ~

            Listen to the shows. I recorded these a few years ago but the information is still relevant – so you can skip over the weather report and focus on the material. There is no need to repeat what is there since it is speaking to those who need it now and infused with a vibration that will assist you. Beyond this, asking when it will end is adding to your struggle. Your Soul is wise and it chose to be here. I do understand your feelings and frustration and desire to ‘go Home.’ Resistance is of the old world, acceptance and integration, surrendering to the journey is the new Multi-dimensional necessity. It is not easy. I still continue to be ‘tested’ and challenged. The path is high now and the ego is being asked to move from separation identity to integrated Divinity. Keep listening and paying attention to what challenges you for that is where your work lies. And feeling all of your feelings – even the unpleasant, uncomfortable ones is the key. The old way, a spiritual bypass or any other notion of just getting to ‘feel good’ won’t serve us now. We need to embrace the full spectrum of this experience and the feelings and emotions that come with it. Only then will we have moved into the surrendered Heart space. It is a practice that must be walked to truly Know and not about understanding with your mind.

            The journey has been long. And it will continue – but as we say about life – Ascension is not about a destination or some place to get to or arrive into. In fact, we are already here in the new space! It is now a matter of continued expansion and growing awareness to re-member WHO we truly are and learn to embrace that Essence. Look for more on this page from me in a day or so. My own journey has been very bumpy of late and major changes continue for me as well. This journey is a sacred one and a sign that you are growing – and growth can hurt – but suffering does not have to happen. Also be mindful where your focus goes. You can believe that this is all for or due to some ‘ill’ cause or that this is just what re-birthing humanity and re-creating old entrenched and mis-laid belief systems looks like – it is a BIG job. Just ask yourself which concepts, beliefs, thoughts and ideas serve you best and uplift you or bring you down and drain you – in other words – what feeds you versus bleeds you. This is a process that is life-giving – thus will feed us – but growing new life is tough business. So hang in there – you are not alone!

            Blessings to you!

  123. Richard Luka

    I’ve been following your pod casts for a few months now, and they’ve really helped with my recent, monumental transition.
    I’ll add this… recently I’ve experienced highs and lows. I had lost my support structure a few months back and relocated across the country, and am building an entirely new system of support. It has felt terrifying at times, but it is much more in alignment with who I am. Recently, in the last week, things changed and I felt better, more grounded, and confident. Yesterday, some news came in that dampened all of that. But, I noticed all my hidden inner voices came out in bas relief to chasten me about this news. This morning, about 3AM PST, I woke up with intense pressure in my forehead and at the base of my skull. I’m guessing that these things are related, and it’s another step in clearing out old “Software” as I seem to be slowly creating a new life, but based on a new identity. (Also, I didn’t personalize the the news or the situation like I have in the past)
    Thanks for your time, and I hope this helps others who may also be having situations similar to mine.

    • Monika

      Going through the same phase. Nothing is like it was a year ago. Can’t relate to friends and family anymore. Job change and doing something very fulfilling that is not making me any money. Planning to move to another town in a couple of months to start life afresh. Thanks for sharing your story. Seems like I am not alone.

  124. Dolores Arnold

    Was lying down..sudden implosion..loud noise inside me.
    Everything disappeared. I mean ‘everything’. Then total
    blackness, total nothingness. Remember thinking (mind never
    stopped functioning) “This must be what it’s like to die.”
    Stayed there for a minute or so or longer in that nothingness.
    I felt so good! Just as sudden as it came, it was gone. I
    have been trying to go back to that space/time. No luck.
    Fell twice. Now make sure I’m grounded before moving
    about. Sticky mucus from every body opening. ‘Insides’
    vibrating almost constantly. Hanging in there!

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Dolores,

      Like the caterpillar to the butterfly, it sounds as if you experienced the process of metamorphoses – dissolving self into nothingness (goo) before entering
      your chrysalis and transmuting and transforming into crystalline beingness. You won’t be able to get back into that state as all there is now is to go forward into your becoming. Very exciting! And yes, do be sure to remain in the purest vibration possible and ground yourself, protect and clean off – these new energies are very pure, high and intense indeed and acclimation takes time – so go gently.

      Prosperous Blessings,


    • Sarah

      I too recently heard a loud explosion in my head. Even though I knew it was only in my head, I’m not gonna lie, it scared the crap out of me. I called my husband right away to make sure he was ok. He was, so I Googled it. It’s called Exploding Head Syndrome and they have no idea what causes it. Well, western doctors have no idea what causes it. I am deep into a spiritual awakening myself and wondered if it had something to do with my symptoms of that. I am experiencing so many of the symptoms listed above. When it first started I was terrified but now that I know what it is I just embrace the ride. It’s something new and different almost every day. Just can’t beat it. Good luck to you all.

      • Alan Brett

        Like Sarah on 24th June, 2013, I recently (late February, 2016) experienced the same, conventionally inexplicable, “explosion” in my head whilst laying in bed.
        I knew after thinking about it, that it was “ascension-related”. It didn’t feel “physical” to me. I am currently experiencing nerve (or muscle) twitching over the last week or so, and have had a hunger for bananas. Maybe these are good for supplying certain nutrients my body needs more of at present.

        • Cami Denne

          I read these and this all happens to me about 2 months ago I had a bad breakup and was head popped..looking it up thinking something horrible happened it was sure enough explode head syndrome..just recently I’ve had huge craving for just blueberries..I’m wondering what will happen next and when this awakening will finish.also have been hearing high pitched noises in my right ear usually before bead or when it is quiet but sometimes it gets too much.

    • Jayson

      I don’t know whats going on but out of no where my back in between my shoulder blades hurts so much,that just breathing hurts.I also have a bump on the back of my head that hurts when i look up.11/30/2014

      • Jayson

        the last couple weeks when i talk it feels and sounds like someone else is talking.My body has felt like it is on fire as of late..

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