Encore Presentation: The New and Unrelenting ‘Force’ of CHANGE

Is It Lifting You Up… or Knocking You Over?

Change is the number one thing human beings resist. Change is also the only constant and guarantee in life. You may have thought you had gotten a handle on, used to or maybe even somewhat comfortable with all of the change we have been experiencing of late. And yet, in this unprecedented year, change now comes even faster and more furiously, persistently, abruptly and more intent than ever on its purpose of making a point and teaching a lesson, clearing a path and leaving something tangible and permanent in its wake. As this incredible and insistent ‘Force’ sweeps through you and your life, are you able to surrender and go with the flow or are you finding yourself instead getting swept forward – or back? With each sudden adjustment, are you feeling increasingly free and unfettered or like you can barely catch your breath, ground your feet and take a break before the next wave of change comes along to take your breath away?

Join Hillary for a frank conversation about the ‘Force’ of Change that is now rushing through our internal and external worlds. She will explore this new and relentless, swift and urgent energy – unlike that of old with its natural ebb and flow, marked by pauses and time for reflection – and how it is both causing us shell shock, confusion and pain while also opening wondrous doors to possibility, to our awakening, to our expansion of consciousness and to our evolution. How is it impacting you?

So, for a change of pace, tune in for a discussion about the pace of Change!

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