Consciously Cultivating…

Your Flowers!

It is the beginning of FEBRUARY… yet this is what popped up in my Garden!! 😲🤯

As we Ascend and adjust to ‘the New,’ we may find ourselves like these daffodils, wanting to push up and out our new ideas, new creations, new adventures, as soon as we see and feel the tiniest indication of Light and warmth after a long period of darkness.

However, when flowers bloom too early, they also fade too early, unsupported by the out-of-synch environment.

We must learn from Nature’s example. If we push to blossom too quickly what we think is next or desire to create right NOW – due to our human desire to move out from the ‘Void’ and the discomfort of ‘not knowing’ – our flower will fade just as suddenly. The greater framework around us and the foundation beneath us has not yet rooted deeply enough to support our tender shoots.

So, slow down, my Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, and allow the wisdom of The New Unfolding to guide you and your roots to solid ground.

Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance is The New Way of Being. Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance is what will nourish your newly flowering creations, providing sustenance that can withstand all the changing tides… and seasons.


~ Hillary Harris – Dragon Guardian § Gifter | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman § 16D Frequency Channel | Strategic ‘Soul’utions Intuitive § Abundance Activist


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