Message from The Dragons ~


Become the unseen,


For the Truth is now yours to behold.


There is nothing on Earth that is yours,


The pleasures all lie within you.


~ Gabriel of The Dragons



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Message from The Dragons ~


Drank of the wind the other day in my Fly by of You.

Soft, sweet, silly was the Moon as it shone down through the inky black.

Darkness abounded.

There was clarity amongst the star light points of focus for sewing thoughts and perspectives,

The bigger world made tiny by the expanding space of sky.

Do not filter out the night in search of the day for light,
For the darkness holds no lack of value.

The ‘none’ is a vastness beyond the comprehension of the mind.

It is the blank state, the ALL of Creation possibility and grandeur with its simplicity of Nothingness to both stun and confuse the brain.

Simply BE. Allow. Follow. Unfurl.

Let the journey take care of itself and the abundant measure take hold.

There is but a dance between You and The ALL to engage,

A sublime rising in awareness that both are but ONE.

~ Venus – Air Dragon


(Dragon art by

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Message from The Dragons ~

The Fire and the Winds are what are preparing you for 
the Great Change.

Fire destroys, yet purifies.

Winds move, yet steady the streams of conscious hate 
by clearing off the collar what may seek to settle and dig in.

Take Heart in the thick smoke for it provides deep cover for those of The Light to tip toe through to Candor.

Take care to whisk away troubles and cares, Knowing they are but starfish on the bottom of the seabed – not affixed –

A treasure to behold for their gift, and then released back
into the tide of Time and Understanding.

Grant Wisdom to speak through you always,
At the behest of those who cannot – or will not,

For they need your guidance and your Light.

Trust the Nature of things and do not avoid or delay what is expected of you at this time.

It awaits your gregarious essence and Faith,
It bleeds for the others who squander it.

Take Heart, take Heart in the cause of your concern. 
It is not ill defined or for naught.

It gives and breathes the Fire of Humanity forward toward its greater ilk and wondrous. .

You will be free to Fly amongst the Angels and Dragons in your due time.

~ Balthazar – Dragon of Dragons 🐲



* Dragon image by thornwolf

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Get Clean and Clear …

For The New Year


My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~

When the time has come to release or integrate something – something intense, heavy or simply something that may be pulling at or drawing down our energy in a significant manner, I find it extremely helpful to do a little clearing and cleansing.

2018 in its entirety – we can probably all agree – is something that fits into this category, yes? One of the more mind-skewing, breath-taking, heart-piercing, even soul-scorching periods in our history – unprecedented now a word ironically common to describe it.

So as we both reflect upon what was and then prepare for how we choose to create moving forward, let’s do so with a fresh slate and a clean and clear vibrational palate, if you will.

Grab your sage stick or light that fire pit and ‘Crystal up,’ as I like to say (gather up or don your favorite gems and stones), and bathe your Spirit in some pure and clarifying Nothingness (no-thing-ness). 

Reset yourself and get ready… cuz 2019 … Here . We . Come!


~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Dragon Guardian § Gifter | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit

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On Anger


Let’s stop the Anger and general ‘negative’ emotion shaming! 

Anger is not ‘bad’ or ‘good’ or, in fact, any better or worse than any other emotion on the feeling spectrum. It is simply an experience that holds a vibration and energy. When expressed in a healthy way, Anger can be a productive and necessary means of Creation, of shifting vibration, of moving energy, of coming to Wholeness (healing) and is a natural aspect of our Humanness.
If we deny it, we are in resistance to an aspect of ourselves, our very Being, and thus we move into a perception of separation from the Essence of Self and from God Source – The Oneness.
This false sense of separation creates disruption and disturbance in our vibrational field and disillusion in our Vibrational Truth. This shifts REALity and perpetuates division and fear. It also causes dis-ease.
If, however, we can wholly embrace the experience of our Anger – i.e., we allow it, feel it to its root and be curious about its message – we are demonstrating an honoring of our Wholeness and an ease with the Fullness of ALL that we are. This unclogs the energetic pathway and the emotion can move through unfettered, granting access to the space and place of authentic Joy.
This pure and true experience of Joy is not something we can go looking to find. That would be seeking a manufactured outcome and the Soul does not resonate with the synthetic or forced.
Instead we must entirely surrender to simply having the experience – whatever it is, however we are feeling inside of it and for however long it engages with us… WITHOUT our attachment to any of it. (Aye, therein lies the rub! 😉) But that is when the most beautiful and pristine seeds of Joy will gently, quietly, gracefully drop into your spirit and begin to organically bloom.
And this shifts REALity and amplifies Unity and Love. 🙏💗

~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit


*image: ‘Learning to Let Go’ by

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Message from The Dragons


The winds of war have been stirred. Do not fear.
The seeds that had been planted must rise to the top to be plucked at the root.
This is not something that can be solved or resolved by the One.
This is not just an issue of the one United States.
It is and will be of concern for the Inter-Nations.
This is to have Inter-Nation impact. But, again, do not fear.
The entire structure of your planet is changing.
This is for the purpose of the Globalization of consciousness and unification of Inter-Nations, like your United Nations.
The seeing through of which will give you a greater perspective on how to solve, to resolve the Earth’s problems together as a Common-Unity rather than of one only concerned with each as its own entity.
So let the weeding out, the rooting out take place.
Let a rewiring of communication amongst you occur;
No longer from the top down – but from within, between and amongst.
From out of the ashes and from under the flood waters the New is being reborn.
Let all vows of silence and poverty now be besmirched, be relinquished.
Candle the hours with patience.
Care for the ignorant with Love.
And set your sights on the New horizon –
Yet still familiar and unrecognizable, it is approaching with undeniable speed.
This is your time to prepare to meet it.
You will be synching more with Sun cycles and the natural shifts as they come.
Stand with eyes, heart and hands open and prepare to receive.
We, as your Sacred Army, stand beside you and behind you, at the ready to support.
~ Message from The Dragons – Draco of the Warrior Battalion, 27th Layer of the 15th Dimension


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The Gift …

Of Fear
There are those who claim Fear is a negative and who will tell you that you must eliminate it all together from your vibrational field. I would like to offer the Multi-versal perspective.
Fear is just one emotion along the broad scale and rich spectrum of Full Human Experience. As with any emotion, it exists to be felt, consciously experienced, and then moved through – not to become defining, dwelled upon or in.
If we keep labeling Fear as ‘bad’ and expend energy in its resistance, we give it far too much power and not enough appreciation of its true Gift – as a critical indicator of what is needing our attention and a valuable tool providing a precious opportunity for awakening and expansion.

Once embraced, Fear becomes demystified and can then be perceived differently by your Being. It can occur more like that eccentric Aunt who leaves that bright pink lipstick stain on your cheek – a bit uncomfortable, not always welcome, but ultimately priceless for the color and adventure brought into your world!


 ~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit


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In ‘New Money’ …

We [Must] Trust


As we move into the season of Giving Thanks in the US, and the November Feminine Energies amplify and accelerate us into a greater experience of vulnerability, strength, Truth speaking/telling to Power and more and deeper inner ‘house cleaning’ – let’s reflect on the core meaning of this Holi-day centered on plenty, abundance, gratitude – oh, and of course, pie! 😋 – and how to align that meaning with the New View On Money and Prosperity:

There has been born a new way of relating to how money, prosperity, abundance comes to us – i.e., how we receive.

This new way has required a level of Trust not yet before embraced. It requires the letting go of ‘amassing’ what we are desiring and, instead, allowing it to show up in the moment and in perfect Divine timing. 

This has not been a comfortable shift when we are used to having funds ‘in the bank,’ available in reserve, in waiting, in lump sum. 

New Abundance is now to be understood or held in the Vibrational realm or field, and then drawn down as deemed necessary and when called – from and with integrity – into the physical. 

