Do We Really Choose Our Parents?! Best-Selling Author Scott Blum Joins Hillary for a Magical Conversation about Winter Moon Rises

Scott’s Latest Book About His Extraordinary Journey (of Birth and Rebirth) into Fatherhood

The third installment in Scott Blum’s best-selling series of enchanting novels, Winter Moon Rises continues where the semi-autobiographical Waiting for Autumn left off. This book follows Scott and his soul mate, Madisyn, as they prepare for their most profound adventure together: the journey of bringing their first child into this world. Much more than a traditional story about expecting parents, this metaphysical page-turner plunges to the deepest emotional and spiritual depths that contain the hidden secrets of how our souls work with one another. This heartwarming adventure captures the imagination and reveals what it truly means to be a spiritual being having the ultimate human experience.

Join Hillary and Scott for an engaging glimpse into Scott’s personal journey and for provocative dialogue about just some of the rich and timely themes that emerge in Winter Moon Rises – including: expectation, loss and letting go; surrendering beyond the ego; the search for identity and a sense of belonging in the world; fulfilling our spiritual destiny, soul contracts and clearing karmic debt; the reclaiming of the Divine Masculine?!; healing the past as necessary to create/birth our future – and more!

So tune in for a cosmic conversation to captivate!

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