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As Hillary’s work with The Dragons has deepened, it has taken her further into the world of The Elementals, opening her awareness to her powerful Shamanic gifts and special abilities with animals.

Over the course of just a few years, through her unique connection with animals, Hillary has become quickly known as the Wildlife Whisperer. Her work with domestic and wild animals now spans from the bunnies and birdies in her own backyard in the Southeastern US to the kangaroo and wombat joeys in the bush on the Southeastern coast of Australia.  If you have an animal – wild or otherwise – in need, contact Hillary.  She and her vibrational Team are ready and eager to assist!

Just some of the issues Hillary and her Team of Dragons and Elementals have tackled:

– Bringing health issues/concerns to Wholeness and Wellness
– Uncovering undiagnosed ailments
– Releasing trauma, stress and anxiety
– Creating behavioral and attitudinal shifts

– Resolving tensions with other animals in the home/stable/enclosure/pack/herd/mob, etc.
– Easing adjustment to a new environment
– Helping with end of life transition
– Finding/locating a lost animal
– Increasing overall vitality, inner calm/peace and happiness
– And assisting you in understanding your sacred partnering with your animal, to better understand your
  journey together, its unfolding and its higher purpose


Animal Frequency Attunement Session Details: 

  • An Animal Dragon Frequency Attunement requires only that your animal gives permission to participate or you give permission on behalf of your animal, and that you and they be open and receptive.
  • The Dragons, Hillary and her Elemental and Celestial ‘Team’ (which may include your animal’s own Dragon) work distantly with your animal and the animal’s Higher Self or Aspect – in the evening (Dragons are nocturnal) – unless it is an emergent situation that needs immediate attention.
  • Hillary and ‘Team’ will read into the animal’s Vibrational Being and the layers and Fractals of the animal’s make-up (the holographic aspects/pieces that are both individual but comprise the whole of them and the physical, mental, emotional, ‘soul’ular, cellular, quantum, sub-quantum, atomic, sub-atomic, DNA, all etheric, auric and pain bodies aspects) as Hillary and her Team serve as a conduit to assist in removing/integrating what no longer serves the animal for his/her highest and best.
  • If the animal is lost, Hillary and Team immediately start with earthing/grounding the animal, providing protection and then making a connection with the animal to begin receiving pertinent information to determine: 

a) The animal’s status – if they are still on the physical plane or have transitioned and

b) If still in the physical, where they are located – guiding them to their human or their human to their location

  • If there are behavioral or attitudinal issues that need addressing, communication between Hillary and the animal/s will occur to determine underlying root cause, to create the necessary shift for improvement and to glean feedback and messages for the human that will support the new preferred behavior.
  • Hillary and Team then assist your animal in bringing in Frequencies for Wholeness. These are new highly pristine and pure 16D Frequencies that serve to bring their physical being, their mind, spirit, soul, essence and all energetic/etheric aspects into resonance, harmony, vitality, well-being and balance.
    • This can be a multi-layered process and may need to be repeated depending upon the animal, their own Soul’s unfolding journey, their physical level needs, their pace of growth and expansion, their consciousness and the purpose their blocks, challenges or issues have been serving to this point in their life and their journey with you as their human.
  • A Crystal Grid will be created for your animal if this is called for or requested for additional/ongoing protection or support for a medical or other wellness related issue to amplify the vibrational ‘coming to Wholeness’/healing process
  • The Attunement session is followed up with an e-mail from Hillary with a detailed accounting of what unfolded – and a picture of your animal’s crystal grid if applicable.  Hillary and her Team always welcome your feedback as to what was experienced by your animal or noted by you both during and after the session. This will also help determine if further support will be necessary in the future.



Click here to contact Hillary to book your session for your animal and for additional details, scheduling instructions and fees. Be sure to put Animal Connection and Communication in the subject box.


 Hillary § The Dragons look forward to tuning in and making a Connection for you and your Animal’s Wholeness!




Hillary’s connection to her wild world at home


Butterfly bonding:



Baby Bunny:


Hillary’s Wildlife Whispering across the world


Hillary, The Dragons and Elementals work with rescued and rehabilitated kangaroos in Austrailia:

February 2, 2018

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and Dragon Comm-Unity ~

I wanted to share something truly special with you. Via my Animal/Elemental work, I have recently had the privilege to connect with some Eastern Gray Kangaroo joeys via their rescue care takers Rae and Sayo of Wild2Free Inc. – Kangaroo Sanctuary – the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization located on the NSW South Coast within the Mogo State Forest of Australia. These precious and beautiful kangaroos are smart, funny, extremely sensitive, sweet, loving, adorable but, sadly, also very misunderstood and maligned in their home country.

Last evening, after an incident caused a mob of the younger joeys to spook and scatter, one of them didn’t return home. I was notified about the situation and I knew I had to help. I then called upon The Dragons, The Elementals and my extensive Celestial Team to assist me with locating the lost baby boy – whose name ‘just happens’ to be the same as my own precious Soul pup, best friend and partner in crime (the good kind) – my Sheltie Frankie. (My Frankie has just recently transitioned ? and so I also requested that he join the Celestial crew to help find his namesake and buddy in fur.)  This is Frankie the joey. ->



Here is what happened according to my friends at Wild2Free:

wildtofree: Frankie went missing at 8pm last night. A foreign sound sent all the younger joeys bolting into the bush. Sayo was out until 4am looking for them. He found Brutus & Rufus, Venus returned on her own, and at the last minute he was able to locate Pluto. There was no sign of Frankie.

