Happy New … !

Happy New Exp(year)iences!

The Dragons celebrate our New with us (they do love a good party and a cute pair of socks 😜🐉), however ask that we do not weigh too heavily on the endings and beginnings of ‘Time’ as we Humans relate to it.

This places great pressure on our state and status of Doing (accomplishments, promises/resolutions, measuring and judgments), and reverts focus away from a pure Essence of Being.

We are asked instead to dwell in the ‘Continuum of our Experiences,

Embracing ALL that is (was and will be) ours, without labels, but with Sacred understanding of the gifts, opportunities and Noble Purpose each experience infuses within us.

May you walk with Gracility (elegance and ease of movement or expression) and soar with The Dragons in 2020 – or, as The Dragons say, into these coming New Experiences! 

~ The Dragons with Hillary – Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons


*For more about creating your Theme and Embodiment for the coming New, or to Meet, Connect § Commune with YOUR Dragon, see the links below.

– If you feel the sacred call to Connect, Commune § Create with YOUR Dragon,
click here

– For support during these challenging evolutionary times or to receive a Frequency Attunement for Wholeness (healing) for you or your animal companion (wild or otherwise), click here.

– To uncover your SOUL PURPOSE and how to create ‘Soul’utions for Success for Powerful, Prosperous and Passionate Living… Effortlessly!, visit SOUL PURPOSE.


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