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human-heart-space-300x214My Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, New World Walkers and Divine Master Creators ~
An important event is upon us in the United States as we approach the day of electing our next President. This election is and will be different – for so many reasons – and mostly because of how WE across the globe will choose to both ‘BE’ and ‘Perceive’ the events as they unfold and as we experience the outcome.

The real key is to truly Know that – no matter what happens – nothing is wrong and all is indeed in Divine order as WE – the Souls of Humanity – have both needed it and created it to be.

Of course, the feelings of our human aspect will be felt – and perhaps for so many felt quite strongly indeed. This is natural. We must embrace and allow for that. However, we must not get stuck there.

For what happens if the outcome is not what you ‘expected’, wished, desired or prayed for or think is in our best interest? Are you going to remain in the strength of those feelings – of anger or frustration or even powerlessness – for the next four years? Or will you perpetuate the divisive energy that has already defined and plagued this election process?

The entire process itself was a mirror and thus an opportunity for each of us to choose our being and our Creation Power. Did you perpetuate (the old) or emanate (a new perspective)? Did you add fuel to the fire of anger, fear and division or did you ignite a new commitment to the new way of Possibility through Change and growing pains, of Peace through Passionate re-Creation, of Inner Stillness brings outer metamorphosis. This is time to move beyond the rhetoric of dualistic arguments of who is right or wrong, good or evil, better or worse, true or false and so on. What if each choice has its strengths and faults and neither is best? And what if we can open our eyes to the bigger picture of how this event has brought to the platform so many rich topics for historic celebration as well as for serious and profound evolutionary growth.

We have been faced with and had to openly deal with issues on every level of life and our humanity – truth, integrity, transparency, legality, morality, inequality, liberty, prosperity, prejudice, sexism, racism, misogyny, fear, hate, and on and on. All of it bringing rise to deeper awareness and awakening to a nation and a planet so badly needing the wake up call.

But as we awaken, we can either do so with angst, chewed fingernails and furrowed brows as we tip toe gingerly into a future that we build from the old, from past hurts, limited beliefs and doubting ‘I told you so’s’ – letting our heads and our Fear do the talking while we strategize our next survival move.

OR we can take the quantum leap boldly ahead into a new day and new world seeing from a new set of eyes, speaking our Truth from our Hearts.

For the bulk of this process I have been witnessing people writing, speaking and complaining about what didn’t or isn’t happening, what shouldn’t be, what they don’t want, what they don’t see, what is bad and wrong, etc. Remember – Creation starts at the point of your vibrational intention.

If you desire a world based in Love it starts with you. If you desire a planet of Peace, it starts with you. If you desire it, it begins within YOU.

Now is the time. At the watershed of yet another unprecedented moment in history. Instead of looking outward to send out or connect with what is going on ‘out there’ in fear or worry or concern about what may or may not happen, make a different kind of connection – be still and connect within.

Be still and breathe. Find your heart center and focus on what you truly desire. Focus on Ease and Grace. Focus on that all is unfolding in the manner that supports the highest and best for All. But most importantly, focus on the Love and Light within you. The Love and Light that IS you. And just BE that. Just let Love and Light be who you are even if for a moment. Just let Love and Light be enough.

This vibrational frequency is the highest we can hold and its ripples become tidal waves of an unstoppable force of nature.

This is how to send a message. This is how to move a mountain, change the world and shake the Multiverse with your roar. And it is the highest and clearest kind of message that transcends all else. That roar manifests from the still small voice from within. And it is found in the stillness of you.

So find that stillness within you where the spark of Love and Light lives and Connect. Each time you do – it reverberates and multiplies and touches each and every of the Oneness.

Ever upward in Heart Fire and Flow!

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