Encore Presentation: Listen to Your Heart – Part 2: How to Walk the Talk

Guidelines for Heart-Centered Listening and Living

We are poised right on the border of the New World Vibration and it feels as if the energies have yet again turned up the heat, stretching and challenging us to our very core. And as we are now dwelling in the space ruled by Heart Wisdom – where we need to be able to both depend on and draw from the voice of our own Hearts more than ever before – it seems the chatter and noise of our heads has grown to a fever pitch, making it ever more difficult to hear that still small voice within bespeaking our very precious Truth.

Hillary gave you a taste of how to distinguish those various voices (or “players” as she calls them) and how to tune in to the many ways they speak to you when she presented Part 1 of this two part series – Listen to Your Heart (‘Cuz Your Head Can’t Help You Now)! But there was so much more to learning the New Language of the Heart and this topic is so critically important, not only to making our transition but to discovering and Knowing WHO we truly are – and finding a place of stillness (and sanity) in the process, that Hillary wanted to dive back in and continue this very rich and multi-layered conversation. So join her again for Part 2 as she shares a powerful formula, must-follow guidelines and some invaluable tools for stepping into and navigating the Fifth Dimensional Energies while undergoing a level of constant change and intense metamorphosis that would rattle the likes of even the most spiritually grounded and psychologically well-adjusted chameleon!

So tune in to turn down the chatter and put your focus on what matters!

(Note: Though this show was an encore presentation and was not broadcast live, the material is very timely and relevant and will provide some powerful information at yet another intense transition point. Repeat listeners are encouraged to tune in to glean something not heard the first time!)

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