This will occur ‘like magic’ to most. However, for those who identify as Source, it will simply be experienced as part of the organic and natural Flow.

~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit



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I AM …



In these incredibly chaotic, confusing – and shockingly heartbreaking/heart-opening times here in the US, I have made it my daily practice and intention to BE and embody that which I envision for our Planet. I AM Love. As I always say, simple concept, not easy to do.

At first, it felt so difficult because as I witnessed all that is unfolding from my human eyes, and processed what I was experiencing in my own life, I did not at all feel like being loving, much less being the very Essence of Love itself. In fact, anything but!

However, my Soul being kept whispering to me and as I continued to declare this invitation of embodiment from the I AM, something deep within me shifted – an anchoring of that seed of Truth took hold. It was not palpable at first, but bit by bit things in my outer world began to reflect the inner Truth I was now carrying.

I have many examples I could share. But the simplest and perhaps most elegant is this: Two days ago I left my
home for an appointment. When I returned, I pulled into the driveway and to my astonishment saw this – a few of the trees awash in Pinkflowers! 😲 What’s more, that was not how those trees looked when I left! Not to mention, it is November and it has been very cold here AND it is unusual for these particular trees to bloom this time of year – in fact never have I seen this even in warmer years. The cherry on top and the most amazing gift – pink is the vibrational color of LOVE! 😊

My Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, never doubt that the state of your inner Spirit and Vibrational Being create and emanate to your outer world. So keep that vibration tuned UP and let’s keep

tuning IN together as we continue to navigate these extremely choppy waves of Change as they keep rolling in.


It may not appear that Love and Light are MORE present than the darkness that is stirring at the moment. But remember that what is fleeting can be riled and will be raucous and rude as it frantically seeks another place to roost. But what is rooted remains calm and firm, quietly knowing, waiting to bloom. 💗🌺




~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide, New Vibrational Catalyst, Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit




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You DO have the Power…

You do, your really do… in YOU!


As we all work feverishly to navigate EXTREMELY challenging new territory – an unfamiliar and chaotic landscape that looks and feels anything like Home (and no yellow brick road in sight), we must have Courage. For these are indeed the trials and tribulations on the path to becoming Higher Human Divine Essence.

We must look with two sets of eyes through one Heart. And we must recognize and embrace that the past can repeat – yet not act on or from the fear of that repetition – but rather from a new and progressive place, from a Higher Consciousness.

Coming from Love and Peace doesn’t mean taking no action. It means action without violent, ill or low vibrating intent. So what does this look like for you? 
Prayer? Speaking out in meaningful, peaceful protest? Being kind? Holding an embodiment of resolution? Calling out what is false and shedding light on Truth? Standing up to bullies or standing for what you believe in? Voting your conscience to make sure your voice is heard and your opinion counts?

Whatever it means or however you demonstrate it, each one of us has to find our way and our path and then listen to that ‘still small voice within’ that Knows the Light is breaking through and that it is this tremendous Light Force that is propelling the darkness up and out right now in massive waves.

The dark has been exposed and it is lashing out to try to maintain its hold. However, we must never – not even when we feel afraid (which is okay to feel) allow it to overcome us. Yes, we may often get overwhelmed. The energy is intense. That is the time to rest, retreat, regroup and then find your footing and trust that you are a Light Warrior whose very willingness to consider and engage in this conversation is making a dent and a difference – because you truly are!

Thank you for this! 💗 For whenever we welcome open discourse from a place of honor and mutual respect, all forms of, darkness, wickedness and fear are simply melted away! 😉


~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide, New Vibrational Catalyst, Truth § Clarity Conduit


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No Words … Just Love


My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and Dragon Family ~

All day today I have been trying to find some words, the right words, any words to share about the devastating and shocking events of the past week in the US. There are no words. Given how I take in and process information and vibration, I feel like I went into a kind of shock or protection mode and just needed to be still.

Yesterday’s violence had particular personal impact and importance so left me not only exhausted but further speechless. I needed to take a step back, rest and be gentle with myself so I could come back into my heart, somehow pick up the pieces of what is left of it and find a way to continue on assisting us all as we continue to navigate this breathtaking UPShift of Consciousness. (If you are hurting, I hope you will/can do the same for yourselves so you can join me.)

But here is what I can and will offer now: a beautiful Message from The Dragons that they shared with me (to come in a separate post) – they always come through in the most needed and intense times – AND from me, a huge {HUG} and high Frequency infusion of Love and Light support. So please open your arms and hearts and take it all in!

And here are a few words I have managed to pull together:

Remember, as the Collective Heart is broken, we must continue to be strong and stand together unified to help usher in the powerful and profound Light that is indeed coming onto the planet at this time.

As we come to Wholeness/healing, we must Know and trust that the mending will only make that Heart more unbreakable than ever before.



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Message from The Dragons


The inner and outer ‘battles’ are becoming stronger as your worlds of reality collide.

Truth and Love both the remaining keystones and Rosetta stone for The New.

Your body and bones are stretched and the marrow squeezed.

You are climbing ever higher mountains now. Your courage is revered. 

The rattling of cages, the falling of bridges, the burning and blowing of land and sea –

They signal the exorcising of past demons, a clearing of consciousness, the calling to 
Higher Ground.

Continue forward. Cultivate a Multi-visioning Eye.

See not one or the other, in or from judgement – but in and from Wholeness.

Know that ALL is necessary, ALL is well.

The Heart Fire of The Dragon is with and within you. 

~ Enoch, First Guardian Dragon with The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons

(image from Game of Thrones featured in

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Shaking It Out …

Bringing It In


The Full Moon Solar Eclipse (Mercury and Mars turned retrograde) of 8/1, Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8 and then New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on 8/11 has proven to be one of the more physically intense periods of energetic processing that I have experienced in a very long time. Many experienced a type of sickness that I call the ‘Ascension Flu.’  This particular string of events for me created some extreme symptoms in the form of: relentless inner body shaking or buzzing, extreme exhaustion, disrupted sleep patterns, a sore/strained throat, headache and sinus congestion due to deepened activation of the third eye, pituitary and pineal glands and throat Chakra, and a rather distressing ache in my joints with s terrible stiffness and throbbing pain in my neck, right arm and leg.

I sought assistance from The Dragons – who were all too happy to provide a relief giving Frequency Attunement. They also gave me an explanation, saying simply, ‘You are shaking out the Trauma.’  I then understood. I was integrating and relinquishing all the Trauma from the past – this life and past lives – my own as well as that of Humanity.  A BIG job – a LOT of shaking out.

I have studied this. With humans and animals alike, in a healthy integration process, if left to unfold properly, this kind of intense shaking is how the body naturally releases and comes back to homeostasis. 

We are a planet in deep breakdown and loss.  We are feeling more than ever before – no it is not always pretty how it is being expressed, but that is due to eons of time spent in suppression and avoidance around allowing all feelings and all feelings to be expressed in a healthy fashion.  We are grieving the endings and the shock of the clearings as we poise to begin anew. There was and is much shaking out to be done indeed!

I understood too that there was a secondary purpose for what was happening in my body. These particular symptoms – specifically along the right side of my body (the Masculine side in Western thought) were not unfamiliar. I had experienced something similar last year and at that time was given the information that I was processing the ‘death of the old, misused and abused Masculine Energy.’  So was this what was happening again?  Not this time. Now I was assisting in bringing in and balancing within the body the New Divine Masculine Energy – which will then integrate with or ‘marry’ with the Divine Feminine to bring our beings into Divine Oneness.

However, the ‘old’ is still being rooted out within us (look around, you will see that old dynamic of fear-based power, control kicked up loudly) and the ‘New’ (the collaborative, cooperative, communal) is still needing to be embraced and better understood to be fully integrated – thus this severe discomfort period.  And something of note: the physical will be the last aspect to make the move to the higher vibration as it holds the greatest density. The Ego is not far behind – it holds the greatest stubbornness!

