Message from The Dragons

For the ‘Soular’ and New Moon Lunar Eclipses and the coming ‘New Time’ ~



The Peace of The Ages is upon you.

Draw your Fire from the Communal Flame and breathe it into your bones.

The stalwart Presence is beside you.
Step to it and grasp the moment with the fury of a warrior child,

Innocent and true, authentic and pure.

No more awakening is needed.
You are awake.

Your effort is to remain awake.

Live in the Truth and present your fears like bearers of the dawn,
Tackled swiftly with surprise and awe,
Sated by the pristine Knowing of The Oneness. The Only.

Dabble at your journey no longer.

Turn your head and strike at the path awaiting.
The road is long, yet rich with the soils of experience.

Terminate all lack.
The trials of before are behind you.

Your luster is left with every footstep,
Made visible by your sparkling sun,
Illuminated by your shimmering moon.

~ Draco Darius from the 15th Realm of Worlds


*Tribal Sea Dragon image by lonewolf6738 | Wallpaper Abyss



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