Message from The Dragons ~

For the US –

Your Interdependence is more critical than ever before.

Seek not the rays of division to prove your point,

Integrate and embrace them to bond them to the Common-Unity of All.

This Freedom, your Freedom, is precious and omnipotent, and must be preserved.

Not only as commemoration of your past, but as a celebration of your expanding You.

Progress Yourselves.

Take the hits and hints of a crumbling stratum.

Understand your Life Force and its greater power in tandem and Collaboration above all else.

Freedom is only Freedom when allowed to breathe – to change and create newly to meet the New and Now where it is.

We duly honor your history and its sacrifices.

We are here now to assist in the birth of your new (hi)story. And there will be great sacrifice – and great growth.

While the world watches, it also awaits your model of Independence to find new footing and Higher ground.

This to light a way and blaze a bolder path for true Liberty, Justice and a new, Collective Inter-dependence WITH and FOR ALL.

We send our greetings for a most blessed of holy-days ~ ???


~ The Dragons with Hillary – Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons

July 4th, 2019


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Join Hillary for a heart-igniting, abundance activating conversation for
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In ‘New Money’ …

We [Must] Trust


As we move into the season of Giving Thanks in the US, and the November Feminine Energies amplify and accelerate us into a greater experience of vulnerability, strength, Truth speaking/telling to Power and more and deeper inner ‘house cleaning’ – let’s reflect on the core meaning of this Holi-day centered on plenty, abundance, gratitude – oh, and of course, pie! ? – and how to align that meaning with the New View On Money and Prosperity:

There has been born a new way of relating to how money, prosperity, abundance comes to us – i.e., how we receive.

This new way has required a level of Trust not yet before embraced. It requires the letting go of ‘amassing’ what we are desiring and, instead, allowing it to show up in the moment and in perfect Divine timing. 

This has not been a comfortable shift when we are used to having funds ‘in the bank,’ available in reserve, in waiting, in lump sum. 

New Abundance is now to be understood or held in the Vibrational realm or field, and then drawn down as deemed necessary and when called – from and with integrity – into the physical. 

This will occur ‘like magic’ to most. However, for those who identify as Source, it will simply be experienced as part of the organic and natural Flow.

~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit



– For support during these challenging evolutionary times or to receive a Frequency Attunement for Wholeness (healing) for you or your animal companion (wild or otherwise), click here.

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The Truth Will Set You Free – Dragons Among Us!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and New World Walkers ~

Join me for another power-packed interview covering an exciting and broad range of topics guaranteed to inspire!

From TLBTV.COM’s The Truth Will Set You Free Radio Podcast hosted by Linda Wattley:


In this rich and provocative interview, Hillary and Linda explore:

  • The ‘New’ Money Mentality and How our Frequency plays a role
  • Our Current UPshift – the Awakening Process and how you may be experiencing it
  • How to Navigate and understand Our New World when it comes to: our beliefs, our spirituality, creativity, reincarnation, our wellness and Wholeness, how we evolve
  • The Arrival of The Dragons! – Who are The Dragons and what are they here to teach us
  • And so MUCH MORE!


Hillary Harris is a very unique, sensitive, spirited and encouraging individual. It is these qualities and so many more that has made her an asset in bringing Humanity to a better state of existence. Her mission in life is to touch, heal and transform lives by reconnecting each person with their passion; to assist others in unleashing their power to believe in themselves, believe beyond their limits and believe in their Divine right to be Prosperous.

Through coaching, speaking, teaching, writing and guiding individuals, Hillary offers new perspectives and reaffirms old knowings that removes the struggles of everyday life. She prepares people to step fully, boldly and authentically into their Soul’s Purpose and reason for Being.

She is the Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘the’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life and Passion to Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades assisting clients and audiences alike in awakening and expanding their minds, hearts and spirits in creating and executing profound and permanent ‘ ‘Soul’utions for Success.’

Her popular radio podcast, ASCENSION 360º – Navigating the New World Energies has her known as a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension (the Up-shift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence). Her insight and steady voice has come to be a calming effect for her listeners as our planet goes through this challenging and extraordinary transition.

Hillary’s sensitivity vibrated her right into a phenomenal dimension that many people did not know existed. You have heard of angels and spiritual messengers who seek to assist humanity in getting to a better place, but have you heard about The Dragons? Hillary Harris certainly has. The experience came to her unexpectedly and she loves everything about it. Like all she shares with mankind, she offers this new Light of love, wisdom and support by revealing messages from The Dragons, and reveals them in the lives of others … for those ready to receive and Partner with these extraordinary Beings.

About the Host: Linda Wattley has a lot to say about a lot of things, but sharing “truth” is her passion. You will find this enthusiastic and face full of smiles show host also a proud veteran of the United States Army. She was born in Akron, Ohio and attended the University of Akron majoring in Psychology.

Having a background like that conveys just how much insight she has, but with her there is much more! She is also an author of “Soldier with a Backpack” and “Living and Dying Simultaneously,” which in turn thrust Linda to become a nominee for the “Best in Non-fiction” during the African American Literary Awards Show in 2016.