Hours were spent searching until Rae messaged @dragon_guardian_n_gifter who follows us on Instagram, and often postshilarious comments. She can communicate with animals. She messaged us soon after and gave a description of where he could be, and that he didn’t know how to get home. She said he was lying down in-between two trees next to some chain mesh fencing. We only have that type of fencing in one spot, and it’s a place he’d never been before. 
Sayo headed straight up there, and lying there waiting to be found… was Frankie.

Hillary – we’re so very blown away with the incredible skills you have. Without you, it may have been too late by the time we finally located him. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 


Frankie safe at home in his pouch
My Soul Angel pup Frankie with the rainbow halo!










Honestly, I was just so honored and overcome with joy to have been able to contribute to finding little joey Frankie – and so relieved to discover that the information I received was indeed correct. This work can be tricky – particularly when emotions run high and a great deal is at stake (truly life and death stuff) – but the rewards are well worth it and it is such a privilege and a gift to be even a little part of what Wild to Free is setting out to do in making life better and a return to wildlife possible for such lovely and wonderful creatures!


If you are interested in learning more about how The Dragons and I can assist you and your animals – wild or domestic – contact me.

If you are interested in learning more about Eastern Gray Kangaroos and what you can do to assist in their care and efforts to thrive via sponsorship or contribution (or you just want to see some truly adorable joeys – visit their website: 

or Facebook page:

or Instagram account:


Update on the adorable baby joey Frankie:

February 3, 2018

Frankie the hooligan joey!

First a little backstory – Frankie had been rescued by WildtoFree and it had been determined he had not one but TWO broken feet. Not good for an animal who hops. Instead of doing what many would do, Rehab founders Rae and Sayo opted to bring him to their very talented vet who believed he could save the joey with surgery.

Prior to Frankie’s surgery, I asked if I could assist by working on his feet with The Dragons and my entire Celestial Team with The Dragon Frequencies. I was told we were knitting the bones together in such a manner to ensure proper and profound ‘healing’ and Frankie’s full return to Wholeness.

I have come to discover that once infused with these very high vibrational and pristine 16D Frequencies, one can become ‘strong like Dragon!’ ??It, of course, also depends on the being and their receptivity. (And a knowledgeable, open-minded vet doesn’t hurt either!) However animals called Frankie, as I have learned, are just toughies!



Frankie’s broken pawnail

Here is how Frankie was doing just a few days later:

wildtofree: Hi. My name is Frankie and this is the only “injury” I sustained went I went missing for 16 hours.

My broken feet healed in record time weeks ago and I didn’t hurt them again. I just refuse to get sick or die.

My poo and pee are perfect, even after all that stress, and I’m finishing all my bottles and loving being back home in the safety of my pouch getting lots of kisses ?

P.S. I love my @dragon_guardian_n_gifter ??





More from: Wild2Free Inc. – Kangaroo Sanctuary

This is brought to you courtesy of Hillary Harris

Kanku as headrest for a tired joey in the joey pen

Eastern Grey Kangaroos are extremely emotional and sensitive. For example, no one else has been on the dog bed Maxi died on, even though there is a freshly clean blanket on it.

Ever since Daisy died from sudden trauma, Kanku, the leader of our released K-Mob, has been hanging around the house every day, instead of taking off into the bush in the morning with everyone else.

It’s been causing all kinds of problems, because he keeps coming into the joey pen. He doesn’t know his own strength and doesn’t understand that it has been hindering us quite a lot to have a huge male kangaroo getting in the way. He wasn’t staying home because he was sick, we were quite sure of that. I finally contacted Hillary Harris and asked her to communicate with Kanku about this problem.

Hillary replied soon after and told us that Kanku was hanging around to keep an eye on the little ones, because he feels responsible as the leader – he didn’t want any more to die “on his watch”. He was also picking up on Sayo being exhausted and not feeling well either – caring for all these sick joeys has taken its toll on us physically as well. Kanku spoke often about Daisy, which didn’t surprise us, as we knew he loved Daisy.

Kanku also told Hillary that the wild kangaroos in the bush had told him to keep an eye on the little ones, and had told him as the leader, he needs to keep watch to be sure the babies stay safe.

Hillary asked him instead, to go back into the bush at dawn like usual, and care for his older mob and keep them strong, to please let us care for the little ones. This all happened yesterday.

This morning when I got up, I looked out the window, and Kanku was at the house as usual, but… for the FIRST TIME in ages… he was GONE by the time I got outside to feed the O-Mob. There was no sign of him. As a result, we had a much easier feeding session, and most of the B-Mob (joey room babies) and the O-Mob (outside babies) all joined me for a morning hop and play time before the sun hit…. INCLUDING JUNO!

Thank you for helping us with the joeys Hillary. They’re all better off because of what you’re doing to support us.



More animal connection stories coming soon!



Contact Hillary for more about how she, The Dragons and her Elemental Team can assist you and your precious animals. Be sure to put Animal Connection and Communication in the subject box.


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