This is an extremely sacred, pivotal and breathtaking time of our metamorphosis. The reverberation of which will continue to be felt for some time going forward.  We have now crossed over and up into yet another Dimensional Realm of existence holding incredible opportunity and possibility for Higher Conscious Creation. 

For those in this role of assisting, transmuting and, as I like to say, ‘filtering’ for others on the path – the journey continues and the road will still be rocky, so the process of sifting and filtering will continue. Go with gentle ease and grace – Fly!

~ Hillary Harris – Vibrational Catalyst, New Reality Architect § Ascension Guide | Guardian § Gifter of
The Dragons, Elemental Shaman, Animal Intuitive § 16 Frequency Channel




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Historic Eclipse and Message from The Dragons

In and Through the Shadow

I was awakened by the Moon for many nights before the historic Full Lunar eclipse of July. Being a Moon Child, this is not uncommon. The Moon speaks to us – if we are tuned in and choose to listen. 

I took this image (of the Moon and Mars to its left) one night before the eclipse event when I woke up to the extreme buzzing in my being and subsequent glow outside on the patio summoning me for a peek.  Good thing I listened and snapped this shot because the next night the energies were so incredibly intense during the eclipse timeframe – the barometric pressure dropped, clouds rolled in and a huge thunderstorm crashed its way through the entire thing – making any chance of a photo impossible.

The eclipse itself was not visible here in the US, but the intensity certainly was felt – and continues to be so in the waves of reverberation in these days after. BIG ENERGY! Can you feel it? 😳

The opening of the Lion’s Gate, two other eclipses (solar and lunar) and both Mercury and Mars turning retrograde has only compounded the vibrational punch this lunar event packed for us.  This was one of the most powerful energetic events yet creating a reset for the Self and the space around us.

You may feel exhausted, like you were hit by a truck. Your body may be buzzing and your neck may be stiff with joints, neck and knees aching.  Your head may be stuffed and hurting. You may find your heart racing and it may be difficult to breathe. You may find it impossible to form a thought, to feel productive or desirous of achieving.  And you may simple be keenly aware that you no longer feel like YOU.

These are just a few, yes, few, of the ‘symptoms’ you will experience with such an extreme downloading of new encodings of Light Frequencies and an upgrading of our cellular make-up and Dimensional space.  Your time to integrate this depends upon your own place along the continuum of your level of consciousness.  Wherever you are, be patient and gentle with yourself.  It will get easier.  You will feel better.  But if you push, you will feel a push back – trust this.  So allow.

The Dragons have shared a message with us during yet another unprecedented point of expansion on our journey.

They also very much wanted me to point out that they are tickled by how my photo (<–photo 2) captures Mars looking very much like a Dragon looking on and supporting the Moon as it prepares to move both into and back out of the Darkness.
  And they remind us that this is also a main reason that they are here with us at this critical time.




Message from The Dragons:

We speak through the Portal as we have witnessed a great transition time for you.

The sweeping of the shadow across your moon sweeps the inner shadows from your Spirit out into the open for examination, integration and Grace. 

There is a great shaking in your being as this unfolds.
Fear not.  It is simply the reflective qualities – as the Moon proffers – being refracted in the space within and around you.

Be still and easy with the planets who recess in a period of future fertilization.
The Great Awakening proceeds. This moment of Evolution deepens.

Stand to avail yourself of this opportunity – Lean to allow us to support you.
Be well.

~ The 117th Drusian Brigade of The Dragons, Draca Realm


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Message from The Dragons

Tether yourself not to the ways and means of the planet at this time. 
Root and earth in vibration, yes, but tether not.
For to bind in too soon will only create disillusion as the next wave and the
next disrupts and dislodges more of the rot.

Premature seedings are vulnerable and unnecessary.
The winds of change are blowing strong, so resist the urge to ‘hunker down’
and, instead, present your wings out wide and steady them.

Prepare to surf the currents long and far,
For this ride is and will be insistent, turbulent and enduring.
Learn to lean, glide and be guided by what passes through you and from
what emanates from within you.

Now is the time to Know and Persevere.
You are the both the Navigator and the Creator of the life breath that lifts
and eternally sustains your wings.

~ The Dragons with The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons


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The return of ASCENSION 360!

Get ready Fellow ‘Soul’Jouners! At long last…


Hillary dusts off the mic – literally – and prepares to bring back ASCENSION 360oNavigating the New World Energies! 

Yep, ‘the crazy’ out there has finally given her the nudge she needed to bring back live show presentations with her insightful messages and provocative New World View to Empower You!

NEW show, new format, new offerings, The Dragons … and MORE!

The first topic is going to be a doozy and will be announced SOON!

You won’t want to miss this – so stay tuned … ! 


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Stand Up for Humanity


Please remember:

There are instances when a ‘leader’ degenerates and violates

the Whole, the Heart, the spirit, values and morals

of the people of their country.

Do not punish the people. Help them.




Please wake up:

That is called a dictatorship and it is up to us to act.

Change is necessary. Bullying and cruelty are not.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.




Speak Up for Life

The Next Level of Ascension


There is a great intensity being experienced in this month of June as the old external matrix and inner emotional walls are razed.

In recent days, you may have been feeling unusually and extraordinarily exhausted, anxious, untethered, lost, unfocused and even depressed or suicidal.

You may have been sleeping more… or less, eating more… or less, breaking out into ‘hot flashes’, bursting into tears, feeling a deep sense of loss and/or sadness and even great foreboding and fear.

This is part of our UpShift experience. The acceleration and intensification continues – and will continue for some time as we are newly birthing and building.

The breaking down of old external systems mimics and mirrors an internal breaking apart of the Ego identity. 

The downloading of new Light Frequencies and DNA Codes mimics and mirrors a computer system crash and restart – with a full mainframe and Operating System rewiring and upgrade thrown in.

This is not an easy process, not an easy time.  Many will feel the dismantling and feel disembodied and dismembered – and alone. 

Do your best to re-member that you are not.

If you are feeling at the edge of something – or everything – and are uncertain or at all confused or embarrassed, feeling despondent, apathetic, severely unhappy or misunderstood, do not hide. Do not hesitate. Do not stay silent.

Gather your courage and reach out. Look for connection. Ask for support.  It is here for you.

If someone you know is struggling, check in.  Do not assume. Outward appearing strength, confidence or contentment may be a cover. And do not label or judge.

We must now gently but firmly lay the foundation of Acceptance upon which to spread Love and Kindness in these Transition Times.

We must now be willing to Speak Up for Life.

~ Hillary Harris – Vibrational Catalyst, New Reality Architect § Ascension Guide


This message shared in memory of Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and all those who were swallowed in silence.  #breakthesilence #humanitynotinsanity



Copyright © 2018 | Hillary Harris | ASCENSION 360º | All rights reserved. 

Authentic REALity


I have been saying for years, the more connected we are technologically, the more disconnected we have become personally, locally, communally, organically – completely out of touch and synch from one another and with the natural world.

And, shockingly but perhaps not so surprisingly, recent scientific studies show that the more we stare at our screens (TV, computers, iPads and phones), the higher the incidences of those developing memory damaging plaque in the brain! 😲😱😫 .

It is time to recover our sanity and our ‘Authentic REALity’ – and this is your invitation!

So I ask you to take a step to make a Shift.


Create just a little time and space each day to pull up a seat (or ottoman 😉) on either side of your window and get comfortable



Tune IN.


And then simply WATCH … as you sit in the Stillness of Pure Presence – heart, eyes, ears wide open- 








– how the scene in front of you comes alive, how the magic unfolds and how new and deeper connections (in brain, body, soul and the world around you) starts to bloom!


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Message from The Dragons

Image by Rob Carlos 2009


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The Truth Will Set You Free – Dragons Among Us!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and New World Walkers ~

Join me for another power-packed interview covering an exciting and broad range of topics guaranteed to inspire!

