Finding the Good in the ‘Bad’ that Happens: Quantum Leap Catalysts and Fifth Dimensional Fire-Starters

How Destructive People and Shocking Events Are Actually Healing Humanity and Accelerating Our Ascension Process


Our shift into the Fifth Dimension has certainly not been a smooth one. As we attempt to steadily ground ourselves in this new world and navigate its unfamiliar territory, we seem to be leaping in and out of what is proving to be very tricky foreign energy. And as we seek stability, we are instead undergoing this transition in sometimes exhilarating and often uncomfortable surges and leaps of understanding and experiences, sudden and dramatic shocks, surprising turns of events and quantum accelerations as our bodies, our planet, the very Universe itself all continue the spiral upward on the evolutionary plane – two steps forward, one step back. And these days, in this 2013 year, even this very month, it may appear that it is more two steps back as a proverbial unending buffet of challenges continues to confront us – not just in our backyards, but right at our own front doors. And the catalysts for these catapulting occurrences are often high profile and/or controversial individuals and events that we then tend to immediately judge, blame, condemn or label in some negative or low vibrational way. Yet, this is supposed to be the time of the birthing of our heaven on earth. So what is going on? Are we perhaps missing something here; are we overlooking important Truths in the midst of illusion and confusion?

If everything is truly part of the Divine Plan, a plan we co-created, has a deeper and higher purpose and is perfection expressed, how could the “what” that appears to be a tragedy or, even more poignantly, the “who” that appears to be bad, wrong or even evil incarnate be that or be anything close to that at all? Could there instead be a more profound message lurking that awaits our understanding, a message upon which our Soul’s remembrance, our expansion into higher consciousness, our existence in this new dimension and the very essence and evolution of Humanity depends?

Join Hillary for another perspective challenging conversation about how and why we are indeed arriving in our new world in rather rough, abrupt and intense fits and starts by what she calls the “Power of One.” She will introduce the notion of “Sacrificing Souls” and what they are here to teach us, as well as discuss the role of shocking and traumatic events as a gateway and kind of rite of passage to the New World Vibration and as a powerful tool of transformation and transcendence, facilitating heart opening and higher awareness.

So tune in as Hillary turns up the heat on some hot topics!

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