Message from The Dragons

You have just observed the event you call World Wildlife Day. We want to put emphasis on this celebration for two reasons.

First, you must take note, not just on one day, but on all days, of your sacred animal beings to honor and guard over them and their habitat – for they share it with you. Their space is your space. There is no separation. And, as such, you must learn to walk in the world as if outside indeed is what lies within and what lies within is what lives outside – for that IS what is.

Second, we are most amused by the naming of this day – for it is not about animal beings alone. Yours is truly a Wild Life – in all manners of how you choose to live and create it, embrace or resist it. And no matter what Life to which it refers, you must always protect and preserve it.

Your Human experience is unique and glorious. So grab on and revel the ride!

~ The Dragons with Elijah, High Minister of Dragons



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Dragon image credit: Katy Lipscomb – Artist

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