From TLBTV.COM’s The Truth Will Set You Free Radio Podcast hosted by Linda Wattley:


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In this rich and provocative interview, Hillary and Linda explore:

  • The ‘New’ Money Mentality and How our Frequency plays a role
  • Our Current UPshift – the Awakening Process and how you may be experiencing it
  • How to Navigate and understand Our New World when it comes to: our beliefs, our spirituality, creativity, reincarnation, our wellness and Wholeness, how we evolve
  • The Arrival of The Dragons! – Who are The Dragons and what are they here to teach us
  • And so MUCH MORE!


Hillary Harris is a very unique, sensitive, spirited and encouraging individual. It is these qualities and so many more that has made her an asset in bringing Humanity to a better state of existence. Her mission in life is to touch, heal and transform lives by reconnecting each person with their passion; to assist others in unleashing their power to believe in themselves, believe beyond their limits and believe in their Divine right to be Prosperous.

Through coaching, speaking, teaching, writing and guiding individuals, Hillary offers new perspectives and reaffirms old knowings that removes the struggles of everyday life. She prepares people to step fully, boldly and authentically into their Soul’s Purpose and reason for Being.

She is the Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘the’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life and Passion to Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades assisting clients and audiences alike in awakening and expanding their minds, hearts and spirits in creating and executing profound and permanent ‘ ‘Soul’utions for Success.’

Her popular radio podcast, ASCENSION 360º – Navigating the New World Energies has her known as a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension (the Up-shift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence). Her insight and steady voice has come to be a calming effect for her listeners as our planet goes through this challenging and extraordinary transition.

Hillary’s sensitivity vibrated her right into a phenomenal dimension that many people did not know existed. You have heard of angels and spiritual messengers who seek to assist humanity in getting to a better place, but have you heard about The Dragons? Hillary Harris certainly has. The experience came to her unexpectedly and she loves everything about it. Like all she shares with mankind, she offers this new Light of love, wisdom and support by revealing messages from The Dragons, and reveals them in the lives of others … for those ready to receive and Partner with these extraordinary Beings.

About the Host: Linda Wattley has a lot to say about a lot of things, but sharing “truth” is her passion. You will find this enthusiastic and face full of smiles show host also a proud veteran of the United States Army. She was born in Akron, Ohio and attended the University of Akron majoring in Psychology.

Having a background like that conveys just how much insight she has, but with her there is much more! She is also an author of “Soldier with a Backpack” and “Living and Dying Simultaneously,” which in turn thrust Linda to become a nominee for the “Best in Non-fiction” during the African American Literary Awards Show in 2016.

For more about Hillary, TLB TV and this interview,
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To work with Hillary and/or for more information about her special offerings, visit: 

ASCENSION 360º – Navigating The New World Energies

DRAGON ENERGY PORTAL – Meet YOUR Dragon and Experience a New Frequency Tune UP (Humans § Animals)

SOUL PURPOSE:‘Soul’utions for Success – Prosperity Coaching § Intuitive Guidance 

Message from The Dragons

You have just observed the event you call World Wildlife Day. We want to put emphasis on this celebration for two reasons.

First, you must take note, not just on one day, but on all days, of your sacred animal beings to honor and guard over them and their habitat – for they share it with you. Their space is your space. There is no separation. And, as such, you must learn to walk in the world as if outside indeed is what lies within and what lies within is what lives outside – for that IS what is.

Second, we are most amused by the naming of this day – for it is not about animal beings alone. Yours is truly a Wild Life – in all manners of how you choose to live and create it, embrace or resist it. And no matter what Life to which it refers, you must always protect and preserve it.

Your Human experience is unique and glorious. So grab on and revel the ride!

~ The Dragons with Elijah, High Minister of Dragons



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Dragon image credit: Katy Lipscomb – Artist

A Gift for You: Embrace and Unleash Your Creation Power! – Take 2

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and New World Walkers ~


A little post holiday, pre-New Year’s gift from me to you to assist and support you in harnessing, developing, cultivating your Creation Power.  In these highly transcendent, deeply Soul-quaking and Consciousness-shaking times, it is most important to remember this precious power and Know how to use it with great Wisdom, from ‘Ruthless Presence’ and pristine Integrity.


From the Harness Your Creative Power TeleSummit Series:


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  • How to spot on your ‘intuitive hit’
  • Understanding the Ascension process everyone is undergoing right now
  • Who are The Dragons and what are they here to teach us
  • Connecting with your Inner Creative Essence through the ‘Breath of JoyLight’ Exchange
  • What to do with negative thoughts and stay in Trust with your prosperity and creativity
  • The ‘Nobel Intent’ of your Heart


HILLARY HARRIS Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘The’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life, Passion § Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades assisting clients and audiences alike in awakening and expanding their minds, hearts and spirits in creating and executing profound and permanent ‘ ‘Soul’utions for Success.’

As a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension (the Upshift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence) and through her widely popular radio podcast ASCENSION 360°Navigating the New World Energies – Hillary has become known as a New Reality Architect, Higher Dimensional Navigator and steady voice of INsight and calm during the extraordinary transition our Planet is now undergoing. Her latest unfolding and most surprising ‘work’, however, has been a most unexpected and extraordinary partnering with… Dragons!

As Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons, Sacred Curator of Dragon Wisdom § Wizardry and 16D Frequency Channel, Hillary’s purpose is to both facilitate the special Connection of a Dragon with their person and be a clarion voice for these incredible beings in bringing to the Planet their messages, Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom, Magic and extremely pure and pristine new Frequencies of Light to assist in our ultimate metamorphosis into High Human, Divine God-Source Essence.

Through this unique gift, Hillary has the privilege to share The Dragon perspective on how to deeply embrace our inner ‘Dragon Nature’ and unleash our ‘Dragon Creation Power’ by learning to courageously open our hearts, intentionally breathe, nobly express, BE, conjure and create from what she and The Dragons call ‘Ruthless Presence’ and ‘The Sacred Heart Fire’. Hillary and the Dragons eagerly await the opportunity to Make a Creation connection with you!


To work with Hillary and/or for more information about her special offerings, visit: 

ASCENSION 360º – Navigating The New World Energies


SOUL PURPOSE:‘Soul’utions for Success – Prosperity Coaching § Intuitive Guidance 


New Dimensional ‘Money Mentality’ – What’s Love (and Anger) Got to do With it? Interview

From the Master Your Money Mindset TeleSummit Series:


In this interview, Hillary discusses:

  • Why The Secret doesn’t work
  • How money is changing and what the New World Currency really is
  • What The Dragons teach us about love and money
  • How to be ‘Ruthlessly Present’


Hillary Harris, Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘the’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life, Passion § Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades awakening and expanding the mind, heart and spirit of clients and audiences alike to greater wholeness, satisfaction, prosperity and fulfillment. Hillary provides a platform for following your heart and cultivating your Soul’s truest calling while designing and creating unique ‘Soul’utions for Success.” 

As a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension – the Upshift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence – Hillary has become known as a New Reality Architect, Higher Dimensional Navigator and steady voice of wisdom and calm during the extraordinary transition our Planet is now undergoing. 

Through her latest and most unexpected work, Hillary has been gifted the opportunity to share New Frequencies and sacred wisdom and information about our Humanity and our Divinity through an incredible partnering with … Dragons! Her purpose and calling with these incredible beings is to guide us in how to open to receive and then freely live, fully love and abundantly create with integrity and noble intent from what she and The Dragons call the “Heart Fire.” 

Bringing in powerful new insights and information and serving as a clarion conduit for your own High Heart’s authentic voice, Hillary will assist in accelerating your vibration and raising your consciousness to forward your evolutionary journey while profoundly and permanently altering your perspective on and experience with money, work and life – both as we knew it and are now becoming to know it in a very new world!


