Feeling EVERYTHING – Our New HUE-manity Awakens

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers,

How do we truly evolve to higher consciousness? By getting real, being authentic and embracing and accepting EVERY aspect or ‘hue’ of our HUE-manity, not just the ones we label as ‘good.’

The world is not black and white. Neither are we. A rainbow is not simply made up of two or three colors on the spectrum – in fact, there are many more beyond the ones we know of that cannot be seen with the ‘naked’ eye.

Becoming Higher Human means we not only awaken to our Divinity, but that we also embrace, accept and allow FULLY for our Humanity. ALL of it – the entire range or spectrum – the good, the bad, the ugly. Faults, flaws and fabulousness. Every color, shade, tinge and variation. No exceptions. No kidding!

This means we stop ‘trying’ to feel or be something other than we are in the moment. Instead we must allow ourselves to be and feel everything we feel authentically and fully- and not just the good feelings – or swing to other end of the spectrum and avoid feeling anything at all. This does not mean we get stuck in the wound or the story of the source of those feelings, but not allowing them to come forward and be expressed is a denial of ourselves at a core levle. There has been too much of this and too much misunderstanding of this from the head-based, mind-driven 3D world for far too long and it no longer works in 5D. The very resistance to this new way of being is what is causing so much pain and angst. Living in Heart Wisdom energies means letting the feelings flow.

Any attempt to fix, heal, get rid of, bypass, avoid or numb ourselves to our ‘Ego Facets’ or human aspects or to our authentic emotions and feelings, to what we don’t like, to what is difficult, to what is painful or challenging, to what we would rather skip over or not experience or not have or be is all a form of denial or rejection of that which is a fundamental part of Who we are. This creates resistance (both within us and in the vibrational collective field) and separation (from self, the Divine and others) and this reinforces the old 3D concept of duality.

In Fifth Dimension, we have moved beyond duality – no good/bad, better/worse, more/less, right/wrong, positive/negative – there simply is ‘What Is.’ And as we embrace this and accept ourselves and each and every aspect as we are, even those aspects we do not want or like or prefer, we will find that organically we will come into balance, harmony and Wholeness, naturally allowing that sense of separation and concept of duality to resolve and/or fall away.

ALL of Who we are is beautiful. ALL of what we feel is okay – and allowed (i.e., authentic feelings won’t create ‘bad karma,’ negative outcomes or compromised prosperity and success.). ALL of what we are experiencing is welcome, part of the plan and sacred. ALL of it is Perfect… as it is.

Imperfect = I’m Perfect.

Feeling, embracing, accepting and allowing ALL of it is the way forward to true Unity Conscious-ness. Inclusiveness is the true Heart’s path. Every color or hue must be included to make the rainbow complete. There is no way to be or become our Divine Selves while rejecting or resisting any aspect or hue of our HUE-manness. True Divinity means loving our Humanity – ALL of it – even when and while it is ‘under construction!’

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