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golden_spiral_essencesAscension Symptom Intuitive Reading and Frequency Tune UP

Hillary has created and shared over 40 hours of free information and messages about the Ascension via her podcasts and she very much hopes this special material has proven to be invaluable to you.

For those, however, interested in a more personal and direct experience, she sets aside a select number of sessions each month for the explicit purpose of exploring this very intense process in a one-on-one format, allowing you to delve deeper into your own experiences with her spirited guidance. The details about these truly heart-expanding and transformative sessions are below.

Hillary understands the tremendous challenges that this journey has posed for you and the profound toll it can take mentally, emotionally, vibrationally, spiritually and, of course, physically. This unique session is designed to assist you in attaining some comfort and ease, as well as gaining deeper insight into and a greater understanding around the process of Ascending and evolving into Higher Human-Divine/God-Essence in general and your symptoms and experience specifically. In addition, as Hillary has been given the privilege of bringing in the new, pristine and high dimensional Frequencies of The Dragons, she also provides an attunement (at-one-ment) experience to bring your body, mind, spirit, soul and energetic aspects into Wholeness

An Ascension Symptom Intuitive Reading and Frequency Tune UP includes:

    • A 75-minute session: (can be done via phone or audio Skype or Zoom)
    • An MP3 recording of your session- delivered via dropbox

During your session, you will receive:

    • Personalized feedback and guidance about your individual experience and symptoms
    • Answers to your pressing questions
    • The opportunity to integrate stuck density or unrealized emotional content to move you into Harmony and Flow with Yourself, your Life, the world around you and The Multi-verse.
    • A vibrational activation, spiritual acceleration and alignment with your inner Self and High Heart
    • An expanded awareness and understanding of your evolution into Higher Human/God-Essence.
    • A Wholeness Frequency Tune UP using high, pristine New 16D Frequencies to bring your body, mind, spirit, soul and all energetic aspects of your field into resonance and balance.
    • And more goodies!


*Note: You are the driver of the session, so the reading will ultimately be directed toward your needs and what is in your highest and best good. Hillary receives the information for you from your Higher Self. Each session is different as each individual and journey is different, so the content of your reading will vary depending upon your unique process and Soul’s whisperings, as well as your choice of session length.

This Tune UP can truly be of assistance in moving you into Wholeness, expanded awareness, deeper peace, joy and fulfillment!

For more information and to schedule a Reading, contact Hillary and be sure to check the Ascension Intuitive Reading  box in the subject line. You will then receive a more detailed description of what your session entails, as well as how to go about setting up your appointment with Hillary.





Hillary truly looks forward to tuning in with you to tune UP  your vibration!






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7 thoughts on “Ascension Intuitive Reading

  1. Sandra

    Hi Hillary
    I had my awakening in dec 2012 it was extremely intense I fell into myself and was looking at what appeared to be a vortex in my mind ( looked like I was looking through a kalidescope ) I had sensations of lightning bolts run from my feet to my head which kept trigging different things at the end of vortex ‘ first I was above myself looking down at myself obe ‘then the bolt of lightning ,then the color of violet , then the bolt of lightning sensation then an inner knowing that the violet was a doorway which dispitatec on either end to reveal a glowing green eye. Freaked me out when I saw this didn’t know what I had done ‘ now i know. Since then my experiences range from seeing beings not of this earth, discovering my merkaba , many symbols, everytime I close my eyes it’s an adventure and usually never dark ! I feel my crown expanding and energy pouring through. I feel I need to do something just not sure what ?
    Can u help me and what is your cost ?
    Thank u love light and sparkles Sandra

  2. Ez

    Hi Hilary, I have been struggling with intense emotional symptoms. So many relationships have come to grief due to me being honest and up front with my feelings for a change. It is kinda heart breaking as I have no one to connect to anymore. I know I’m not alone but I do need at least one person to relate to in all this. I have been imagining what they would be like, in order to manifest this person but to no avail.
    Do you have any suggestions, or contacts in Aust I could link up with?
    If you could help that would be great. Thanks.
    Also Thankyou for this website, at least I can read about others experiences which is some comfort.
    blessings to you
    cheers Ez

  3. Susan

    I am falling to my knees, with the pain and various ascension symptoms… Nearly all that were mentioned, except weight gain. I don’t even know what to eat anymore, or how to sleep. Or how to deal with the extreme pain in my head, eyes, and between my shoulder blades. A very old soul in Hawaii told me last summer, that I am shifting ‘all of everything at once’. I wasn’t sure what she meant then, as it was more sporadic in nature. I want to bask in the otherwise beautiful clarity I am experiencing— but I am physically miserable. I have tried to tell ME! to bring it down a few notches.. but to no avail. It is more intense nearly every day. As are the dreams, intuitive knowing and abilities that are opening. I am interested in a phone conversation. How much does it cost? And is there a waiting list? Thank you,

  4. Elaine

    I have had hives for about sixteen months along with most of the other symptoms. What can I do? Doctors seem useless.

  5. Priya Ali


    I feel your session may benefit. Could you please provide some additional information such as what is included in the session, the cost and your upcoming availability.

    with gratitude,
    Priya Ali

  6. Tevin Fleming

    I randomly kinda stumbled on this page from looking at another page that described the ascension symptons. I am only 17 but I as well think that (and it’s propably destiny anyway) my angels, spirit guide and higher self brought me here and I was reluctant to comment but is it possible that I as well can have a session. I’m constantly doing research on this stuff and I really feel I need a little guidance. Would appreciate it : )

  7. Dayna Myers-Brown

    I feel like my angels and guides have sent me to you! For the longest time now I’ve been experiencing so much I could not understand. I thought it was this or that, racking my brain and changing around my life and self so much to try to ‘fix’ the problems, but nothing was working.
    I am very interested in scheduling a session with you for this (regarding the ascension), and also I am interested in the Dragon session as well. I have not looked thoroughly through all of your site yet, so I may take up other offers as well if I feel called to, but as of now, the Ascension is a must, and I would be delighted to move forward on the Dragon session as well.
    I look forward to hearing from you, and working together soon!
    Thank you,
    P: 732.998.0251

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