Additional Link:


Message from The Dragons

On the intensity being experienced in this pivotal month of The Lion:


‘You make much of this thing called ‘Ascension.’  We want you to know it does not have to be as aggravated [chaotic] a process as all that is bespoken. 

It is your Divinity coming forth – which already exists. It IS You. 

It is your Humanity resolving its ego bits, however the Human is the color-filled beauty part of you All. 

Do not swear to absolve yourselves of all that was.  For that is to deny your true nature and the core of your human being – the core of your Humanity.  We honor that and wish to help you cultivate more of that core – in its entirety – into the purity of Spirit which resides within each one of you. 

The change and the challenge are equal.  See yourselves as we do.  See the core as necessary as a pit to the fruit’s blossoming into its juicy Wholeness and tender fullness of Self. 

Yes, the pit may be rough, tough, gritty and what you discard.  And yet, do remember, it is the very seed of the sweetness to come.’

~ The Dragons – with The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons


Summer ‘Soul’stice

The Fiery Roar of The Light

(Note to reader: Darkness and Light do not refer to night and day but to the vibrational Forces within and around us.)


The Darkness encroaches – and dims, then silences The Light
Granting blindness, avoidance, apathy, denial, secrets
To those who allow it, accept it, feed it, tolerate it

The Light breaks, breaks open – and illuminates, then penetrates deep into The Darkness
Gifting Clarity, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Strength, Truth
To those who embrace it, claim it, require it, demand it

Face the Darkness, stare boldly – and do not blink
Then turn your unwavering eye brazenly into The
insistent Light and unflinchingly See what is shone

As you do, The Light is revealed and reveled
And your pure, true Sight awakens, your Knowing stoked,
your Soul sparks, your Heart Fire burns –

With the heat of a thousand Suns.

But as you do not, The Darkness is fed and fueled
And its cold, empty void is the one to burn –

With the icy chill of its indifference.




Luna Lunar Lunacy!

Last week’s Full Moon brings another special Elemental Visit – and a powerful punch of more Fire Frequency – knocking us further into the New!


As my old patterning continues to be thrust in my face and then stripped away – at times in a fiery blaze or flash that can shock or surprise – and as I am left naked and vulnerable to only my authenticity, bold truth and perfectly imperfect being, I am constantly held by my Elemental Guides, my loving teachers and partners, in a space of Grace – though I may feel as if I had fallen.

I came home tonight to find another magical Luna Moth paying a visit. This time at my FRONT door. Ah ha! And her soft, gentle, beautiful moonlit presence speaks to me to remind:


The Butterfly is the Spiritual Symbol of the Divine Feminine and a Spiritual Metaphor for our own transformation. Much like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly we may at times feel like our guts are being ripped apart and turned to mush right before our eyes.


This transcendence, from the caterpillar’s perspective can feel like a death rather than a transformation, and yet the Butterfly gracefully emerges, whole, complete, beautiful, and free. We must set aside everything we once knew and understood about our world and fully embody an entirely new way of being in the world.


The releasing of our past patterning and attachments can very much feel like we are being torn apart from the inside, a painful death of our very comfortable caterpillar body, we were used to crawling on the ground and eating our way through our emotions.


Then on the other side of this confusing and gut wrenching loss of self, we emerge with wet wings, no longer do we crawl, our legs have been transformed, no longer do we munch our way through life, we fly almost effortlessly, and sip nectar from the blossoms of flowers.


The ascension process of our Highest Self.


You must surrender completely and trust that some intelligence higher than self is guiding you through this process into complete rebirth and freedom.”

~ Chloë Rain

Ah yes, my dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, this journey is often intense and challenging, awe striking and breath-taking, gut-wrenching and grace-filling. And, as I remind you, it is not for the faint of heart, indeed it is not for sissies! As this is our opportunity to truly and absolutely not only BE but CREATE Ourselves and Our Collective New.

From the Force of Pressure …

Comes Our Diamond’s New ‘Spark’le!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~

After my two magical experiences with sacred and gentle Elemental beings over the past two days: (click links below to view)

Luna Moth visit

Garden Family member returns


I share your anger, shock, grief, sadness, disbelief – all manner of feelings when it comes to decisions made by Donald Trump to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement.

While I generally do not make direct political statements, as a person of this Planet – not just a citizen of The United States – and a Sacred Guardian of and Shamanic Partner to The Elemental realms, I am guided to share one bit of wisdom to ease our way through this ever-intensifying Upshift process.
The Awakening of Humanity is not an easy or clean task. It will be messy and sometimes downright scary to the human eye. However Know and Trust this – this person who was chosen as the President of the US at this particularly pivotal time – while appearing to be causing the worst kind of unconscious destruction – is merely that incredible force of unrelenting pressure necessary creating the diamond of Humanity’s greatest evolutionary change.
Unless we can hold this very high perspective, every move made will be more painful than the next.
This is not to say you should agree or accept what you observe quietly. Some will. Some will need to act. Whatever your role, expand your view and understand that this is the dismantling of the ‘old’ in the way our Soul Essence has chosen so that our Human Being will have no other option but to wake up and choose the ‘Actual New’ – in its complete and absolute form – not a redo, a rebuild, not a refurbished version of the old, but a total and fresh creation – after the slate has been cleansed of what we will now not only no longer tolerate, lazily accept or leave to the ‘they’ to fix or resolve, but what simply won’t even function if or when attempted or applied.
Letting go of the ‘old’ can be scary and unpleasant if you are trying to move forward referencing the past or what you think should happen or how it should look or be. Instead, the time is now to step into The Void and bring nothing – no thing – a clear mind, open Heart and purity of Presence that will allow The New to unfold organically, as it is meant to, Divinely guided with Grace rather than pushed with grit.
All is well. The Earth and We are One. We will move through to a place and space of incredible beauty. Hold this Knowing in your Heart. Act with Love, Patience, Faith, Confidence and Courage.
The New is here. So as the force of pressure builds and it gets pushed up to the surface, see if you can see the spark emerging from our Diamond’s brilliant New spark’le! 


New Moon – Gateway of Fire

… The Heat Rises!

We are moving through a very significant Vibrational Gateway this weekend: May 19th – 21st.

Another significant influx of energies coming in and a powerful opportunity of integration for Change being offered up – aka letting go of old 3D ‘programming’ and the ‘choice’ (more like push!) to practice higher multi-dimensional ‘ways’ more consistently to root them in our daily existence.

Common symptoms you may be experiencing, or perhaps have been experiencing in preparation in the week or so prior, include – but are not limited to:

– Restless sleep and waking in the middle of the night
– A feeling of anxiety or ‘vibing’ high or buzzing in your body
– ‘Monkey Mind’ – racing thoughts, difficulty quieting the mind
– Extreme emotional highs and lows/mood swings/temper snaps – in fact, some are feeling that familiar
  feeling of ‘being done,’ having no purpose or wanting to leave the planet
– A revisiting of childhood wounds/old issues you thought you had ‘healed’
– Ravenous hunger and/or specific food cravings
– Sudden exhaustion and need to nap or sleep deeply
– Intense, vivid dreams – some include Dragons
– Headaches
– Vision deterioration
– Low back ache
– Neck and spine aches and stiffness
– And, overall, what may appear to be hormones going wild or ‘out of whack’ – i.e., cramping, menstrual
  cycles starting too early or lasting too long, night sweats, body temperature swings from hot to cold or
  just a sense of ‘being hot’

The information received about theses symptoms and how closely they mimicked hormonal imbalance indicated that this was a first and second Chakra recalibration. The first or Root Chakra being ‘our right to be here’ and the second or Sacral Chakra being our emotional and creation/procreation center.

As we are moving into full understanding of Who we are and needing to take our rightful place as Sovereign Beings in Common Unity, the Root Chakra must open, integrate and recalibrate our vibrational essence to align with this Truth.

