Flicker to FLAME! Personal

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Flicker to FLAME! Returning Passion and Purpose to You and Your Life – Personal Version

Does your everyday life light you up inside and out? Is your world an inspiring, exciting and satisfying expression of who you are? Do you feel passionate about how you live and what you do … or have those once burning embers cooled and begun to fizzle out?

Life is too short not to be living it your way and doing what you truly love. In this unique presentation, you will discover how to bring the spark of passion to that flicker and rekindle the purpose fueling your life flame!

Define and discover your true Purpose – and express it fully
Create a life of sustainable Passion that is exactly the way YOU choose it to be
Be committed to your Path and make clear, bold choices with ease
Live from your Truth and effortlessly attract more of what you most desire



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