Celebrating The New World Independence of YOU!

The Gift of Fear to Freedom and the Power of Vulnerability

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Are fear, anxiety and an unexpected sense of vulnerability getting the better of you? And have you been feeling an insistent, persistent push toward making some kind of transformative, major, even drastic, imminent Change? Are you wondering where it all came from and, please oh please, how to fix it, avoid it or make it go away all together? Well, what if you can’t, and more importantly, what if you aren’t supposed to? What if you knew that this incredibly intense and challenging time – and your subsequent experiences and feelings – are all critically necessary and deeply significant to your soul’s growth and expansion, both on your Ascension journey and to our collective successful rebirthing of our New Earth? In fact, what if the entire process depended upon it?

Join Hillary LIVE for a frequency-shifting look at how your unresolved and unmitigated fear is actually liberating you from the shackles, myths and misperceptions of not only your own thinking, but that of others and the greater world around you. She will discuss the struggle you may be feeling toward what she calls an ‘Individual New World Declaration of Independence’ – the call to step into your Divinity, no longer giving away your power to your own ego-mind or the mass-mindset – and how allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feel, rather than figure your way through life in these new heart-centered energies, will give you profound access to and powerfully align you with the unlimited abundance, peace and flow of the Fifth Dimensional frequencies. Hillary will also reveal a bold secret she
has discovered that just may hold the key to this entire Ascension process!

So tune in for a breaking free – from your mind and the matrix!

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