Message from The Dragons ~

For the US –

Your Interdependence is more critical than ever before.

Seek not the rays of division to prove your point,

Integrate and embrace them to bond them to the Common-Unity of All.

This Freedom, your Freedom, is precious and omnipotent, and must be preserved.

Not only as commemoration of your past, but as a celebration of your expanding You.

Progress Yourselves.

Take the hits and hints of a crumbling stratum.

Understand your Life Force and its greater power in tandem and Collaboration above all else.

Freedom is only Freedom when allowed to breathe – to change and create newly to meet the New and Now where it is.

We duly honor your history and its sacrifices.

We are here now to assist in the birth of your new (hi)story. And there will be great sacrifice – and great growth.

While the world watches, it also awaits your model of Independence to find new footing and Higher ground.

This to light a way and blaze a bolder path for true Liberty, Justice and a new, Collective Inter-dependence WITH and FOR ALL.

We send our greetings for a most blessed of holy-days ~ ???


~ The Dragons with Hillary – Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons

July 4th, 2019


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