From the Force of Pressure …

Comes Our Diamond’s New ‘Spark’le!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~

After my two magical experiences with sacred and gentle Elemental beings over the past two days: (click links below to view)

Luna Moth visit

Garden Family member returns


I share your anger, shock, grief, sadness, disbelief – all manner of feelings when it comes to decisions made by Donald Trump to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement.

While I generally do not make direct political statements, as a person of this Planet – not just a citizen of The United States – and a Sacred Guardian of and Shamanic Partner to The Elemental realms, I am guided to share one bit of wisdom to ease our way through this ever-intensifying Upshift process.
The Awakening of Humanity is not an easy or clean task. It will be messy and sometimes downright scary to the human eye. However Know and Trust this – this person who was chosen as the President of the US at this particularly pivotal time – while appearing to be causing the worst kind of unconscious destruction – is merely that incredible force of unrelenting pressure necessary creating the diamond of Humanity’s greatest evolutionary change.
Unless we can hold this very high perspective, every move made will be more painful than the next.
This is not to say you should agree or accept what you observe quietly. Some will. Some will need to act. Whatever your role, expand your view and understand that this is the dismantling of the ‘old’ in the way our Soul Essence has chosen so that our Human Being will have no other option but to wake up and choose the ‘Actual New’ – in its complete and absolute form – not a redo, a rebuild, not a refurbished version of the old, but a total and fresh creation – after the slate has been cleansed of what we will now not only no longer tolerate, lazily accept or leave to the ‘they’ to fix or resolve, but what simply won’t even function if or when attempted or applied.
Letting go of the ‘old’ can be scary and unpleasant if you are trying to move forward referencing the past or what you think should happen or how it should look or be. Instead, the time is now to step into The Void and bring nothing – no thing – a clear mind, open Heart and purity of Presence that will allow The New to unfold organically, as it is meant to, Divinely guided with Grace rather than pushed with grit.
All is well. The Earth and We are One. We will move through to a place and space of incredible beauty. Hold this Knowing in your Heart. Act with Love, Patience, Faith, Confidence and Courage.
The New is here. So as the force of pressure builds and it gets pushed up to the surface, see if you can see the spark emerging from our Diamond’s brilliant New spark’le! 


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