Dragon Wisdom – Messages from The Dragons


I recently heard that Dragons are here to help us move beyond our Fear. I decided to ask The Dragons about this as this did not sit as truth within me.

Dragons do not relate to Fear as we Humans do. They feel or experience ‘Truth,’ they feel ‘What is’ – the Whole or Wholeness of the experience. So they feel what we call Fear – and every other ’emotion or feeling’ on the spectrum – but have no concern that it means there is something wrong, is something not to be felt or something to get rid of, move beyond or transcend lest it bring ‘negative’ consequences.

“You humans, in your duality, try to determine ‘What is’ based in judgment of better than, worse than. There is not that. Just the ‘Truth of the Now Moment’ or ‘What is’ and the embracing of the whole or wholeness of that experience.

In experiencing this Truth, feeling the ‘What is’ full force in the Now, you will experience your true or authentic Life. You will experience the colors that enrich that Life. By feeling or allowing in such Truth, allowing it in to the deepest crevices of your Heart, in to the place that houses the spark of your very Soul, without a need to resist, rework, block or deny, its challenges will hold no more power over you, but its gifts will sweeten that experience and become part of what feeds the Fire of your expanding Spirit.”

~ The Dragons