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In these incredibly chaotic, confusing – and shockingly heartbreaking/heart-opening times here in the US, I have made it my daily practice and intention to BE and embody that which I envision for our Planet. I AM Love. As I always say, simple concept, not easy to do.

At first, it felt so difficult because as I witnessed all that is unfolding from my human eyes, and processed what I was experiencing in my own life, I did not at all feel like being loving, much less being the very Essence of Love itself. In fact, anything but!

However, my Soul being kept whispering to me and as I continued to declare this invitation of embodiment from the I AM, something deep within me shifted – an anchoring of that seed of Truth took hold. It was not palpable at first, but bit by bit things in my outer world began to reflect the inner Truth I was now carrying.

I have many examples I could share. But the simplest and perhaps most elegant is this: Two days ago I left my
home for an appointment. When I returned, I pulled into the driveway and to my astonishment saw this – a few of the trees awash in Pinkflowers! ? What’s more, that was not how those trees looked when I left! Not to mention, it is November and it has been very cold here AND it is unusual for these particular trees to bloom this time of year – in fact never have I seen this even in warmer years. The cherry on top and the most amazing gift – pink is the vibrational color of LOVE! ?

My Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, never doubt that the state of your inner Spirit and Vibrational Being create and emanate to your outer world. So keep that vibration tuned UP and let’s keep

tuning IN together as we continue to navigate these extremely choppy waves of Change as they keep rolling in.


It may not appear that Love and Light are MORE present than the darkness that is stirring at the moment. But remember that what is fleeting can be riled and will be raucous and rude as it frantically seeks another place to roost. But what is rooted remains calm and firm, quietly knowing, waiting to bloom. ??




~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide, New Vibrational Catalyst, Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit




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