Meet The Dragons!

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Meet The Dragons!

Their Purpose, Ways § Wisdom and Messages for Humanity for 2017

Date: Next Event Date COMING SOON!
Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)


The Dragons Are Here!
But these are not the Dragons of the old world and reality. These Dragons are of the highest Dimensional Realms, purely of The Light and come with a very sacred and intentional Purpose.
If you have been ‘bitten’ by the Dragon bug and this sparks your curiosity; or you have made a connection with these extraordinary Beings and desire to delve deeper as the new information continues to flow in, join Hillary Harris for an extraordinary opportunity to Connect, Commune and Create with The Dragons of OUR Time!

Known as Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons, Keeper of Dragon Wisdom, and Shaman of Dragon Wizardry § Magic, Hillary Harris has a unique story to tell and a very special relationship with these incredible Heart-centric messengers who have come to partner with us as we navigate through some of the most challenging territory on our R-Evolutionary journey – both inwardly and into a very new world.

Join Hillary for an Introduction to The Dragons of The New ~ Their Purpose, Ways § Wisdom for 2017.


In this exciting Event, Hillary will share:

    • Who They are and Why They are Here: The Dragon’s Realm and their extraordinary make-up, messages, modeling and supremely sacred Purpose for their intentional presence on the planet at this unprecedented time in our evolutionary Upshift.
    • Background into her unique and multifaceted role – both ancient and new – and quite unexpected journey to Partnering with The Dragons.
    • What Love’s got to do with… ALL of it, what they say about Fear, and why ‘you gotta have Heart’ if you are going to Breathe Fire!
    • How to know if you are ‘Dragon Worthy’ – The Dragon guidelines for Connecting and Communing with your own Dragon – and other Codes of Conduct.
    • Some critical, truly sublime and often humor-filled Wisdom The Dragons wish to share with you and with Humanity for this pivotal year of Dismantling to Creation.
    • A sneak peek into The Dragon relationship to The Elemental World, Dragon Wizardry, Magic and what it has to do with our Great Awakening and shift into Higher Consciousness.

You will also take away some special gifts:

    • An explanation and demonstration of two deeply connective and profoundly powerful Dragon Breathing Techniques
    • An introduction to the very pure and highly pristine Dragon Frequencies for Wholeness and Attunement Hillary is newly bringing through to the planet
    • A beautiful and magical word from their very sacred mystical language
    • And a few other Goodies – all in preparation for upcoming events Hillary will be offering to delve deeper with The Dragons.

The Meet The Dragons! Introduction Event is a prerequisite for all other Dragon Events as it lays the foundation for integral understanding and application (including the learning of important basic Dragon breathing techniques) for authentic Connection and Communion for the deeper work to be done with The Dragons.]

Event Details:

  • Time: 6:30pm EDT (US)
  • Location: LIVE Online Webinar – you will be taken to the Event registration page upon payment completion
  • Investment: $97 (payment accepted via PayPal by credit card, debit card or bank account – a PayPal account not required.)

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Hillary § The Dragons eagerly await your presence for this exciting and provocative LIVE introductory event!