Historic Eclipse and Message from The Dragons

In and Through the Shadow

I was awakened by the Moon for many nights before the historic Full Lunar eclipse of July. Being a Moon Child, this is not uncommon. The Moon speaks to us – if we are tuned in and choose to listen. 

I took this image (of the Moon and Mars to its left) one night before the eclipse event when I woke up to the extreme buzzing in my being and subsequent glow outside on the patio summoning me for a peek.  Good thing I listened and snapped this shot because the next night the energies were so incredibly intense during the eclipse timeframe – the barometric pressure dropped, clouds rolled in and a huge thunderstorm crashed its way through the entire thing – making any chance of a photo impossible.

The eclipse itself was not visible here in the US, but the intensity certainly was felt – and continues to be so in the waves of reverberation in these days after. BIG ENERGY! Can you feel it? ?

The opening of the Lion’s Gate, two other eclipses (solar and lunar) and both Mercury and Mars turning retrograde has only compounded the vibrational punch this lunar event packed for us.  This was one of the most powerful energetic events yet creating a reset for the Self and the space around us.

You may feel exhausted, like you were hit by a truck. Your body may be buzzing and your neck may be stiff with joints, neck and knees aching.  Your head may be stuffed and hurting. You may find your heart racing and it may be difficult to breathe. You may find it impossible to form a thought, to feel productive or desirous of achieving.  And you may simple be keenly aware that you no longer feel like YOU.

These are just a few, yes, few, of the ‘symptoms’ you will experience with such an extreme downloading of new encodings of Light Frequencies and an upgrading of our cellular make-up and Dimensional space.  Your time to integrate this depends upon your own place along the continuum of your level of consciousness.  Wherever you are, be patient and gentle with yourself.  It will get easier.  You will feel better.  But if you push, you will feel a push back – trust this.  So allow.

The Dragons have shared a message with us during yet another unprecedented point of expansion on our journey.

They also very much wanted me to point out that they are tickled by how my photo (<–photo 2) captures Mars looking very much like a Dragon looking on and supporting the Moon as it prepares to move both into and back out of the Darkness.
  And they remind us that this is also a main reason that they are here with us at this critical time.




Message from The Dragons:

We speak through the Portal as we have witnessed a great transition time for you.

The sweeping of the shadow across your moon sweeps the inner shadows from your Spirit out into the open for examination, integration and Grace. 

There is a great shaking in your being as this unfolds.
Fear not.  It is simply the reflective qualities – as the Moon proffers – being refracted in the space within and around you.

Be still and easy with the planets who recess in a period of future fertilization.
The Great Awakening proceeds. This moment of Evolution deepens.

Stand to avail yourself of this opportunity – Lean to allow us to support you.
Be well.

~ The 117th Drusian Brigade of The Dragons, Draca Realm


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