As we come to know ourselves as Divine God-Source Beings, our Creation Power must also be understood – and accessible. Therefore the Sacral area where we physically understand our creative power as humans is being amplified with new and higher Frequencies as we assimilate the greater Wisdom of ourselves as not only the birthers of our species but Birthers/ReBirthers of a New and Higher Humanity, a New World and a Multidimensional Collective Consciousness spanning unprecedented layers and levels of existence.

~ Hillary Harris – Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons | New Reality Architect § Ascension Guide



This Gateway opens the doors to the Light of other portals and realms. It brings you into new spaces and expands consciousness beyond local star realms. Keep your Truth at hand.

The Gifts of Fire tumble through the sky to guide you and keep you clear. All reservation must be lost – left behind. This is your entry point. This is your Freedom bridge.

You will feel the pressure and the release. 

Do not let density drag you back. You are fine and moving forward. Your wings carry you on.

We stand beside you to lift and carry – not you but the falseness you have worn. This will reveal you underneath. This will allow you to carry your own weight, to cast your own shadow, resolving your ‘shadow of doubt.’

~ The Dragons

‘The Mystery’ …

… Revealed!

Those who are ‘seeking God’ or ‘looking for the mysteries of The Universe’ – stop seeking, be still, stop chasing – it is not ‘out there’ and it is not so mysterious.

Open your mouth and breathe. Feel that? That is the Breath of Life. That is a tangible miracle.

Open your eyes and look around you. See that? That is the glory of Nature. It’s organic, innate, intuitive workings all miraculous – and right there in front of you.

Open your arms and embrace yourself. Experience that? That is Spirit. That is Source. That is God. That is All That Is in physical form – in You. A microcosmic self-regenerating, all-powerful, Creation miracle – that you can witness daily in your mirror.

Be here, now, present with What Is. That is all that is necessary for your expansion. And THAT will open your Heart – and the door – for more!

~ Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons, Elemental Shaman § 16D Frequency Channel


Want more from Hillary § The Dragons? There are two events coming up soon!


Ascension and Your Body:
Those Aches and Pains (and other ‘Symptoms’) You Can’t Explain!

Date: Tuesday, April 27th, 2017
Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)
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Meet The Dragons!
Their Purpose, Ways § Wisdom and Messages for Humanity for 2017

Date: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017
Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)
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So be sure to register and book your seat NOW!


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A360º Webinar Series Launches!

Hillary and ASCENSION 360º Invite you to the launch of:

The LIVE Comm-Unity Monthly Webinar Series:
A ‘New’ Dimensional Topic and Q & A

Topic for the month of April:

What is ‘Ascension’, Where are We on
The Path and What The Heck is Happening
to My Body (Now)?!

Date: Tuesday, April 27th, 2017
Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)


Join Hillary Harris as she launches ASCENSION 360ºs FIRST monthly LIVE Webinar and Q&A Event.  Each month Hillary will cover a provocative topic on What’s New in our unfolding New Dimensional world and then open the space to answer your questions on that topic or your own Ascension ‘symptoms’ and/or experiences.

Whether you are new to this Upshift of Humanity or a veteran of the well-worn path, this is a not-to-miss opportunity.

This event and new A360º format has been long awaited and is your opportunity to engage with Hillary LIVE, learn to navigate these New World and Higher Dimensional Energies and connect with others sharing this unprecedented journey.

Click here for event details and registration information and instructions on how to submit your question prior to the Event date. 


Hillary looks forward to Tuning In with you to Tune UP your Vibration!





ASCENSION 360º Re-Birthed!

NEW! LIVE Comm-Unity Webinar for Topic Sharing and Q & A:


 My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~
So many of you are eager to learn more about current Ascension Symptoms (or experiences) and all the New that is so rapidly unfolding on the planet now. I have been thinking about relaunching my show for some time now, however I was looking for a new platform and format to better serve you and the intensity of the journey. So after tracking your visits to the site pages, I had a flash of INspiration!
Instead of a podcast, would you be interested in joining me live – once per month – for a brief sharing of information and insights about a topic in our new dimensional space? For example: ‘The New Prosperity – our new relationship to Money’; ‘Learning to Create and Command Your Vibrational Space’; ‘Ascension – Descension: The Head/Heart Transition of ‘Power’ or ‘Navigating the Multi-Dimensional Super-Duper Highway’ and many more new and powerful topics of our Upshift. Then after we would engage in a Q & A – an opportunity to ask me the questions you have about whatever is on your mind or in your heart.
Yes there will be a reasonable fee for each event so it is accessible to all and honors the integrity of our journey together and the offering.
If this is of interest, simply go to the comments section at the bottom of the Ascension Symptoms page and type “Yes I am interested in a monthly LIVE Q & A!” or go to our Comm-Unity Facebook page: and type ‘yes to a LIVE Q & A’ in a comment there.
I do hope this new offering will be just the ticket as it will give you a more interactive and Comm-Unity experience to journey together upward and onward in a supportive manner.

I am planning on launching our first LIVE webinar Event in April – so look for details and registration information coming SOON!


I look forward to you Tuning IN to Tune UP Your Vibration!


The Equinox

The time of dark vs. The Light is done

All that was is no longer. We are now in a NEW dimensional space – which means we must let go of all we thought we knew and all that was – even if it defined us at a core level. It does not define us any longer and only serves to contain us and confine us to the old.

In embracing all that is new, recognize that the battle of ‘dark vs. the Light out there’ is no more. You can continue to engage in that concept or even fight the fight if you choose. However recognize that this perpetuates the old way and the duality.

We are all engaging in the UpShift or Ascension. The Light is here and no matter how much ‘dark dust’ has been kicked up and may cloud our view – sometimes more than others – the Light is stronger than ever before in our evolutionary process. Know this. Embrace this. Trust this.

The only struggle between the dark and Light now is occurring within. As we expand and awaken we are facing the wounds, the legacy and ancestral lineage of limitation, the karmic patterns and we are bringing them to Wholeness.

Not as a way of overcoming the dark – dark over the Light. Not as a way of releasing or squelching it or disavowing it. We are embracing and integrating it so that it becomes the strength AND the vulnerability of Who we are as Higher Human AND Divine Essence.

Remember, we cannot engage our Divinity unless we FULLY experience and embrace our Humanity.

~ Hillary Harris on the eve of The Equinox

Open the Door

To The New:


When you close your mind, you’ve closed your Heart.

When you close your eyes, you’ve closed your Heart.

When you close your ears, you’ve closed your Heart.

When you close your Heart, you’ve closed the door.

The only way through is IN.

The only way In is when the way is OPEN.

Forming A More Perfect Common-Union

On The Presidential Inauguration in the United States:
A new and very controversial unprecedented figure will soon take office in the United States.  Just another of many sometimes unnervingly unexpected occurrences of this UPshift journey.

I truly came to another level of peace with this when I heard President Obama give his perspective on this next stage of our history and RE-volution. He said what I have heard and said so many times – growth is a process and sometimes you take a step forward and you gain ground and sometimes you are forced to take a step back. However do not lose hope as that step is simply part of a natural cycle of things, but that step forward shows you what is and was possible, that progress was made and the opening is now created for more to come. (And, of course, we know that once that door of progress and possibility has been opened, even a crack, there is no closing it again. We, as the revolutionary spirited souls that we are, are going to bust that door down to and for the greater good of All. That is my own take on the President’s insight. )

And this reminded me of the often used analogy of the Spiral of Evolution: As we evolve we will move one step forward and two steps back or two steps forward and one step back, but always ever onward and upward in our awareness and consciousness. We are constantly expanding and learning as we go – so there truly is not a ‘backward’ or ‘here we are again’ moment because, though we may feel we have taken a step back or ‘been here before’, we have actually arrived at a new level of understanding and awakening.
So let’s take a look at this Inauguration or inaugurating – meaning to make a formal beginning of; initiate; commence; begin – with eyes toward the New. This is the beginning of a new cycle of Awakeness and Awareness. It does not matter who or how – and yes, we needed a big knock on the noggin to shake us firmly awake from the slumber so many still cling to – it simply matters that we now choose to wake up and be engaged and clear – with not just our minds – but our inner eyes, hearts and with true vibrational integrity.
It is a new time. This is not about one leader. It is not about one leader dividing us. It is about a divisive atmosphere uniting us.
This is the time of Common-Unity.
So we can either resist what is unfolding – and walk daily in anger, pain and struggle, perpetuating exactly the opposite of what we stand and strive for – or we can use the ‘shock’ of it to further open us to greater growth and extraordinary RE-volutionary change.

