Message from The Dragons ~


Drank of the wind the other day in my Fly by of You.

Soft, sweet, silly was the Moon as it shone down through the inky black.

Darkness abounded.

There was clarity amongst the star light points of focus for sewing thoughts and perspectives,

The bigger world made tiny by the expanding space of sky.

Do not filter out the night in search of the day for light,
For the darkness holds no lack of value.

The ‘none’ is a vastness beyond the comprehension of the mind.

It is the blank state, the ALL of Creation possibility and grandeur with its simplicity of Nothingness to both stun and confuse the brain.

Simply BE. Allow. Follow. Unfurl.

Let the journey take care of itself and the abundant measure take hold.

There is but a dance between You and The ALL to engage,

A sublime rising in awareness that both are but ONE.

~ Venus – Air Dragon


(Dragon art by

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