New Dimensional ‘Money Mentality’ – What’s Love (and Anger) Got to do With it? Interview

From the Master Your Money Mindset TeleSummit Series:


In this interview, Hillary discusses:

  • Why The Secret doesn’t work
  • How money is changing and what the New World Currency really is
  • What The Dragons teach us about love and money
  • How to be ‘Ruthlessly Present’


Hillary Harris, Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘the’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life, Passion § Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades awakening and expanding the mind, heart and spirit of clients and audiences alike to greater wholeness, satisfaction, prosperity and fulfillment. Hillary provides a platform for following your heart and cultivating your Soul’s truest calling while designing and creating unique ‘Soul’utions for Success.” 

As a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension – the Upshift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence – Hillary has become known as a New Reality Architect, Higher Dimensional Navigator and steady voice of wisdom and calm during the extraordinary transition our Planet is now undergoing. 

Through her latest and most unexpected work, Hillary has been gifted the opportunity to share New Frequencies and sacred wisdom and information about our Humanity and our Divinity through an incredible partnering with … Dragons! Her purpose and calling with these incredible beings is to guide us in how to open to receive and then freely live, fully love and abundantly create with integrity and noble intent from what she and The Dragons call the “Heart Fire.” 

Bringing in powerful new insights and information and serving as a clarion conduit for your own High Heart’s authentic voice, Hillary will assist in accelerating your vibration and raising your consciousness to forward your evolutionary journey while profoundly and permanently altering your perspective on and experience with money, work and life – both as we knew it and are now becoming to know it in a very new world!


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Hillary Harris

Amanda Collins

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Hillary on ‘The Bob Charles Show’

Radio Appearance

pyramidonenetwork image

Want to talk Ascension Symptoms? Have questions about those aches and pains you can’t explain?
Listen in with Hillary as she joins Bob Charles as his guest to discusses this topic and much more on:



Hillary on ‘The Bob Charles Show’


Want to talk Ascension Symptoms? Have questions about those aches and pains you can’t explain?
Listen in with Hillary as she joins Bob Charles as his guest to discusses this topic and much more on:


Bob Charles Show



AIRED: Friday, January 31st 7:00pm Eastern/4:00pm Pacific USA