I invite you to BE part of the Change. It may be the more challenging path – and downright maddening at times – but it is also certainly the most deeply fulfilling and … thrilling! Let’s create New History and Herstory!


The 2:22 Gateway Frequencies Arrive


Oh, those Aches and Pains… AGAIN!

DNAupshift image
February, the month indicating a Leap Year and the month of Hearts, is proving to also be a pivotal month in our upshift process – we are leaping again indeed! It has packed a wallop with wave after wave of new higher Frequencies arriving that are truly challenging our physical and emotional beings.

First the Fire Monkey New Moon on February 8th with its focus on taking risks and being authentically You – and how those two are inextricably related.  Next the Full Moon in Virgo (February 22nd – 23rd) whose energy may cause a feeling of skewed reality and whose message is all about illumination of Truth, taking responsibility, taking off the ‘rose colored glasses’ and focusing on what is most important to you.

This time will be an intense mirror to peer into but a powerful opportunity to act from the Heart.

And, as things have been tending to flow in the past 6 months, this Moon piggy backs the 2:22 (February 22nd) Gateway – the next wave of energies arriving through this portal kicking our bodies, minds, spirits and very Being up yet another level in Consciousness and Awareness and stretching us ever further into our new ‘skin’ of Higher Human Divine Essence.

As the flow of Frequencies begin to arrive, usually about a week prior to the portal opening, I tend to see an uptick in both communication about symptoms and also visits here to the A30º site.  You are feeling it big time!  I too have had yet another bout with what I have come to call the ‘Ascension Flu’ this week and this influx has been a doozy for sure.  So I wanted to address this month’s incoming wave as it is particularly intense as we continue the deep evolutionary process on our journey. I hope it is helpful in giving you both context for what you are experiencing and also some comfort in knowing you are not alone.

First, here are just SOME of the common symptoms of ‘Ascension Flu’ you may be experiencing:

  • Severe body aches
  • Back pain – particularly the low back
  • Pain between the shoulder blades (back of the Heart Chakra)
  • Muscle stiffness – particularly tight in the neck
  • Ringing in one or both ears
  • Nasal congestion / sinus pressure
  • Headache / migraine
  • Pain on one side of the head or in center of forehead – Third Eye
  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion
  • Lack of energy or ability to move
  • Need to sleep during the day
  • Stomach upset
  • Digestive distress
  • Preference to eat lightly or not at all (even while your stomach may growl)
    (NOTE: Some may feel the need to eat more or eat certain foods like protein for ‘earthing’ or grounding purposes
  • Sense of body buzzing – specifically in Root Chakra, Power and/or Crown Chakras
  • Sense of being off-balance – some vertigo and/or dizziness
  • Pain or pressure in the heart or center of the chest / Heart Chakra
  • Difficulty breathing – due to the pressure or tightness in the chest
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to bottom of feet
  • Irritability, quick to anger, grumpiness – mood swings without a certain cause – may also include depression and more severe feelings of anxiety and despair
  • Intense / unpleasant dreams / nightmares about the past
  • And a pattern of significant and even relentless loss in many areas, if not every area, of your life

But along with these symptoms, some may also have recently noticed :

  • A heightened or new sense of purpose and feeling of inner calm despite ‘outer circumstances’
  • A stronger ability to remain in the Now Moment
  • Prophetic dreams/visitations with powerful and important messages and information
  • Heightened intuition or Knowing available – able to act, do and Be in and from the Heart
  • An unfolding or inkling of a new venture presenting itself
  • A sense of the presence of magic being available or occurring for you
  • The ability to manifest easily when purely in the Now and coming from the Heart
  • No thinking or over-thinking, analyzing, strategizing, planning or over-efforting required – in fact it doesn’t work
  • Effortlessness when willing to just ‘be’ and not have to ‘make’ things happen but rather ‘allow’ them to unfold
  • The necessity to be persistent or persevere as you build, create, learn to collaborate and communicate as a way of challenging your ability to truly stick to your authentic Self and live your authentic Truth – in other words no more pleasing others to get by, get what you want, play out old patterns, contract your vibrant Essence.

(For a more comprehensive list including more on the emotional, energetic/vibrational and mental/psychological, click here.)

Now, if you have not experienced these things, do not be concerned. We are all moving along the path to Oneness, however everyone is at a different place on that path and is going at a different pace.  This is part of our Human Beingness.  And it is these differences that allow us to maintain our individual spark of uniqueness in the tapestry of our Unity.

Yes, you are feeling this. No, you are not crazy AND you are not alone. Many are sensitive to it as well, but are not sharing for fear of being thought crazy, or simply because you don’t know what is happening to you or why.  As I always advise, if you feel what you are experiencing is serious enough, always see your doctor or holistic practitioner.  However, you may find, as many of us have, that traditional medicine and even many alternative methods now have no effect and provide little or no relief.  That is because there is no ‘getting around’ this Ascension process.  We must go through it full force.  We can attempt to numb ourselves, avoid or resist it – or do the spiritual bypass which is to focus on the cliches of thinking your way beyond it (your thoughts create your reality) or “if I push through it and envision wellness, I will feel better” – but this only creates more pain – literally, emotionally, vibrationally and spiritually. The best way to ride each wave is to feel it, allow it, embrace it and experience it. Why? Because it is happening. In fact, doing so will provide two things:  1) The process will occur with more ease and acceleration, as all things are accelerated now, and 2) You will experience less friction on every level along the way – no resistance = no persistance – symptoms can glide through versus get stuck in the body or energetic system causing repetitive patterns and drain.

Like it or not, believe it or not, remember or not, this is what your Soul signed up for. Yes, it is more intense than ever and will continue to be so for a few years to come. We are still shedding much density and resistance at the lower levels of consciousness and being. We are still awakening. Many are still kicking and screaming at the idea of truly and fully letting go of all that no longer serves them, much less our New World. This is our Chrysalis Experience, and for some, just another of many you may have already had. Like the caterpillar, which must completely dissolve into unrecognizable ‘goo’ so that the new creation cells can begin their work to birth the butterfly, this is the path we have chosen to our new reality and to our evolution as Higher Human Divine Beings.

And like the butterfly, as we open and activate the Heart Chakra, we sprout our Angel or Dragon wings – hence the pain between your shoulder blades and pressure in the middle of the back (the back side of your Heart Chakra).  How can you reside in a world that operates purely from the Heart if your Heart is not purely open and ready, willing and able to FLY?

If this wasn’t enough, more is transforming within us now. Our bodies are having what is known as a Kundalini Awakening – the opening of our energetic system for Universal Life Force to freely flow through us such that our Souls can fully infuse with our physical bodies and become the primary voice of our expression. As spirit merges with matter, our DNA is changing – from carbon-based to crystalline-based (solar-light body) – and building from 2 to 12 strands… and beyond. This is a process that many may not observe in the 3D physical world for it is far too uprooting and unsettling for the Egoic and scientific mind. Our hormones are raging, our hearts are racing, the environmental altitude of Mother Earth as she exists in space is literally climbing and, thus, we must acclimate like mountaineers journeying upward and inward to the next stage of our climb.