To work with Hillary and/or for more information about her special offerings, visit: 

ASCENSION 360º – Navigating The New World Energies

DRAGON ENERGY PORTAL – Meet YOUR Dragon and Experience a New Frequency Tune UP (Humans § Animals)

SOUL PURPOSE:‘Soul’utions for Success – Prosperity Coaching § Intuitive Guidance 

New Dimensional ‘Money Mentality’ – What’s Love (and Anger) Got to do With it? Interview

From the Master Your Money Mindset TeleSummit Series:


In this interview, Hillary discusses:

  • Why The Secret doesn’t work
  • How money is changing and what the New World Currency really is
  • What The Dragons teach us about love and money
  • How to be ‘Ruthlessly Present’


Hillary Harris, Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘the’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Radio Host and Spiritual Life, Passion § Purpose Guide. She has spent the last two decades awakening and expanding the mind, heart and spirit of clients and audiences alike to greater wholeness, satisfaction, prosperity and fulfillment. Hillary provides a platform for following your heart and cultivating your Soul’s truest calling while designing and creating unique ‘Soul’utions for Success.” 

As a global pioneer and leader in the process of Ascension – the Upshift of Humanity into Higher Human Divine Essence – Hillary has become known as a New Reality Architect, Higher Dimensional Navigator and steady voice of wisdom and calm during the extraordinary transition our Planet is now undergoing. 

Through her latest and most unexpected work, Hillary has been gifted the opportunity to share New Frequencies and sacred wisdom and information about our Humanity and our Divinity through an incredible partnering with … Dragons! Her purpose and calling with these incredible beings is to guide us in how to open to receive and then freely live, fully love and abundantly create with integrity and noble intent from what she and The Dragons call the “Heart Fire.” 

Bringing in powerful new insights and information and serving as a clarion conduit for your own High Heart’s authentic voice, Hillary will assist in accelerating your vibration and raising your consciousness to forward your evolutionary journey while profoundly and permanently altering your perspective on and experience with money, work and life – both as we knew it and are now becoming to know it in a very new world!


Additional Link:


A360º Webinar Series Launches!

Hillary and ASCENSION 360º Invite you to the launch of:

The LIVE Comm-Unity Monthly Webinar Series:
A ‘New’ Dimensional Topic and Q & A

Topic for the month of April:

What is ‘Ascension’, Where are We on
The Path and What The Heck is Happening
to My Body (Now)?!

Date: Tuesday, April 27th, 2017
Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)


Join Hillary Harris as she launches ASCENSION 360ºs FIRST monthly LIVE Webinar and Q&A Event.  Each month Hillary will cover a provocative topic on What’s New in our unfolding New Dimensional world and then open the space to answer your questions on that topic or your own Ascension ‘symptoms’ and/or experiences.

Whether you are new to this Upshift of Humanity or a veteran of the well-worn path, this is a not-to-miss opportunity.

This event and new A360º format has been long awaited and is your opportunity to engage with Hillary LIVE, learn to navigate these New World and Higher Dimensional Energies and connect with others sharing this unprecedented journey.

Click here for event details and registration information and instructions on how to submit your question prior to the Event date. 


Hillary looks forward to Tuning In with you to Tune UP your Vibration!





ASCENSION 360º Re-Birthed!

NEW! LIVE Comm-Unity Webinar for Topic Sharing and Q & A:


 My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~
So many of you are eager to learn more about current Ascension Symptoms (or experiences) and all the New that is so rapidly unfolding on the planet now. I have been thinking about relaunching my show for some time now, however I was looking for a new platform and format to better serve you and the intensity of the journey. So after tracking your visits to the site pages, I had a flash of INspiration!
Instead of a podcast, would you be interested in joining me live – once per month – for a brief sharing of information and insights about a topic in our new dimensional space? For example: ‘The New Prosperity – our new relationship to Money’; ‘Learning to Create and Command Your Vibrational Space’; ‘Ascension – Descension: The Head/Heart Transition of ‘Power’ or ‘Navigating the Multi-Dimensional Super-Duper Highway’ and many more new and powerful topics of our Upshift. Then after we would engage in a Q & A – an opportunity to ask me the questions you have about whatever is on your mind or in your heart.
Yes there will be a reasonable fee for each event so it is accessible to all and honors the integrity of our journey together and the offering.
If this is of interest, simply go to the comments section at the bottom of the Ascension Symptoms page and type “Yes I am interested in a monthly LIVE Q & A!” or go to our Comm-Unity Facebook page: and type ‘yes to a LIVE Q & A’ in a comment there.
I do hope this new offering will be just the ticket as it will give you a more interactive and Comm-Unity experience to journey together upward and onward in a supportive manner.

I am planning on launching our first LIVE webinar Event in April – so look for details and registration information coming SOON!


I look forward to you Tuning IN to Tune UP Your Vibration!


5D Prosperity!


My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’journers,

Desire more Prosperity?

In these Heart Energies and New Vibration, it will not be gained externally. Prosperity is an inside job and YOU are the Source.

Key#1 is healthy Relationships – primarily the one with YOURSELF.

Key#2 is Love & Forgiveness – of yourself, others and even your enemies!
Embrace to E X P A N D!