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Attunement for Wholeness© Session Details:


This very sacred aspect of the work is about attuning you for Wholeness (healing) with the assistance of The Dragons, as opposed to attuning you to or with your Dragon which happens during a Connection Experience.

This can be incredibly helpful when your physical being is in need of some targeted support for all the ’symptoms’ you might be experiencing as your body Upshifts and/or for your emotional being when working through and integrating deep states such as grief, stress, anxiety, stuckness, expansion, rewiring, etc., as the process is guided by you and works at the vibrational level down to your DNA.

A Dragon Frequency Attunement for Wholeness© can be done for both Humans and Animals and requires only that the recipient/s give permission, be open and receptive.

This can be a multi-layered process and may need to be repeated depending upon the Human or Animal receiving the Attunement, their own Soul’s journey, individual needs, consciousness and the purpose any blocks, challenges, dis-ease, symptoms or issues have been serving.

They then assist in bringing in The New 16th Dimensional Dragon Frequencies for Wholeness©. These new high, pure, pristine Frequencies serve to bring the body, mind, spirit, soul, essence and all energetic aspects of the field into resonance, harmony, vitality and balance.Hillary § The Dragons work distantly – in the evening (Dragons are nocturnal) – as they go into the recipient’s vibrational being and layers of make-up (physical, mental, emotional, ‘Soul’ular, cellular, quantum, sub-quantum, atomic, sub-atomic, DNA, all etheric, auric and pain bodies) and serve as a conduit to assist in removing/integrating what no longer serves.

The Attunement is followed up by an e-mail from Hillary with the details of what occurred. Feedback from the recipient or recipient’s Human companion is welcomed as to what was experienced during and after the Attunement session. 

Contact Hillary
for further session details, scheduling information and fees. Be sure to put Dragon Frequency Attunement in the subject box.


Hillary § The Dragons look forward to Tuning IN and Making a Connection for your Wholeness!


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