Message from The Dragons

Tether yourself not to the ways and means of the planet at this time. 
Root and earth in vibration, yes, but tether not.
For to bind in too soon will only create disillusion as the next wave and the
next disrupts and dislodges more of the rot.

Premature seedings are vulnerable and unnecessary.
The winds of change are blowing strong, so resist the urge to ‘hunker down’
and, instead, present your wings out wide and steady them.

Prepare to surf the currents long and far,
For this ride is and will be insistent, turbulent and enduring.
Learn to lean, glide and be guided by what passes through you and from
what emanates from within you.

Now is the time to Know and Persevere.
You are the both the Navigator and the Creator of the life breath that lifts
and eternally sustains your wings.

~ The Dragons with The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons


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