How To Train Your [Inner] Dragon

Taming the Beast to Free the Beauty, Find Peace and Foster Passion and Play in Turbulent Times – Inside and Out!


Haven’t felt quite like yourself lately? Been noticing, now that we have arrived in the new Heart Wisdom energies and are supposed to be blossoming our Unity focused “Buddha within,” that you are feeling anything but peaceful and loving? Are you wondering why, as we clear and purge the past to step into our true and powerful God-selves, the louder and more insistent your fear, anxiety, reactivity and negative chatter has become? And is it confusing that the more our awareness expands to show us the truth of Who we are, the less you actually recognize yourself or your unexplainable and sometimes over-the-top behavior? You may feel like you have been abducted by something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers as, instead of being filled with all the much talked about expansive love, light wisdom, somehow it seems the “doubting demons” of the dark have now taken you over! So, how do you get a grip on your inner being? How do you return it to the light … or just plain lighten up? How do you come to know and master this whirling dervish within to calm the internal waters and reconnect with your higher, more conscious, awakened and centered self?

Join Hillary for a life altering conversation that may provide the most important key to a successful Fifth Dimensional transition yet. Hillary will share how to connect with what she calls your “Inner Dragon,” a part of you that must be understood, embraced and engaged with in order to complete your karmic patterns and experience your true Divinity and full Humanity as a being on the planet. Hillary believes that only when we are able to create harmony with this often overlooked and neglected part of ourselves can we finally transcend our past, turn our self-loathing to self-love and freely open our hearts to discover or rediscover joy and the Lightness that is what truly defines our purpose, our process, our very being.

So tune in to shine the light on the “monster” in the shadows and befriend the beautiful stranger within!

One thought on “How To Train Your [Inner] Dragon

  1. Hillary I enjoy all of your podcasts so much. This one is so right-on with what I am experiencing right now. I was meant to hear this today. Thank you!

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