Evolutionary Relationships: The Next New Frontier!

Hillary Welcomes Patricia Albere, Transformational Educator and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, to Explore How to Take Our Interconnections Out of the Ego Zone and into the “Quantum Field of Relating”

Many of us crave fuller, deeper, more powerful experiences of intimacy, depth, communion and creativity. We long to feel truly met, seen and known. In our current paradigm of relating, acculturated fears, programs and illusions keep us from engaging fully and authentically, leaving us feeling disappointed and existentially alone. As we step into a higher Dimension and awaken to higher consciousness, how do we then move beyond this old paradigm to create an entirely new platform for deep and profound connection? How do we meet ourselves and our partners in our new external world from an expanded internal space?

Join Hillary and Patricia for an exciting and inspiring dialogue as Patricia introduces a juicy new way we can engage with one another that opens the door to endless possibilities for intimacy, collaboration, transformation and fulfillment. Hillary and Patricia will also explore topics such as the difference between evolutionary relationships and traditional partnerships, the roles of Truth and Transparency – and how each affects intimacy and individual consciousness, the real secret to creating and sustaining “higher we” relationships based in authenticity, mutuality and love, why all of this is so critically important now at this juncture in human history – and more!

So tune in for a real relationship Renovation and R’Evolution!

About Patricia:

Patricia Albere is a transformational educator and contemporary spiritual teacher passionate about Evolutionary Relationships and the exponential levels of transformation available through new forms of collective consciousness. For the last 40 years, she has taught from the emerging edge of conscious evolution, awakening others to the profound depths and infinitive wisdom available to two or more people connected by and in service to infinitely more powerful forces. (www.evolutionarycollective.com/evolutionary-relationships)

Albere is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective (EC), an experiential new model of awakened community. She is also the host of the popular Evolutionary Collective Conversations (ECC), a weekly global webcast and radio show where today’s top evolutionary leaders join Patricia for dynamic dialogues about cutting edge ideas. www.evolutionarycollective.com

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