It is said, however, that the most challenging of this long and grueling process is actually the shortest journey of all – the one within from our Heads to our Hearts. That is ultimately the core of this Ascension – moving from strategizing, rationalizing, thinking and planning from the head to the pure ability to intuitively live, act, be, do, create and Love from the Heart. This is not ‘the ways’ of the old world. It is like learning to speak a new language, ride a bike or be in intimate relationship. It takes practice and an ability to trust yourself, find your balance and surrender control. But above all – you must find the courage to open your Heart in the first place – for not only do our new eyes reside there, so does our deeper ability to truly listen and hear.

Fascinatingly, a physical shift is occurring now to support this. As our pineal and pituitary glands have been, or are being, activated, the next step is that they will be joined. And after that, so say The Dragons, will be the connection of our Third Eye (aka our Knowing space or Inner Eye) with our Hearts (our Higher Knowing which is another form of eye or ‘seeing,’ yes?). So, rather than simply moving from the head to the Heart, they are joining, the Heart is becoming joined with our seeing and Knowing to create our Higher Heart Wisdom – a coming together of heretofore thought separate body, energetic and spiritual ‘parts’ to create an unbroken whole system of seeing with and through LOVE. We are becoming a new kind of Being indeed!

Given all of these extraordinary changes and transformative processes we are undergoing – and the changes still to come in our outer world – does it not make sense that a few body aches and growing pains would simply be par for the course? Know this – the Soul always knows what it is doing. The Ego, on the other hand, is not always so thrilled or on board, particularly after years of this, yes? I get it. I understand. I hear you. I too have had my share of hair-raising experiences and unbearable symptoms to last me more than one lifetime of evolutionary expansion, thank you very much!

But I say this to you: Hang in there, my Fellow intrepid ‘Soul’Journers, as it will get better and be worth every ounce of discomfort as you find your way to the Magic and Grace that awaits. And it does await you. In the meantime, as you travel, here are some suggestions:

  • Stay in the Now Moment as best you can as much as you can – there is truly Magic awaiting you here
  • Sage yourself often – clean, clear, cleanse and purify your energy, frequency, your vibrational space, your environment often as so much is moving in, through and around us now that holds both high and low density, so it is crucial to keep yourself as clear and pristine as possible
  • Take salt baths – another form of clearing and detoxing your body and energy / auric fields
  • Take time each day to sit in stillness – not mediation – just sit and be with yourself and breathe.  Keep it simple and reconnect with your Heart and inner self – he/she needs you right now more than ever.
  • Find a source, any source of Joy. So many I work with have no idea what that is or how to touch it.  It can be your beloved pet, a hobby, some music, a picture you like to look at, a book or movie you enjoy, a flower, a smell, a color you love to wear or a favorite piece of clothing you feel good in. Start small and feed your Soul with it. For me, in some of the darkest moments, it was a snuggle with my dog or simply watching a movie. This until I could find a wider moment of joy, and then another. Do not force this or fabricate it. Do not ‘fake it ’till you make it’ as that feeds inauthenticity.
  • Most importantly, just be you, as you are, with understanding and acceptance – toward yourself each step of the way, with each feeling or symptom you experience. Unconditional Self Love, truly unconditionally given, is the greatest gift and grandest blessing you can both give and receive.

Be well. And remember, this wave shall pass – but as it does it is bringing in the most glorious of Frequencies tuning UP your vibration to ever higher Consciousness and ever grander Beingness. Each ache and pain is a signal of your Divine upshift and a symbol of your re-membering the brilliant Master Creator and extraordinary God-Fire Essence that You Are!

Messages from The Dragons

The Dragons are not here to rescue and save. They are here to Guide and Support.

“We come to you in your Grace and your Fire. Not in your weakness. Do not misunderstand this term. It holds different connotation than in human language.

We come not because you need something, lack something or embody ‘less’ in some way, but because we stand to enthusiastically encourage and help cultivate the bravest expression of You – from your quintessential brilliance, your Wholeness and your Truth.”

~ The Dragons

To Wholeness and Love through Loss

You may have noticed, have felt the impact of or simply have been curious about the fact that last week the world lost a great many creative individuals. These transitions occurred in a small space of time and, interestingly, these individuals all passed after experiencing the same dis-ease – cancer. I felt a strange synchronicity and similarity to a few years prior when many highly visible and creative Souls also passed together in a compressed period but, at that time, due to heart attack.

I felt there was significance to this and was guided to explore it. Here is the information that came through:

“These creative souls are carrying the energy and destruction of cancer off the planet with them at this time. The legacy they leave is replacing it with Love.”

I understood through this message that as these particular beings were well loved and well known, this would be widely seen news, shared in the worldwide media and thus would serve to deeply stir, sharply break open and profoundly impact the Hearts of the Collective.

Our shared grief, sadness and loss unifies us in the energy of Feeling. We bond in the experience and through the outpourings and expressions of support, understanding, prayers and Love. This is what is necessary to bring Humanity to Wholeness and our consciousness beyond our old world notions of sickness and aging, beyond the matrix of separation in pain.


Let Us Keep Our Hearts Open

My fellow ‘Soul’journers,

Join me in sending Love, Light and Prayers
to the families and the community of Newtown, Connecticut who today lost children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School –

The Violet Flame with burn eternally in honor, memory and in celebration of their lives.



Our Universe shines brighter with the sparks of 27 new stars.

December Winter Solstice Brings the Age of Aquarius!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

Here is a preview of what it is occur on the December Winter Solstice – between December 21st and December 23rd, 2012 from Kelley Hunter and me:

The Sun will align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and our solar system moves into direct alignment with galactic “headquarters” – with the Central Sun of the greater Universe and the Great Central Sun of All Universes. This alignment only occurs once every 26,000 years! We will experience several planetary and lunar eclipses over these three days and an influx of intense energy and expanded consciousness giving us access to higher dimensional realms, bringing in heightened awareness to more advanced and responsible ways of living and being on the planet.

On December 25th, we move out of the energy of Pisces and usher in the Age of Aquarius.

Enjoy the ride!

Breaking Down to LOVE!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

Let us take note of these extraordinary times and the power that they bring. The earth shook the North American West Coast, the wind tore up the East. Two coasts shifting, clearing, breaking down.

Two sides of one country falling apart… then coming together to heal, uniting divided minds, opening protected hearts.

Politics, Economics, blame – all giving way to LOVE.

5D Prosperity!


My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

Desire more Prosperity?

In these Heart Energies and New Vibration, it will not be gained externally. Prosperity is an inside job and YOU are the Source.

Key#1 is healthy Relationships – primarily the one with YOURSELF.

Key#2 is Love & Forgiveness – of yourself, others and even your enemies!
Embrace to E X P A N D!

The Road to the New Vibration is Paved with Light!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

The 8th Gateway of Transcendence is pushing us to the brink. The darkness is challenging even those holding the highest light. When your boat gets rocked by External forces, find your rock… WITHIN. Transcend. This is ‘THE’ way through and into higher consciousness.

Transcend to Ascend.

The Ups and Downs of the 8s!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

The gateway of 8/8 opens this day, bringing in the 8th Ray of Transcendence. And the energies go round and round and our emotions up and down as we ride this crazy carousel of life!

Find yourself feeling limp of life and breath of late? Be still. Sit and let the vibration catch up to you. It will all ease with the next spiral’s turn.

The Meaning of True Independence

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

Today is not just a celebration of our Independence as a Nation here in the US. As we move into a new consciousness and awaken to a higher Knowing – let us also celebrate the Independence of ourselves from the tyranny of our illusions, limiting beliefs and mind-generated false perceptions.

Let us celebrate and remember Who we really are as we step into the true meaning of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Happy Fourth!