Message from The Dragons ~

The Fire and the Winds are what are preparing you for 
the Great Change.

Fire destroys, yet purifies.

Winds move, yet steady the streams of conscious hate 
by clearing off the collar what may seek to settle and dig in.

Take Heart in the thick smoke for it provides deep cover for those of The Light to tip toe through to Candor.

Take care to whisk away troubles and cares, Knowing they are but starfish on the bottom of the seabed – not affixed –

A treasure to behold for their gift, and then released back
into the tide of Time and Understanding.

Grant Wisdom to speak through you always,
At the behest of those who cannot – or will not,

For they need your guidance and your Light.

Trust the Nature of things and do not avoid or delay what is expected of you at this time.

It awaits your gregarious essence and Faith,
It bleeds for the others who squander it.

Take Heart, take Heart in the cause of your concern. 
It is not ill defined or for naught.

It gives and breathes the Fire of Humanity forward toward its greater ilk and wondrous. .

You will be free to Fly amongst the Angels and Dragons in your due time.

~ Balthazar – Dragon of Dragons ?



* Dragon image by thornwolf

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